5-16-2003 Four!

"I got the garbage out of Mayflower and I will keep it out as long as I am Mayor".

The rest of the story is...unfortunately, he moved it to City Hall and it will stay as long as he is Mayor.--(author’s name deleted)

Well, the mystery is solved. The BLOG didn’t blow up. I guess it was being audited. Check this e-mail I received today:


It has been brought to our attention that many of the postings in your BLOG on web site wilkes-barre.tripod.com are in violation of our Terms of Service, which can be found at the following URL:


Please edit or remove any offensive postings within five days or your account will need to be removed in its entirety. It is expected that Lycos Network members keep their blogs within compliance or lose their privileges to use the tool.

Thanks very much for your cooperation.



That figures. It should be brought to their attention that some of our politicos can lie through their teeth day after day, practically accuse anyone of anything, but meanwhile they object to the residents of the city having a teeny slice of cyberspace where they can vent. They brow-beat, they threaten, they cheat and they steal, but we can’t hang out on the internet and complain about living in a third-world city that they are systematically destroying. I made the point a long time ago that we are not supposed to get involved other than blindly and stupidly pulling a lever based on a television commercial. When we finally pay attention and raise our voices, we are once again threatened with deletion. While we may never know who complained about the BLOG, we can all rest assured that that individual is a useless louse that seeks only to perpetuate the system of a few pockets being filled by the taxpayers while the city continues to backslide into oblivion.

I deleted the BLOG and created a new one. Let’s do it a bit kinder and gentler this time. A bit more info and a tad less rant. I think the name-calling could be a bit more sarcastic and less bombastic. You tell me man. We’re just residents. We can’t accuse the politicos of being wife beaters, or bigamists, but they can call us whatever they want. The difference is, we know which of them needs to go to the political graveyard.

So! Alltel may bolt from the drowntown. That rumor has been out there for a while, but now it’s news. This is what I was wondering. If Thom Greco plans to turn Wilkes-Barre into a high-speed, fiber-optic Mecca, why is it that a large high-tech drowntown tenant is looking to jump ship? If the Steam Heat fiber-optics are supposed to deliver us to the long sought after promised land, why would Alltel be exploring their options? If they’re looking to leave, will the steam heat pipe plan actually attract high-tech companies? I find this latest development both interesting and worrisome at the same time.

The mayor made an appearance on the Sue Henry show today and he certainly didn’t help his cause by doing so. He informed a caller that he didn’t want to discuss Wilkes-Barre with a non-resident. He accused a caller of being a fireman’s wife after she asked about their overdue back pay. He then lied though his flapping lips when he claimed that the firefighters owe the pension $600,000. He kept barking “What street do you live on?” over and over and over. After each caller got a sentence out, he turned that call into a one-way conversation with short, controlled bursts of useless pap. Then he went and earned himself another lawsuit by smearing the reputation of a local construction company when asked why a particular city street hadn’t been paved. My next door neighbor is a honcho in that company and trust me, the mayor was way off base with his attacks on that firm.

His usual claims off “council did it” and the increased services (garbage) are well beyond pathetic at this late stage of the game. He mentioned his weekend warrior days and claimed that prostitution was not invented on his watch. You know, we’re stupid. He also babbled something about Coal Street getting screwed-up in 1968 when he was six years old. He also sarcastically stated that he was responsible for the recent tornadoes in the Midwest. His performance was his usual scattershot ramblings and he was allowed to babble whatever he wanted completely unchallenged. He wasn’t thrown any softballs, he was offered a base on balls and he scampered all the way home. WILK did the voters of Wilkes-Barre a disservice this morning.

On most days I fantasize about a to-the-death kick-boxing duel with Kevin Lynn, but when he has politicos on the show he is not at all afraid to ask them the tough questions. May I suggest that the mayor appear on his show on Monday, or Tuesday?

A big press conference is scheduled for Monday. It seems that the mayor has some new fandangled Emergency Management vehicle to announce to the world. Let me guess. It’s the repainted Suburban, the Emergency Communications Vehicle that was recently spotted at Radio Shack. Who knows? Who cares? Does he honestly believe that the residents of this city’ #1 concern is the city’s response to terrorist attacks, or some unpredictable act of god? Hopefully, it’ll be ready by Monday. I hear it is being hurriedly prepared for it’s debut on Monday. Yawn!

Then we have the reports that city hall has been abandoned. Yepper! The word is that the mayor’s inner circle used some sick and vacation time so that they could be at his house to help prepare his bulk mailings to the taxpayers. He has been spotted dropping them off at the post office a few times each day. How’s that for ethics? At the first mayoral debate, he chastised the fire department for calling off sick and having that result in overtime pay. BUT! Using taxpayer supported time off to volunteer time to his campaign is apparently acceptable. Rules and ethics do not apply in his case.

