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They're more interested in tax cuts for the rich than for flu shots for everyone who needs them.--Hillary Clinton

These Democrats have become so tiresome as of late. It's unfathomable to me that Hillary would even dare to open her yap about this flu shot nonsense. During last fall's flu vaccine shortage, the Wall Street Journal had this to say:

"The reason for today's shortage - as well as seven previous preventive vaccine shortages since 2000 - is that there are just five vaccine makers. This lack of suppliers is partly thanks to Hillary Clinton, who as first lady turned government into the majority buyer of vaccines and pushed prices so low as to make business unsustainable."

Shut your hole, witch.

Being that some people think nothing...

...of blowing through red lights at twice the speed of sound, I've had a lot of time on my hands lately.

With so much time to kill, I decided to wander downtown today and grab me some tickets to see Dubya at the Wachovia Arena on Friday. Although, if there was a monsterous line outside his Public Square campaign headquarters, that plan would have been scrapped faster than a Democrat can scare senior citizens. I think it'd be cool to go see him in person, but I do not do lines unless we're talkin' Blue Oyster Cult.

Since I can't exercise at all these days, I took a nice brisk walk and arrived at the Square right around 12:30 pm. The copper dudes already had certain streets shut down, the center of the Square was roped off, and seemingly thousands of people were lined around the block and waiting to get into the Kirby. There were cops on roofs. Cops in the middle of the streets. Cops on bikes. And cops on horses. Oh, and those dudes with the ear pieces all over the place.

I stared over at the hordes of people patiently waiting to see Kerry and thought mostly derogatory thoughts about their thought processes, but I quickly reminded myself to be nice. We're all entitled to our opinions and I shouldn't be so quick to judge the folks that support a blustery and aloof snob from Massachusetts. In actuality, I was supposed to be inside the Kirby this morning. A certain politico who shall go nameless promised to get me two tickets to this shindig, but that didn't happen. It's just as well though. I kinda knew what Kerry would have to say long before his caravan rolled into town. And with the exception of Halliburton not being mentioned during his speech, he pretty much nailed what I expected from him. After his caravan arrived, I wandered home and caught his speech on WBRE.

Kerry faithful

He did say something that jumped out at me while rambling on and on about the national debt. "The future of our children is now at risk." It seems we've heard this tired scare tactic before. Mostly during the late eighties and early nineties. And it didn't hold any water then either.

He glommed onto the Techneglas closing again, and quite frankly, blaming Bush for Techneglas' demise is just a bunch of disingenuous claptrap. And a group of Techneglas employees were leading the cheers for Kerry, which made me lose all respect for them. I know quite a few people who worked there and they've known for years that that plant was going to be closed, probably sooner rather than later. So rather than persue other opportunities, some mistakenly chose to hang on to the bitter end and it's Bush's fault that they're up the creek without a paddle??? Spare me.

Kerry spent the great majority of his speech promising to save social security. Now there's a well-beaten path traveled every four years by practically every national Democrat. And still, some folks clap and cheer on cue for that tired drivel every four years. I know. I know. Be nice. Seriously, though. Every funkin' four years we're treated to same old fear mongering and scare tactics. Different election cycle. Same tired promises. And the Democratic faithful swallow that sh*t hook, line and sinker every single time. Divide and conquer. The old folks vote and the old folks want social security to remain unchanged forever. Us younger folks who tend not to vote scoff at the thought of social security being our retirement nest egg. Should we privatize a certain percentage of those funds? Why the hell not? Historically, the stock market always goes up. But John Kerry throws the E word, Enron, around a lot so as to scare the prunes out of the seniors.

He also used the word (if it's a word at all) "idears" while dissing every idea Bush has ever had. Idears? Is that a New England thing? Yeah, I know. Bush frequently mis-speaks. Bush has only bad idears. Whatever.

But have no fear. Kerry has a plan for everything and he admitted that he's not sure how he'll fund all of them. But he claimed that figuring it all out later would be "leadership." Huh? We'll "pay as we go," but we're not sure how? What's the alcohol content of this snake oil he's pitching?

Let's get it over with, shall we? Let's vote already. The shameless accusations passing as an alternative are becoming redundent.

By the way, Kerry received Yasser Arafat's endorsement yesterday.

A bunch of college-aged kids were holding Kerry signs and whooping it up in the middle of the square. One of 'em noticed my Bush/Cheney ball cap as I was passing by and he started in on me. I was nice. I smiled at him and said: "Go easy, man." At that very moment, two cube vans came cruising by with pictures of aborted babies painted all over them with a caption that read "Kerry's Choice." That got quite a few barbs out of the Kerry bunch. The pictures on those trucks were absolutely disgusting. But...Kerry does support that sort of nasty business. I was gonna snap a picture of the trucks, but I decided against it. Very nasty.

A group of pro-lifers were gathering in front of the Bush/Cheney headquarters and they had some awfully large banners and whatnot. There were quite a few "Catholics against Kerry" waving signs at passersby. I happened to notice where a few of them had parked and the cars had out-of-state plates, so these folks were nothing more than right-leaning rent-a-mobbers. One New York plate read: "CHZ LIFE."

Is it not enough to work to influence the vote in one's own state? Do we really need to drive from state to state and form protest lines? How about if the New York folks stick to politicking in New York and allow us to play our little grass root games here in Pennsylvania? I don't know. That rent-a-mob sh*t bothers me. So does protesting in general. It seems like there's a One Million Whatever March held every third week, and for the most part nobody gives a flying farg. All that useless bullspit does is screw up the traffic and cause lots of overtime for the host municipality. The sixties are gone, folks.

