Mark, Matthew, Luke and Maureen Dowd,

"We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance."--John Kerry, New York Times Magazine, October 10, 2004

"During the decade of the 1990s, our times often seemed peaceful on the surface.Yet beneath the surface were currents of danger. Terrorists were training and planning in distant camps. . . . America's response to terrorism was generally piecemeal and symbolic. The terrorists concluded this was a sign of weakness, and their plans became more ambitious, and their attacks more deadly. Most Americans still felt that terrorism was something distant, and something that would not strike on a large scale in America. That is the time my opponent wants to go back to. A time when danger was real and growing, but we didn't know it. . . . September 11, 2001 changed all that. We realized that the apparent security of the 1990s was an illusion. . . . Will we make decisions in the light of September 11, or continue to live in the mirage of safety that was actually a time of gathering threats?"--George W. Bush, October 18, 2004

I've been laying low as of late. I'm just taking my pills, puffin' on my inhaler and eagerly anticipating my return to some sort of normalcy sometime soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Red Sox lay a freakin' bitch-slap on the Cardinals, but now that the Sox have actually won a World Series-this is gonna suck not having that legendary curse hanging over their heads. Admit it. The 'Curse of the Bambino' was fun while it lasted. And lasted. And lasted. And lasted. Oh, well. Now the Cubs are the ultimate poster boys for futility.

Is it me, or has this election season dragged on about two weeks too long? Are there really many undecided voters still wallowing away with their puzzling indecision at this point? What could they possibly still be up in the air about? What, didn't Bruce Springsteen spell out his platform clearly enough for the thumb culture bozos to make a freaking decision already? George Bush had made his re-election pitch. And John Kerry has told us that George Bush sucks beyond all belief. What else is there to hear at this point?

You don't really believe this missing munitions October surprise is the very best that the Democrats and their sloppy mistresses in the media can concoct at this late date, do you? What's today, Friday? Hell! They've just got to have a few more surprises up their sleeves. Heyna? Dubya's daddy got nailed with an Iran-Contra non-story three days before his showdown with Bill Clinton and Dubya himself took a hit in the polls a couple of days before the 2000 fiasco when an ancient DUI flap was unearthed at the last possible second. Come on. There's gotta be something else waiting in the wings. Halliburton ate my children, perhaps? Wait! I know. Enron ate my children. That'll work. For the ignoramus' of the world.

The thing that upsets me the most about this election is the fact that the Democrats are working hard to convince the entire world that our system of voting resembles that of a banana republic not quite capable of producing electricity. Shame on the entire lot of them. The ultimate beacon of freedom and democracy, the United States of America now cannot be trusted to conduct a single election without scandal upon scandal upon scandal. Well, that is, according to the clairvoyant chad-diviners, the usual race warlords and the Sixties generation holdovers that can't admit their profound love of all things Marxist. To reinvent America, it's traditions and it's bedrock foundations have to be completely undermined first. And they are.

The 'No Chad Left Behind' crowd are more than willing to register dead folks to vote. Twice. In their convoluted minds, convicted felons are an important voting block. And illegal aliens should not be disenfranchised. But...those dastardly Republicans are once again accused of suppressing the vote. And pigs can fly an Xbox flight simulator.

Republican campaign offices all over the country have been repeatedly vandalized. A few were even shot at. A couple of volunteers were injured by overzealous union thugs. A Florida congresswoman and her supporters were nearly run over by a faithful Democrat and his car. He claims he just wanted to scare them. The President of the United States has been called a liar, an AWOL soldier and a shameless war profiteer by Democrats, while we're in a historic fight for our very lives, no less. What else? He's stupid, he's a puppet and he ate my children. Did I forget an unsubstantiated charge or two? And despite all of this regretful electioneering bilge, Republicans are accused of being hateful? Democrats can't function without their daily dose of Mark, Matthew, Luke and Maureen Dowd, yet they accuse Republicans of being mindless drones that get their marching orders from Rush Limbaugh every day. Right, Kev? Chuckle away f**kface.

