5-15-2003 Five!

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.--Alan Kay

Don’t ask me what happened to the BLOG. It’s still operable, but it’s way past annoying. If it’s a temporary glitch, so be it. If not I’ll delete it and start over, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow.

I just saw the Jack Smith television ad. It was weird watching the pictures of the city flash on the screen behind him. I’ve already taken all of those nifty shots while out and about. Whatever. The Voice was wall-to-wall political ads today. The mayor had two in today’s paper. I’ve seen his ad about the School Resource officers. Big whoop! Vote for me! I removed four police officers from the city’s mean streets. I also saw his dubious ad about our ‘re-built’ and ‘safe’ playgrounds. My favorite coffee-spitter was in the Voice today. The “union” ad. It made the claim that the mayor “built city projects with local union labor.” Like what? The Holeplex footers? The Intermuckal invisible thingy? The call center? The oft-used alley and trail flood control projects? The Scott St. Tunnel? The North Park ‘n’ Lock debacle? If I was him, I’d keep my construction exploits to myself and concentrate on smearing Tom Leighton’s reputation. What else does the mayor have left to him? I’m sorry. I forgot. He started a myriad of curbside pick-ups, while practically everything else in the city went to hell. Gag!

I love the claim from the bottom of one of the versions of his flyers:

“I got the garbage out of Mayflower, and I will keep it out as long as I am Mayor.”

That’s his default defense of his failed administration. Garbage, garbage and even more garbage. The Curbside King. I pick up your garbage. I provided more services (garbage). I lowered taxes. He thinks that all that the older residents of the city are concerned about are garbage, lower taxes and those damned college kids. But, the guy that said that “downtown doesn’t vote” has lots of buildings filled with seniors in the city that are afraid to venture out of those tall buildings. While he may have curried favor with a few older voters by stamping his boot down on the necks of the college kids, it turns out that the kiddies have registered to vote and are eagerly awaiting to vote on Tuesday. Remember what he told us? “College kids don’t vote.”

Let me see here. The seniors in the city are frightened by the noticeable increase in crime and the kiddies are suddenly politically aware thanks to his under-handed treatment of them. He successfully pitted one group against the other for years, never thinking that both groups would end up voting against him, but that’s what he’s managed to do. He’s managed to alienate every age group. The kids are eager to vote. The twenty-somethings are hoping to see better days come to the city. The folks in my age group would prefer a public stoning to voting. The seniors are afraid to go out of doors. City Council wants a mayor that they can work with. The major business players in the city can’t work with the boy, let alone stand him. The Chamber needs him gone if they’re ever going to attract anything more significant than a hot dog cart to the city. Our local Congressman called him “McGoof.” The ex-governor considers him to be “inept.” The new governor seems to be fairly astute, so I’m sure he has nothing but pity on us after the mayor goofily raided his inaugural festivities. So, who the hell is going to vote for this mayor of ours? That’s easy. The dolts and the folks that stand to personally benefit financially.

Wilkes-Barre does not matter to them. Some are too dumb to know the issues and the others are sure to suffer massive pay cuts without the local government to support them. While others may cast a vote for this guy, some of us treasure our self respect more. The “Brain Drain” has been lamented for thirty years in this city, yet our mayor sucks up to the seniors at the expense of the younger voters. He does not have Wilkes-Barre’s long term interests in mind. His first priority is taking care of himself. All other priorities pale in comparison.

I doesn’t matter anymore. The jig is up! A cut from today’s Voice:

Last year, during the same time period and during a gubernatorial election in which there was a regional candidate on the ballot (Bob Casey Jr.), the Sixth District recorded about 300 new registrations, a number then considered to be large.

That is why seasoned observers are somewhat stunned to see 1,300 new registrations that mostly come from Wilkes-Barre City and mostly from the Fourth and Tenth Wards of Wilkes-Barre, which is where King's College and Wilkes University are located.

It is clearly an indication of the intensity of the city races, especially the mayoral contest. And the spike in registrations from the areas of the city where the colleges are located is seen as a sign the students want to be heard on the issue of who will be mayor of the city for the next four years.

In 1995, in the Fourth Ward (King's College), a total of 49 Democrats showed up to cast ballots. This year, there are 57 absentee ballots alone in that ward.

College kids don’t vote? Mr. Smarty-pants is about to reap what he alone has sewn. The downtown doesn’t vote? The downtown has quite a few high-rises filled with seniors that fear hookers, pimps, pan-handlers, the mumbling, piss-soaked regulars and the overall lack of a police presence in the downtown area. Mr. Smarty-pants is about to find out whether curbside pick-ups make seniors feel safe in their own troubled environs. He’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out. I can’t wait.

An e-mail:


I cannot believe I just saw the 4 year old commercial where McG CLAIMS to have saved the life of heart attack victim Bob Maurer because HE purchased the equipment. NOW FOR THE TRUTH:: When Bob Maurer had that MAJOR heart attack his neighbor who is also a nurse-JEAN KRESGE- SAVED HIS LIFE!!!! THIS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE THE AMBULANCE EVEN GOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS COMMERCIAL BROKE JEAN'S HEART WHEN IT FIRST AIRED 4 YEARS AGO--NOT THAT SHE WAS LOOKING FOR ANY CREDIT DURING THAT HIGHLY EMOTIONIAL TIME--BUT BECAUSE SHE KNEW WHAT A LIE IT WAS. THIS MAD MAN WILL STOP AT NOTHING.******

Recycled commercials? LOFL! He just won’t deal with Wilkes-Barre’s present reality.


******OMG!!! Councilman Tom McG is keeping his promise of July 30, 1990. Mahally Alley has construction equipment running up and down!!!!******




Okay, I’ll try it. Pave Northampton street where Percy’s once stood. Oops! I forgot. Downtown doesn’t vote.



The bike about sounds like a great idea for people to get together and check out the city before Tuesday. Wish I was off from work to join you. Anyhow, if the garage doors at the fire station are up when you kids make the trek, stop on by. It's your fire station, you pay for it. Remember to wear your vote for Leighton shirts. ******


******Marc, Please post on your site where you will be meeting for your community bike-about. It sounds like a great idea before the primary, maybe it will change some minds and get people out to the polls. ******


******How are you Mark? Hope the family is a well. Keep your fingers crossed about Sunday's weather. Who would ever have thought we're in the home stretch of May. Sorry can't join you, but ride by XXX XXXXXX St. and you'll definitely get a wave. I got yard work to get caught up on.

Just a thought, did the mayor ever think Jean Soltis was a bigamist?

Boy, how the table just turned!!!!!

The times had a get article written by Casey Jones today. It actually should belong in MAD magazine. Could you picture the captions that would be drawn?


Where to meet. Hmmm. I don’t know. How about the Holeplex? What greater reminder is there of Wilkes-Barre’s rapid tumble from grace? There ya’ go. The Holeplex at noon on Sunday. Mass bike about event. We can ride together through what was and what should never be again. By the way, if the Holeplex is being pressure-washed, fall back to the square.

A mass bike about has been declared. We’ll wander about aimlessly, take a few pics and publicly declare our solidarity and support for Tom Leighton. Less than two days later-we’ll have a much brighter future.

Check these two pics from Former Nord End Dude. They were taken somewhere in the Nord End. Remnants from the coal era remain.

Coal thingy

Coal thingy

Five more days!


Or moving vans?

I gotsta go. Work has me whipped.