4-16-2003 Peanuts

'A chill wind is blowing through this nation... A message is being sent through the White House and its allies in talk radio... 'If you oppose this administration, there can and will be ramifications'...--Tim Robbins

That’s an excerpt from his hysterical speech he gave to the National Press Club yesterday. Now don’t those of you that claim that opiates have no long lasting effects feel stupid right now?

Read the text of his whiny, paranoid anti-Bush diatribe. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m trying to figure out which freedoms I’ve lost since 9/11. I must keep missing the checkpoints or something. Your papers please.

Text of Tim Robbins speech

It does one’s heart good to see that some of us still have a sense of humor despite living in the long shadow of one reckless man. Check this e-mail:


as you know, the word "adobe" is spanish for house or home depending on the context of the conversation. With the growing hispanic influence in our area, you should be hailed as a progressive! Who would have ever thought you would ever be P.C.?******

Ah, the abode in Nord Barrio. Imagine trying to be politically correct in this city. That would be hysterical. How would you spin “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” coming from the city’s top politico? I’m not even going to try. How about “Don’t you think my wife is gorgeous?” Or “I wouldn’t let my daughter marry him.”

The Leader reports that the city has signed the necessary documents to finally take ownership of the 80,000 square foot Planter’s Peanuts complex. It’s my turn. I have a plan to save Wilkes-Barre. Let’s convert the complex into a four screen cineplex. The Planterplex! The mayor has his plan (Holeplex), Tome Leighton has his plan (Percyplex or Holeplex II), Thom Greco has his plan (Callplex), so why can’t I jump into the fray? The advantages of my plan? Plenty of parking. The area still has some street lights. It’s readily accessible from Penn Ave. and the hookers and pimps are well north of that stretch of S. Main Street. To finance the remodeling of the Planter’s building, we simply terminate the Parks Department. The salaries in that department are outrageous after overtime and judging from the deplorable condition of our three largest parks, they currently do little or nothing anyway, except pick up their kids at Bishop Hoban every afternoon. There it is baby, Planterplex.

City officials are hoping to resell it quickly and turn a handsome profit on the place, but the waiting line of folks clamoring to open businesses in Wilkes-Barre has dwindled down to zero. We shall see. Recently the mayor claimed to have numerous groups looking at the call center and that turned out to be bogus. He also repeated that nonsense about selling off the municipal golf course, but that turned out to be yet another useless press release. I wouldn’t be surprised if the city is still trying to find a tenant for that building five years from now. I hope not. It’s now off the tax rolls as are so many other properties. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite us. We got it for peanuts. Will it end up costing us?

How about that. The Sixth Legislative District democrats, commonly referred to as being part of the Good Old Boy network in this retarded county voted for an open primary and will not endorse any candidates on May 20th. Check this cut from the Voice story:

Last night's vote marked the first time in recent history an incumbent mayor running for re-election was not endorsed by the district.

When asked if he was endorsed by the district in previous elections, the mayor claimed he could not recall.

More shades of the Clintons. I can’t recall. Oh go spit! Sure he got the endorsement the previous two trips to the polls and he damn well knows it. It sounds to me like the Good Old Boys aren’t about to endorse a sinking ship.

It doesn’t really matter though, the Network is losing it’s grip on the county anyway. Bill Amesbury knocked their anointed pick that spent $250,000 out of the magisterial race. The county commissioners race is going to be an open primary after the majority commissioners read the writing on the wall and backed out. There will be no endorsements, because the fix is no longer in and nobody has a clue who the commissioners will be come May 21st. In short, the hoi polloi are beginning to become more politically astute and the tried and true bullsh*t just isn’t working anymore. Whoever finally delivers open and honest government to this city and this county should be able to be reelected for life.

I see in today’s Leader on the editorial page that the Leader is backing my “Democrat for a day” idea. Yepper republicans. Switch your voter registration to democrat for one day (May 20) and send the mayor a resounding message. Hell, the Leader makes me sound tame with this editorial. A couple of snippets:

We’re calling on concerned residents-regardless of political stripe-to find a way to vote against this incumbent incompetent.

This is an emergency. Change your party registration. Then, vote as a Democrat against McGroarty on Tuesday, May 20.

Damn! I’ve seen newspaper editorials endorsing candidates for elected office, but I’ve never seen one begging the electorate to chase a politico out of town on a rail. They stopped just short of providing transportation to and from the polls. The guy’s own Good Old Boy network chums won’t endorse him. The Times Leader has called for a voter revolution and I’m the one that gets threatened? Well, I guess I was the first to publicly ask him to go away. Far away. Real, real far away. The farther the better.

