5-7-2003 Status Quo, or die!

“Stop what you’re doing, or die.”--Unknown author

Welcome to Wilkes-Barre! These words were scribbled on a scrap of paper and left on the windshield of one of the residents that were very vocal at last weeks anti-crime rally on S. River street. Another one of the vocal residents at that rally was closely followed by another vehicle from his home in South Wilkes-Barre to his job in Hazleton today. The resident that informed me about these incidents honestly feels that the administration of this city was behind both of these incidents. My reaction to his opinion was “Ya’ think?” It could have easily been the work of some pimps. Donna Kowalczyk, who hosted the anti-crime rally was threatened with terroristic threats by a known prostitute the day after that highly publicized rally. The administration?

Well, one of the mayor’s cronies did videotape assembled residents on the square last week. And he also send some myrmidons to videotape Ed Soltis’s campaign events during the last mayoral primary run up. He power washed the sidewalks at city hall for over five hours rather than allowing city employees to stage an informational picket on those sidewalks. He sent fire chiefie into my home when I requested the free smoke detectors offered by the city to ALL residents, which was the only smoke detector installation chiefie ever felt compelled to supervise. Oh, and then there‘s the threats his trusty sidekick delivered to me in person at a recent arson fire in the Nord End. And city employees claim the mayor‘s brother has called them about removing their Leighton yard signs from their lawns. But, “stop what you’re doing, or die.” Following people to their jobs? Maybe the cops need to start protecting the residents from the city’s collapsing administration.

If you mess with the suckful status quo in Wilkes-Barre, you instantly become a target for retribution. The question is, who’s doing the targeting?

The “Hose Chicks” marched on city hall today. I’m told that as soon as they arrived at city hall our mayor spotted them, jumped in his car and split pronto. He later denied seeing them arrive when contacted by the press. What? No more pressure washing? Now, who was it that said the “hose chicks” had no balls? These chicks are tired of their husbands being treated poorly and lied about so that the mayor and his anti-union bias would impress the dumber voters among us.

The mayor keeps mentioning over and over that the health care the firefighters receive is too costly and hurting the city. Yet, yesterday he agreed to a four year contract with the copper dudes without addressing any health care costs. Health care costs are accelerating at an alarming rate, so why would Mr. Arbitration lock into a four year contract for the very first time? In a word: votes. He gave them a decent raise and the only give-backs involved future hires. He also recently agreed to a contract with the city hall employees and the city’s paramedics without any tough talk about health care benefits. That freaky coincidence thing again. He’s becoming very agreeable all of a sudden after having the city’s residents rebuke his supporters requests to place his ancient yard signs on their property.

The hose dudes are members of the city’s most vocal and defiant union in the face of harassment and non-stop fabrications spun for public consumption, so they have remained the mayor’s favorite whipping boys. No back pay awarded by the mandated arbitration award, which the mayor chooses to ignore (we‘re broke). No veterans benefits that won’t cost the city a dime and no respect. Instead they have to suffer the indignity of the mayor lying to the public about sleeping all night, playing pool and operating businesses from fire halls. Instead, they have to listen to our mayor babble laughable untruths about bigamy in a mayoral debate. Bigamy? Bigamy is hurting the taxpayers?

The mayor told WBRE today that he NEVER called anyone a bigamist. Oh, really! Let’s re-visit his rapid-fire claims from the first mayoral debate.

And I fu*king quote:

First off, let me tell you. When I first became mayor, we looked all over our health care costs. We found out that one lady was married to two firefighters at one time. We paid health care for her twice. So every time we do it, that’s double-dipping. We got refunded for that(laughter from the audience). You may think that’s funny, that’s a lot of money the taxpayers pay cause two firefighters married the same woman. That’s a lot of money. We won that case.

End fu*king quote.

“One lady was married to two firefighters at one time.” You make that call. I’m biased against lying, half-truths and vindictive retribution. I’m funny that way.

After the mayor deals with the Torbik lawsuit, he can deal with the bigamy comments too.

Okay, as it was pointed out to me today, I penned the phrase “hose chicks.” I felt bad that I couldn’t show them any support today, so I decided to bang on one of their front doors. I got a couple of pics of the now famous banners they sported at city hall today after the mayor ran away.

One chickie

Two guys

One of them even posed for a pic sporting her brand new, hot pink “Hose Chicks” shirt.

Hose Chick

What was that line our moms and grandmoms used to feed us about lying? Oh yeah. We’d have trouble remembering them all later on.

Objection! Your honor! My client never said she was a bigamist. What he said was that she was married to two men “at one time.”

Here’s the links to the literature the hose chicks handed out today at city hall.


Newspaper Story

Newspaper Story

Educating McG

Chicks with balls! We need more of them in this flailing, forgotten eyesore that never raises our taxes.

