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Pogrom Processes

The Best Hyphenated City in Pennsylvania

5-4-2009 Circumlocution for Dummies

5-3-2009 The Ghost of Courts

4-26-2009 The Good Old Chick Network?

4-18-2009 A Quorum of Two

4-5-2009 The pesky mosquitoes of journalism

4-3-2009 Breaking news: Xenomorpic aliens in Wilkes-Barre!

3-30-2009 An open letter to Kevin Lynn? (Steve Corbett, WILK)

3-26-2009 Mitakuye Oyasin

3-22-2009 My Dong or: How things work in the real world

3-16-2009 The Sue Henry Pothole Challenge

3-9-2009 My excuse

3-3-2009 The Valley With a Breaking Heart

2-23-2009 Walter? The next Steve Flood?

2-17-2009 Schadenfreude

2-16-2009 FDIC Failed Bank List

2-3-2009 Justice for Dollars

1-25-2009 Kayak Dude interview

1-21-2009 The ten people I'd most like to punch

1-15-2009 Coming soon: Blue Chip Gourmet menu

1-15-2009 Natural gas found in 3 water supplies (PressConnects.com)

1-13-2009 Catholicons

1-9-2009 The Falklands

1-4-2009 YouTube Weekend or: Do you believe in you-know-who?

12-31-2008 The 'realist' fantasy (Caroline Glick)

12-31-2008 Home Rule revisited

12-25-2008 Stunning: 2008 in photographs

12-21-2008 Why am I what I is?

12-16-2008 Who Is at Fault for the Decline of the Big Three? (Michael Barone)

12-16-2008 Iran Challenges Obama… (DEBKAfile)

12-15-2008 The Day the Newspaper Died (Russ Smith)

12-14-2008 Rose Scanlon Cour

12-13-2008 Who's Losing the U.S. Car Business? (Lawrence Kudlow)

12-7-2008 Vapor Footprint or: The end may be near

11-30-2008 Been offended lately?

11-22-2008 What's not to like?

11-9-2008 Godspeed, Muttly

11-2-2008 Senator Cocksure

10-28-2008 WILK: Your Polka Station

10-25-2008 G.A.R.F.

10-19-2008 Weekly update

10-14-2008 Markie for President

10-12-2008 Outlook on Northeast PA without Shadoe Steele

10-8-2008 Terror Victim's Qs for Barack (New York Post)

10-5-2008 Weekly fractional divisons thereof

10-4-2008 How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis (Bloomberg.com)

9-27-2008 Socialize the losses, privatize the gains

9-14-2008 Reports of my demise were...

9-1-2008 Out of control blogging

8-30-2008 Pittston, Palin & Pogrom

8-23-2008 Jill Viti

8-16-2008 Harveys Lake 1965

8-12-2008 Charlotte's way, or the highway

8-11-2008 Another year, another six kegs

8-6-2008 Block Party recap

8-2-2008 The Parking Garage To Nowhere? (CBS NEWS.com)

8-1-2008 "We're gonna lose anyway."

7-31-2008 East Coast Gas Rush? (Ithaca Times.com)

7-27-2008 EPA to citizens: Frack you (Salon.com)

7-26-2008 Frickin' fracking?

7-23-2008 A progressive? Me?

7-18-2008 Manhunt in Wilkes-Barre

7-13-2008 Corbett's diversion

7-9-2008 Big earmark headache for
Rep. Kanjorski (The Hill.com)

7-5-2008 Video flapdoodle

7-2-2008 Tax increases or: Reality sucks

7-1-2008 Kanjorski in Trouble (The American Spectator)

6-29-2008 An "A" in bowling

6-22-2008 RiverFest 2008 or: Zach in a 'yak

6-20-2008 Chlorine my ass!

6-15-2008 Citizen journalists

6-9-2008 42 percent less paving?

6-8-2008 Video Flapdoodle

6-7-2008 Deconstructing Cour or: Tolerating the intolerable

6-1-2008 Video Flapdoodle

6-1-2008 The Power of One

5-26-2008 The automotive Rapture

5-24-2008 A microcosm of the macrocosm

5-22-2008 Video Flapdoodle

5-20-2008 Policing is best left to the police

5-18-2008 Video Flapdoodle

5-16-2008 Operation Turndown or: Vote white

5-11-2008 Breaking news: Wilkes-Barre blows

5-4-2008 Pat Rolman's "Welcome to reality" tour

5-2-2008 Election night redux

4-27-2008 The deep do-do do-gooder

4-22-2008 Congressman Dude?

