12-16-2003 Lead, follow, or melt that decal

He is a torturer, a murderer, and they had rape rooms, and this is a disgusting tyrant who deserves justice, the ultimate justice.--GW, on Hole Boy's future

Today was a very slow local news day, excepting for the Voice hacking on the Leader's nuts again. Is that news? One newspaper writing disparaging stories about it's direct competitor? I'm not disputing the accuracy of that story, but whenever I leaf through the Voice and find another attack piece on the Leader contained within, I always get this sort of squeamish feeling. And I could care less as I do not call the Voice my employer. I don't know. It justs seems real lowbrow to me. Whatever. Who cares?

This has become a rarity since the May primary; an e-mail from a city hall employee:

Subject: Union Article

*******Mark -

This is nothing but a male ego power ploy on our union rep's part. Most of the employees that I know, had already handed in their questionarre with absolutely no hesitation. In fact, most of them welcomed the opportunity to tell our new mayor elect what their duties and responsiblities are, since no one in the past 8 years really gave a crap what they did. Many of us would gladly take on extra work to help get the City back on its feet.

My take on this whole thing is that the union got nowhere with McGroarty and didn't want a repeat with our new Mayor. Also, you have the McGroarty hires whining to their union rep about layoffs.

Anyway, just my opinion on this matter.

Talk to you soon - MYSTERY CHICKIE*******

I hears ya and I fully understand how many of you feel. It was smart of y'all to fill out those questionaires and send them back where they came from, rather than attempting to keep a brand new mayor in the dark somewhat, as some sort of misguided defense mechanism. To not respond would not only suggest that the employees were less than cooperative while the city faces some big challenges; it could also lead to some tough staffing decisions being made with less than all of the facts on the table. Who could that possibly benefit? As far as I'm concerned, your union rep gave you folks some seriously questionable advice.

As far as the McG hires are concerned, all of his statues are in the process of being toppled, so they might want to consider cooperating with the forces about to occupy their world. As one of the copper dudes said to me, "Supporting SADdam is fine and all, until he's no longer in power." Bummer folks. Fill out your questionaires and hope for the best.

Here's another thing that bothers me about your union rep's decision to automatically adopt a contrary position to the very first thing that Leighton asked of his future employees. Since the day Leighton first announced his intention to become our next mayor, he has been very up front and honest about his vision of the city's future, his assessment of it's current sorry state, and what the future might bring when he referred again and again to some "tough decisions" that might have to be made. He has never sugar-coated anything whatsoever for our consumption. Apparently, honesty counts for little or nothing with your union rep. His job is to protect the positions of his union members, even if we can't afford to pay them on payday. And if his first offical response to the incoming mayor is "muck that," he is doing his legions a dis-service. If someone needs to be laid-off, would you rather have the new mayor armed with the facts before he decides what's what, or would you prefer to have him trying to fill in the gray areas on his own?

Try this on for size. You are the manager of the Top Spot on Public Square and you learn that you are being transferred to the Glen Lyon unit. Why? Because that store is not showing a profit and your District Manager wants you to correct that situation. You are informed that he wants the out-of-control food cost brought below company standards and he wants the labor costs reduced by 5%. Fine. Once in your new store, in an attempt to glean as much information possible before making decisions that will directly affect the lives of your underlings, you issue the following questionaire to all of the employees:

1.) Are you willing to be cross-trained?

2.) Would you be willing to work multiple positions to maintain your full-time status and your benefits?

3.) Is there any position in this store that you might consider beneath you?

4.) Are you content in your present position, or would you prefer to be considered for the management training program?

5.) During slow business cycles, would you be willing to work in another store to maintain your full-time status?

I think you're catching my drift. So, you wait and wait and very few of the employees bother to return the questionaires to you. Then what? Then you make your tough decisions based solely upon your observations and will probably regret having to do so without the input that you requested. Might a mistake or two be made? Probably. Would those same mistakes be made if every employee was completely forthcoming with your requests for info? Probably not, if you're deserving of your title.

