4-9-2003 Superpave

"We have seen their kind before. They are the heirs of all the murderous ideologies of the 20th Century. By sacrificing human life to serve their radical visions, by abandoning every value except the will to power, they follow in the path of fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism."--GW in his speech to Congress following the 9/11 attack.

Long, long and hard day yesterday. I can just about stand up straight again this afternoon. I see the mayor announced that reconstruction roadwork is set to begin tomorrow on South Main Street between Hanover and Academy streets. The $199,000 project...let’s try that again! The $199,000 project...$199,000? Is this a reconstruction project for that smallish amount of pork? Somebody call the Times Leader, that number can’t be correct. Or can it? Maybe they’re going to steamroll some recycled bubble gum and call the road reconstructed. It’s sort of like repainting a fire truck and calling it rebuilt. Or like replacing the swings in a park and calling the park refurbished. Sort of like Wilkes-Barre.

Here’s a snippet from the Leader story that jumped out at me:

The South Main Street project, along with four other city roadways, will receive 80 percent funding from the Federal Highway Administration and 20 percent from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The mayor told the crowd at his press conference: “We won't have to pay a dime, all we'll have to buy are the scissors and ribbon to cut."

I didn’t realize he had relatives in the ribbon or the scissor business. Anyway, free roads-whoopee! 80% federal FHA and 20% HUD funding equals zero out of pocket for us! Goll dern! That’s better than the 80% federal, 15% state and 5% city funding deal for the Scott St. Tunnel project which is expected to be completed in May 2007.

This snippet is interesting:

Each project will include new storm basins, a "top of the line" blacktop called Superpave and permanent lines.

Storm basins, thank goodness, what a progressive town this has become. Permanent lines? Did we hire those graffiti kids? And then there’s my personal favorite-Superpave! Superpave. I’ll bet those dudes that make up the PGEnergy road crews are chomping at the bit to chop the hell out of it, whatever it is. $199,000 Superpave? It’s an election year! Here I come to save the day!!! The Honorable (?) McPaver!

Then we had the Leader story about the city hiring another dog catcher:

In a written statement, city spokeswoman Shannon Hayward said the mayor is considering filling another animal enforcement position and is setting up interviews with interested candidates.

Come on man! It’s an election year! Whoopee! Spend, spend, spend! Buy, buy, buy votes! Let’s get this straight. From 1996-2003 we had zero animal enforcement officers but, now the mayor’s polling data is somewhat sour so, it’s time for not one, but two dog catchers! There is one minor problem with this though. The politically connected guy that was already hired to chase Fido was budgeted to earn $30,384 after overtime ($5,000) and benefits. There was not a single penny budgeted to hire a second dog catcher, so what we have here is fiscally irresponsible and smacks of taxpayer dollars being spent to curry favor with voters at election time. Arf!

Evelyn, a modified dog
Viewed the quivering fringe of a special doily
Draped across the piano, with some surprise

In the darkened room
Where the chairs dismayed
And the horrible curtains
Muffled the rain
She could hardly believe her eyes

A curious breeze
A garlic breath
Which sounded like a snore
Somewhere near the Steinway (or even from within)
Had caused the doily fringe to waft & tremble in the gloom

Evelyn, a dog, having undergone
Further modification
Pondered the significance of short-person behavior
In pedal-depressed panchromatic resonance
And other highly ambient domains . . .

Arf she said

I read the Voice accounts of the council work session and I’m happy to see that our Council Chairman is taking a hard line towards the mayor’s shenanigans. The mayor wants this that and the other thing (more money), but refuses to show up in council’s chambers and provide a few details about his laundry list of future projects and expenditures. The chairman’s response?

If he is not going to be here, I don't think they're going back on the agenda," McGinley said. "If you don't feel it's important enough to show up, we're not going to discuss it and we're not going to play games anymore."

BANG! Damn straight! No details-no going forward! That’s the way it has to be. We’ve been burned and embarrassed enough with projects scribbled on crumpled file cards. He’ll run to the press again and remind us all of how council is holding up everything and that’s just fine and dandy. His silly and useless press releases are preferable to paying another $5 million for another set of footers. Besides, he never takes credit for his expensive failures, he always blames them on council. It’s better to have him whining about his schemes being blocked by council than adding to the list of expensive misadventures.

"It's snowing, I didn't do it."--Guess who

Let’s try an e-mail:

******I thing McFuzznuts has replaced his spokesperson with Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. Where else could we get these latest press releases?******

Picture that. Is he a registered democrat? He’s gonna be unemployed any hour now. He’s standing before the assembled press and is asked about the status of the Holeplex. “Hole? What hole? There is no hole! The hole is a lie and is more propaganda from the evil and Zionist City Council. The ’Silent Majority” shall rise up and drive the invaders from the holy city with their arthritis mangled fists!”

If every medivac chopper was staffed like this one, we’d be suffering a lot more casualties on the ground in Iraq.



Whoa! Private Sector Dude again:

******Mark, How's it going? How's the new arrival?

I just heard that the journalists in Iraq are planning to file war crimes charges against our military for taking a hit at the Palestine Hotel. Our guys said they took fire, the journalists said they didn't. Of course he reports from these same folks say that we are losing the war and that Bush's military campaign is a failure. Last week they said we "underestimated the power of the Iraqi troops," this week they are saying this really isn't a war and that it is more of a "collapse of the Iraqi police troops," implying that the fourth largest army on the Earth, really isn't an army. I have one for all of you-shut the @#$% up, get the hell out of the way, write your drivel, and let our boys do their jobs. Funny how these same talking heads reported that the Iraqi forces are taking up positions inside residences, hospitals, schools, even riding in vehicles containing children and women. What makes them think the Iraqis wouldn't tale position in a hotel with reporters?

