4-25-2003 Private Sector Dude

A Dean, a Dommes, Some Chix, and a big Flood

Let's start with the really stupid people. Is there anyone out there that is as ridiculous as Presidential hopeful Howard Dean? He has to rank right up there with the mayor as far as his mouth is concerned. He was recently discussing Iraq (what else) and made the comment , "We don't know that yet. We don't know that yet, Wolf. We still have a country whose city is mostly without electricity," to CNN's Wolf Blitzed-*hic*, 'scuse me-in response to questions about Iraq being better off without Saddam.. Okay, let me get this straight, electricity is out-bad; Twenty-five years of terror, murder, torture-good? Electricity out-temporary; Murderous Dictator for life (and is there anyone that thinks things would have gotten better once Saddam's son's were in power)-good? Electricity out in one major city-oh, the horror; Hundreds of thousands killed, tortured, and still missing-good? Can't run the toaster-have a heart already; Dropping bodies feet first into the electric plastic shredder-good? You can tell how bad things are for the left side of the aisle on a national level if this logic gets one in a position to run for the highest office in the land.

Next up, the Dippie-Chix. Got to see about two minutes of their interview last night with Diane Sawyer and had to shut it off. There is so much crap coming from their mouths you could fertilize all of Noxen. Let me get this straight, they can use their position as probably the hottest C&W group to make their political statements and beliefs known, but when there is a backlash by the folks that formerly enjoyed their music, they suddenly become the victim? And then try to back peddle as fast as Deion Sanders? They use their enlightened status to make statements that many found offensive, then state that their enlightened position shouldn't be used against them? Huh? They even complained about little kids jumping up and down on their CDs, smashing them to bits. But they said nothing about the little 5 year old kids carrying "No blood for oil" or "Bush is a terrorist" signs. Huh? Hey blondie, did you ever stop to think that perhaps some of those kids' parents are over in Iraq defending your right to open your big mouth? Did they ever stop to think that fly over country, the heart of America, is also the heart of C & W music, and also supplies many of our young men and women in uniform. What was even worse, was that they made the comments outside of America. No guts. Now they want to fix things. I guess the people are now speaking. No problem-change your name to The Group Formerly Known as the Dixie Chicks. I for one will stick to listening to some real country music-Loretta, Tammy, Patsy. Although, I must admit the Chix look pretty nice without their clothes on, even if they are Speds.

However, we have a tie for dummy of the week. First winner had to be Ann Dommes, council president of Duryea, for her "And we have twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week protection for our residents." in regards to the local police force. No kidding? Wow, that must be great. Actually, I'm surprised hizonner hasn't said this, "Yes, and coupled with our 3 million dollar saving, curbside recycling pick up, we have 24/7 police protection." Hell, hizonner could actually do this with three copper dudes and give a press release on the money he saved. Also a winner, Kofi Annan who said that the US going to war "without a UN approved resolution, has caused deep divisions." I guess he forgot about resolution 17-the one with full UN Security Council approval. Perhaps he should go back to Kumasi, Ghana, to try and stop the murdering and ethnic cleansing, poverty, and AIDS/HIV epidemic in his own country before trying to fix Affirmative Action in the US. What a nerd.

Local news comment of the day, has to be Bud Brown again on WILK, who had this witty remark, regarding the oldest person in the US, a 113 year old woman that lives in New Jersey, "I think her mother lives in Wilkes-Barre." Just great (o:

We got more back-room politics going on with the Tom-Tom boys. Seems Controller Flood wants some questions answered in regards to 6-figures worth of dollars to be awarded as salary increases, awards, and other payments, and the approval process for the awards. The Tom-Tom boys are telling department heads, flat out, do not attend a meeting called by Flood. Our County Controller is in charge of the movement of County funds and as such is allowed to get justification for money spent in the County. Does anyone actually think that Flood wants to screw folks out of raises and such? Or is he just trying to understand the who, what, where, when, and why for the funds and the approval process? Is he just doing his job? Does anyone honestly think that he would purposefully put his neck on the line during a time when he is running for office? This guy is as about as straight an arrow as I have seen. He is doing his job. I have only a small budget, $140,000 or so, and I must account for every penny of it-my company demands it. We shouldn't expect the same from our local government when millions are at stake?

If I was one of these folks getting the money, I would want my boss to resolve this as soon as possible. If there is nothing to hide, why not have the meetings? Why? Because I would bet my bottom dollar that there has been some back-room stuff going on by the Tom-Tom boys, just like the pension money. If we truly had open door politics, this kind of thing would not happen, waste would be exposed and changes could be made. Instead, we get closed door, secret meetings, and denials, lies and @ss covering. And Blaum just proves he is one of the "good ole boys," a lap dog, perhaps one of those skinny little, noisy, annoying Chihuahuas. Flood is a watchdog, a German Shepherd. He has this Republican's vote.

Stubbs trial is on. If he is guilty, hang him high. I want him to feel the same terror he inflicted on that little child. God bless her. And God bless the folks that were on that scene-the copper, hose, and EMT dudes and dudettes. You are SPECIAL people. Our hearts are with you as well.

Lastly, we got the story in the Leader that just about brought tears of laughter to my eyes. It seems the PETA is at it again. The headline says it all: PETA offers Hamburg $15,000 to change name to Veggieburg.
I'm starting my own organization-PETI: People for the Ethical Treatment of Idiots. Any takers?

Keep the Faith, it's Friday-time for some "Psychedelic Furs."

Private Sector Dude.