5-24-2003 Poetry anyone? Not!

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.--Clarence Thomas

Let’s try a quick multiple choice quiz. Here’s the scenario. A Wilkes-Barre police officer pulls your kid’s car over on some sort of traffic stop. You park your car behind the officer’s cruiser. Your next move should be to:

A.) Remain in your car until the officer can attend to business and then seek some info once he feels the situation is safe and under control.

B.) Use the occasion to polish your stolen handgun on the hood of your car.

C.) Confront the officer face-to-face before he can secure the scene to some degree.

I’m sure you all read the Leader today. These never ending and usually baseless charges of racial profiling are getting increasingly weak and completely stupid. Let’s see here, a white cop and a black citizen mix it up. Voila! Racial profiling for sure! The fact of the matter is, the copper dudes have been pulling over every car that gave them a reason for weeks. The tickets have been flowing heavily around here. “Code 30” has come to town in a big way and it wasn’t a problem until someone disregarded the accepted rules of engagement, caused a scene that didn’t need to be and then offers that incident as proof of racism. This stuff is really grating on my nerves already.

I could not motivate myself to post on the site last night. I got home from work, took a shower and found myself mentally exhausted. It’s been a helluva week. It started with the nervous excitement leading up to Tuesday night. Then there was the many highs and the couple of really troubling lows as the results of the election were flowing into the over-crowded Leighton headquarters. Then the exciting march across the Square to progress. And then of course, the most exhilarating party I have ever attended. Throw in a copious amount of swilled suds, a physical job, 120 miles on the Rock Stomper this week and exhaustion finally set in on Friday night. I was drained, watched the Braves game and laid low last night. The battle for Wilkes-Barre’s future had been won.

I talked to a dude yesterday who gave me his assessment of the election results. Here goes. Steve Barrouk is going to run the county now. Todd is going to use his new position as a springboard to higher elected office. “You know who” was behind the Greg Skrep campaign and Sordoni Construction is going to win the construction contracts from here on out. Really? And how could any of this be any worse than the performance of the Tom/Tom twins and the McMayor? If all of those things were to prove to be true, they would be perfectly fine with me as long as Wilkes-Barre was rejuvenated, the county government was run efficiently and good jobs finally find their way to our area. It’s one thing for politicos to play their politico games while the county and city remain retarded and struggling for answers, but I don’t think whatever games they play would be as noticeable or upsetting to the residents if the city and county were booming beyond belief. Push this area into the top 25 on those lists of the best places to live and any shenanigans that might go on would not matter as much to me. Put the future of the area as the top priority, hire nothing but capable people, control costs and push us toward the top of the lists for once.

A friend of mine called the city about the free seedlings offered to residents for their tree lawns. He was told that the “City Horticulturist” was out of commission due to an illness. What? Would this be the same guy that tickets Kings kids cars one day and drills through gas lines the next? I don’t remember seeing anything in the 2003 city budget about a city horticulturist. He went to Home Depot and bought his own trees.

Check this email:

******Your buddy leighton isn’t the mayor yet smart guy. We’ll see in november.******

November? Oh really? How many days did it take to finalize the counting of the votes on the republican side of the mayoral race? The numbers were finally published on Friday. On Tuesday night, the Democratic winner was declared by the media outlets, while the numbers on the republican side were just beginning to eke out. There were close to 10,000 votes cast on the democratic side of things with only 1,455 on the republican side. The November election is an open vote, but Christine Katsock is facing an extremely uphill climb. I seriously doubt that that November night will turn into a cliffhanger. Not as long as us extremely motivated Leighton supporters have anything to do with it. We’re gonna “Rock the vote!” one more time. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!


Heads up! RiverFest 2003 will be held on Saturday the 7th of June. Do yourself a favor and partake of this event. It’s a blast. A 16 mile journey down the Susquehanna. Kayak and canoe rentals are available and they are not expensive. You can learn more about the river in one afternoon than you’d ever learn looking at a book, or some old pics. If you’re interested, I can supply all sorts of info. Do it man!

