Heads up!

Due to an ongoing dispute with the increasingly clueless and hapless folks at Verizon, and due to the fact that MSN dial-up is absolutely putrid to the nth degree, for the time being, my e-mail address will be Zorcong7@aol.com.

Back where I started in 1998.

Iíve been exploring my high-speed internet options. Unfortunately, not too many companies seem interested in providing just the high-speed internet service. Rather, they want to provide bundled services, meaning they want to hook me up with their version of satellite television, their version of digital phone service and their version of high-speed internet. More pointedly, it seems to be an all-or-nothing deal. Take it all, or leave it.

And with the stormy economic climate being what it is, I find it befuddling to think that any company would turn itís nose up to any sale at this time.

So, until I make a decision, use that AOL address.


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Luzerne County Court Salaries

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