5-10-2003 Ten!

Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry.--Henry Ward Beecher

I did 7.6 miles on the Rock Stomper today. I timed the lights just right and topped that thing out at 42 miles per hour coming down Hazle street this morning. I hit the uneven and cratered pavement at the bottom, lost contact with the pedals and just about bought the farm. Toe clips next payday. The “Paving for votes” program may be impressing some soul that happens to be one chromosome short, but our streets aren’t much better off for all of the frenzied election year spending.

I just finished my Nardone’s pizza. Wifey is in Pottsville babysitting the amazing duo, Gage Andrew and Taylor Kate, so I had to cook for myself. They say that you are what you eat, so I guess I know what I’m full of despite what the stress puppy’s camp would have you believe. He’s the dog that caught the car. A person who has reached their goal but doesn't know what to do next. Arf!

With wifey away, the stereo is already set on “full foundation crack” mode. I enjoyed some Boston and I’m currently listening to Jim Morrison’s most revered drug-induced babblings. It’s very quickly getting on my nerves. Oh no! My daddy was at the Gulf of Tonkin incident, so I guess I’ll be a screwed-up, drugged-out malcontent until I finally overdose. Funk him! The Beatles are going on right now.

Trivia time. What was the last name of Morrison’s equally drugged-out girlfriend? I’ll give you the first four letters. C-O-U-R.

Now, let me see if I got this straight. All of the firefighters received a letter from McG yesterday to tell them he is ready to offer them a contract. I am suspicious. He berated these guys to death for four years over their supposedly “generous” health care benefits, but now he’s willing to swap some spit and make nice during the height of ‘Progress month?’ He already knows that the majority of our hose dudes are going to vote for Leighton, so there’s no point in trying to buy their votes at the last second. Or is he that deluded to think that another generous contract that does not reduce health care costs would swing a few of the dudes that compare him to Adolf Hitler as things currently stand? Or is he going to adamantly demand health care concessions, get soundly rebuked and then go off on another ill-advised “bigamy” tangent to impress the voters that think two and two equals seven? It seems that Mr. Arbitration sure has changed his tune now that the entire city has seemingly been painted in Leighton blue.

Hey guys, I dig you. You’re the goods man. You’re brave. 911! I never said she was a bigamist. Pool tables? Not me. Back pay? Uh...............

And there you have it. He never even fulfilled the terms of their last contract, or the orders of the arbiter that the hose dudes be paid back pay. He never paid it. He even lied to the public when he said he city had appealed the arbiter’s award. Or is he finally going to give the order to cut the checks? Whatever it takes. Spend, spend, spend. The primary is rapidly zooming in.

Meanwhile, as he generates the press releases and spends the city into near oblivion, the threats continue to make the rounds. Wilkes-Barre is not a democracy in his eyes. It is his possession. City employees that will not disavow their loyalty to Tom Leighton in the upcoming primary are subject to retribution. Here’s the latest. It has been made known that if our king loses the primary, three line chiefs in the fire department, Bob Turinski, Bruce Reilly, and Norm Davis, will be demoted back to their previous ranks, while still earning their current pay, so the election fixer can promote three of his cronies to their positions. In his jumbled mind, they have no right to vote against him, because he promoted them. Promotions should equate votes. Vote for me, or lose those stripes. Threats and intimidation are very much a part of this election.

Is it any wonder the city is so screwed-up with mental processes such as that?

And what happens to firefighters that dare to speak out against the king at a city council meeting? Well, they get sent out to repaint the fire hydrants that were painted, painted some more and repainted and then repainted again last year. Rather than allow the vocal one to remain at his designated station waiting for the next resident that needs his assistance, he and his ladder truck are dispersed throughout the city to waste some more paint. I challenge anyone to find a fire hydrant in this city that does not appear to be freshly painted.

Thanks to our mayor, we now have only one ladder truck. When he took office, we had two. Where would you rather see that ladder truck stationed in the event of a structure fire in one of our larger buildings? Should it remain centrally located? Or should it be out and about on hydrant duty? What is more important? Public safety, or childish games?

Add an eighth page to the mayor’s list of accomplishments: pretty hydrants.

Check this pic. I took the pic before the brush was applied.

Slap it on chum

Speaking of hose dudes, the East End has no water because of some sort of water main work at Scott St. and Penn Ave. today. I hope the kiddies in the East End don’t get to playing with Uncle Red’s Zippo lighter. For that matter, just in case, I hope the hose dudes are drinking copious amounts of coffee today.

Surround & Piss

What’s up with this? A Nord End couple had to petition a local judge after their applications for changing their party affiliations were lost somewhere between their mail box and the Voter Services office. They were changing parties so that they could vote against the king. And then there’s the city college kids asking what happened to their applications to register to vote. They too intended to vote against the king. You tell me man. Do voter applications normally get lost in this county? It depends on who you ask.

Check this e-mail. What a complete dullard.

*****F**k you and leighton ttoo. The mayor has done more good for this city than leighton ever will. The only reason anyone looks at your sh*t is becaue w-b has no other web sites. Nobody cares what you think you dumb ass so why don’t you just go back and finish high school and get a good job. You‘d be less bitter if you did.******

I didn’t finish high school? That’s a new one. I thought we’d covered all of the nifty possibilities. Fat, bald, unemployed. Ignorant? I like that. Points for creatively to the dullard. I never said I didn’t finish high school. I made reference to the fact that it bored me to death and that I rarely, if ever worked even close to my potential. Try this one on for size.

Didn‘t even frame it

I encourage e-mail from the opposite camp. I can always use a hardy belly-laugh. The e-mailer has just earned the mayor’s prestigious Silver Holeplex Award. Carry it with pride. Dullard.


Things are progressing nicely here. The Romantics Greatest hits are reverberating throughout the Nord End right now.

I love this pic. It depicts the lack of regular maintenance during the past eight years in this city and at the same time it offers hope for the future.Hope springs eternal.

A few more days

Oh man! One in a million! Baby you’re the one! The Romantics are taking me off the scope. Where is that remote? Volume up! If it ain’t loud, it ain’t worth a funk!

Ten! Ten days to go.

Request the 21st off, ‘cause we are going to party on the night of the 20th.