4-20-2008 Coulter Jones: Blogs suck

4-19-2008 The world according to a "302"

4-13-2008 Intemperate stuff

4-5-2008 Guidance

4-4-2008 Diversity or: That which nobody seems to want

3-29-2008 No donation, no buttons

3-27-2008 The Grilled Cheese Defense

3-26-2008 The Swickles Family Courthouse

3-25-2008 An Angel meets the Internet Devil

3-22-2008 Makeshift fathers

3-16-2008 Parade day

3-10-2008 Feedback

3-9-2008 Video Flapdoodle

3-8-2008 Perks, pretend cops & liberal freaks

3-2-2008 Video Flapdoodle

3-1-2008 Will America vote against white?

2-24-2008 Video Flapdoodle

2-22-2008 Mike Merritt interview

2-13-2008 Make that a hundred

2-9-2008 17?

2-2-2008 Jints, Jerks & Excotets

1-27-2008 Intemperate thoughts

1-21-2008 King of the Sanatorium

1-20-2008 Yonko Schmonko

1-15-2008 J.J. Murphy interview

1-12-2008 Break only in the event of an election

1-2-2008 Happy New Year?

12-23-2007 Shut up and pay your taxes

12-12-2007 Plan B?

12-7-2007 The Grinch who stole Christmas

12-2-2007 Patriots or: a lack thereof

11-25-2007 Intemperate musings

11-17-2007 The dojo or: nothing says dork quite like
a fifty-something with a ponytail

11-15-2007 Home Rule II?

11-10-2007 The Pats vs. the Patsies

11-4-2007 Nothing else matters

10-29-2007 Let's vote

10-19-2007 A Yankee in Knoxville?

10-17-2007 Facts is facts

10-6-2007 Meet the challengers?

9-22-2007 Free tickets to the circus

9-19-2007 49 going on 16

9-16-2007 Stupidity free zones

9-9-2007 The local Mona Lisa of...

9-2-2007 Gort, Avery & the Repulsive Duo

8-22-2007 Gutter politics already?

8-14-2007 He huffs...and he puffs...

8-13-2007 Block Party '07

8-4-2007 Safer streets or: Promises, promises, promises

7-29-2007 If it's broke, don't fix it

7-25-2007 If you build it, they will sue

7-22-2007 Tony vs. Tony

7-20-2007 No ping pong in Parsons

7-15-2007 Kids today! or: Necessity is the Mother of...

7-8-2007 Global blah-blahing

7-3-2007 Movies 14 sucks

7-2-2007 Zero tolerance

7-1-2007 Nothing is what I want

6-24-2007 RiverFest 2007

6-22-2007 The great one (in his own mind)

6-20-2007 You reap what you sow

6-19-2007 Supply & demand re-visited

6-17-2007 Complaining while white

6-12-2007 One more pool

6-11-2007 Bad apples

6-10-2007 Idiocy begets idiocy

6-3-2007 The Latino Urination Bill

5-29-2007 Nuts

5-27-2007 Ethanol or: the lack thereof

5-26-2007 'ILK

5-20-2007 Stuff

5-16-2007 We have spoken

5-14-2007 The educated vote: Leighton

5-9-2007 It was sumthin'

5-6-2007 Will the real Timmy please stand up?

5-4-2007 This sucks

5-3-2007 Brothers

4-29-2007 Stuff

4-25-2007 One man did

4-21-2007 What if?

4-18-2007 Political thugs

4-16-2007 Patriots

4-15-2007 Police scanners don't lie

4-13-2007 Puppet-masters no more

4-7-2007 Dam the Ovaltine

4-5-2007 Stuff

4-2-2007 Scanner Land run amok

4-1-2007 I'm still here

3-28-2007 D.O.A.

3-25-2007 Termite time

3-23-2007 A fake man with real opinions (?)

3-22-2007 Who the fu>k are you?

3-21-2007 Jose Enriquez or: How to eviscerate your
credibility without really trying

3-20-2007 Super Mario Brothers in Arms

3-19-2007 Master Exploder

3-15-2007 Idiot Row

3-14-2007 Open Letter to a Slumlord

3-13-2007 Wilkes-Barre: So easy a caveman can do it

3-11-2007 Watchdog vs. Watchdog

3-9-2007 Mr. & Mrs. Mayor?

3-7-2007 Pop! goes the weasel

3-6-2007 Ready...set...campaign!

