5-14-2003 Six!

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.--Albert Einstein

Six more days. Can you believe it? In only six days time, Wilkes-Barre begins itís big comeback. Smoke and mirrors will be replaced by competence, professionalism and honesty. Thatís providing that everyone gets out there and votes. If you donít vote for whatever reason, I hope that your pocket protector rips and I also hope that you awake on the 21st with duct tape stuck to your public hairs. Do you want to live in a clean, neat and safe city where the newspapers no longer deliver daily bursts of mostly embarrassing and demoralizing stories about the city? Do you want to be proud once again to state that you reside in Wilkes-Barre? If so, get your sugar buns down to the local polling place and pull that Leighton lever. Donít assume that Iím going to vote, or the employees of the city are going to vote-get your buns down there. Wilkes-Barre can indeed have a bright future, but WE have to make it happen on Tuesday. Donít get lazy on me. I really dread the thought of packing the entire contents of this adobe.

Examine if the Times Leader conducted a telephone poll of 5,000 city residents. Examine the callers asking the residents one question only one week before the primary. A question such as ďWhat problem in Wilkes-Barre would you like to see addressed immediately?Ē What responses would you expect to read when the Leader published the results of the poll? Crime? Prostitution? Graffiti? The proliferation of drugs? The Holeplex? The Call Center? The Intermuckal thingamabob? The Super-Duper Swifto Firehouse? I could go on and on, but I wonít. What would be the #1 response? What in Wilkes-Barre needs to be fixed right away?

Do you imagine that a single resident of the city would respond by saying that Jean Soltis should be apologized to by Tom Leighton? After seeing the video excerpts of the debate last night, I canít even imagine bothering to hold one again. Why bother? We live in a city teetering on the brink of Act 47 status. We are famous statewide for our extremely high-profile, ultra-expensive and embarrassing blunders. We spent millions of dollars to dig a large hole. We spent millions more to erect an empty building. We devoted even more millions to demolish an entire city block (Northampton Street) and then build nothing. Our downtown has more empty storefronts than businesses. Crime has gotten out of hand and the city actually made it to CNN thanks to a murderous cretin, an extension cord and one little girl. We really pissed off the ex-governor. We completely embarrassed ourselves at the inauguration of the new governor. We have also gotten used to gunplay in our once vibrant, but now struggling neighborhoods. So, what needs to be addressed right away?

Jean Soltis deserves an apology???

The city is a complete wreck, but all that our mayor is worried about is his latest dirty trick. Whatís wrong with this picture? Ed Soltis ran against the mayor the last time out and he and his family were forced to endure the mayorís numerous Gestapo tactics. Now Edís widow is upset with Tom Leighton one week before the primary?

Letís follow this. The hapless mayor, the police chiefie and the fire chiefie, our ďAxis of MediocrityĒ vacation together and regularly dine together. If the McKing goes down, so goes his Old Forge pizza buddies. Chief George is worried about being replaced after democracy comes to town on May 20th. Chief Delaney already sought out a county job at 911 and was summarily dispatched (pun intended). The prospect of being unemployed has the lot of them all worked up. What to do about this? Concoct some bullsh*t story to unfairly taint your challenger in the eyes of the voters! Yeah! Thatís the ticket! Smear tactics! Lies! Who cares? Itís all politics and our mayor thinks that when politicking, all bets are off. It doesnít matter if itís true or genuine in any way. All that matters is his continued clinging to power. The truth does not enter into the equation in his troubled world.

But thereís one minute detail that needs to be pointed out to the voters of this flailing city.

Chief George was once married to Jean Soltis.


This entire ďapologyĒ dirty trick only further serves to point out that the Ďleadersí of this city will do, or say anything to retain their positions. The issues were not debated at the so-called debate. Untruths and cleverly planned back room schemes were perpetrated upon the residents of the city. We asked the mayor of this city to debate the hot button issues, but instead he offered us only clever ruses. He is a dangerous, desperate and completely pathetic caricature of a human being at this point. Heíll never apologize to us after destroying our city. In his rapidly imploding universe of a mind, only he matters. We are anti-matter.

The person that should be doing the very public apologies is Jean Soltis. She allowed a desperate band of jackals to not only desecrate her name, but her husbands memory as well in an absolutely shameless attempt to hoodwink the voters of this city. Weíre used to the mayor spinning his falsehoods, but now heís convincing other folks to lie to us. Shame on the mayor and shame on Jean. Iím fairly certain that Ed has rolled over.

