2-9-2004 Fax this!!!

I went to Congress with the same intelligence Congress saw the same intelligence I had, and they looked at exactly what I looked at, and they made an informed judgment based upon the information that I had. The same information, by the way, that my predecessor had. And all of us, you know, made this judgment that Saddam Hussein needed to be removed.--Dubya on Meet The Press

Nah, nah. He's not getting away with that. When Ted Kennedy sobers up, ask him. He'll tell you. Bush lied.

Saddam presents a “particularly grievous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation.”--Sen. John Kerry, 2003

I'll betcha he wishes he could take that one back. His tune has certainly changed overnight. I served in Vietnam and George Bush is a liar who was AWOL in 1972 and he has a 666 on his thick skull.

As per usual, Neal Boortz nails it again:

Since the 1980s Saddam Hussein has killed about two million people. That's about 10 times more than the number of people killed by Slobodan Milosevic. Clinton used the U.S. Military against Milosevic in the 1990s citing human rights concerns. The lesson we're learning here is that it's OK for a Democratic president to attack a bloody dictator who has killed 200,000 people, but who presents no threat whatsoever to the rest of the world on purely human rights concerns; but it is definitely not OK for a Republican president to use troops to unseat a dictator who has killed two million people, and who may have the weapons needed to kill millions more. Yeah .. I think I get it now. Makes perfect sense to me.

I wish that WILK would dump Bill O'Reilly and get Boortz back on on board.

This is nice. An excerpt from a WorldNetDaily story that appeared today:


WASHINGTON – The nuclear terrorism picture just got a lot scarier.

According to a report in the Arabic newspaper al-Hayat, Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network bought tactical nuclear weapons from Ukraine in 1998.

The report says the terrorists still have the "suitcase nuke" weapons and are storing them in safe places for possible use.

The newspaper said al-Qaida bought the weapons in suitcases in a deal arranged when Ukrainian scientists visited the Afghan city of Kandahar in 1998. The city was then a stronghold of the Taliban movement, which was allied with al-Qaida.

Cripes! I think I'll pass on that bus trip to New York City.

This morning I received the fourth e-mail from folks wanting to know where the heck the local Chuck E. Cheese I referred to is located. It's going to be right next to the new Super Sprawl-Mart, but won't be open for business until some time in April.

For those of you interested in sponsoring Private Sector Dude's daughters for the St. Jude's Math-a-thon, I have a name and address you can use to write and mail a check. I'm not going to post it here, but if you need it, lemme know and I'll e-mail it to you.

Check this e-mail and corresponding link:

*******Please open with care and make sure the "BOSS" is not around, you will want to relax and enjoy these.

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Hubba! Hubba!

I wandered through the downtown today and finally got a pic of the human-powered Rubbermaid Train. These folks kill me. They'll ride all over the valley collecting aluminum cans, and they'll ride from the west side to the soup kitchen each and every day. Wouldn't it make more sense and require much less effort to get jobs?

Rubbermaid Patrol

The last we had heard, the city wasn't sure if it was going to print city calendars or not, so as I headed out today, wifey told me to buy a calendar. 10-4. Well, guess again. I stopped everywhere a calendar could possibly be sold and every store was completely sold out. Not a single calendar to be found in our entire downtown.

On the way back to the adobe, I stopped at City Hall to inquire about whether we now knew one way or the other whether we were going to print one or not. It's still up in the air. Maybe I'll visit one of our firehouses and attempt to sneak one out of the building. Maybe not. They're probably all rain-soaked anyway.

Spring will be here before you know it, and I figure that Tom Leighton might end up conducting some important city business on a fairway somewhere in NEPA. That's what the big whigs do, right? Just to make sure that no mayor of Wilkes-Barre ever embarrasses this city again, I dropped off a copy of Golf Digest at the mayor's office before I left the building. Damn! I'm a smart-ass. Just kidding! I was just kidding. I don't want to see Sally Healey charging up the front steps with a battering ram. It was a joke, okay?

Forty years ago today. It's hard to freakin' believe it was that long ago when Ed Sullivan said: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!" Never have I been as excited over any impending album releases than I was when these guys were still churning 'em out. If you're too young to remember what Beatlemania was like, you have my sympathies.

On April 4, 1964, the Beatles had the top five songs on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart -- an achievement never equaled.

Repeat after me: BANG!

Being a Braves fan, today I was warned once again about them Fightin' Phils. LOFL! I heard the same thing last year. They'll have to throw that checkbook all the way open and become the Philthydumpia Yankees before Larry Blowa will lead them anywhere near a World Series. Should be fun though. The Braves actually appear to be vulnerable this year. Then again, they did last year too.

While at City Hall, I happened to eyeball a very, very recently received fax that was lying about. It was a fax demanding a copy of the city's 2004 budget by the end of the work day today. It was also demanding a detailed expense report for the recent inauguration gala held at the Ramada. The fax was sent by none other than our taxpayer watchdog (failed candidate) extraordinaire, Walter Griffith.

You know, after the very public chastising he took in the Sunday Voice yesterday, you'd think he'll cool his jets already. Apparently, much to my chagrin, such is not the case. I find it interesting that he's hot and bothered about the 2004 budget. The 2003 budget, a copy of which is sitting right here, was a work of science fiction, but I don't remember him making any noise about that budget that led to loads of debt and unpaid bills. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of the 2004 budget is devoted to paying off 2002 and 2003's debts, so it seems to me that the champion of the taxpayers donned his cape about a year or so late.

What should we expect at the next council meeting? More scurrilous charges that will lead to another public apology? He couldn't make sense of a few campaign finance forms, or correctly set the date for his own protest at City Hall, but he's now going to scrutinize the numbers from the inauguration shindig? And why stop there? Let's subpoena the records from Leighton's golf tournament. And let's demand to see his scorecard too. He might have shaved a couple strokes off his final score when he totaled it up. There's a controversy here somewhere, we've just got to stick to it until we find something. It's undoubtably a very tough job protecting the silly sod taxpayers, but somebody has got to do it.

I just wish we had somebody doing it that wasn't doing it for personal benefit. And I wish we had somebody capable of doing it well.

Want a copy of the budget? That'll be twenty-five cents a page, boy. Want a copy of the inauguration expenses? I know what I'd say to that if it was my call and I'm not going to type it here. Let's put it this way, how would Andrew "Dice" Clay word it?

Whatever, man.

I'm gone