3-5-2003 The mouth gets a sock...

Well, it is about gol durn time some stuffed a sock in hizonner's cavernous orifice-the one north of the border. Tom Torbik will be the first to personally spank the mayor on his wide posterior, but hopefully not the last. I have to believe there is a long line waiting their turn-hose dudes arbitration money, GI bill recipients, the Historical Society now missing a dress factory, little old ladies getting blamed for parking sign changes, a "punctuationally challenged" dude with a web site that gets chased on his bike and crank phone calls to an unlisted number from a certain person (o:

Seems that hizonner's style of "open mouth, spew venom...think of an excuse" has finally caught up with him. But did you notice how quickly he lied about the lawsuit? One of his first comments "he has prevailed in other lawsuits against the city." Right off the bat, he lies to his constituents. The suit is not against the city, it is against him personally. But he has to try to build support so people will think the suit is against the city. Lie, obfuscate, CYA. Wanna bet he uses city resources to defend himself-illegally. Character doesn't count with him. However, he has become quite a character-Sid the Sloth from the movie "Ice Age" comes to mind.

Let's see, how does this go:

Question to mayor: Was the grant money for the theater ever secured? Mayor: Asking me that is like me asking you, "have you stopped beating your wife yet."

Question to mayor: Who gave you permission to knock down those buildings?

Mayor: Boy, I sure wouldn't want you marrying my daughter.

Question to mayor: Where did the money to buy the concrete footers come from?

Mayor: Why haven't you paid any money back on the loan-it's easy all you need is a TAN..oops.

Question to mayor: What steps have been taken to secure payment for the call center?

Mayor: It's all politics...it's the firemen, the policemen, GI's, counsel and you're ugly too !!!

The best part of all of this, is that hizonner looks even more foolish-how is that even possible? He is accusing Torbik of being involved with something that took place before Torbik was even involved with the Hotel. Quote from the Leader: The lawsuit states that Torbik was not a party to the terms of the agreements "since he had no ownership or other interest" in the hotel at the time "they were negotiated and executed."
I really had a good laugh about the part that talks about how only $50,000 was paid back on the loan. This from the man that owes millions to every financial institution on the East Coast-the TAN man. Ah, I can see Sammy singing up a storm as only he could:

"Who can take the sunrise, sprinkle it with doo-doo"
"Cover it with bull&#@%, and needs a miracle or two"
"The TAN man, oh the TAN man can"
"The TAN man can because he mixes it with lies to make himself look good."

This may be the trial of the century. Could you imagine hizonner on the witness stand? Man, that would be better than the Marx Brothers, The Stooges, and the Pink Panther combined. Another quote from the Leader: In 1979, the hotel's owners got a $1.6 million federal loan, channeled through City Hall, to build the 200-room structure. As part of the deal, the hotel didn't have to repay any of the loan until 1986, and could postpone payments until 2011 if its "net cash flow is insufficient" to make the payments. With the current situation downtown, I would have to think that things are not going well for the hotel. By the way, was hizonner even in hizonner's seat back in 1979?
Let's see what else do we have going on. We got teachers in Maine telling 7 year old kids their parents are immoral and unethical because their parents are brave enough to fight for the freedom those teachers enjoy-even with their lives. Remember, these liberals are the party that claims to be tolerant of all, kind, caring, and compassionate, while carrying signs that state "The real terrorist is Bush". Here's one for you "The real terrorists are the NEA".
We have the left saying we can't win a war anymore and that we can't do two things at once and all of a sudden, in the midst of our military build-up, we snag one of the top 5 in al-Qaeda, operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and this also led to the arrest of Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, the financier of the 9/11 attacks. But remember, according to the left, we are fighting an unsuccessful fight.
We have the left filibustering the nomination of Miguel Estrada, a man more than qualified for the DC Circuit US Court of Appeals. The Constitution says that judges need only a simple majority, 51 votes to be confirmed. Well, Estrada, if they call this vote, is going to get 55 and lose. That's the left taking The Constitution and once again tearing a chunk out of it. Remember, 43 of the 108 Supreme Court justices (most recently Byron White, Thurgood Marshall and Lewis Powell), including eight of the 18 chief justices (most recently Earl Warren), had no prior judicial experience. Estrada has argued 15 times in front of The Supreme Court and has won 10 times. He was questioned about what three decisions handed down by The Supreme Court he would disagree with and his comment was that he couldn't answer the question because it would not be his place to disagree with the highest court in the land, his job is only to enforce the law. And he is more qualified now than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was at the same time in her career, when she answered a similar question in a similar manner. The American Bar Association unanimously gave Estrada its highest rating, he is well qualified. But to the left, he is evil-why because he is thought to be conservative. The left has even said he wasn't "Hispanic enough." Remember, this is from the party of tolerance and acceptance-the same party that has embraced the Man-Boy Love Association. "The real terrorists are Senate Democrats"
We have reports that Saddam Hussein's top missile expert, General Muhammad Sa'id al-Darraj, has been murdered to stop him blabbing to the UN. This was the man in charge of Saddam's Scud Missile program. Hey, Janeane Garofalo, where are you? What do you think about the gassing of the Kurds? What are your comments concerning the "human shields" now leaving the country enmasse once they found out that Saddam was placing them in Ammunition Bunkers, Troop Barracks, military factories. Hey, no one told them that Saddam would actually locate antiaircraft guns in a school or hospital putting his own peoples lives in danger, proving he values a weapon more than a life. George Clooney, where are you?
We have Iraq now destroying missiles they claimed on national television to not have a few days earlier. Another sign "The real terrorist is Dan Rather."
We have the left saying "The US has no proof that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" followed by the left saying "If the US attacks Iraq they fear that Saddam will use his weapons of mass destruction" followed by Saddam saying he will once again "gas the Kurds if we attack" with the same weapons of mass destruction that don't exist.
Finally, we have Madonna writing children's books. Perhaps she should collaborate with Hillary. The title "The Sexy Village that Raises Children" or "Heather Has Two Mommies and Two Daddies."
Scotty, beam me up...better yet beam them up.
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So who are these men anyway: Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, John Bradley, Harlon Block, Michael Strank, and Rene Gagnon. They are the six men that raised the American Flag on Mt. Suribachi on the Island of Iwo Jima. The battle started at 8:30am, Feb. 19, 1945. The 36 day battle was fought literally inch by inch by soldiers that rarely saw the Japanese enemy who was entrenched as much as 75' below ground using 1,500 rooms connected by 16 miles of tunnels. Guns were virtually useless, however, grenades, napalm, and liquid gas proved effective. More US Marines earned the Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima than in any other battle in US History. In 36 days of fighting there were 25,851 US casualties (1 in 3 were killed or wounded). Of these, 6,825 American boys were killed. Virtually all 22,000 Japanese perished.
The Japanese strategy was for each soldier to kill 10 Americans before they themselves were killed, calling for "no Japanese survivors." They planned not to survive. "You must not expect my survival," General Kuribayashi wrote to his wife long before the invasion came.
Strank-age 26, Block-age 21, and Sousley-age 19, would die shortly after raising the flag.
Perhaps the protesters would like to know who earned them the right to burn the flag.

Faith kept, sir!
Private Sector Dude.