3-20-2003 Guess again

"Our policy is simple: We are not going to betray our friends, reward the enemies of freedom, or permit fear and retreat to become American policies. ... None of the four wars in my lifetime came about because we were too strong. It is weakness ... that invites adventurous adversaries to make mistaken judgments."--Ronald Reagan

And why exactly has terrorism routinely supported by rogue states become the latest and most murderous scourge ever perpetrated upon the world? Weakness? Ask Mr. ďStained Dress.Ē

We will meet that threat now with our Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines, so that we do not have to meet it later with armies of firefighters and police and doctors on the streets of our cities.

May god bless our country and all who defend her.--GW...last night

BANG! BANG! Iím not gonnaí yammer on here too much tonight about the war or what I think of it and the possible after-effects. Iím sure youíve all heard that ricin was found in a Paris rail station today. Some of us might even remember the 911 attacks and Osama Bin Loonyís threats of more to come. Iraq is simply the second stop of the overdue war against terrorism. I hope there are a few more stops scheduled.

Last night, a certain somebody from a local newspaper solicited my thoughts for print about the launching of the hostilities in Iraq. I was not online late last night as I was intently bouncing back and forth between the goofed-up accounts on CNN and the dead-on, latest, breaking news on the Fox News channel. Anyway, short and sweet-this is what I sent along:

******Osama, Saddam and their murderous ilk have called the U.S. a paper tiger. Well, guess again!*****

And there it is again...simplicity. Did I tell you that I like simplicity? They wanted and started a fight with the big boy and now they got one. Now they are one by one finding out that it isnít as much fun as they thought would be. Consider the holiest of the holy Jihaders in Afghanistan that so completely mutilated the British and Russian infidel invaders before us with their Vietnam-inspired wars of attrition. As soon as the U.S. military arrived in Afghanistan, the much-heralded, battle-hardened and chest-pounding goat herders ran from that country faster than a bunch of women from a mouse. Be careful what you wish for, heyna?

I read that pap in Newsweek yesterday ďWhy America Scares The World.Ē Now weíre being labeled an ďArrogant EmpireĒ because G W has rubbed a few folks the wrong way, because first and foremost-he protects the interests of this country first and the other 191 countries second. What a bunch of dribble that was. The rub was-having only one, un-checked superpower is scary. The article was a drawn-out anti-Bush diatribe, but one line in particular caught my eye near the end of the One World Government pep rally posing as objective journalism. Here it is:

But above all, it [America] must make the world comfortable with itís power by leading through consensus.

That means we need permission before we defend ourselves from attack and that we need to bow to whatever One World Dribble of a treaty they design to damage our sovereignty. Hereís the final sentence of the story and it sounds like a veiled threat to me:

And this next American century could prove to be lonely, brutish and short.

Oh, really! Not as long as we keep electing presidents that take the oath of the office seriously. Thereís a part of that oath that reverberates with me. What was it? To protect and serve?

Who were the last two presidents to be thoroughly vilified by the America bashers? Reagan and now Bush! Why? Because they met the external threats to this country balls-to-the-wall, head-on. Therein lies the unstated, real problem. Too many people wish us to and are working towards seeing us become that paper tiger. Iíve two words for them.

Daisy Cutter

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Letís see if Sue Henry uses any of this sonic abuse for bumper music. Bummer, thereís no Iraqi tunes-music for bomb shelters.

Odd Music.com

So, thatís how the regulars in the red-light district do it!

Sweet Release

I met a group of seniors in Miners Mills that have a message for our mayor.

May 20th

I read that center section of the Voice today that highlighted lots of successful women from our area. You know-Chicks. Anyway, being a WILK junkie and also a resident of Wilkes-Barre, the two stories that really interested me were the stories about Sue Henry and Angela Patla. Somehow, believe it or not, one of these stories managed to annoy me. Itís another example of a city leader talking directly to the residents as if we are lower than the knuckle-draggers that drool and speak at the same time. Our fire chiefie was lamenting how our only female paramedic does whatever the guys do and never asked for anything less than that. Cool. No surprise there. Sheís got my respect. Lots of chicks these days capably do jobs that were once considered a manís job. More power to Ďem, especially the pretty ones. Sorry but, Iím very old-fashioned. I like girls.

Then he does what every other city leader seems to be doing lately-he talks to us like weíre a bunch of dolts. Itís 2003, not 1973. Really? Get out? This guy is as sharp as a tack!

I got a message for yaí chiefie. Your puppet-master has reduced the city to looking like itís 1973 again. Us longtime city residents would understand what Iím alluding to, but Iím not sure if an imported political hack would. In 1973, the city was barely limping along after being destroyed the year before. In 2003, the city is barely limping along after being destroyed during the seven years before. We know what year it is and weíre not a bunch of sexists! Weíve had female cops since the first time I was nearly injured by a Wilkes-Barre cop for jaywalking toward the Fowler, Dick & Walker store and that was in the nineteen-seventies. Us unwashed coal hicks donít need anyone to tell us that chicks are people too. At this point in time, I prefer having a chick as the fire chief as long as she had some balls.

Well, DUH! Where do we get off? My momma done told me...

Here we go! Question time. I donít how government operates, especially during an election year. That much I know. Are we supposed to pave streets during steady, near-heavy rainfall? Iíve never seen it done before. I havenít. Isnít asphalt super hot for a reason? So that it bonds better and holds up a lot longer than that cold-patch sh*t that blows out of a pot hole when someone accidentally sneezes in itís general direction? Please correct be if Iím off-base, but paving in the rain is new to me.


One e-mail and then Iím off to cable television:

*****After reading "Chief George's" comments in the Leader the other day, I'm convinced that he must have had a little sit down chat with the mayor. The mayor probably told him to start getting in the paper more, now that the cops finally have the numbers to do their jobs effectively. You know how us dumb citizens need to be reminded constantly of the good job the mayor and his cronies are doing. The police chief has been relatively quiet during his tenure, while his fire dept. counterpart runs his mouth constantly in the papers. The difference between the two is that Delaney at least prepares himself somewhat with the proper info before speaking to the press. The police chief is too stupid to even do that. I found his comments about the streets of the city being safe laughable. He and his XXXX walk together constantly as a means of exercise. Perhaps some of your readers have even seen them walking the streets of the city. I have on many occasions. Not once, however, have I seen them walking at night nor through the downtown. I guess the streets are safe for everyone except his family, huh?*****

I hear yaí man. Itís a little different in the daytime when he enjoys his walk abouts. I have every intention of mixing it up with the hookers after dark once the weather allows it. I imagine they will react badly to having their picture taken while they are strutting their diseased stuff on our streets. A few members of the Wilkes-Barre Police Department have advised me that that is not the best of ideas and that the pimps might take offense and also mentioned that most of them are armed with handguns. The cops are telling me to cool it or lay a little lower with that plan, while the chief wonders where we get off complaining about the crime that doesnĎt exist as our administration is currently spinning it.

Whoís line would you believe? The cops who patrol after dark or the cop that seeks to keep us in the dark?

Check the BLOG. He upset a few people with his less than thought-out comments.

Whatever. Wilkes-Barre currently sux. We already knew that. Iím off to cable-supplied Iraq. Someday this warís gonnaí end.

The war in Iraq concerns me more right now. Weíve got a lot of our kids in Harmís way right now. Brave kids.