12-28-2003 McChurchill?

I can't wait until he is gone so we could make sure the city moves forward.--Mike McGinley in today's Voice discussing you know who.

I just returned from another lengthy bike ride. The mild temperatures are greatly apreciated by this goofy biking enthusiast. Awesome.

Wow! The editorial in The Sunday Voice compared Makowski, Pizano and Mcgroarty to Sir Winston Churchill? Now, that's a helluva stretch. Try Jimmy Carter instead. Or how about any past governor of Arkansas? Jimmy Connors maybe. But Winston Churchill? Whew!

And what's up with this reprint from any past city calendar that lists the out-going mayor's biggest accomplishments?

But, as he departs, he does deserve credit for better flood protection along the city's many creeks, restoration of the neighborhood parks, bridge repair, aggressive operation of the Neighborhood Impact Team, fire-department excellence and the top-notch recycling program.

Better flood protection along the city's many creeks? Restoration of the neighborhood parks? Are they f**king kidding, or did Shannon write this paragraph? Bridge repair? The state replaced the Carey Ave. bridge faser than we managed to replace the thirty foot-long Scott St. bridge. The NIT program? Talk about a reactive program that needed to be much more proactive. The trumped-up I.S.O. rating cited as an accomplishment? Any journalist that chose to could tear that bunk to shreds. And last but not least, the top-notch recycling program. Do these Voice employees reside in the city? They needed to insert the word "formerly" into that sentence. Jeez! The folks at the Voice should have considered these words from Sir Winston Churchill before running to press with the mayor's easily debatable list of accomplishments:

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

The Sheriff's Department is now offering to teach local police officers some basic Spanish because of the growing number of Spanish speaking residents. At this point in time, this has become necessary, but it still amazes me that the Spanish-speaking people won't bother to learn English. As police officers and paramedics already know, those folks lack of English skills could very easily put their lives and property in jeopardy during emergencies. I'll tell you what bothers me the most about this situation. No, I'm not gonna repeat some redneck bullspit. We've got quite a few newcomers right here in the Nord End that appear to be of Mexican descent. On many occasions, I have tried to chit chat with them, but they just stare back at me, usually without an audible response. They might simply be rude, but I'm fairly certain that they have no idea what the muck I'm saying to them.

So what? Well, if the newcomer's numbers continue to increase and they can't communicate with us longtimers in the neighborhood, what does that do to the neighborhood? Basically, it creates two completely segregated communities within the same community. And it also leads to some of the longtime residents having suspicions and misconceptions about some of their new neighbors. If some family moves to Thompson st. and they can't speak a word of English, how can we current residents ever determine if those new folks are good neighbors or not? It doesn't matter what their skin color or point of origin may be. If they can't communicate with us, we'll always be wondering about them to some extent. If we're supposed to welcome newcomers with open arms and develop close-knit communities, our elected officials should approach our local colleges about offering some free English classes to the new folks, and then make sure these folks know those services are available to them. They could be held after hours at a central location so that anyone without a vehicle could attend. How about Coughlin?

If you want me to say my new neighbors are good, productive people, I need to be able to communicate with them to come to that conclusion. Otherwise, all you're likely to get from those of us accused of being racists and whatnot on the pages of SAYSO is, "Well, they never did anything to me" and that will not do if we really want close-knit neighborhoods. Si?

This silly flap in Larksville over a freaking television made SAYSO today. We played this game in Wilkes-Barre a while back when our mayor decided that firemen working 15 hour shifts should not have access to a television. Ever hear of the "Hose Dudes for Leighton?"

Rutro! A recycling revolt is in the works. "Hell no! We won't sort!"

From the e-mail inbox:

*******New Year's recycling resolution

December 22 - Since Christmas is the time of hope I returned the previous 2 weeks of newspapers and added the current 2 weeks of newspapers to the curb for recycling. Now I have six bags of newspapers in front of my home just waiting to be picked up. I sing "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY NEWSPAPERS PICKED UP" as I head to work. I come home late from work, there they are still in front of my home but now there are six bags of WET newspapers. OK, maybe tomorrow they will be gone.

December 23 - I'll be damned!! but the newspapers still have not been picked up!!! Now I'm pissed. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve - will they be gone by then? Please don't make me cart these newspapers back into the yard.

December 24 - The soaked bags are now blown open, several of my newspapers are strewn around the neighborhood. If I tie them, will they be picked up faster? Got something against my Sunshine Market bags? Got to get my shoes and do another clean up.

December 25- Can't stand it. With 20 people coming for dinner, I really don't need this crap in front of my house. Far too much time was spent by us cleaning and decorating our home to have it degraded by this crap. I grudgingly take them back into the yard.

December 26 - Cleaning up from Christmas when the phone rings. I just listen for the answering machine to pick up. Nothing is more important than cleaning up the mess left over from Christmas day!! Or so I thought - good neighbor and sister of mine leaving me a message to get my recycling out FAST because the truck is coming around. Who knew? Grab my shoes, grab as many bags of newspapers as I can from the yard, run to the front of the house (out of breath of course), but the truck is already on the next block. How'd they get up there so fast? SCREW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY RECYCLING DAYS ARE OVER!!!!

December 31 - New Year's Resolution - I'll start to recycle again when the City gets its act together. I just can't run that fast to the curb anymore.*******

What's this? Our two council babes might be taking over the council chair and vice-chair positions early next year? Does anyone object to the women being in charge? I don't provided there's no knitting or crocheting going on at future council meetings. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I had better leave that one alone, or I might have the NIT busting in here sometime soon.

Remember when the Holeplex was first excavated and the state balked at the idea of a huge pit on the side of a state-controlled roadway? They ordered the city to erect barriers along Washington St. so that no cars would find their way into the great McG divide. The city complied with that order. For awhile. I noticed that some of the orange barriers had disappeared from the edge of the Holeplex and yesterday I found them sitting amongst the refuse at the Willow Street garbage transfer station. Since the city recently took control of Washington St. from the state as part of the mayor's Paving for Votes program, I'm assuming that when left to his own devices; public safety no longer matters on that busy street. Oh, big whoop. So some lady sneezes and drives a vanload of kids into the hole. Can you say L-A-W-S-U-I-T?

Be careful

I also wonder what the feds would think of his having applied for grant dollars to acquire an emergency command trailer, receiving the money, and then sprucing up an old construction trailer to make it appear that the grant money was spent on what is was originally intended for? Maybe that's why he had that Suburban repainted as our Mobile Communications Command (or whatever the f**k it's called now) and filled with Radio Shack junk. More grant money diverted to the general fund, or God only knows where? Hmmm. Hey, at least he's been consistent during his eight years as mayor. Always fast and loose with the rules.

If the Jints game is televised today, please have Medic 5 and Engine 5 standing by and ready for a 10-43 call somewhere around 7 PM. What an unexpected disaster this season has been. Anybody wanna buy a Jim Fassel bobblehead doll?