4-28-2003 PA's worst mayor

Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.--Sir Winston Churchill

22 days to go. Hello Wilkes-Barre. R U READY TO VOTE? BANG! Bring it on baby. Bring it on.

I worked all day. I finally get home, enjoy some scalding hot water and then settle in and sign on to the 'puter thingy. All of a sudden some crazed man bursts into the adobe yelling something about a press conference being held in twenty minutes. There went my quiet evening of reading. I threw the sneaks on and the Rock Stomper was run through the gears rather hurriedly. I arrived at Donna Kowalczyk's salon on S. River St. to find a crowd of over seventy people milling about. There were plenty of city politicos on hand, elected and otherwise. There was a hoddog vendor and a bartender mingling with assembled masses. There were hose dudes in attendance. The television cameras were rolling and the Voice and Leader scribes were scribbling away. One even took to visiting a neighbor who is alleged to be a hooker. According to him, no money changed hands during that visit.

Leader Dude

There were also plenty of residents from that neighborhood on hand and they are not too thrilled with the mayor and the police chiefs annoying habit of denying that crime exists in their neighborhood and they were especially critical of the chiefie's recent comments in the papers. Remember? Crime? What crime? The entire affair was being eye-balled by a couple of surly looking guys on the corner that the residents identified as drug dealers. Some expressed their concerns that there might be some retaliation from these guys against the residents that have chosen to fight for increased police protection in this slipping neighborhood.

Hold the fargin' fort! Check this link just in to the Wilkes-Barre Online news staff. Holy election signs Batman! I check this site on occasion. In March 2002, it listed Wilkes-Barre Online as one of the best political sites in the state, albeit the most opinionated site in the state. BANG! Here's the lead in to the story:

PoliticsPA looked at Pennsylvania's five worst mayors and commissioners. To be fair, there were few who stood out as really bad. Despite the temptation to pick out town and city councilmembers - folks like Philadelphia's Richard Mariano- we resisted. But the several that we did pick were not difficult choices. Enjoy our list of Pennsylvania's worst...

Five worst mayors and commissioners

So anyway, the residents of this once safe and quiet neighborhood are not going to be run off their property by pimps, hookers and the city's inept and uncaring administration. Some were talking about an obvious hooker on a nearby corner and I was confronted by some chickie on S. Franklin St. right in front of the Stegmaier Mansion. She walked up to me, stopped and looked me over for a second and finally asked if I had a cigarette. I had plenty in one of my bike bags, but she sure as hell did not get one from me.

The crowd

A few of the residents gathered on the porch and spoke to the other onlookers and the press. They are very upset and very passionate about reclaiming their neighborhood. If you complain about your curbside pick-up or the plowing of your street, the mayor responds faster than the numerous hookers in that area at the sight of a twenty dollar bill. But, if you want him to admit that crime has exploded on his watch, you had better not hold your breath while waiting for the crackdown. I wouldn't waste any more breath with this mayor and his complete mediocrity. Do as everyone in attendance today plans to do to return Wilkes-Barre to a great place to live again-vote for Tom Leighton.

Angry residents

I was given some lists documenting prostitution activity on their streets which I will post tomorrow. I'm a bit tired tonight and wasn't even going to post on the site today before the madman burst into the house. Give them a look. They are interesting.

I met Kathy Kane for the first time today. Get this, she pointed out to me that she had taught my kids at Dodson School and she remembered their names, although it is somewhat difficult to forget my kids names. I didn't realize she had taught the kids. I stopped going to Parent/Teacher conferences a long time ago. They were always very consistent. Okay teach', how's Ebon doing? She's a great kid, gets good grades, works hard and is no problem. Dittos on Peace. Then we'd get around to the boy's teacher. He's a slacker, he has a short attention span, he goofs around too much and generally seems less than interested in attending school at all. Right! He takes after his dad. High school was even worse. He called Mr. Gumby a politically incorrect and offensive name(but very accurate), he punched Kyle in the face at practice, he had a 1/4" gun charm on his key chain, and his grades are awful. Right! Heredity is a powerful phenomenon.

Whatever man. All I can say is that my kids loved attending Dodson and two of them actually cried when I broke the news that we were moving and they would be transfering to Dan Flood a long while back. That suggests to me that the staff in that school are doing something right. Thanks Kathy. I was amazed that they could be so traumatized by being uprooted only once in their lives, but consider the source. My mom's marriages had us moving so many times when I was a boy, I could navigate from here to Connecticut on my own at the age of 7, or 8.

Taylor Kate is already one month old as of today. Dang! That was quick. I cannot wait to guage Gage's reaction to his first ever Bike About next weekend. Peace is going to buy him a helmet, so we don't get arrested. Hookers and drug dealers are somehow acceptable to our flailing administration, but kids without bike helmets are not. You figure it out. It defies all known logic.

Another angry resident

I decided to viist Taco Bell today and ran across the fire chiefie's 1998 Suburban which is now repainted as an Emergency Management vehicle. Somebody is getting rich quick painting and repainting the city's junky feet. It had 'Mobile Command Post' painted on the sides and 'Emergency Communications' painted on the rear. What a bunch of imbeciles. Gee, I feel safer already.

Let me get this straight. Somebody was caught on videotape throwing Virgil Argenta's yard signs into a garbage hopper? And that somebody is Shirley Vita-race-the-nova's son-in-law? What the heck was he thinking? Can you impact the results of an election by removing election signs? I kinda doubt it.

Is it me? Does it make any sense to stage special events in Kirby park when we all agree that we need to attract visitors to our vacated drowntown? I don't get it.

Check this pic. I'm thinking paintballs. Nah, better not, but being juvenile is so much fun.

Boo! Hiss!

I gotta go. I'm beat. I thought this was going to me my big night off from the wonderful world of internet publishing, but it just wasn't meant to be. If this post is loaded with typos, cut me some slack. I'll leave you with this pic. This is not an internet hoax, these bumper stickers are now available in Wilkes-Barre, the home of Pennsylvania's worst mayor.


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