3-5-2007 Stuff

3-4-2007 Animal House or: Would you like
the salad bar with your meal?

3-3-2007 Crunching the numbers

3-2-2007 Where's the hot air?

2-28-2007 My solution

2-26-2007 When you hang out with rats...

2-25-2007 Rutabagas for brains

2-23-2007 It's 11 o'clock, do you know
where your children are?

2-21-2007 1 down, 3,699 to go

2-19-2007 Wait and see

2-18-2007 Stuff

2-15-2007 The aftermath

2-14-2007 The Great Crunchy Water Storm of '07

2-13-2007 What's in a name anyway?

2-12-2007 Wilkie's Bar

2-11-2007 "I've had a vision of the city..."

2-9-2007 The I-Team: Internet Police

2-8-2007 Mayor Raup?

2-7-2007 A $12 million snub?

2-5-2007 Blast from the past: Apizza

2-4-2007 Intemperate thoughts

2-2-2007 Dickheads all

2-1-2007 Velveeta or: processed child abuse

1-31-2007 Nord End

1-29-2007 Corbett vs. Carney

1-26-2007 The neighborhoods

1-25-2007 Links

1-24-2007 "His" ideas?

1-22-2007 Stuff

1-21-2007 You bleeping bleep...

1-20-2007 What a bunch of sh*t

1-17-2007 Let the games begin

1-16-2007 Breaking news

1-14-2007 10-82 or: There's one in every family

1-11-2007 Suicide by tower?

1-10-2007 When Iraq finally freezes over

1-9-2007 The Church of Latter Day Climatologists

1-6-2007 GET ON THE GROUND!!!

1-4-2007 If misspent activism was an opiate...

1-3-2007 To blog, or not to blog...

1-2-2007 Happy status quo

12-29-2006 National Drunk Blogging Day

12-24-2006 Refrigerator magnets or:
Why sobriety should be avoided at all costs

12-21-2006 The stuff of tyrants

12-20-2006 What do Walter and Tomzilla have in common?

12-18-2006 Waitin' for the end of the world

12-17-2006 "An extra set of eyes"

12-15-2006 Beware: Joseph McCarthy's grandson is watching

12-13-2006 What are our responsibilities?

12-11-2006 Brandon's 15 nanoseconds of fame

12-10-2006 I spy

12-7-2006 829-1341

12-5-2006 Wall Street West?

12-3-2006 A barrel of monkeys

12-1-2006 If there were a tax on smarts...

11-27-2006 What's not to like?

11-24-2006 Imbecility stretched over time is still imbecility

11-21-2006 Tennessee

11-18-2006 It was the leaves?

11-14-2006 Muckegan fun in the Sun

11-12-2006 Mayor Realty

11-8-2006 The prequel to '08

11-5-2006 In this city, even the good guys get slimed

10-31-2006 A kinder, gentler council

10-26-2006 You've got more passion than brains

10-24-2006 Enough's enough

10-23-2006 Kids today!

10-21-2006 Chia Kev, Tirade Tim, Uncle Paul & Mick Wang or:
Why I drink

10-16-2006 The Alfred E. Newman of Wilkes-Barre politics

10-14-2006 "Some guy off the street" or: the arrogance of the ruling elite

10-11-2006 Peter, Paul & nepotism

10-6-2006 If your sex life sucks...run for Congress

10-1-2006 Ozone schmozone

9-27-2006 "Wilkes-Barre Online...is a disgrace"

9-24-2006 9/11 memorials are like assholes: everybody's got one

9-22-2006 Mail call

9-19-2006 Fat Bastard & Dr. Evil or: Let the adults take over

9-17-2006 Suzie

9-10-2006 The path to bipartisanship

9-6-2006 Connectivity

9-4-2006 I was there

9-2-2006 A chipmunk going after a grizzly bear

8-30-2006 "Impulse control" at WILK

8-29-2006 Buzzed or stoned?

8-27-2006 Blog vs. Blog

8-26-2006 The Katsock Doctrine or: We cannot afford progress at any price

8-21-2006 Block Party '06

8-18-2006 Rack 'em up

8-16-2006 Think symmetrically

8-14-2006 Gordon Ramsay

8-13-2006 Weirdo?

