3-21-2003 I'm paving in the rain...

"We are lamenting the fact that the government has chosen violence rather than to continue with diplomacy."--Peace Center goober

Is it illegal to nail these people with water balloons until they float away, never to return?

Check this pic:

Nice digs

See that house? That house has been forever etched into my memory. Iíll never forget that humble adobe. I spent seven hours (8 a.m. until 3 p.m.) at that house a while back. I can remember the sill plate, the header board and the floor joists. I can also remember the oversized expansion joints and the fact that it had a floating slab. I can remember the extremely tight crawl space. I remember the brick facade on the backside of the home. I remember having to move all of the debris out of my way in the basement. I remember the fact that the grade of the landscape caused flooding against one side of the foundation. I remember the fact that the place was in serious need of a vapor barrier and increased ventilation. I remember this job.

I also remember listening to WILK through my headphones as my hammer drill assaulted the front porch slab. I remember when WILK switched to the feed from ABC News and it was announced that a plane had slammed into the World Trade Towers. I remember kicking the dudeís door and telling him to put CNN on and why. I remember him telling me to come in and take a look at the video. I remember seeing that second plane flash by in the background and asking that homeowner "What the hell was that now?" I remember itís impacting directly through the second tower. I remember us turning and looking at each other and the seriously puzzled look on his face. I remember telling him "That was no mucking accident, that was intentional." He agreed.

The television reporters had no idea what had just happened and so I decided to head back outside and get back to work with WILK firmly attached to my ears. I followed the rampant speculation and the live accounts of the firefighters and police officers massive response to such an overwhelming scene. I listened and I worked on. Then much to my complete disbelief, the first tower collapsed. I dropped my hammer drill and kicked the door again. The dude let me in and we watched CNN in utter shock as much of the world had also done. While we jabbered on and on about how this had to be the work of those terrorists, the second tower collapsed. I donít remember us speaking to each other further as we watched replay after replay after replay of those towers dropping. I told the dude I had better get back to work, but I really would have preferred just sitting down at his video unit, or packing my stuff and heading home to watch my own television that I dispise so much.

I called the house and my family were all parked in front of CNN. My daughter Peace (speculating of course) asked me ďWhat did we do to these people?Ē She was close to tears. Itís funny how we all instantly knew who perpetrated this dastardly act, but our government was surprised by it all. I can remember exactly what I said to her and later repeated myself before bidding my customer adieu that day. I said these words at the height of my anger, but I was confident that what I was doing was predicting the future.

I told them ďThey just fu*ked-up, they just donít know it yet.Ē

A big part of why those words came out of my mouth was because of who the sitting president was. I knew he wouldnít do what his predecessor had done before him in the face of boldly escalating terrorist attacks, basically nothing.

Has our president chosen violence rather than to continue with diplomacy? I donít think so! The U.N. no longer passes as diplomacy-itís a circle jerk.

Iíll never forget much about that house I was at on September 11, 2001 and if our president has his way, there will never be a second unforgettable house for me.

Wayo! The 2nd Anual ďWingin' It In Wilkes-Barre

LOCATION: Keenanís Irish Pub, Ramada Inn
Downtown, Wilkes-Barre

QUESTIONS: Please call 570-820-8046

Proceeds to support the Downtown Residentsí Association

Even though I don't eat anything that once went pee-pee, I visited the inaugural "Wingin' It" event to take some pics for the site and support the then fledgling DRA. That event was jammed. It was so jammed, it was almost impossible to check-out the backsides of those girls in hot pants dishing out wings. I hope they correct that oversight. Or is it...undersight?

