5-18-2003 Two!

Incompetents invariably make trouble for people other than themselves.--Larry McMurtry

I am watching the taped mayoral debate on WBRE. It is proof that our mayor cannot follow any rules and cannot approach any discussion of city business without being overly belligerent. Andy Mehalshick did his very best to keep things under control, but the mayor just kept on interrupting, hurling accusations and babbling incoherently into Andyís raised hand. Early on, Andy even stated to him ďWeíre trying to keep this to the issues if we can.Ē Therein lies the problem. The mayor will not honestly debate the issues. According to him, everything is either the councilís fault, or Tom Leightonís fault. He would have us believe that not one single problem in this city is his fault, even though his fingerprints are all over every single minute aspect of city business. He is asked direct questions, but he responds with jabberwocky. He turned the debate into a meaningless circle jerk and he definitely was the pivot man. What a waste. Thanks anyway to WBRE for trying.

The mayorís biggest priority right now? An apology to Jean Soltis. What an underhanded and completely staged political stunt that was. Try this on for size. When Taylor Kate was born almost two months ago, we received and appreciated tons of congratulatory e-mails from city residents. Only one person bothered to send us a Hallmark card via snail mail. That person was Tom Leighton and the envelope did not include his business card. This entire, meaningless flap proves that the mayor is willing to get down in the sewers after all.

Virgil Argenta has apparently taken credit for the complaints about the BLOG according to one of my neighbors. I saw him this morning and he asked me ďWhat happened to your web site?Ē with a wide grin. First of all, if this web site was deleted never to return again, I would not lose any sleep over it. Itís a lot of work and it consumes a lot of my time and a good chunk of change. I started this, people read it and here we are just two days away from the most important election in the cityís history. Iím really pleased that the residents of the city have a public forum available to them and an entity that focuses in on the city government like a laser. The quickest route to a better Wilkes-Barre is to hold our elected folks totally accountable. Our city government has let us down severely during the past few years and we as the frustrated residents have every right to raise hell and demand better. The Constitution supposedly protects our rights of freedom of speech.

Iím not mad about the complaint to Tripod. Iím not. I think itís a hoot and I think it speaks volumes about the current political climate in this failed place. We are allowed to pay taxes and we are allowed to vote, but we are apparently not allowed to speak our mind too loudly. I myself deleted the old BLOG and created a brand new one due to the complaint. I would suggest that any future posts refrain from the name-calling and accusatory tones only so that it doesnít end up deleted again. If itís a fact-let it fly.

I will say this; when itís time to pull those levers, remember who it was that sought to quell the uprising. Remember exactly who it was that objected to public scrutiny. I have been ranting and raving on this site since December 2000 and not one city politico has ever sought to shut it down. It is rapidly approaching 100,000 hits during itís run. A couple of them turn their backs to me when they see me coming. One in particular has made it obvious to me that he would prefer it if I would end up as a hood ornament. A few have even complimented me on a job well done. In other words, some of our elected types arenít afraid of public scrutiny. Some are. I may be somewhat eccentric and scatter-brained, but I think that the elected types that see me or this site as a problem that needs to be dealt with are the ones that need to be weeded out, or never elected in the first place.

I rolled the Rock Stomper out at noon today and not a soul joined me. Donít come to me later on complaining about your ballooning waist line. I am asked repeatedly how I stay so thin. I work hard and I play hard. BANG! There ainít no low fat solution. Counting calories only works until your metabolism slows down. Exercise is the ticket. The Rock Stomper and I have run 92 miles since Monday. BANG! Iíd love to tell you who it was that gave me that awesome ride, but then heíd be subject to harassment. Maybe next year after Wilkes-Barre is liberated from the clutches of the maniacal dictator and his merry band of do nothings.

The Fine Arts Fiesta was pretty crowded today. At least it didnít rain for once. I still donít understand why we canít close the square to vehicular traffic and expand the damn thing already. The Square Park can only hold so many tents. Whatever man.

The stolen truck cap

The Fiesta isnít exactly my cup of tea being an uneducated Neanderthal and all. Maybe if they had some dude painting old album covers or something, then I could get into it. Yeah, thatís it. The Fiesta needs some Iron Butterfly, Grand Funk and a bit of Marc Bolin. Screw the artwork! Letís just spin the albums. How about staging the 1st Annual Gallery of Sound Fiesta? Is Ruts the Crack acceptable fare for public gatherings? Whatever. Itíll never happen.