Here's another thing. Why is it that Ralph Nader should be prevented from appearing on the ballot in all 50 states by the Democratic party? He's expected by most political pundits to garner less than 3% of the total vote, but that shakes the very foundation of the only political party currently registering corpses to vote. The Reform party should be automatically invited to the dance. So should the Liberatarian Party. What the hell! The Greens should be included so as to provide lots of good joke fodder for both Jay Leno and David Letterman. I'm picturing a joke about drinking bongwater in the Oval Office. What's ultimately better for the overall health of the country? An all-inclusive debate, or the usual point/counterpoint?

It should also be noted that while the Democrats do everything they can to keep Ralph Nader's name off of the ballot in the swing states, they showed no such resistance to Ross Perot's entrance into the presidential races a few years back when he would obviously erode the base of the Republican candidates. Perot claimed 19% of the vote in '92 and that provided us with an accidental president from a failed state who was overly concerned about his penis' whereabouts. But that was somehow acceptable. That was a shining example of democracy in action. Now, Ralph Nader wants his 2.5% of the vote and he should not be allowed to interfere with democracy. That's what they're telling us. And some less than remarkable inDUHviduals actually believe that election tomfoolery is completely acceptable, while it eats away at the very thing that this country was known for. Namely, free elections.

If the Democrats refuse to reign in their reckless and vitriolic rhetoric openly bordering on hate, this country might just devolve into a civil war of sorts. Shiiteacrats and Sunnpublicans. My sister's new boy toy actually refused to come to my house because he had learned of, and visited this stupid web site. He told my 'sis he didn't want to hang out with a Republican. When she made me aware of his obvious mental shortcomings, I could only shake my head in utter disbelief. So guess what? He came to our annual block party and had a freakin' blast. There was no talk of Republicans vs. Democrats. All that he and I were concerned about on that particular night was which CD was headed into the rotation next. He's a complete Clintonite and I abhor whatever Clinton supposedly stood for when he wasn't jamming cigars into young girls. Yet...I can party with the guy. We're at the opposite ends of the political spectrum, but ya just gotta know when to turn it off. There has to come a point where AC/DC matters more than John Zogby. There just has to.

I completely resent being labeled as a racist, a homophobe, a sexist and a bible-thumper simply because I registered Republican and will not embrace the socialist agenda of the folks claiming to be uber-American patriots. I'm none of the aforementioned insults. I'm a Republican who wants nothing more than to be left alone and allowed to get on with whatever it is that I may choose to get on with. Don't tax me to death. Don't regulate every aspect of my life. Don't tell me where not to smoke. And don't tell me what not to say and where not to say it. Opinions, no matter how far out they may be, are not hate speech. (In most cases) Opinions are supposed to be a right that that is guaranteed to us. That is, unless that living, breathing constitution of ours has suffered another ACLU-induced hiccup.

Whatever. I have somehow circumlocuted this thing to death. I want to vote. I really want to get it over with. I want the nonsense I see on my video advertising box to come to an end. Vote for the duck hunter. Vote for Bush. Knock yourselves out. But let's get this bullsp*t over with already before both the New York Times and C-BS destroy what little that remains of their journalistic credibility. Hee! Hee! Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Do you think...

...foreign interests are manipulating the oil markets to keep prices high and influence the U.S. elections?


Think about it. And don't be surprised when the price of a barrel of oil drops back to $30-35 a barrel immediately after the election. Thank George Soros for the extra hit to our wallets all these months.

From Christopher Ruddy:

It is clear to me that most of the major oil producers want George Bush defeated and again are playing with oil prices. But you won’t hear that in the U.S. media.

Instead, high oil prices are blamed on everything from increased U.S. demand to refineries running at maximum capacity to increased demand in China, the falloff in Iraq oil, and the lack of new oil exploration. But the truth is somewhat different. Consider the statement of Purnomo Yusgiantoro , president of OPEC.

In an interview earlier this month, Yusgiantoro said bluntly that once the U.S. elections are over, the price of oil will collapse by 30 percent or more!