I did find one thing a little odd. From the looks of things, there wasn't one Wilkes-Barre copper dude off-duty early this afternoon. There were freakin' cops everywhere you looked, plus the state and federal boys thrown into the mix. Yet, while I was wandering about, and Kerry's motorcade approached the downtown, the exact location of the entourage was pinpointed for anyone carrying a police scanner. I'm no assasin, but it seems a bit helpful for the nutballs of the world to be announcing the exact location of the would-be president. As he got closer to the Kirby, I headed over there for a pic. And just as Kerry hopped out of his SUV, the battery compartment of my camera popped open and I missed the pic. Son of a mucker!

The Media

Kerry promised to rid the world of pork spending if given the line item veto power. Yet, in today's paper it was reported that he cozied up to our mayor and promised to help us in '05. Help us how? Moral support? Or financial support? So much for his War on Pork. Bush lies.

WILK's Tom Regan interviewed a Kerry supporter at the Kirby and I thought I'd provide you with some excerpts from this bloke who sounded like he was about to burst into tears and chew his hands off.

"He's (Bush) a coward, a pure coward."

"He's a nazi."

"That bastard is pissing on the graves of my relatives."

"Bush is an evil...little...selfish bastard. And I'm sorry for the language, but sometimes you have to be descriptive."

Maybe we had better import cheaper drugs from Canada. It's all too apparent we can't have these Dems going off their meds for too long.

Jeez! Like I previously said: "Be nice."

'Mary Poppins' Registers to Vote in Ohio

Oct 19, 8:11 AM (ET)

DEFIANCE, Ohio (AP) - Elections officials knew something was wrong when they got voter registration cards for Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy, Michael Jordan and George Foreman.

They notified the Defiance County sheriff, who arrested Chad Staton on Monday on a felony charge of submitting phony voter registration forms. Investigators also were looking into allegations that he was paid with cocaine in exchange for his efforts.

Staton, 22, had fraudulently filled out more than 100 voter registration forms, Sheriff David Westrick said.

"Staton was to be paid for each registration form that he could get citizens to fill out," the sheriff said. "However, Staton himself filled out the registrations and returned them to the woman who hired him from Toledo."

Staton was charged with false registration and was released without bond pending arraignment.

No other charges had been filed in the case Monday, authorities said.

According to Westrick, the NAACP's National Voter Fund had submitted the false registrations to the elections board in Cleveland. George Forbes, Cleveland chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said Monday that the voter fund operates independently from his chapter.

Officers said they interviewed a Toledo woman who claimed that she had paid Staton with cocaine for the registrations. Officers said they obtained a search warrant and took voter registrations and drug paraphernalia from her home.

The woman claimed she had been recruited by a Cleveland man to obtain voter registrations, Westrick said.

It's been widely reported that Democrat operatives all across the country are registering new voters at a frenzied pace previously unheard of. Most of the newly registered are dead and such, but why split hairs? Get out the vote! Are we gonna deny Fred and Wilma Flintstone their right to vote for Kerry?

But despite all of the obvious games being played by Dems, Mike McGlynn and his sickening ilk are still tearing down our country. Nothing works in this country anymore. Everything is broken. There is a conspiracy lurking around every corner. America is broken beyond all repair unless we champion legislation that outlaws consenting opinions and imprisons anyone deemed to be even slightly right of the far, far left.

Here's a couple of excerpts:

The drums of electoral mischief are beating in Florida again.

Many political observers have been saying it's not a question of whether the Bush people will steal the election in Florida again if necessary - it's merely a question of how they'll go about it this time. The Republicans still control the U.S. Supreme Court, so there's no reason to suspect the high court won't shut down recount efforts in the event of a hairline-close race, just as it did four years ago.--Mikey

No, Mike. The drums of conspiracy are once again being beaten by the left-leaning bomb throwers such as yourself. Would you care to list the "many political observers" you are making reference to? That's what I thought. Like James Carville, maybe? Jimmy Carter, perhaps?

Don't sweat it, Mikey. We got the message. As a matter of fact, we're getting it every single day. It's being pounded into our heads by the namby pamby media elites. If the election is close and Bush eeks out a victory-the Republicans stole the election. We got it. Good job. It's banality on parade already. Gotcha. Democrats don't lose. They get ripped off. Republicans are evil-doers.

More proof that we might need those cheaper meds from Canada afterall.

I stayed up late last night watching political pundits having at it...

...and I caught the tail end of a gag commercial busting Kerry's ya-yas. It was listing Bush's many failures to protect the environment and offered as proof the fact that the leaves are changing colors and falling off of the trees.

Don't give "Scare 'em" Kerry any freakin' ideas. Or idears. He'll use it. "Bush is killing the trees and I have a plan to save them. Go to JohnKerry.com and read all about it. I fought in Vietnam and I'll fight to save the trees."

"Never again will one million African Americans be denied the right to exercise their vote in the United States of America."--John Kerry

That's right. Gotta scare them too. Scare the seniors with social security. Scare the MTV generation with talk of a draft. Scare the black folk with talk of disenfranchisement. Scare 'em all. What's next? A February surprise? Bush will force us all into the new Enron HMO? Halliburton will be given a no-bid contract to manufacture all prescription drugs using only toxic chemicals and dead rodents?

This guy's got a plan allright. A plan to lie his way into the White House.

Hell! He couldn't even dethrone our sitting mechanical bull champion, Shirley "Tex" Vita-super-nova.

Ride 'em Shirley!

Photo by Chamber Dude

Yeah, baby. Yeah!!!