And then there’s this convoluted story about the college kids attempting to register to vote. It starts with the mayor and Kevin Jordan having a closed door meeting. Then some of the kids applications are rejected. Kevin Jordan is said to have stated that the kids were attempting to fix the election. Is it me? Are the younger folks not constantly criticized for being apathetic, but “Leave of absence” Kev won’t allow them to vote against their least favorite evil incarnate? As the story goes, Tom Makowski’s assistance was requested and he then chewed Kev a new one. All of a sudden, Kev admits to his ‘error’ and invites the kiddies down to his office to register to vote during finals week. I ask you, what would be their priority at that point? Eating handfuls of diet pills and cramming for finals, or visiting the Voters Services office?

Something really stinks in Wilkes-Barre and a more than healthy dose of Lysol is on the way. Let’s do some Clash!

Cheat! Cheat!
No reason to be fair
Cheat! Cheat!
You won’t get anywhere
Cheat! Cheat!
If you can’t win

That $11,000 copier machine seems to be the least of the election law violations going on here.

They tell me the copper dudes finally received their back pay. $1,300 each. Whoo! Whoo! BANG! This election stuff is wild. The money continues to fly out of city hall faster than a mayor from angry “Hose Chicks.”

So what’s the snag with the hose dudes? The city owes them $400,000 in back pay and a single signature would allow a few of them to collect veteran’s benefits, yet the mayor claimed on WILK today that the “greedy” union owed the pension $600,000. He’s a knucklehead for sure, but I did get to giggling while WILK shamefully allowed him to work his less than truthful magic on the AM airwaves.

Get this screwed-up program. The firefighters protect us from all sorts of calamities, man-made and otherwise. When needed, they are there in less than five minutes. Yet, the mayor portrays himself as the man that is protecting us from our firefighters. Remember this little ditty? When there’s something wrong in your neighborhood, who ya’ gonna’ call? Certainly not the “Hose Dude” buster!

I ain’t ‘fraid of no mayor.

An e-mail:

******Mark, i thought everybody would get a kick out of this...recently the so called mg said in the paper and i quote" I DON'T RUN AROUND THE PROBLEMS; I DEAL WITH THEM"

thought i'd laugh my head off because you see i am one of mg's problems and i will continue to be until the end and he has been running from me....he can't even be man enough to confront a lady ( AND I AM A LADY). so you see his mouth is running again about things he can't back up!!!!!!!!! what a total #@#####@#.

hope you have fun on your bike about ,maybe you'll see me , i'll be passing out my letter to the public. at least i don't run around my problems....I FACE THEM!!!!!!!!!

SO VOTER'S GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!! get this #$@$$$* who shoots his mouth off to the wrong people out of here and get a REAL MAN THAT YOU CAN TALK TO AND GET STRAIGHT ANSWERS FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE WHO WILL FACE THE PROBLEMS AND NOT RUN AWAY .

hose chick that will stick up for what is right!!!!!!!!!!******

Another one:


Here is a prime example of the VLP's progress as promised as you know when the dickhead got in office the W-B Fire Department had two trucks in service. The bucket truck, which is still in service and the 1963 Mack B Aerial ladders. The Mack (tiller truck) was so unique that a company from England (Corgi Classics) made a scale diecast model of the Mack because it was one of the only ones still running in the USA. This piece should right now be in a Museum or moth balled to be used for special events e.g. parades, Christmas, instead, it sits in the W-B junk yard off N. Penna. Ave rotting away. As you see another example of


Four more days. Amen.

I heard the best plan yet to revitalize our struggling drowntown. LOFL! This comes from a council hopeful no less. The best way to fill all of those empty storefronts is to get rid of Boscov’s! The logic is that Boscov’s is too diversified and stymies the opening of the small shops we all hope to see down there. Really? Then how the hell did the myriad of smaller shops survive for so long while butting heads with Lazarus, Isaac Longs, Blum Bros., Woolworth’s, Pomeroy’s, McCrory’s, Fowler, Dick and Walker and the most diversified restaurant Wilkes-Barre will ever see: Percy Brown’s? Be careful who you vote for. Wilkes-Barre is just about out of chances and the last thing we need is to elect a person that believes that we can spur retail activity by chasing our largest and most loyal to the city retailer out of town. Can anyone guess who came up with that brainstorm?

A few friendly reminders.

Sunday-Bike About.

Monday-Chomp at the bit some more.

Tuesday-Vote with depraved abandon.

Tuesday night-PARTY!


This war is finally about to end.