8-9-2006 Kevin Gump

8-6-2006 Stuff

8-2-2006 When hysteria pervades meterorology

7-30-2006 Ghost of Christmas Past

7-27-2006 The Return of the Son of the Petitioneers

7-23-2006 Idiot magnet

7-20-2006 Hezbollah is in big, big trouble

7-16-2006 Bomb Iran redux

7-15-2006 Wasn't me

7-12-2006 Soccer blows

7-9-2006 I'm still here

7-4-2006 I'd rather be here than anywhere else

7-2-2006 Can you hear me Mayor Tom?

7-1-2006 Thirty years later...Lightning McQueen

6-30-2006 If we pave it, they will come

6-28-2006 Hurricane Humberto (?)

6-26-2006 Stuff

6-25-2006 The pretend minimum wage

6-23-2006 Intemperate (politically incorrect) thoughts

6-20-2006 GOP: Bigots, racists, homophobes, liars & cheaters

6-18-2006 Chief Muckamucka & the Colonists from Incest Peninsula or:
RiverFest 2006

6-16-2006 KIAs, I-9s & IOUs

6-15-2006 Gage's first big milestone

6-13-2006 Speaka da englais

6-11-2006 Bikeabout or: How I cheated death once again

6-9-2006 Wilkes-Barre Online is not responsible for...

6-6-2006 Sounds kind of weird to me

6-5-2006 We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

6-1-2006 A Convenient lack of Proof

5-29-2006 What's next?

5-27-2006 The Super Bowl of warfare

5-25-2006 Liars, trolls & VIPs

5-23-2006 I like it here

5-21-2006 The imaginary "War on Drugs"

5-20-2006 Who represents me?

5-17-2006 Surprise, surprise

5-15-2006 Excuse away these

5-14-2006 Who invented the calendar, anyway?

5-12-2006 Am I a centrist?

5-10-2006 Day? Or one of the duds?

5-8-2006 Good vibrations, hayna?

5-7-2006 Good people's good enough for me

5-6-2006 Theater tour

5-4-2006 Count me in

5-3-2006 More on Lake Kanjorski

5-1-2006 Chia Kev vs. Kayak Dude: Chia blinked

4-30-2006 It needs to be said

4-29-2006 Unplanned walkabout

4-26-2006 Get outa town by sundown

4-24-2006 America: Where did it go?

4-23-2006 Only in Wilkes-Barre...

4-22-2006 They wouldn't touch me with a ten-foot pole

4-19-2006 The Rutabaga tax or: Utah's starting to
look pretty good right about now

4-18-2006 The new, newer districts suck, too?

4-16-2006 (life)...(/life)

4-15-2006 Ask the candidate

4-13-2006 Kill the birds

4-11-2006 Paul Kanjorski's watery Waterloo

4-10-2006 A "voluntary" tax?

4-9-2006 The future has arrived

4-7-2006 Solutions?

4-4-2006 Boobies in Heaven?

4-2-2006 Taylor Kate's birthday bash

3-30-2006 Senility is often mistaken for eccentricity

3-28-2006 The Assistant to the Assistant...

3-26-2006 Pay these fools no mind

3-24-2006 The "No Whispering" Poll

3-23-2006 Save My Firehouse: Episode 1,077

3-21-2006 Racism: Means become ends

3-19-2006 The Mike McGinley Fan Club or:
federally subsidized reverse-gentrification

3-18-2006 The Commissioners' Voice re-visited

3-15-2006 Hugomania

3-14-2006 No room for error

3-13-2006 One voice?

3-12-2006 Happy 10-94 Day

3-11-2006 If he doesn't split...you must acquit

3-9-2006 I'm "too pro-Leighton"

3-7-2006 Who's the knuckle dragger now?

3-5-2006 What gives?

3-4-2006 Rep. Katsock?

3-3-2006 Family and country first

3-1-2006 Put a cop on every block

2-28-2006 When truth and lies collide or: All cops are racists

2-27-2006 Political suck-up re-visited

2-26-2006 Never be too judgmental or...

2-25-2006 The Thetan vote?

2-23-2006 Metrosexual Man meets the Socialist Manifesto

2-22-2006 The nitwits have spoken

2-21-2006 The BINGO vote has spoken

2-20-2006 The Code 18 Convention

2-18-2006 Wheel of Semen

2-17-2006 Intolerance begets intolerance

2-16-2006 J.J. vs. Hayward?

2-15-2006 Blast from the past

2-14-2006 Brownback in '08?

2-13-2006 Terrorism Intervention Teams

2-12-2006 Let's dance

2-10-2006 Force multiplier

2-9-2006 Wilkes-Barre goes NASCAR?

