The 911 (Blame Game) Commission

I'm Mark Cour and I approved this message right after I voted against it.

Yesterday presented a first of sorts. I was so worn out from a rather physical week at the mill, I sat on the front porch all day long and watched my new neighbor replace his well-worn front porch. You know what? It was kind of therapeutic to just sit around all day doing nothing but listening to the scanner and a few power tools.

Who posted this absolute bilge on my forum page?

??? -- J.F. Kerry, 23:53:12 07/10/04 Sat [1]

Mark continually discredits anything democratic on the federal level. He thinks anything and anyone speaking against the Republican party is misinformed. His "educated" opinion is the word of political knowledge beyond our comprehension. So I'm wondering what his thoughts are of the 9-11 commission report? I might add a bi-partisan commission appionted by the almighty himself, GWB!? Is it humbling to know that GWB is human after-all

You know, you had better get yourself screened for thalidomide poisoning lickety split. This is almost as laughably sad as that insipid SAYSO that appeared in the Leader this morning. I'll paraphrase:

Mr. Mayor, don't promote a private to the rank of Asst. Fire Chief. Not a lowly private. Anything but a freakin' private. Promote me. Yeah! That's the ticket. Promote me.

It takes some serious intestinal fortidude (NOT!) to turn on your expensive gadget and fire off some rather pointed questions and criticisms in my direction while hiding behind the curtain, spinning a thingamabob or two, and posting as the Great Oz. I, the Great Oz at Oz.Com demand answers from the Wilkes-Barre internet bastard.

Whatever. The 9/11 Commission? I followed it for a spell, but it dragged on and on and on and I kinda lost interest in it. The final report is available on the web, but with work, family and what-and-such to attend to-I probably won't find the time to read it in it's entirety until I get laid off during the Christmas holiday season.

It is obvious that it was a mistake to convene that commission as we approached a presidential election. We had some less than mannered folks assembled in the galleria hooting, hollering and clapping when quite a few high-ranking members of the administration were asked some very tough questions. For those classless individuals, it was merely a witchhunt, which had folks that support the administration already leaning towards the entire exercise as being tainted by politics. As I said, I'm not up to speed on the final report, so I am not, as of yet, making that claim.

Mark continually discredits anything democratic on the federal level.

Right! What the f**k is it about socialism that I'm supposed to warm up to? Did you ever find yourself standing in line behind two able-bodied twenty somethings for way too long only to realize that the Access Card they were trying to utilize to pay for their chips, soda, cigarettes and condoms is not being authorized?

I bust my ass day in and day out and supply myself with everything, that's everything I need. I also bust my ass day in and day out and supply those lazy ding-a-lings with everything they need. I earn my expensve health care benefits and I earn theirs too. I consistently put food on my table and endless piles of fast food on theirs. There's your Socialist/Democrat entitlement policies at work. What's to like, assuming you're a producer and not a useless consumer?

Lemme guess. You're compassionate? Gee whiz! Here's a f**king gold star for your collection.

He thinks anything and anyone speaking against the Republican party is misinformed.

When was the last time you heard an inanimate object (anything) speak out against the Republican Party? It may be time to check into a rehab clinic.

You really crack me up. Right on cue, a billionaire's gigolo is railing against those "rich" Republcans and you fall for that class envy claptrap meant to confuse the easily confused? I see how it works now. Baseless accusations of conspiratorial, or criminal intent are merely criticisms. I gotcha.

What were some of those other criticisms coming from the compassionate folks on the other side of the aisle? Oh yeah. Jeez! How could I forget the growing laundry list of those unsubstantiated accusations for political gain. Dubya, lies, steals, embezzles, drinks, snorts, kills, eats small children (non-whites), goes AWOL, and he will commit any atrocity his oil buddies tell him to. Only a political novice, i.e.,a f**king dummie would fall for all of that "666" bullspit. I'm really not sure about your chances of one day pulling your head out of your personal waste disposal pipe, but just in case, you have my sympathies.

His "educated" opinion is the word of political knowledge beyond our comprehension.

Well, it's beyond your comprehension. Educated? Never, ever accuse me of being educated again, or I'll rip off your head and pour stolen Razzles down your neck. High school taught me little more than how to execute a reverse-layup with ease, and college was little more than a glorified high school with wall-mounted ash trays.

