4-7-2003 Blue and white rooting for orange

Hey, great pictures of the new arrival-Taylor Kate. You are so right about wanting better for your kids. My kids now, at ages 3, 5, and 7 (soon to be 4, 6, and 8) can do things that dad couldn't do when he was their age and still can't do, like read and play music on the piano, get on the computer, etc. I guess that is the most important measure of success as a parent-watching your kids grow into fine adults.

So now it seems as if hizonner has shifted his campaign cry from "We collect your trash-vote for me" to "I didn't raise taxes-vote for me." Yeah, right. More blather, foaming at the mouth, and lies. After the last eight years how can anyone actually believe this man?

I took a drive around Wilkes-Barre this past week looking at buildings. My two partners and I would sure like to put a small business downtown and I could not believe the amount of vacant buildings. I mean, I knew there was nothing on the square, but my gosh, there are as many "for sale" signs as there are "political signs." That is scary. We certainly will have our pick should our money come through. If not we will stay with the web. "Ghost town" is a very appropriate term, but that could change with time...it will change if we are vigilant and united. Got that-UNITED!! Hell, I'm a Republican and I want Leighton to win. And I'm not saying we don't have good Republican candidates. I'm just not sure if this town is ready to change political directions yet. But we are seeing more conservative Democrats getting elected, and that works for me. I put more faith in Conservative vs. Liberal, than I do in Republican vs. Democrat. Sound, fiscal management will always win out over "spend it if you got it" politics. Unfortunately, hizonner went one further with his "spend it, even if you don't got it" attitude.

The two girls are facing tonsillectomies this week. Both are going in on Thursday. XXXXX, who is five, six on tax day, and her older sister XXXXX, is seven. I had mine out when I was 19, and wished I had them out when was younger. I suffered through wicked throat problems, bleeding, infections, etc, and do not want my kids to go through that. But for some reason I am a bit worried. I've had about 10 operations, broken bones, and about 350 stitches-good old football-and that was okay, but when it is your kid...man, I get a different feeling. I've been praying hard to tell you the truth. I know tonsils aren't a major thing, but your prayers would help.

Let's see what else we got in the old news file. We got a Columbia University professor telling thousands of students and faculty that he would like to see "a million Mogadishus", referring to the 1993 ambush in Somalia that killed 18 Americans and inspired the movie "Black Hawk Down." The professor, Nicholas De Genova, also called for the defeat of U.S. forces in Iraq and said, "The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military." And he asserted that Americans who call themselves "patriots" are white supremacists. Remember, this is the University that brought you "The Social Frontier" issued by Teachers College of Columbia University. It urges remaking American Society through the schools. It urges "for the American people the age of individualism in economy is closing and the age of collectivism is beginning." It overtly urges teachers to "indoctrinate students into a united front between progressives and Marxists." So, should we be surprised? I think so. No one can deny where our schools and universities are heading, but wishing for the deaths of your own fellow Americans is too far. This isn't a case of "freedom of speech" either. Had this professor stated that he thinks all black people are stupid or all gays are immoral, he would have been fired quicker than you can say "I"-that's fast. But he is liberal (socialist actually) and he did nothing more than state the liberal view, so it's okay, and his counterparts could dismiss it as freedom of speech, perhaps, maybe, just a wee bit too far-which is EXACTLY what they did. Now if he was a liberal that didn't support a liberal view, well, that just can't be. At that point it would be labeled hate speech and he would be pounding the pavement looking for work. Proof of this, besides the newspapers, Bill O'Reilly interviewed students from Columbia and this is precisely what they said. Race, sexual orientation, abortion, all off limits, killing American soldiers, well, okay. Blatant hypocrisy, and we see right through it. My only hope is that it will do further damage to an already collapsing party. Like I said before, the Democrats I know, don't stand shoulder to shoulder with these folks.

Let's contrast that story with this story. CNN's embedded Martin Savidge secured the right for some of our troops to call home using his satellite phone. He then asked which young man wanted to call home first. The Marines said, "Sir, if it's all the same to you, we would like to call the parents of a buddy of ours, Lance Cpl Brian Buesing of Cedar Key, Florida who was killed on 3-23-03 near Nasiriya to see how they are doing." At that, Martin Savidge totally broke down and was unable to speak. All he could get out before signing off was: "Where do they get young men like this?" It sure as hell ain't at Columbia.

How about Brigadier General Vincent Brooks? I could listen to this guy all day. He is intelligent, well spoken, confident, cocky, and IS a leader. I would follow him. He is a presence in the media room, and has a way of telling these reporters they are full of crap while smiling. It's so reassuring to have this guy telling us what is going on after hours of Katie Courick questioning the armchair generals on war policies that neither of them know anything about. Remember, these folks know as much about the war plan as you and I. General Brooks called Saddam Airport the Baghdad International Airport. Many other names than began to surface, but I think they should call it The People's International Airport of Baghdad. It would be fitting after the years of suffering these people have endured

It's funny how we continue to hear about how big a failure the war has been. This has been the most successful war we have had in our history, perhaps in all of history. Two weeks and we are in Baghdad, with only 77 casualties (yes, none would have been better, but I would rather be realistic). Hell, it took Janet Reno 51 days to kill the branch davidians in Waco. I mean, what was it that got the inspectors back into Baghdad in the first place? American and British threats of military action. And all Saddam had to do was say "okay", and then show the inspectors enough to make them happy, while driving a wedge between the UN Security Council nations, and they fell for it. So who is the stupid one here? The US and Britain have held steadfast to their beliefs and commitment while other nations flip-flopped. And when the war is over, who will be standing? The US and President Bush. Britain and Tony Blair. The rest of them can just watch from the sidelines.

In a month, I am off to Belgium. I will drape the American flag proudly around my shoulders and will walk with my chin up. There will be no "Dixie Chick's" comments from my mouth.

The real terrorist is Nicholas De Genova. Go Syracuse (from a Penn Stater). Go Gerry McNamara. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I will be sitting back rooting for the orange while hizonner is out leading the snow brigade in front of news 22 and 28.

Time for some Bizkit.

Keep the faith.

Private Sector Dude.