Check this gibberish. Where the hell was Shannon when this was composed? The mayor should take some lessons from some guy in his basement already. The mayorís bulk mailings are hitting the mail boxes. What is a street pole? Do you enjoy your peace and quite? We canít reelect this guy. We canít afford two proof readers!

Council Bad/Mayor Good Letter

Clean, neat and safe will never come to this city until we stop the orgy of curbside pick-ups and start paying more attention to detail. There is actually a sidewalk under this forest, which is directly behind a senior high-rise. Oh, theyíll be just fine walking on the street.

Sidewalk Jungle

The mayorís laughable fliers brag of decorating in the neighborhoods-not just in downtown. For the life of me, I canít figure out what the muck he is alluding to. As if it really matters anyway. Vote for me, I decorated your slipping neighborhood???

Nice decorations. Heyna?

Yeah! There is absolutely no shortage of decorations in our struggling neighborhoods.


Hey! Letís do an e-mail:

******Hey Mark,

Tomorrow (Sunday) is graduation for us here at King's. We had our commencement ball at the Waterfront on Wednesday night and during the event, the class officers had the senior slide show. It was so great seeing all of us grow together over these last 4 years. We saw pictures of old party places, new party places, and everything in between. I have to say that a lot of us will miss this city that we called home for the last 4 years. Oh Yes!, Peters Deli, Turkey Hill, and the old San's place were pictured in the slide show, and there wasnít a dry eye in the house. As much as we cursed this place, as much as we hated getting educated in a town where thereís not much to do...we all agreed that we will all miss Wilkes-Barre. After tomorrow's Commencement, most of us will be going home on Monday...for the last and final time, but keep this in mind...most of us want to come back. This place has a great deal of sentimental value to all of us. We were all talking tonight about this place, and hopefully we will all get that chance to settle back in "da valley". So here it is...one last time for us seniors to roam the streets of Wilkes-Barre, and it was great. These 4 years went by too fast. Signing off from Wilkes-Barre for the last and final time...******

Congrats Kings kiddies. Iíll tell yaí what. Look us up in about two, or three years. This place is going to rebound in a big way. Weíre going to take the first step toward that improvement on Tuesday. Rock the vote!


******While watching the democracic mayoral debate, I actually felt myself turning red with embarrassment!!!!! McG makes me sick--Leighton got way too flustered under pressure. My vote goes to Jack Smith.


If I remember correctly, this was supposed to be a moderated debate and not an uncontrolled assault on Leighton. He did look flustered at a couple of junctures, but only because he was getting screwed-over, bombarded with untruths and tag-teamed at times. Remember, Jack Smith only entered this race at the mayorís behest to siphon votes from Leighton. A vote for the lackluster pretender Jack Smith is in effect, a vote for McPavealot.

One more time!

******I cannot wait until January, 2004, when I pull into McDonald's on the Boulevard and I hear McNumbnut's voice, emanating from the drive thru speaker, asking me if I want to super-size my order. I'm sure that before I'd pull away, he'd remind me of how he did more with less as mayor of W-B and he will continue the tradition at Mickey D's. He'd plan things like : no more buns on any of the sandwich's (because all that bread just gets in the way), he'd reduce the profit margin from 3% to 2.90% (because many of the customers are on a fixed income and would appreciate the HUGE savings), and best of all, he'd drive to Harrisburg, buy a military surplus Blazer or something, have it repainted (at a cost 3X the vehicle's total value), and have it relabeled "EMERGENCY PICKLE MANAGEMENT VEHICLE" assuring all patrons that in case of a terrorist attack, their local McDonald's is prepared to serve them.******

WHAT!? McG wants to completely do away with those soggy, damp hamburger buns at McDonaldĎs? What the heck will I use to wipe the ketchup off of Gageís puss with after he totally mangles his Happy Meal?

Check this pic. This is the mayorís ultimate legacy. Heís had eight turbulent and trying years at the helm and despite all of his spin, this is where he led us all.

Down the McShitter!

The folks down at Prostitute Alley have their sights set on enacting the tectonic change that Wilkes-Barre so desperately needs. Leighton, Gazenski, Barrett and Todd. Whatís his last name again?

Rock the vote!

Weíre getting short folks. Two more days. We either vote for Tom Leighton, or we vote for Matheson Transfer to evacuate the city one house at a time

I have complete faith in all yĎall.


Wilkes-Barre wins!