Ask and you shall receive. Hereís the question posed last night:

*****Here we go! Question time. I donít how government operates, especially during an election year. That much I know. Are we supposed to pave streets during steady, near-heavy rainfall? Iíve never seen it done before. I havenít. Isnít asphalt super hot for a reason? So that it bonds better and holds up a lot longer than that cold-patch sh*t that blows out of a pot hole when someone accidentally sneezes in itís general direction? Please correct be if Iím off-base, but paving in the rain is new to me.*****

Hereís a local response via e-mail:

*****Yo, Dude....I was trying to get up Coal St. today, but it was shut down from Sherman St.to at least Empire St.....Seems the DPW special olympians were trying to do base repairs before the state comes in to pave it. Now this is normally a pretty easy task....use flaggers to keep traffic moving around the work zone. Not in this town. Shut the whole thing down and disrupt everyones day, just to show that the city is doing road work. Not to mention it rained most of the day, and everyone knows that you shouldn't put blacktop down in the rain. My theory is....the state put the skids to the mayors Coal St. Reconstruction project, and decided to just pave over whats there. The mayor, not to be outdone by those silly state transportation officials, decides he'll capitalize on his own failure, and make it look like he's reconstructing the road. That way, the silly silent majority will think he's great, while anyone with half a brain knows he's a freak and a faliure. Think about it, if the state was going to reconstruct Coal St. in the foreseeable future, do you think they would waste tens of thousands on an overlay job? I think the state pulled the job off the table due to the administrations bungling of everything it touches. What do you think?*****

10-4. On the mark.

Hereís an e-mail response from somewhere other than this area. You wouldnít believe where this one came from. Iíd tell you, but then Iíd have to kill you.


...an excerpt from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Publication 408, which are the specifications for highway construction.

Section 401- Conventional Specifications, Plant-Mixed Bituminous Concrete Courses (aka BLACKTOP)

(a) Weather Limitations. Do not place bituminous paving mixtures between October 31 and April 1, unless otherwise permitted in writing by the District Engineer. Do not place bituminous paving mixtures when surfaces are wet or when the temperature of either the air or surface on which the mixture is to be placed is 4 degrees C (40F) or lower.

These specifications are for work to be completed on STATE owned highways, however, they are written by men and women far smarter and with much more practical experience than you, I or McTroll, and a smart man would take such information to task in projects requiring the use of taxpayers' money. They are also required to be followed on projects utilizing liquid fuel tax monies.
Obviously, McTroll now wears the pocket protector of an ENGINEER! Coal street suffers from poor sub grade drainage and soft sub grade conditions. In order to correctly repair such inadequacies, one must properly address the moisture trapped beneath the pavement structure by removing saturated base materials, installing pavement base drains and open graded sub base to promote the flow of water to the drains over a stable sub grade, and THEN the new bituminous pavement structure can be placed. "STABLE" does not mean FROZEN. This type of work is successfully constructed in sunny, warm weather (we know it as summer).
What we have going on at Coal Street is akin to placing the "Bondo" directly over the rust on your 1973 Ford Pinto ...a temporary patch which will bubble and fail in short order.

Coal Street will merely be the "Same old whore, with a new dress."....what a waste.

I must say, I enjoy your site. Goes well with my coffee each and every morning.

As you can tell from my address, anonymity is required !

Enjoy? One more time!

(a) Weather Limitations. Do not place bituminous paving mixtures between October 31 and April 1, unless otherwise permitted in writing by the District Engineer. Do not place bituminous paving mixtures when surfaces are wet or when the temperature of either the air or surface on which the mixture is to be placed is 4 degrees C (40F) or lower.

Now letís try the world according to McPenndot. Do not place bituminous paving mixtures between October 31 and April 1 unless it is an election year.

SO! The original question was: Are we supposed to pave streets during steady, near-heavy rainfall? The answer: Only in Wilkes-Barre.

Hey, get the GIT (Graffiti Impact Team) back out there. The miscreants that are allowed to live under the South Street Bridge and break into Corbaís whenever they canít grub enough spare change to get drunk have struck again.


Or Keystone light? Hmmm...

Yo! Check out the latest issue of The Sporting News. I checked their web site, but I donít see the story there. Thereís a nifty article about Saddamís kid being in charge of the Iraqi Olympic athletes and how they are subjected to torture if they donít grab the gold.

I gotsta go. I have a weird itch to scratch tonight. I see myself doing some Flo & Eddie, Ruts The Crack and maybe even some Flaming Groovies. Iím going to abuse my eardrums some more. Remember, if it ainít loud, it ainít worth a fu*k!

We want the airwaves!

ďThis will not be a campaign of half-measures, and we will accept no outcome but victory.Ē--GW


I'm paving in the rain...just paving in the rain.