2-8-2006 I didn't do nothin' to nobody

2-7-2006 Wifey speaks

2-6-2006 Stupor Bowl

2-4-2006 When is a "scoop" not a scoop?

2-3-2006 An e-mail from Wilkes

2-2-2006 Hold the pickles

2-1-2006 Double overtime?

1-31-2006 Coming soon: Choir Boys Gone Wild

1-30-2006 Boxer shorts???

1-29-2006 Is Lake Kanjorski dead in the water?

1-28-2006 Control

1-27-2006 Coming to a neighborhood near you

1-26-2006 Humped many doorknobs lately?

1-25-2006 The SNAKE and The FOX

1-24-2006 The good, the bad and the bloggers

1-23-2006 Make checks payable to: Skinheads for Quimby

1-20-2006 Only in Wilkes-Barre II

1-19-2006 Only in Wilkes-Barre

1-17-2006 God, Liberals, Walter & "The Fuzz"

1-14-2006 Where's Superman when we need him?

1-13-2006 Wysox, Sugar Run and points in between

1-10-2006 Gentrify me

1-9-2006 Commingling bites!

1-7-2006 Santorum, al-Murtha, Mugsy & Big Brother

1-3-2006 Walkabout

1-2-2006 Sotally tober?

1-1-2006 Big Brother or: How Dubya, Skrep and Leighton are restricting our freedoms

12-31-2005 2006? Bring it on!

12-28-2005 GO ORIOLES!!!

12-27-2005 No more commies?

12-26-2005 'Twas the night of near havoc,...

12-24-2005 Merry Christmas

12-20-2005 The house that Blaum built

12-17-2005 Jeremy Cour

12-13-2005 Cats and dogs

12-11-2005 If it stinks, it stinks

12-9-2005 Quick quiz

12-7-2005 Still excited about those mid-term elections?

12-5-2005 Mr. Skrep goes to Harrisburg? So? So what?

12-4-2005 The War on Bloggers?

12-1-2005 My new shrink

11-28-2005 Sodom-on-the-Susquehanna?

11-26-2005 From the e-mail inbox

11-24-2005 Local talk radio: The good, the bad and Kevin Lynn

11-23-2005 Thanks, but no thanks

11-20-2005 Redundant "news" and extreme sports

11-17-2005 Why can't we do like Europe does?

11-16-2005 Stupidistan

11-14-2005 Who is lying about Iraq?

11-11-2005 The day Kirby Park stood still

11-10-2005 No more soul food

11-8-2005 Random thoughts from a sick individual

11-7-2005 Vote (nuthin' else to do)

11-6-2005 Terrell, stingers, profit margins and fraud

11-3-2005 Praise be to Eli!

10-31-2005 WARNING: This post contains partial profanity

10-28-2005 Revenge

10-25-2005 Indict 'em all and let the voters sort 'em out

10-23-2005 Virtuous psychotics, religious zealots and me

10-20-2005 Intemperate musings

10-17-2005 Roe vs. Wade?

10-16-2005 Believing isn't silly anymore

10-12-2005 Weird scenes from the coal mines re-visited

10-9-2005 I'd like to teach the world to sing...

10-6-2005 The Blogfather?

10-3-2005 Just say no to the Army

9-29-2005 Welcome to the Fifth Estate

9-27-2005 Satan's boy toy

9-25-2005 Tag team

9-22-2005 Stuck on stupid?

9-18-2005 Autumn's big bash

9-15-2005 Random stuff

9-13-2005 Black people

9-11-2005 Big trouble in little Wilkes-Barre

9-8-2005 Help, help! I'm being repressed!

9-6-2005 RSVP

9-5-2005 Gasbags and gasoline

9-4-2005 We the People (and fractional divisions thereof)

9-1-2005 The Valley with a Heart?

8-30-2005 Negativity sells

8-28-2005 You can fight City Hall (every four years)

8-25-2005 Citizen Carey

8-23-2005 This ain't Kansas anymore

8-21-2005 Bush ate (killed) my children

8-19-2005 I & R

8-18-2005 Step one?

8-16-2005 Intemperate musings

8-14-2005 The 16th annual

8-11-2005 WILK and Salem--Private Sector Dude

8-11-2005 Who-Barre revisited

8-9-2005 Where there's demand...there's supply

8-8-2005 The anonymous have spoken

8-7-2005 Elmer or: How to be a pussy without really trying

8-5-2005 A moitie fou

7-31-2005 Hereabouts or: Hanging on to one's druthers

7-27-2005 Activism run amok

7-25-2005 County to 512: 10-82 at WILK

7-24-2005 Zach's 2nd birfday

7-20-2005 The Mighty Quint

7-17-2005 If we'd all been livin' in...

