2-26-2004 Same old, same old, and a PSU prayer


You defender of the Conservative faith you, how goes the battle? Got to tell you about something I came across this past weekend.

My kids wanted to camp out this weekend-inside the house. We do this from time to time. I move the coffee table out of the way, put up the tent, and we grab our sleeping bags. I start a fire in the fireplace and we make smoores. I usually end up on the couch because the carpet just doesn't do it for my back.

While gathering up some old newspapers to start the fire, I came across a Citizens Voice from Sept. 7, 1999. This was the headline: GOP tax cut plan hit. The sub-heading was: President says Republican program would hurt education. More than four years ago the cry was Republicans are hurting education. The cry today is still Republicans are hurting education. For 40 years the cry has been Republicans are hurting education. For most of the last 60 years the Democrats have been in control of our Federal government, and always the cry has been Republicans are hurting education, yet the folks in control, the folks with the funds, the folks in charge of the teacher's unions have been on the left side of the aisle, and our education system continues to flounder. Ted Kennedy (hic) was left alone to write our current education package, which the President signed. He then criticized the President for not spending enough on education and the very next day criticized the president for spending too much.

Message here folks: There will be nothing that this President can do that the left will like, so get used to it. It has been the same for 40 years. Bush can be attacked and called everything from a failure to a terrorist to a Nazi in the mainstream media, but Bush points out Kerry's actual record, which by the way happens to be a matter of factual record, and Bush is accused of a "Right-winged attack," a "smear," or of practicing the "politics of personal destruction." Yeah, right. And we are still waiting to hear what Kerry actually will DO as President. We all know that he served in Nam, which he should be commended for, he protested the war, and he has that right. But what concerns me is what will he actually do different other than his answer to everything "I will not do what Bush has done!" "I will take back America!" Take it back? From where? From who? Take it back and give it to whom? The UN? He is scary.

On a lighter note, my prayers for the last five years have finally come through. Fran Ganter has been moved out of the Offensive Coordinator position for PSU and has been replaced by a crusty, crafty old veteran in Galen Hall. Stand up and cheer. For years I have argued with folks about whether it was Joe or Fran. My contention has always been that it was Fran. I have missed all of one PSU football game over the last 15 years. When Fran has the headphones off, Joe is calling the plays. When those headphones are off, PSU moves the football on offense. I have seen Joe rip Fran on the sidelines. PSU at times uses a three-headed giant to call plays, along with "helpful" hints from the booth, making it a four-headed giant. My hope is that Hall will tell Joe, "This is my offense." He has been successful wherever he has been. PSU will expect the same.

Fran's offense has two basic plays on first down, a delayed handoff, of which they run 15-21 a game (I know, because I chart the plays) or a 30-yard plus bomb, leaving them at second and long. Second down is usually a pitch out to the short side of the field or at times a short out pattern or comeback route leaving third and long. Third down is usually a set up for the punt on fourth, although they are often fond of taking a sack, especially when the opposing team plays 7-8 man fronts. How they ever went from the most prolific college offense in 1994 to a steadily declining offense with 6 or more 3-play-and-out series a game is beyond me.

They have a talented young team and have recruited several studs this year including two stud QB's: Anthony Morelli, 6-4, 208, out of Penn Hills and Jordan Lyons, 6-5, 220, out of Woodward Academy, Ga. They also got a stud RB in Dan Lawlor, 6-3, 235, Cumberland Valley and teammate Wyatt Bowman, 6-6, 310 a doorframe-filling lineman. Another huge grab was LB Dan Connor, out of Strath Haven at 6-3, 215 he will end up playing 6-3 to 6-4, and 240 in the middle and could be the next great PSU LB. Another surprise was NFL prototype WR Mark Rubin, out of Amherst Central, N.Y. 6-4, 215, who was missed by the Florida schools. I for one am excited. The rest are:

