12-17-2003 Random thoughts

I know youíve got a lot of good things happening up ahead.

The past is gone itís all been said.

So hereís to what the future brings,

I know tomorrow youíll find better things.

I know tomorrow youíll find better things.--Excerpted from the Kinks song "Better Things"

That's a longer version of "19 more freaking days to go!" Whoopee!

Those boobs, those national democrats of ours, keep telling anyone that will listen that the U.S. should incrementally surrender it's sovereighty to the U.N.. Then, the boobs back home, the folks that watch Peter Jennings and think that they're overly qualified to be a geo-political consultant, spend their days repeating that bilge over and over. If Sue Henry went on the air tomorrow morning and asked her listeners what we should do about the high cost of toothpaste, a percentage of her callers would be begging for the U.N. to be brought in to tackle the toothpaste dilemma. Click on the provided link and see what Iraq's foreign minister thinks of the U.N.

I was in a dank and dark basement today when my Maglite beam happened upon a section of a 2002 Times Leader that just happened to include the SAYSO column. The calls made about as much sense as anal sex would if you were attempting to pro-create. The only good one was a rant against Kathy Kane. The caller stated that all she ever does is complain about the mayor. Two years later, Kathy looks pretty smart and that caller is most likely still calling SAYSO at the behest of someone else. Read into that what you will.

Any-freaking-way, I doubt that anyone reads the published reports of the actions of the Larksville Borough Council, other than the residents of Larksville and myself. Check this out. This is hilarious. I'm fully cognizant of the fact that I'm a weirdo, but this is a hoot:

And we thought Wilkes-Barre held the patent on petty politics. Whew! I love it! But who the hell would complain about the police department having a television in the first place? Does Walter Griffith have relatives that reside in Larksville? I myself was somewhat surprised to learn that Larksville can actually afford a television.

I don't think Judge Augello has the courage to rule against Luzerne County.--Carl Goodwin, home rule nazi chairman

I see old "loose lips" is busy dispensing insults again. What do the folks in Kingston Township see in this guy? How many votes does he recieve out there anyway? First he called the folks that voted "No" to his utopian home rule plan for this county "ignorant." Now, he's basically calling a county judge a coward, maybe even corrupt. For a politician, he sure dishes out insults in large heaps seemingly without giving it a second thought. Keep on burnin' them bridges Carl. When we finally insert the knife in your home rule power grab and give it a firm twist, you may very well be on the outside looking in much like the rest of us average slobs. Oh, and I hope you guys finally figure out how to balance your budget in your miniaturized home rule community.

These people are way, way, way out of touch with reality. I'm assuming that they rarely, if ever, monitor the popular Sex Education Network commonly referred to as MTV. 100 Things to do with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend....Instead of It.

Here's another great argument for legalized abortions.

Pretty soon. We're getting there. Pretty soon you'll be able to shop at the new Super Sprawl-Mart and help to put every small business out of business.

Mud bog

Is it any wonder that my feet were soaked all day long? This construction site varies between being a flood zone and a mug bog.

Small business killer

I understand that Tom Leighton's transition team is already busily interviewing candidates for the city's recently advertised positions. I wish that I was on that panel.

Let's see here, you were in charge of the DPW department which overspent it's overtime budget by 5,000%. My first question. Why are you here?

Alrighty, let's get to it. You managed the lowly Parks Department. Well, what little that actually remains of them. Have you no shame?

Okay. You are the city's administrator/mayoral gopher. Have you actually administrated anything of note lately?

Finance officer, heh? Well, the city's finances are destroyed beyond belief. List your professional strengths and weaknesses for us please.

And you were, excuse me, you are the fire chief. Why is it that actually fighting a fire is anathema under your leadership? Don't you realize that "surround & drown" equals a bulldozer and another property basically removed from the tax roles?

I had better stop. Maybe I'm just not cut out for interviewing a procession of folks that refuse to see the writing on the wall. Then again, their fearless leader actually sought a third term, so why shouldn't some of these folks try to desperately hang on. I'll tell you why. Because, whether they want to admit it or not, they presided over the complete unraveling of Wilkes-Barre. What the members of the transition team need is one big-ass broom.

Let the clean-up begin with one big sweep.

This goof has to go. I'm showered, but I'm still chilled to the bone. That's what eight hours of drenched socks will get you. Yeah, I know! Don't even think it. "Why dontcha put some meat on those bones." Cause I don't want to.