Then there was that nifty letter to the editor in today’s Voice “The crime and grime gotta go, Tom McGroarty.” The author, a resident of Wilkes-Barre began his letter with a question:

What gives? Am I the only one in this area who can see what the mayor is doing to this town?

Trust us, you are not alone.

An e-mail:


Another fine column yesterday. I hope with this election that the residents of WB get what they need. You know I still have family there and when I visit I can't believe my eyes. I always take a ride around Public Square and down S. Main St on my visits. The ride down S. Main St. was depressing. Where did all the businesses go? It seemed like the only thing there was parking garages, Bartikowsky's and the post office. Throw in a few smaller businesses along the way.

I went with my mom to a store in Plymouth and noticed that every store front on Main St. in Plymouth were filled. AMAZING!

Wilkes Barre was a great place to grow up. We never locked our doors. Hopefully it can turn back to that place for the next generation.******

It’s the same wherever you go. Downtown Pittston. Luzerne. Plymouth. Kingston, even Hazleton now. Hustle, bustle and retail. In Wilkes-Barre it’s empty storefront after empty storefront. Busted sidewalks, broken windows, fallen street lights, lots of litter, loitering and crime. The seven years of neglect is impossible to miss. But we do decorate over the litter every holiday.

Another thing that pisses me off and detracts from the Square’s past glory-fix that damned fountain in the middle of the square already. Not only for the aesthetic value, but so that Gage and I can ride our bikes through it as my kids and I had done before on hot summer days. More often than not, when we’d ride our bikes down to the square to bolt through the fountain, we were not alone. We live in a city where nothing gets fixed. Once it breaks, it’s gone forever?

The Ice-A-Rama? It needed some repairs. Gone forever! The popularity of hockey has exploded in this region and Wilkes-Barre, being the backwards place it has become recently, closes it’s unique ice skating rink. And what about the giant clock tower that hovers over South Main Street stuck at the same time for twenty years now? It’s just another reminder that Wilkes-Barre is broken. We have one downtown clock, but it’s broken. We have one downtown fountain, but it’s shut down. We have an ice rink, but you can no longer enjoy it. I’m telling ya’, ya’ gotta’ take care of the little things before the big things will happen. You can’t bring in prospective investors and parade them around our broken city. All of those little things add up and they do not help our image or improve our quality of life.

If we’re going to restore this place for the next generation, we need politicos that can see past the senior voters. God, that fountain bugs me! The downtown was near empty, but we were still drawn to the square to cool off on a weekend afternoon. I swear, if Mayor Leighton fixes it, I promise I will stop dumping Tide laundry detergent into it. I promise.

By the way, I goofed. The Leighton fundraiser is to held at the Ramada on the Square, Sunday May 4, from 7-10 p.m., not 4-7 as I stated yesterday. What a dunderhead!

As for me, I’ll be baby-sitting both Gage Andrew and Taylor Kate that night. The chicks in the family will be attending a lavish baby shower for Marque’s son due on July 29th. The flock continues to grow.

Get this, our foreign policy ‘expert,’ Bubba Clinton has some more criticisms of Bush’s approach to defending this country and the world from murderous terrorists and senseless cutthroats:

"We can't run, if you got an interdependent world, and you cannot kill, jail or occupy all your adversaries, sooner or later you have to make a deal."

How exactly would you make a deal with the likes of Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussien? I can’t believe that Captain Appeasement himself even uttered those words after his eight years of making the world believe that we were a paper tiger that just wanted to get along as Americans were regularly being attacked by terrorists. We know Bubba certainly couldn’t “kill, jail or occupy” any adversaries. He got his ass kicked in Waco, Texas by a bunch of bible thumpers with a couple of dozen rifles. Hell, even the Weavers gave as good as they got when Clinton tried to invade a secluded, backwoods compound that contained one armed family.

He’s right about one thing-the world has become interdependent and that means we all have to be playing by the same rules if the game is going to work. The Taliban didn’t want to abide by the rules. Neither did al Quida. Saddam and Osama made up their own. And George Bush said ‘no deal, behave or else” and that through a big time monkey wrench into the plans of Bubba’s favorite entity-The Nations United against American sovereignty. Bush protects the interests of this country. Bubba was willing to subvert them. Make a deal? Have another Big Mac and go away you commie child molester!

Jesus! What a mish-mash.

Me gotta run. My Leighton yard sign is being delivered soon.

See ya