7-13-2005 Much to do about nothing

7-12-2005 Pesky things: Facts, Pit Bulls and Negative Nincompoops

7-9-2005 Go Lady Grenadiers!!!

7-5-2005 Intemperate musings

7-3-2005 The knaves have spoken

6-30-2005 Turds of a feather...mock together

6-28-2005 The Heights: High & Dry?

6-26-2005 "I believe" or: The return of the son of the sappy "I believe" dreamer

6-25-2005 Gunter glieben glauchen globen

6-23-2005 Laugh...it won't hurt--Private Sector Dude

6-22-2005 You wanna put these people in charge?

6-18-2005 The Garbage Patch

6-17-2005 Intemperate musings

6-15-2005 AMBAC vs. The Heights

6-14-2005 Birthday boy

6-12-2005 Harry, you're a beast

6-10-2005 I believe

6-8-2005 "Unbelievable" or: Even if we see it...we'd prefer to disbelieve it

6-6-2005 Something's going to happen

6-5-2005 (No planes) Trains, kayaks and bicycles

5-31-2005 Lonesome Redneck Mark

5-30-2005 What stinks?

5-27-2005 Catch-22?

5-25-2005 Bikeabout or: How we learn to separate the politicians from the bona fide community leaders

5-23-2005 One cop

5-21-2005 The Wilkes-Barre Bicycle Authority

5-18-2005 When I was a sprat of ten...

5-17-2005 10-94

5-15-2005 Ribbons are effing stupid

5-13-2005 30 days

5-12-2005 June 17, 2001

5-11-2005 When was the last time you thanked a cop?

5-9-2005 Intemperate musings

5-8-2005 Park Avenue

5-7-2005 Happy Birthday Mister Congressman...

5-4-2005 They loved you for it

5-2-2005 756?

4-30-2005 Coach Cour?

4-27-2005 Urban No in '07

4-25-2005 Bring on those Nerdy Dragons!

4-23-2005 Kids today!!!

4-22-2005 Hit it or git it!

4-20-2005 Mommy, are those scary people from Wilkes-Barre?

4-19-2005 You can't judge a book by it's cover

4-17-2005 Tom Leighton is telling it like it is

4-14-2005 Lake Kanjorski

4-13-2005 Mark: 19:58

4-11-2005 It's still half full

4-8-2005 Is this trip really necessary?

4-7-2005 They arrest criminals, don't they?

4-4-2005 Somebody called the cops on me?

3-31-2005 Ray

3-29-2005 The "Pro Forma" War on Drugs

3-27-2005 Is anybody up for a protest?

3-26-2005 There went "The fuzz"

3-24-2005 Some folks are all over stupidity like white is on rice

3-24-2005 A destructive government...or not...--Private Sector Dude

3-23-2005 Tom, Mark and Harry?

3-22-2005 My termite guys earn their money

3-21-2005 The white elephant is no more

3-20-2005 The "Unfortunates"

3-19-2005 What's the ugliest part of your body?

3-17-2005 Welcome to Wilkes-Barre International

3-15-2005 The Gestapo Shock Troops

3-14-2005 Kevin Lynn should not be welcome in Wilkes-Barre

3-12-2005 Dumber than a box of rocks

3-10-2005 Police work is best left to the police

3-9-2005 Captain Dummkopf & his privacy pishposh

3-8-2005 Chief Justice Griffith?

3-6-2005 Open season on slumlords

3-3-2005 Vote "F**k No!" on Steve Urban

3-3-2005 Crime view and two idiots--Private Sector Dude

3-1-2005 There'll be no more urinal aids to be had in Wilkes-Barre

2-27-2005 American cheese is destroying the world???

2-24-2005 Back to the grind

2-22-2005 Cricket ain't a bug--Private Sector Dude

2-19-2005 Alpha Battery

2-18-2005 Behind the black tarps

2-17-2005 Global Warming or: How to invade a neighboring state without firing a single shot

2-15-2005 The World According to Kev or: The Return of the Son of The Hallucinatory '60s Demigods

2-12-2005 More flotsam from the hill

2-9-2005 Harvick, Dubya and the rest of them

2-7-2005 Maybe next year: Episode 5

2-6-2005 Double digits

2-2-2005 I hate gift cards

2-1-2005 Bravo Company

1-31-2005 I done good

1-30-2005 Rock 'n' Roll ain't noise pollution (except at the Kirby)

1-29-2005 The Kurt Shotko Traveling Drum Circle Band?