Resolution #1: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #2: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #3: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #4: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #5: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #6: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #7: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #8: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #9: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #10: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #11: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #12: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #13: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #14: Saddam must disarm or else.
Resolution #15: Saddam must disarm or else. Bubba bombs aspirin factory on eve of Monica news.
Resolution #16: Saddam must disarm or else. Bubba bombs Iraq on eve of Monica trial. America supports him, the UN supports him, no anti-war protests.
Resolution #17: Saddam must disarm or else. 9/11..."G dubbya" invades Iraq to free people that have been tortured and oppressed for 30 years...and he is called Hitler and a terrorist, while we get reports that Bin Laden is a wonderful man because he started many daycare centers in Afghanistan and that Saddam is a wonderful man that only wants to strengthen his nation.

(I apologize in advance for this next part as I do not use this language, nor do I allow it near myself or my children).

If I were to use the terms ni**er, np, sp*c, sp**k, k*ke, d*ke, h*nky, wh*te trash, (I don't even know if I spelled these correctly), I could be charged with a hate crime-hate speech, even if all I did was call someone one of these names without any reference to bodily harm. Just the use of the word automatically infers that I would be committing bodily harm.

A college professor can say they "wish a million Mogadishu's" on our troops. Protesters can say "I'll support our troops when they kill their commanding officers."
Our president can be called "Hitler" and "terrorist" and worse.
Our Secretary of State can be called "Uncle Tom" and worse.
A Presidential wannabe can call for "Regime" change, and state he intentionally meant to use the term.
A highly qualified judge can be told he is not "Hispanic enough."
Yet none of this qualifies as hate speech. Why? Because it was said by someone on the left. But you or I stand up and say the words "Christian", "Pro-life", "Pro-family", "Pro-marriage", "God" or "Jesus," and we would be instantly labeled a "Right-winged extremist, homophobic, hate-filled nut."

Freedom of speech guarantees us the right to speak up against our own government without fear of oppression, it grants us the right to speak to our beliefs. It does NOT guarantee us the right to be heard or to be offensive. This is why the hate speech laws were created. It does not guarantee us the right to lay in the street, close buildings, consume resources at the expense of others, monopolize the media or force opinions on others. Unless, of course you are on the left side of the aisle.

Isn't it amazing to see thousands of Iraqis dancing in the streets, tearing down Saddam posters, shouting "No, Saddam, No", shouting "Bush, Bush, Bush." Yeah, he's a real terrorist all right. The worst possible thing that could happen to the left is for Bush to be successful. Well, guess what Bush was right and he is "right" to boot, and that must be very scary for the left. And again I am not talking about most Democrats, just those enlightened few in the media, universities, Hollywood, and in current political positions. The fact that Bush didn't "push the button" after 9/11 shows what type of a man he is, shows his intellect and his ability to use his power in the right way, and shows the absolute integrity of those that surround him.

Keep the faith.
Private Sector Dude.******

Damn Dude, sounds like the ‘tards and their willing accomplices in the media got under your skin just a tad, but everything you say is accurate. Between the ex-hippie, conscientious objectors in academia, the line snorters that make up the glitterati and the frustrated commies in the media, it’s a wonder we can think at all. Unfortunately for them and their comrades in the U.N.-we can.

Every single time I hear a politician or some Hollywood sperm chortler yap off about significantly reducing our military spending, they are instantly suspect in my mind. The reason? There are many assorted ways to throw a monkey wrench into this experiment we call America, but the one thing we possess that nobody has ever figured out how to conquer is our outstanding military. The only way to overcome our military might is to shrink it from within. Pay close attention to who thinks we spend too much on self defense. They may not be what they claim to be.

The new addition is just fine and spent the day in Wilkes-Barre on Sunday. I am very encouraged with the job Peace is doing as a young mommy. While most kids have little or no respect for adults in this hip-hop culture we are currently suffering through, I spent Sunday with a twenty-two month old (Gage Andrew) that says “Please,” “Thank you.” and “Excuse me.” Although, he does crack up when he passes gas.

Taylor Kate

Here, do you want proof that my kids are superior to yours? Check the pic.

Ebon & Ramen Noodles

Despite what your professor that still reads Zap (my age is showing) magazine might have told you, the world’s largest exporter of terrorism is still Iran. All the world’s intelligence agencies know this to be a fact. If I was ruling Iran, I would tread very softly after this Iraqi engagement gets sorted out. Look at a map. We’ve got troops and special forces on their left flank in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’ve got tons of military goodies on the right flank in Kuwait, Qutar, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We’ve got air power to the north in Turkey. We’ve got a powerful naval armada in the Persian Gulf to their south. I even read a while back that we had some special forces in Turkmenistan on their long northern border. We’ve got a monster of an air base, Diego Garcia, capable of launching heavy bombers to their south in the Indian Ocean.

It sounds as if Iran had better watch their step or they might be next. Plus, we still haven’t figured out where that Chinese-made Silkworm anti-ship missile that slammed into Kuwait City was fired from. That sucker was probably intended to strike one of our carriers. Iraq does not possess Silkworms. Iran sure as hell does. Stay tuned kiddies.

I gotta go. The back needs to be medicated somewhat. Later

Gage & Taylor