12-9-2003 Mayor-elect Walter?

One measure of a leader is the state of the institution he or she hands down to a successor.--From a Times Leader editorial dated December, 30, 1995.

Dig this kiddies. When I posted the link to the Wilkes-Barre Online store, very many of you e-mailed me and shared with me just how funny you thought that was. I bit my lip. Hardy-Har-Har Mark, you are just too funking funny! Yeah, I know. And today the UPS dude proved it when he delivered my newest tea mug. Check it out.

Get 'em while they last

See? The Wilkes-Barre Online store was not a gag afterall and now that I'm completely satisfied with the quality of the available products; the line is about to expand.

There's no point in reviewing the laundry list of excruciating problems that we're all hoping Tom Leighton can one day correct. The challenges facing him are without doubt daunting. Yet, he faces them with with a quiet confidence and seemingly endless energy, based on his schedule since May 20th. The city is in the sh*tter right now. There is no disputing that claim, unless your last name happens to begin with McG.

The outgoing mayor can stand on his soapbox and shout out all of his questionable accomplishments to those of us that haven't already turned our backs to him forever, but one thing is crystal clear to most of us-he left this city much worse off than when he inherited it. Whatever. The countdown marches on.

I happened upon this dated Times Leader editorial today and I would love to see the Leader people write another editorial much along the same lines as 2003 draws to a close. Did our outgoing mayor hand down a healthy institution to our incoming mayor? How about it Allison? Did Tom McGroarty do as well as his predecessor did? Or did he lower the bar lower than it has ever been before?

New mayor will benefit from Namey stewardship

When I opened the Leader this morning, I finally realized how Walter managed to babble away on WILK yesterday. The budget meeting. Duh! I forgot about that. For good reason. Walter, Claire and Christine have to be pleased with themselves today. They managed to get their names published again. Remember them when they run for elected office again. They sure done good. This is getting old. We're about to pay Tom Leighton some decent bucks to improve our city, but every time city business is discussed anymore, Walter, Claire and Christine seem to dominate the debate. And their willing accomplices, the press, seems to enjoy it. The fact of the matter is, Wilkes-Barre is headed for better days and those days will not be realized because of anything Walter, Claire or Christine brought to the table.

I know that Christine has been there all along passing herself off as a taxpayer watchdog, in between election campaigns, but where the hell did these two other goofs come from? McNero plowed while Wilkes-Barre burned for eight years and now...now...they are concerned citizens mixing steroids and Viagara? It would almost be fun to lock Tom Leighton away in a coal bin, put these pretend watchdogs in charge, and then watch them fall flat on their two-sided faces. Walter. Christine. Claire, whoever you are. Just in case you do not understand how this system works, we elected Tom Leighton to run the city for the next four years. It's wonderful that y'all got some ideas, but all that you have to do to convey them to the people in charge is to ring a few cell phones. Try that in the future instead of posing for the cameras. Your act is getting old and I doubt that you even realize it.

And I did so enjoy Claire's insult to the rest of us published in the Leader:

...she sometimes feels like all the smart people have moved out of the city.

Smart as compared to what? People that make asses out of themselves at City Hall whenever the cameras are rolling?

I think that Mike McGinley, our Council Chairman, had better invest in some aerosol bullsh*t repellant real soon.

The most amusing part of all of this needless budget debate is the knowledge that McTommy's budget is headed for the circular file right quick. Debating the finer points of a budget that will never come to be is an exercise reserved for the fools among us.

SAYSO is about to explode. The Tom/Tom twins announced to the world today that the county's preliminary 2004 budget includes a whopping $23 million dollar shortfall, yet it includes 3% pay raises for department heads retroactive to July 1st of last year. Are they really trying to find themselves surrounded and stoned by an angry crowd? Holy f**k!

Is it too late or too early for Todd & Skrep to sneak away somewhere? $23 million??? And we thought Tom Leighton had it rough. I'm somewhat surprised that Todd didn't need to be revived after hearing that figure being casually tossed around. 23 million??? No friggin' biggie. Consider the source. The Tom/Tom twins.

Are we going to clean this city? Methinks yes.

N.O.T. in Wilkes-Barre


********I told you a long time ago; COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larry*******






BANG! I like my acronym better. Anybody wanna weigh in on that?

*******The idea of the citizens of Wilkes-Barre taking on the clutter that surrounds us sounds good to me. If we want it done, and WE WANT IT DONE RIGHT, WE NEED TO DO IT!!

When there are 70+ year old women in North End cleaning sewers grates, filling 5 recycling bins with the muck and grime and then hauling the bins back to the tree lawns, I find it hard to believe that others can not or will not make an effort to improve their neighborhoods. These women could have easily stayed warm inside their homes while watching TV that day. But they didn't - they joined with us to help clean a block that we had become absolutely disgusted with. WANT IT DONE? THEN JUST DO IT!!!

I dare you to care!!!!!!!!!!!!!*******

BANG! I think. So, are you guys ready to join us? I got the scoop on our soon to be created T-shirts today. Are ya's in? The more, the merrier. The more, the quicker we get things cleaned up.

I got an e-mail a few days ago from someone wanting to know if my grandkids were enjoying the toys that were meant to be sent to Iraq. Some people just flat out suck. NO! My grandkids don't even know what's in the basement, you fargin' cretin. Larry, it's time to road trip already. The pics will shut the cretins up.

And on that skeptical note, another e-mail and a few pics:

*******Hey dude, how are ya??? Today, Tuesday, the Wilkes-Barre firefighters had their Annual Pizza Party for the special needs kids at the Kirby Health Center. This is the 12th or 13th year we have done this. We bring Santa Clause, Mrs. Santa Clause, Rudolph, and one of Santa's elves, Shawn. The kids are given gifts donated by the Wyoming Valley Children's Association, potato chips donated by Mayor-elect Tom Leighton, pizza brought by the Wilkes-Barre Firefighters Local 104, and next week will be sent stockings donated by the Wilkes-Barre Labor Council. I have sent along a few pics for you to see. There were approximately 70 - 80 kids there, along with approximately 20 - 25 off duty firefighters, 3 men on Rescue 7, Mayor-elect Tom Leighton, and parents and friends and teachers of the kids. Everyone had a great time.

Dudes and kids

Dudes and kids

Dudes and kids

Are we catching on here? Not all of us do what we do for strictly selfish purposes. Some of us do it, whatever it may be, simply because it's the right thing to do. Dis-advantaged kids & Christmas. Anybody got a better idea?

Next, we need to start a fund drive for the Wilkes-Barre Fire Department, so that they can finally procure a decent camera.

Me gotta go.