Speaking of forgotten. Here’s the latest. Target is coming to that hill I never visit. Wal-Mart is apparently worried about that development and plans to abandon their current location and build a super-duper, but probably equally annoying monster of an import peddling, loss-leader offering sh*thole. Guess who is supposedly looking at the soon to be available Wal-Mart property? Fowler, Dick and Walker. My age is showing again. Sorry. That would be Boscov’s for those of you that never attended a Blue Oyster Cult concert. That’s what they tell me. Say it ain’t so boy king.

Get this paranoid bullsh*t. A dude from WVIA approaches me about a story he’s working on that will examine the condition of the Wilkes-Barre Fire Department’s rapidly aging fire apparatus. I was totally shocked to learn that WVIA does news now. Judging by my oft-mentioned musical preferences, would anyone out there assume that I listen to WVIA radio? Beethoven is cool and all, but he never pumped a single bar chord through a phase shifter at 120 decibels. Heyna?

So, the dude wants to talk about the Wilkes-Barre Fire Department. 10-4. Let’s do it. He had a neat angle. He wanted the mayor’s thoughts. He wanted some hose dudes thoughts and as an extra bonus: a residents thoughts. I’m not blowing my own air horn here, but I’m not sure if any city resident knows more about the apparatus and the procedures of our fire department as I do. If I’m wrong about that, I will not cry myself to sleep tonight. I thought the “knowledgeable resident” angle was a great idea on his part. The dude shows up. We talk. We look at some documents and pictures and he turns his micro-recorder on for some “on the record” comments. We discuss the ins and outs, the problems and the strengths of the fire department. No biggie.

Then he meets with the mayor. A casual, but unnoticed observer (RUTRO! A DPW mole) at that scene relayed to me that the mayor claimed that the only reason that WVIA was there was because I had contacted them. I called the WVIA news department? WVIA? Are they playing much Cheap Trick these days? Now forget my musical tastes. How many funking times have I mentioned my out-of-control addiction to WILK talk radio? Fred Williams. Sue Henry. Kevin Lynn. Nancy Kman, Joe Thomas, Barrie Singer. WVIA? If someone asks about the fire department, it’s now my fault? He couldn’t be more wrong, but the bigger question is: when was the last time he was right about anything?

Wait! I know. When he had that traffic mirror installed on Scott street when my kids were still small.

Let’s do an e-mail. Get ready for more bull from the king about lower insurance rates.


As a fire fighter I am thrilled that the ISO rating for the City of Wilkes-Barre has gone from a 4 to a 3. According to the news this evening I see where Mayor McGroarty is boasting that insurance rates will now drop for the residents of the city. Well, realistically only the business owners within the city may see their insurance ratings drop. As far as the regular homeowner like you and I in the city now getting a lower insurance premium, that just isn't likely. You see, the residential part of the ISO class rating is usually banded into groups. For example, the bands may be from ISO class rating 1 to 6, Class 7 and 8, Class 8B and 9, and finally Class 10. This would mean based on the fact that Wilkes-Barre went from a 4 to a 3 there is likely no savings for the Wilkes-Barre homeowner, only the business owner. Now if we had been a class 7 going to a 6, jumping into a lower band, we probably would have benefited on the homeowner side. It also depends on if your insurance company even recognizes the rating class. You can read all about this online....here is the link from the ISO web site so you can check out the process and facts........ ISO MITIGATION ONLINE Once again, it is a good thing that the rating is now lower, but the mayor's bragging about lower insurance premiums for the residents of Wilkes-Barre is far from accurate. Not surprising since he is in desperate need of some good press, and the primary being only two weeks away.

If you really want to thank someone, maybe we should thank the fact that the PAWC (Penn. American Water Company) has had in place a comprehensive plan for upgrading the water lines in Wilkes-Barre and surrounding communities for the last number of years. Not too long ago I remember the main water line was replaced on Rt. 315 by the Woodlands. This main is huge now. If you dive into the ISO web site even further you will find the breakdown represented in percentages of what affects a city ISO rating. The water upgrade that PAWC has done was worth 40% alone in the overall survey of Wilkes-Barre getting the rating of 3. ******

So once again, what the mayor claims is progress is really only more of his usual smoke and mirrors. If the ISO rating was poor, would he blame that on me also?

The final analysis of the Park ‘n’ Lock North debacle was made public last night. The mayor dropped $2 million more. And exactly WHO did that surprise? Whatever he touches seems to turn to mud. As one of the copper dudes so accurately calls him, “The Anti-Midas.” Wilkes-Barre is going to end up on life support thanks to his complete ineptitude and yet, he hammers away at us. He just doesn’t seem to get it. What we need is a competent mayor and not a clueless and ruthless ruler of all things Wilkes-Barre.

Residents of the city are now receiving death threats from one of two sources. No matter which way you spin it, it’s his fault.

Where’s mine?