12-5-2003 We interrupt this radio, tv, web, newspaper story...


Hey, long time, no talk, no write...too long my friend.

I have a question to ask the Home Rule folks: "How can you say that your message didn't get out, when all we heard for two months on WILK and in the Leader was how great Home Rule was?" I mean any time someone called in and spoke out against Home Rule they were put down, shut down or turned off. How many times did we hear, "Well if the local administration and newly elected types are against it, it must be a good thing." We endured a month of Kevin and Nancy having on air orgasms over Home Rule-ohh, ahh, ooo yeah, Home Rule baby, rule me baby, rule me, OOOHHH YEAH!!! (Wait-break for a weather alert. Holy cow a great big snow storm is coming our way! Run for milk, eggs and bread-even if you have them already!)

Meanwhile, our newly elected types, who didn't even get a chance to use a single staple, were being lumped in with the current failed politicos that were voted out. Once again, our elite thinkers in the news media were right on top of it. Dumb voters-dumb. Bad government-bad. Todd and Skrep and Tom-bad, Home Rule good. Good Home Rule, good. It got to be sickening. Folks in these here parts voted for change and were successful. They voted for a change in people, not in the form of government, yet they were being ridiculed daily. Why?

Well, the folks in these here parts voted for their original vote when they voted down Home Rule. So all you coal-crackin', church goin', valley with a heart, Nascar watchin' folks, be proud of what you did. No one can make you feel inferior if you don't allow it. Especially some pot smokin' talking head that can't hold a job for more than 5 years. (Wait-weather alert. Guess what-a great big, hairy nor'easter is heading our way right now! Hide the women and children! Break out the shovels, plows, ice melt, snow blowers! Panic in the streets, panic in the streets! Whew!)

Idiot of the month...got to be Nate Livingston of Cincinnati fame. This self appointed reverend of some kind and protestor is calling the death of a drugged out, 350 lb man, the next Rodney King and also a modern day lynching. Say what. This man, named Nathaniel Jones passed out in front of a restaurant. Concerned folks called paramedics as they thought he might be in trouble. When rescuers arrived and tried to help him, he started acting strangely and the police were called in. He then smashed the he!! out of one cop and resisted arrest. It took four cops to get him under control and they smacked him with batons about his legs and ass. His bruises had nothing to do with his death-so says the coroner. He died due to heart failure from his already enlarged and diseased heart mixed with PCP and other drugs that elevated an already elevated heart rate. A tragedy yes. Murder-no way!

You know what gets me is that it was reported that there have been to date, 61 homicides in Cincinnati and 59 of them have been a black person killing a black person and Nate Livingston said and did NOTHING, in fact when he was confronted with this fact he once again avoided the question and blamed police. This is the type of man that is a total detriment to the black community as many black callers into Sean Hannity stated. Bet your bottom dollar that if Nathaniel Jones was having a heart attack and died on the restaurant lawn, Nate Livingston would have stated that the reason no one bothered to find out if Jones was okay was because he was black. He would have then blamed the white cops and rescue workers for not responding because Jones was black and he would still be calling for civil unrest. You can't even reason with a man like this that is so out of touch with reality and blames everyone else for his own failures. (Wait-pardon the interruption. It seems that a whopper of a snow goon is on his way to dump sixteen and a half feet of snow upon our heads! Reports from State College say there is already an inch on the ground. Yes, the white stuff on the ground confused many of the folks, especially the football team that hadn't seen that white color on the field in many games! Also, Jedidiah Bullspitz had one heck of a time tryin' to get Bessy out of the pasture and into the barn!)

Now onto other stuff. Besides our little foray into the Magic Kingdom, I have been on a whirlwind tour at work and with my own business. Disney was better than I ever could have imagined. I haven't been there in 19 years and to see my kid's faces just absolutely light up as we walked to Cinderella's Castle makes life worth living. So much has changed and new stuff has been added, and it is all good. Folks, quick travel suggestion. Go to Disney the week before Thanksgiving, it is one of their slowest weeks-got that from the Frontierland Area Manager. We waited in line only a few times and for no more than 10 minutes or so tops. Many rides we stayed on and went around a second time. We spent two days in the Magic Kingdom and two days in the new Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom was also wonderful, but their constant "Man is destroying the Earth" message got to be old, and it was sad that this message is being spread by the young college kids that work there. Fortunately, my kids know better. We talk about the planet as we stroll through the woods looking for deer, turkey, bear, etc. There are more than 20 new growth forests surrounding my house that used to be farm fields. More deer than I can count, and I have seen two bears (large ones) in the last three months. At Animal Kingdom there is a really great ride called Dinosaur-not for the faint of heart. Not your typical Disney ride. It scared the he!! out of my kids, but they were brave enough to go on it several more times. It was funny to watch a grown woman sitting in front of me dive across her two children as a huge Dino came down on her. She screamed. What a hoot. Then the ride lost power and we were stuck in the dark-she must have loved that. We also got stuck in the Haunted Mansion right in front of the mirrors that show a ghost in your car. I have night vision on my movie camera and got three minutes of footage of my two daughters playing with the ghost.

Sea World was also much better. Wicked roller coaster there. The kids got to hug, play with and feed dolphins and manta rays, fed the sharks, got drenched by Shamu, got up close and personal with Polar Bears, and my oldest, age 8 got to help out in one of the animal shows. Even though it was about 55 each night, we had a heated pool and went swimming almost every night. It was also the kid's first plane ride and they loved it. All in all it was a great time. (Wait-we interrupt this message to bring you news of the mother of all snow storms that is bearing down on us and will cause major havoc in the area. Folks are being urged to go out and buy a large 4-wheel drive vehicle to piss off the environmentalist and global warming dolts, while helping out the automobile industry as a whole. Liberals are reporting that the snow storm was caused by George Bush in effort to stimulate the economy, especially the road salt sector, who, as you know were big contributors to the RNC.)

Keep the Faith. Adopt a child as their secret Santa. We are truly blessed.

Private Sector Dude.