Dontey Brown LB McKeesport 6-3, 245 (another future stud and star as OLB)
Gerald Cadogan OL Portsmouth, Ohio 6-7, 308
Paul Cianciolo QB Fort Dorchester, S.C. 6-5, 220
Darryl Clark QB Ursuline, Ohio 6-3, 190
Tony Davis DB Howland, Ohio 5-11, 180
Adam DiMichele QB Sto-Rox 6-1, 170
Josh Gaines DE Norethrup, Ind. 6-4, 245
Matt Hahn RB St. Anthony's, N.Y. 6-1, 210
Greg Harrison OL Shenandoah Valley 6-5, 295
Jed Hill TE Struthers, Ohio 6-4, 245
Austin Hinton OL Secaucus, N.J. 6-4, 279
Mike Lucian TE Linganore, Md. 6-3, 245
Rich Ohrnberger OL East Meadow, N.Y. 6-2, 275
Spencer Ridenhour DB White Plains, N.Y. 6-0, 215
Elijah Robinson DT Woodrow Wilson, N.J. 6-3, 300
Tyrell Sales DE Butler 6-4, 235
A.Q. Shipley DT Moon 6-2, 275
Kevin Suhey QB State College Area 6-2, 195
Trent Varva OL Lake Orion, Mich. 6-3, 320

As for Chucky's, I do not go there for beer. I would like to think that there is at least one place I could take my kids without them having to see beer-swilling drunks, and it will happen. I realize that most folks would like to sit down, have some pizza and sip a glass of wine or a beer or two, and I have absolutely no problem with that. But there will be folks that will over-do it, and end up head butting a Pac-Man machine because junior didn't get enough tickets. I have been to company parties or other sponsored picnics where coupons are given out with our names on them, limiting them to 2-4 drinks over the same amount of hours, and this worked well and could be a happy medium, allowing for a couple of beers, while keeping the drunks away.

Rosie O'Donnell is getting hitched in San Fran. She calls the President "divisive"-hey Rosie, where is the tolerance and acceptance you keep demanding? Oh wait! You're a Liberal-sorry, dumb question. I forgot, we have to be accepting and tolerant of you and other gays and lesbians, be forced change our laws to suit you, while your supporters are allowed to brake the law, and we are not allowed to express our opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman, because then we would be seen as homophobic or some sort of religious nut. Got it. See folks, I really am starting to understand the left's logic.

Here is an exclusive for you. Howard Stern's daily talking points and show plot:

1-Woman comes in with big ta-tas.
2-Say "I would like to do you!"
3-Say "Are those real?"
4-Say-"Show them to me."
5-Next girl.

Rush spanks sports writers (correctly) for giving Hall of Fame status to a mediocre QB who happens to be black, and he is a villain, a racist, etc... (More of the left's tolerance and acceptance). Howard Stern broadcasts his daily mammary fix and he is cool. A college professor calls Bush a terrorist, a Nazi, and carries a sign that says "I'll support our troops when they kill their leaders," and he is a Patriot, enlightened, and compassionate. ???????????????

Lastly, here are my trivia answers. I was out of town for three days so didn't get a chance to see them.

It's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars," Oh, you're a rock n' roll suicide...

How about Ronnie Cook? And by the way, it is still available, along with "Cha-cha with the Zombies"

How about "Outlandos d'Amour" and they started with Henri Padovani, but also remember that banger bassist Mike Howlette also played with them at this time.

Combat Rock-The Clash-Terry Chimes started and couldn't face the music-and in walks Nicky. "Rock the Casbah." He was back around the time when Mott, Sex Pistols, London Underground (SS I think the were called) were all busy hating each others bands, trading each others players, and copying each others styles. Awesome music though.

E.Z. produced Alice Pink Kiss and is still churning out new stuff from Nine Inch Nails (I think).

One back at you. Who took a right turn away from his "normal" stuff when he wrote, "1930's Rust?" Called the "Godfather of electro" and influenced Ziggy, The Tubes, Devo, The Cars and lots more.

Keep the Faith.
Private Sector Dude.