1-27-2005 SAYSO@Wilkes-Barre

1-26-2005 Mayor Pontificatus Non-Erectus

1-25-2005 Regionalization or: I was the teen-aged Police Chief of Kerry's Patch

1-23-2005 Death by Tom Clark?

1-21-2005 Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff

1-20-2005 I always wanted to be in Wilkes-Barre

1-19-2005 Quad 3 reports

1-18-2005 You can't shine sh*t

1-17-2005 A bunch of baloney?

1-15-2005 Intemperate musings

1-14-2005 Baloney? Or Shibboleth?

1-13-2005 Stranger, go tell the Spartans...

1-12-2005 The Hyphen?

1-11-2005 Hozhead or: Why genocide is preferable to Bush

1-10-2005 The politburo

1-9-2005 Nanticoke: Luzerne County's Red-Headed Step-Sister

1-7-2005 Putting out fire with gasoline

1-6-2005 How soon we forget

1-5-2005 Ashlee, Vince, Velma and Pop Pop

1-4-2005 Which side am I on?

1-2-2005 2005: Progress, not promises

12-30-2004 A 10-80 in the family

12-29-2004 The McGroarty Redux

12-25-2004 Globalization vs. The Dark Ages

12-23-2004 I still want a hula hoop

12-21-2004 Christmas wishes--Private Sector Dude (And that web jerk, too)

12-20-2004 Merry Nondescript-mas!

12-19-2004 One-term Tommy

12-15-2004 The Department of eBay or: How to succeed at activism without really trying

12-14-2004 Downtown days re-visited?

12-11-2004 Lightning Rod Man, Broadzilla, Wonk Woman and Rambo Ambro' or: How Tuesday ended Marsha's reign

12-10-2004 East Station, the People, and more lies--Harry McCarthy

12-10-2004 2 Timothy 4:7 and better off dead--Private Sector Dude

12-7-2004 Dish Pigs

12-4-2004 Skylar Elizabeth

12-2-2004 Some folks are pitiable without ever knowing it

11-30-2004 $52? No Christmas in Who-Barre

11-25-2004 Road trip

11-23-2004 Mayor McFly and the Slackers

11-22-2004 Joe Sack

11-19-2004 Adventures in slumlording or: We're only in it for the money

11-16-2004 More unity and time for change--Private Sector Dude

11-16-2004 The Energizer Activist on Steroids

11-15-2004 It's the tax base, stupid!

11-13-2004 Lonesome Redneck Mark or: The Return of the Son of Gorgo

11-12-2004 Cops

11-11-2004 The Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber vote

11-8-2004 Twelve more years?

11-7-2004 Thompson Street 10-2

11-5-2004 Let the Unification begin--Private Sector Dude

11-4-2004 The vote heard round the world

11-3-2004 You gotta be kidding--Private Sector Dude

11-2-2004 I voted. How 'bout you?

11-1-2004 269-269? Argh!!!

10-29-2004 Matthew, Mark, Luke and Maureen Dowd

10-24-2004 Culmville International Airport?

10-22-2004 Sue wins again and just who stole the election?--Private Sector Dude

10-20-2004 Walkabout

10-18-2004 Politesse

10-16-2004 Jury Dummy, Draft, And TD Mohammed--Private Sector Dude

10-14-2004 Republitards

10-13-2004 Thanks Walter

10-12-2004 Decision time

10-11-2004 The War on Nuisances

10-9-2004 Voter fraud? Not in this county

10-6-2004 Death of an S-10

10-1-2004 Presidential tittle-tattle

9-29-2004 The Day Panglossia Stood Still

9-28-2004 A McGlynnesque caterwaul

9-27-2004 Pilot to co-pilot

9-26-2004 December 8, 1980

9-24-2004 Corn Stalks

9-22-2004 Make checks payable to: Jamie

9-20-2004 7.86 inches

9-20-2004 All safe?--Private Sector Dude

9-16-2004 Mayor Hoi Polloi

9-15-2004 Tank Girl

9-14-2004 'Nam, Texas '72 & Typeface?

9-13-2004 Down on the corner and our own PAC--Private Sector Dude

9-12-2004 Unfair & Inbalanced

9-11-2004 1,095 days & counting

9-9-2004 Tanks on Public Square?