Iíve received e-mails from folks that found it hard to believe that the mayor would stoop so low as to purchase an $11,000 copier only so that he could run off the copies of his hilarious reelection hand-outs. Really? Then how would one explain the cityís towing contractor, police officers and members of the fire department installing the sewer line into the mayorís new house circa 1996?

When they were still friends

Check the full-blown pic. McG is wearing blue.


Letís do an e-mail from a first-timer. A city employee no less. You can tell itís a newbie by the fact that they didnít use their real name. I have never ďoutedĒ any city employee on this weirdness we call Wilkes-Barre Online.

******i just like to let you know i really enjoy your web site. i hope you update it every day until the little sh*t is out of office."im a city worker" going to work is like going to school when their is a bully waiting for you. i have already thrown up in the morning. knowing i have to face that man. he always threatens to fire us. i never use to take my work home with me, but this guy forces me. It has put a strain on my life. in and outside of work. This should not be happening to a person who wants to earn a decent living. thanks for spelling out the truth for us. keep up the good work.


Hang in there ??????. And make sure you vote on Tuesday.

Another e-mail:

******Hey dude...one quick thought about Virgil, he is partly responsible for the reverse gentrification in the Nord End. Check who, and how many live in his properties (that aren't burnt down yet.) Each property is mainly loaded with Hispanics. Definately the man I want to be on Council. NOT!!

Another thought...the pyramids weren't built by people, they were built by aliens.


Aliens?! Itís funny that you should mention that. Check this pic that SNAKE shot in the mayorís back yard.


How about another:

******Mark: either post this message to Tom Leighton or send it to him directly from me. I get so frustrated hearing him refer to the RA being broke.

Re: the debate story in today's Voice: Tom Leighton stated "because there is no more redevelopment money".

DAMMIT LISTEN TO ME!!!! The Redevelopment authority has been defunct for years--the only reason there was a board was to handle lawsuits, if any, from people injuring themselves in a fall in the downtown area. THE CD BUDGET CARRIED $5,000 PER YEAR TO PAY LEGAL FEES IN THAT EVENT. Many years it wasn't used at all!!

McG resurrected the RA JUST SO HE COULD CHANNEL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONEY THROUGH IT!!!!! THAT IS WHY THE STREETS AND PUBLIC SERVICE FUNDING WAS CUT SO DRASTICALLY. HE SPENT THE MONEY ON ALL THIS NONSENSE. That's $2.2 million per year times eight years. We used to spend nearly half of that for street improvements per year.

Why do you think the current board members quit????

Get me a copy of the CD Budgets or more importantly the CD Grantee Performance Reports for the years in question. If you want my help all you have to do is ask!

(name deleted to protect the dude from mayoral abuse)******

I gotta tell yaí, while reading the Leader this morning, I just about launched my mouthful of tea as I read this paragraph:

When asked how to get a theater project back on track, McGroarty didn't answer but instead called Leighton's plan B "a good political stunt" and then talked about floods and blizzards.

Floods and blizzards. Another big issue during this primary season (?) So weíve got apologies, floods and blizzards.(?) Is there a doctor in the house?

Another one:

******Yo mark,

biking about on sunday sure sounds like a plan. Iíll see you at high noon.


You know it! The last Bike About before that fateful day in May. Like I said, I invite the entire city to join me Sunday. Iím confident that better days are coming to this city, but if by chance they donít-this will be the farewell tour of sorts. I just know that as I wander through the city on Sunday, Iíll be wondering whether the Rock Stomper and I are soon to be off to safer and smoother streets somewhere else. That situation depends entirely on the turnout at the polls on Tuesday. An overwhelming vote for Leighton keeps me firmly entrenched in the city that I always yearned to return to as a kid. Any vote otherwise will result in my having to divorce myself from the city that always shined to me like a beacon as I suffered through years of being constantly uprooted and constantly physically and mentally abused. Despite everything that my sister and I suffered through way back when, there was always mom, grandmom and Wilkes-Barre to offer some shelter to us. Now, there is only Wilkes-Barre.

I grew up loving this town and I still do, but I'll be damned if I'm going to remain and watch it's final and painful demise come down at the hands of one incompetent pretender.

Donít let me down folks. Vote early and vote often.

Remember. Bike About. Noon on Sunday. Letís do it.

How many morecdays? SIX!


New tenant? RIGHT!!!