3-30-2004 "You suck, but I love you"

One more time, in keeping on topic. This was yesterday's email to Sue and Nancy.

** Yep, I turn on WILK bright and early this morning to hear Kevin on his daily tirade against a person that is part of Bush's staff, and this morning it was Dr. Rice. Okay, let me see, he starts by calling her a liar, then says repeatedly that she is a liar, then follows that up with, "Well, I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened." But somehow she is still lying. In Kevin's opinion, "There is no other explanation." Well, of course not.

So here's what we have:

Dr. Rice has testified not once, but three separate times-under oath in front of the commission. They have heard her.

Dr. Rice has testified not once, but three separate times-under oath in front of the commission. Kevin has not heard her, so she must be a liar.

See how easy that is. Wow, what brains, what a thought process, what courage and mental fortitude.

Now, how will folks like Kevin treat her in the media?

Dr. Rice DOES NOT testify in public:

"She is a liar."
"She's hiding something."
"She must be."
"She's not sophisticated enough." (Keep in mind these are all Kevin's actual words from this morning. Keep in mind that she has already testified. Keep in mind that this is only one little radio station in one little town.)
"Bush is hiding something."
"Bush is a liar."

Dr. Rice DOES testify in public:

"She is a liar."
"She's hiding something."
"She must be."
"She's not sophisticated enough."
"Bush is hiding something."
"Bush is a liar."

But add to that...

"She testified with a quivering voice."
"She wore a dark gray suit, with her hair tightly drawn up."
"She didn't say anything."
"She said too much."
"Bush is a liar."
"Why did he hire her?"

It will be personal attack, after personal attack, after personal attack. I mean you can now actually find quotes on her hair! If she were a Democrat, there would have been 500 stories detailing Republican racism by now.

Bush and Dr. Rice are damned if they do and damned if they don't, so why subject themselves to further attacks. That's all we had for 8 months. Yet, Richard Clarke, who is now being investigated to see if he committed perjury because of comments her made years ago, is called credible. My favorite of his comments on terrorism: "Bush has moved this philosophy to one of action," to be followed by, "Bush has done nothing."

This about the guy that is credible: (At least go online and read the actual Court and Congressional documents and see who is telling tales and who isn't)

Shays says of Clarke's testimony, "My staff and I found the information provided less than usual." Clarke dismissively told them it would be "difficult" to prepare an integrated threat assessment on terrorists, and belittled as "silly" the idea of developing "a comprehensive strategy that could be developed to combat terrorism." **

Let's see what else we have had recently on WILK. I think that some of the callers really do not take the time to actually think about what they say.

We have Jim badmouthing Christians-yet he says he believes in a higher power. Well, okay, if you believe in a higher power, which power, the One that gave us the Bible and sent his Son to die for us...or some other higher power? Because if it is the one true God, then he should also understand that THAT God also tells us that we should tell others about Him and invite them into His house. There is but one way to the Father and that is through the Son. But this is what our world is now producing, people that think they know more about God then God.

And his comment was classic, "These people that drive around in their SUVs with the "Pray the Rosary", or "Stop Abortion" bumper stickers." What was that? I guess those people are different then the people driving the Yugo with the Pro-abortion and PETA bumper stickers. I love animals-they taste great. Nothing like a big juicy steak on the grill-right Mark? (o;

Then we have Bob who thinks Sue Henry needs to fair and balanced. Yeah, that's the ticket. Meanwhile, the two media whores, Sawyer and Stahl, can ask their, "Oh my goodness, I can't believe it, did that really happen, what your saying is, Bush lied, deer in the headlight" questions to Richard Clarke (and others). And oh, by the way, perhaps someone should question Stahl as to why her own company, CBS, was funding the Clarke book project. Hmmm. How about that one Leslie?

Then we had a guy with the oft-repeated mantra of "Iraq-al Qaeda have no connection." Did this guy ever here of Jayna Davis? Doesn't he know that the Oklahoma City Bombing is being re-opened because of information about McVeigh's association with a Palestinian and Iraqi's? He then says, in the same sentence, we need more healthcare. ???? If we get hit with a suitcase nuke, will your health care matter? Then he quickly moves onto having the US under control of UN. Can anyone name me one success the UN has ever had?

Why can't these folks answer one question? Were we at war or peace BEFORE 911?

Then follow up with this one: All of these terrorist organizations, Hamas, al Qaeda, etc have all renounced the US and Israel. If we try to negotiate through the UN do you actually think the terrorists will stop bombing Israel or US positions abroad or the motherland, especially since the terrorist organizations are NOT RECOGNIZED BY THE UN??? We saw how good a job the UN did in Bosnia.

We had a guy call in and say the teacher's unions are terrorists. He can't do that. That name is reserved for George Bush. But can someone answer the following question for me-perhaps a teacher. What does a teacher's health care have to do with educating our children? If teachers have to pay for their health care, will they be unable to teach our children? God forbid...it could get worse????

As far as other countries, who cares what they think. We have been caring about the feelings of other nations for years. We have the most diverse culture in the world. Go to France. Want to see intolerance, go to France once! It's time we stop worrying about other nations and start worrying about the US, it's people, and it's security. Perhaps we should stop funneling billions of dollars to all of these other nations. Perhaps we should expect to be paid back for billions of dollars in loans we are owed. Perhaps we should pull home all of our troops around the world and pull out of the 80% funding we provide the UN. If we are damned if we do and damned if we don't-let's choose DON'T for a change and keep our money here. (Use it for education.) What would the world do then? It's time for us to say, "Okay, you don't like us and don't support us, so we will just take our toys and go home." I'll bet they like our money though-don't they.

Whenever there is a disaster anywhere in the world, we are the first country there with our blood, sweat, tears, and dollars. But who comes to our aid? Even during 911, who came to help-a few British and a few Australians? Time to keep telling the world-we are going to be in charge of OUR OWN destiny, and if you don't like it-oh, well.

We have Hamas using 10-12 year old children to kill others-isn't that nice. Why, we should run over and ask that boy if he was ready to die and try to understand why his parents or guardians wanted HIM to blow himself up, rather than do it themselves.

We have a bomb in France under a railway track. Wait, wait, wait-the terrorists made a mistake. There were not supposed to be bombs in France-they didn't support the US-they are appeasers. Someone at "bombers-r-us" really made a mistake.

Finally, with his inability to qualify for unemployment, I know a good job for the VLP, give him a broom and let him sweep the gutters of the city he let fall into disrepair, or a wire brush to clean up the graffiti he said wasn't a problem, or a paint brush to paint benches in Kirby Park, or some scissors to cut the weeds growing along every street, or a ladle to dole out soup at a local soup kitchen that feeds the non-existent heroine addicts trying to right themselves, or a wrench to start fixing all the down police/rescue/fire/DPW vehicles, or a trash bag so he can start picking up trash anywhere in the city.

It appears to me that one of your emailers has a W-B Online addiction. "You suck, but I love you." (See: Brian Rill, PICAPART) It's all good. It's what life is about. Different people, different lives, different races, religions, opinions. All Americans!! The best country on the planet.

Keep the Faith. (Hey, that made a recent headline at the CV)
Private Sector Dude.