9-8-2004 Who's checking anyway--Private Sector Dude

9-7-2004 "County. Try Hanover Township."

9-5-2004 PAC Man or: Should we put the flibbertigibbets in charge?

9-3-2004 Nimrod

9-1-2004 Shea Jones

8-31-2004 Duck & Cover

8-29-2004 Citizens for Clueless Charlatans

8-26-2004 Mr. Ed gone 'Fuji'

8-24-2004 Shadow to Shadow

8-23-2004 Block Party '04

8-19-2004 The anti-helo vote?

8-16-2004 Intemperate musings

8-15-2004 Urban?

8-11-2004 The real petitioners have spoken

8-10-2004 Donut Filler?

8-8-2004 The high road to Techneglas

8-7-2004 Kerry's acronym supporters-Private Sector Dude

8-6-2004 Pro, Bono & Cher

8-3-2004 Truck 51! Where are you?

8-1-2004 Acceptance filibuster

7-28-2004 Norvegians

7-27-2004 Day 1: The benchmark was set too high

7-25-2004 Revenge

7-22-2004 See ya' at the 'Plex

7-21-2004 The Big Swiftee or: How to succeed in politics without really trying

7-20-2004 The Liar vs. "The Liar"

7-16-2004 Confusion--Private Sector Dude

7-15-2004 Yet another anonymous nitwit

7-14-2004 My debt to society

7-9-2004 Keep hackin'

7-6-2004 The Great Pittston Fireworks Debacle of '04 or: How I learned to benefit myself at the expense of everyone else

7-5-2004 Flirtin' with disaster

7-4-2004 PennsylVegas

7-1-2004 R.I.P. HP

6-23-2004 Centigrade 911

6-22-2004 Cry babies

6-20-2004 Kill 'em all!

6-18-2004 Achtung!

6-17-2004 See what happens...

6-17-2004 Break time--Private Sector Dude

6-16-2004 Gage's 3rd Birthday

6-14-2004 V'ger needs to know

6-13-2004 Mark sux

6-11-2004 5 months?

6-10-2004 A whole lotta stuff--Private Sector Dude

6-9-2004 Ronald Reagan: Evil Incarnate

6-7-2004 RiverFest 2004

6-4-2004 Scapegoat?

6-2-2004 Egg all over your face?

6-1-2004 The day Kirby Park stood still

5-31-2004 Click those pens

5-28-2004 Once anathema, always anathema

5-26-2004 An E-mail from Iraq

5-25-2004 Got cojones?

5-25-2004 Moore or North? North by a landslide--Private Sector Dude

5-24-2004 Chlorine? Or Tide?

5-22-2004 The Width of a Circle

5-21-2004 Public Safety vs. Balanced Budgets

5-21-2004 Never mind--Private Sector Dude

5-19-2004 Intemperate musings

5-17-2004 Progress breeds more progress

5-16-2004 Healing Field

5-14-2004 Peace, not Bush

5-13-2004 Rebar: If you build it, they will come

5-12-2004 The Holy Sociopaths

5-10-2004 Exit strategy

5-9-2004 Comrade Cronkite Re-Visited

5-8-2004 Chance Phelps

5-7-2004 The Assistant to the Assistant

5-6-2004 The Internet Madman is back

5-6-2004 Thanks Skrep--Private Sector Dude

5-6-2004 Let the beatings begin--Private Sector Dude

4-25-2004 The Great Filth-Squashing and resulting Brew Storm of '04

4-23-2004 30,000 pounds...of Progress

4-22-2004 Rory

4-21-2004 Honor before profit or: Only in Culm County

4-20-2004 The worst? Of all time?

4-19-2004 60 Minutes: Anti-Bush Fictional Book of the Week Club

4-18-2004 Bike About

4-15-2004 Mob rule?

4-14-2004 He's not Crocket--Private Sector Dude

4-14-2004 100 days? You ain't seen nothing yet

4-13-2004 No more nightmares on Elm Street?

4-12-2004 Flag of Honor? Or Heroes?

4-11-2004 Global Macroeconomics or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

4-9-2004 Okay, I'll bite

4-8-2004 Condi

4-7-2004 al-DNC

4-6-2004 The Coughlin Bottom Dogs?

4-5-2004 Untempered musings

4-4-2004 Chipper...

4-3-2004 JFK vs OPEC

4-2-2004 Book her, Dano

4-1-2004 They were Rambos

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