The only thing the feds ever gave me was enough money to attend college for two years and it was money NOT well spent. I learned the Metric System. I learned about the rapidly approaching ice age. I learned that the management at the Pococo Hershey Resort would not tolerate drunken people smashing up their rooms during an episode of Monty Python. I learned that college chicks were much more frisky that high school girls. And I learned that a painful death was preferable to bending over in front of most male college professors.

I'm not educated, I'm as dumb as a f**kin' stump. You smart folks should continue to follow your seemingly bottomless hearts instead of your suddenly imploding minds and reach for that John/John lever on November 2nd. I mean really. How bad of a Commander-in-Chief could Kofi Anon turn out to be?

...appionted by the almighty himself, GWB!? Is it humbling to know that GWB is human after-all

Did you colate with Whoopi Goldberg before posting that swill? The almighty himself? Listen to yourself. You're scaring me. You're too easily led by the purveyors of scandal and conspiracy. And your thought processes are superior to none.

Go play with your colored pipe cleaner collection.


Nothing hits the mark more succinctly than good satire. From ScrappleFace.com:

Pennsylvania Boosts Tax on Poor Math Students

(2004-07-04) -- The Pennsylvania legislature yesterday approved a $1 billion tax increase on people who don't understand basic math concepts, by approving the expansion of slot machine gambling in the Commonwealth. The measure was hailed by Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell as "the best way to transfer money from stupid working people and retirees to intelligent politicians."

"For far too long Pennsylvania's cash has been in the hands of people who probably should have flunked out of high school," said Mr. Rendell. "We have now freed up that cash for use by politicians, most of whom are so smart they would never drop a quarter in a slot machine."

Answering critics who say increased gambling will create a surge in social problems and crime, Mr. Rendell said, "My critics will be comforted to know that we'll now have more money for government programs to address those social issues and to rehabilitate the new wave of criminals.


The MLB all-star...

...break is upon us. Yawn. The big game itself bores me to...becoming like a dour, patrician, aloof presumptive Dem presidential stiff. The home run contest is cool if you enjoy watching behemoths run amok on steroids swatting batting practice fast balls. Yawn.

The thing I enjoy about the mid-season break is simply devouring for days on end the stats and trends from the first half of the season. And then I try to project what the second half of the season has in store for us.

Second half? Bowa must gowa? Are you Phillies fans passing chimney blocks yet? They're 1 game up on the team that literally owns that division. 1 game up on the team that has won 12 of it's last 15 games. 1 game up despite becoming the super high-priced Philadelphia Yankees. 1 game up with 75 left to play.

Enjoy the big game. And then prepare for some rather drawn-out misery.

I muck with you.

Okay, so the Indians could no longer deal with a boy trapped in a centerfielder's body and traded Milton Bradley to Los Angeles. Milton Bradley? Sh*t! That's almost as whacked as Peace Cour. Or, so they say.

You remember the good folks at Milton Bradley, right? Those are the folks that produce board games that even one-eyed chimps can follow, but they put an advisory on the box telling you whether your kid is old enough, or smart enough to even begin to comprehend it. Sounds like a Dem-inspired sort of thing, don't it?

Anyblooey, they traded Milton Bradley and he's playing well for the time being. So what? you might ask. Well, being that the Indians needed a replacement for Mr. Stratego himself, they went and got themselves one. One Coco Crisp. Check your fire! Check your fire! I'm not making that up. Check the box scores. If you're too young to know what a box score is, you're already too far gone. Pierce your prostrate, dye your mohawk purple and try out for Coughlin's hacky-sack team.

Check it out. Coco Crisp. No foolin'.

His home turf reveals why he is the political and intellectual equivalent of the smiley-face button.--Carl Limbacher, of NewsMax.com on John Edwards

OUCH! What's worse? Calling someone a killer, a liar, and totally corrupt, as the Dems call anyone in between them and the throne. Or simply telling it like it is?

Where was Kevin Lynn this morning? Where was the outrage? Where was the anti-Bush moralizing from the man that pooh-poohs morality on a daily basis, that is, until Dick Cheney launches a rare F-bomb?

Kev? Nary a mention of Kerry and Edwards attending an X-rated fund-raiser this past Thursday? Nada? Nothing? A drunken Whoopi calling Bush a "c**t" over and over while Kerry and Edwards yuk it up. And then Kerry announces that the vitriolic, bordering on overly hateful performers in attendance exemplify what America is all about? That didn't register on your radar screen?

Let America be America again.--John Kerry, in North Carolina earlier that same day.

Who is it that he's trying to appeal to if we judge him by the company he keeps? The cretin vote?

Again I ask: What's to like?