No well-meaning manager wants to screw-over good people that could make his job easier. In my opinion, your union rep either has no business or management acumen, or he's simply trying to protect some obvious dead weight. The best way to impress a new manager is to show him just how cooperative you can be, and that you are open to new procedures. Anything less suggests that you might resist the necessary changes that need to be made.

The ultimate goal is to get Wilkes-Barre floating again, and I think the union reps in this city need to keep sight of the ultimate goal. Tough decisions, remember? Help the new mayor to make the correct decisions. We need to keep all of our good people.

The Sunday SAYSO column in the Leader was outstanding and littered with calls about Wilkes-Barre from beginning to end. This one quite capably sums up the mayor's eight year list of accomplishments:

Yep. That about covers it. Our calendar. Our preoccupation with curbside services. Low taxes. (2.85% is low?) And millions upon millions upon millions in red ink. Thank you very much. Now find something you might be good at.

This one is rich. I doubt that this person could figure out how to operate a pencil without assistance.

What's wrong with this polluted thought process? Mayor-elect??? Not the f**king mayor yet??? Hint. Hint. The least you could do is...blah, blah, blah, blah...you dolt! You're starting to act like the former mayor? Incorrect my brain-dead little friend.

Class is now in session. We're not going to cover the payroll the way it is, so Leighton should be interested in authorizing some overtime to hang Christmas decorations? He's the exact opposite of our soon to be ex-mayor. He refuses to spend money that we do not have. Now write 5,000 times, "I'm too slow to be calling SAYSO."

And then there's this one. It is what it is. In a word, it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing to know that anyone this dimwitted emanates from this city. It's really unfortunate that this person's parents ever met. If only dad had pleasured himself on the night this scatter-brained racist supposedly seeking diversity was mistakenly conceived. If only.

Does this fecal dropping posing as a person simply hate the Irish and the Jewish, or are there other groups we should object to? Or is this a variation on the basic Luzerne County theme: The good old network? Is the good old boy network comprised of only those two ethnic groups? Who knew? I had no freaking idea. It's downright shocking, I tell you. Well, if Leighton doesn't include some French-Americans in his administration, I'll never vote for him again! Fuqez-vous, non? Sacre bleu!!!

Good funking grief!

Here! Try this mindless and banal game and enhance your miniscule skills during the process.

Who the heck scheduled the mayor's going away shindig on a Monday night? We don't actually believe that anyone would skip Monday Night Football for that snoozer, do we? Linda can't make it, but she, along with one of her husbands sent along their regards:

*******Hey dude, we just wanted to tell McG don't let the door hit you in the you know what on the way out!!!!!!!!!!!! Your going away present is hereby previewed. Bye Bye Larry and Linda*******

She looks so sad

I was married to her for a spell...forget it...nevermind.

Thanks to the vast reach of this site, here's a sneak preview of our "new" fire truck. The Mighty Quint!

Like it? It makes perfect sense if the past eight years are used as a guide. Before the end of this month, mayor McTom could purchase this relic for $49,000 and then waste the rest of the $450,000 grant on something else. It wouldn't be the first time we diverted grant money for something other than what the grant money was originally intended to be spent on. Again, stay tuned.

And then there's this. I know for sure that as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January, 6, 2004, Mayor Leighton will be aggressively marketing the Call Center and the Planter's Peanut building, if he hasn't already. We already know the disasterous effect the Call Center has had on our general fund. We were told when the City took ownership of the Planter's building, that it would be marketed and sold at a handsome profit. Let's get on with it then.

Recently, the hose dudes have had to deal with a faulty alarm system at the Call Center and also baby-sit the furnace at the Planter's building that was losing 500 gallons of water per day. The hose dudes manned the furnace at night and on weekends, plus, a city inspector has been baby-sitting the furnace during the daytime. So, we're paying for these buildings in ways that the general public will never even know about. They need to be seriously addressed even before the blow dryer is taken to the decals on the fire safety trailer.

No more white elephants. No more white fire trucks. No more little white lies. It's time to take care of business.

You know what? I changed my mind. Do that f**king decal first.