Hey hose dudes! Check this eye candy. Hose Dude groupies. Whew!


What ever happened to those recycling trucks we were supposed to take delivery of by May 4th? Remember those? The mayor received the grant money and then he started haggling with the state because he wanted dump trucks instead? Are we getting them or not?

The euphoria of election night has receded and reality comes back into focus. Another call center payment comes due next week. We are being sued over the $1,000,000 owed by the still defunct Redevelopment Authority for the pre-caste concrete and we still owe the hose dudes their back pay awarded to them by an arbiter. And no, the city didn’t appeal that final award. That claim was an election season fib. Speaking of election season little white lies, what’s the latest on the possible new tenant for the call center? Yeah! That’s what I thought.

Another one of our garbage trucks broke down on I-81 last week. They all need to be replaced. They are not reliable and being towed quite often.

Fix it again Jocko

I know that I promised to convert this site into my internet poetry location, but Wilkes-Barre’s still got quite a ways to go yet. Here’s another item from my wish list. Can we do away with the clutter cleanups and start running the street sweepers? The gutters of the city have built-up debris practically everywhere, but massive amounts of manpower and recourses are being devoted to cleaning the basements of the city. What an ass-backwards approach to basic city services and the overall cleanliness of the city. I can deal with a few ring tabs, or bubble gum wrappers, but we shouldn’t have to see soiled underwear laying in our streets for any length of time. Forget the god damned basements and clean our filthy streets.

Fruit of the loom?

Check this e-mail. It’s wild how many people that don’t reside here anymore were happy to see the election results.


Congratulations to the citizens of Wilkes Barre. I kept checking the results on the WNEP web site. 56% of the vote. Pretty cool. I hope Wilkes Barre rises from the ashes. Let it return to the town I grew up in. Mark don't stop this site. Take a pat on the back. On my next trip back we'll have to have a beer for Percy Browns. Keep the faith.******

Percy Brown’s? A moment of silence.......................................Beer? We’re on Arizona Dude!

Here’s the text of a letter sent to the Citizens Voice:


Since this seems to be the only way to get in touch with you and your not man enough to face me, here it goes:

Let me just say congraulations on your lost. You brought it all on by yourself.

I had to go out and clean up the mess you made about me. I not only handed out 350 copies of my first letter to you and your sly remarks about me. Something that no HUMAN should have done. I personally met quite of few high-profile people, poiliticans but most of all just ordinary people like myself. I took the time to explain my statements, not run from them. Maybe i should thank you for the sewer remarks since it gave me the fire to go out and defend myself, but i won't because you don't deserve it.

So MR. McGROARTY i would like to give you a little advice that may help you in your future .

No. 1 -RESPECT-you have to give it before you receive it.
No. 2-CONSIDERATION- people are humans not machines
No.3-PROMISE- before you make it make sure you will follow through with it
No. 4-FEELINGS- think before you talk..stop downgrading people.
No. 5-BLAME- take the blame for yourself and not push it to the next person.
No. 6- RETALIATE- don't go take it out on the city employee's for what citizen's or their families say to you.

This si just the main one's hopefully you can learn something from them. The CITY OF WILKES-BARRE elected our new MAYOR that has all the above. I won't wish you luck MR. MCGROARTY because i feel you don't deserve it.



Some of the Hoi Polloi are still pissed. Heyna?

Me gotta go. It is Saturday. Beer and music night. I’ve read the mayor’s claims that the “big money” was behind his opponent and I think he underestimated the grass-roots factor that played into this past week’s election. I’ve met a lot of folks that dove into local politics for the very first time only because they were alarmed by what has transpired in this city during the past few years. One told me that under normal conditions, he wouldn’t have touched any of this “with a thousand foot pole.” Another told me he was 48 years old and never voted before this past week. The Hoi Polloi have spoken.

I need some tunes with a social conscience tonight. How about The Clash? The Jam? The Kinks? Some ninety mile an hour Dead Kennedys?

Later folks.

See ya’ while out and about on the Rock Stomper tomorrow.