“If we can remove the political premiums, the world oil market will stabilize around $30 a barrel,” he said while attending the World Energy Congress in Sydney, Australia.

What does the U.S. presidential election have to do with the supply and demand of oil?

Nothing and everything. Of course it has nothing to do with all of these claims of high demand in places like the U.S. and China. But it has everything to do with world politics.

And the politics of the world today is that most nations do not like George Bush and want him defeated.

As it turns out, some of the nations most worried about Bush and his war on terrorism directly control much of the world’s oil supply: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Russia.

Another interesting fact about oil prices is that a number of financial publications have identified an unusual pattern of hedge funds interfering in the oil markets, driving up prices on oil contracts.

There is no evidence that billionaire George Soros, the king of hedge funds, is behind this.

But two things are very clear.

Soros desperately wants Bush defeated come November.

Secondly, just as oil prices hit all-time highs this year, Soros’ hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, sold almost all of its oil stocks, including BP, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, Occidental Petroleum and Marathon Oil -- some $348 million of stock value.

What does George Soros know that we don’t?

Wow! This is fun...

...and factual to boot.

Unlike McCain, Bush, and Gore, Kerry has adamantly refused to authorize the release of his military records. Most think it's because of his phony battle medals. I think the real reason is below. He was not granted an Honorable Discharge until March 2001, almost 30 years after his ostensible service term had ended! This is very much out of the ordinary, and highly suspect.

There are 5 classes of Discharge: Honorable, General, Other Than Honorable Bad Conduct, and Dishonorable. My guess is that he was Discharged in the '70s, but not Honorably. He appealed this sometime while Clinton was doing trouser-tricks in the Oval Office. Political pressure was applied, and the Honorable Discharge was then granted.

His file is probably rife with reports of this, submissions and hearings on the appeal, reports of his "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy, along with protests that were filed with respect to his alleged valor under fire.

This will blow up in his face before November 2. =============================================================

On 18 Feb. 1966 John Kerry signed a 6 year enlistment contract with the Navy (plus a 6-month extension during wartime).

On 18 Feb. 1966 John Kerry also signed an Officer Candidate contract for 6 years -- 5 years of ACTIVE duty & ACTIVE Naval Reserves, and 1 year of inactive standby reserves (See items #4 & $5).

Because John Kerry was discharged from TOTAL ACTIVE DUTY of only 3 years and 18 days on 3 Jan/1970, he was then required to attend 48 drills per year, and not more than 17 days active duty for training. Kerry was also subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Additionally, Kerry, as a commissioned officer, was prohibited from making adverse statements against his chain of command or statements against his country, especially during time of war. It is also interesting to note that Kerry did not obtain an honorable discharge until Mar. 12, 2001 even though his service obligation should have ended July 1, 1972.

Lt. John Kerry's letter of 21 Nov/1969 asking for an early release from active US Navy duty falsely states "My current regular period of obligated service would be completed in December of this year."

On Jan. 3, 1970 Lt. John Kerry was transferred to the Naval Reserve Manpower Center in Bainridge, Maryland.

Where are Kerry's Performance Records for 2 years of obligated Ready Reserve, the 48 drills per year required and his 17 days of active duty per year training while Kerry was in the Ready Reserves? Have these records been released?

Has anyone ever talked to Kerry's Commanding Officer at the Naval Reserve Center where Kerry drilled?

On 1 July 1972 Lt. John Kerry was transferred to Standby Reserve - Inactive.

On 16 February 1978 Lt. John Kerry was discharged from US Naval Reserve.

Below are some of the crimes Lt. Kerry USNR committed as a Ready Reservist, while he was acting as a leader of Vietnam Veterans against the War:

1. Lt. Kerry attended many rallies where the Vietcong flag was displayed while our flag was desecrated, defiled, and mocked, thereby giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
2. Lt. Kerry was involved in a meeting that voted on assassinating members of the US Senate.
3. Lt. Kerry lied under oath against fellow soldiers before the US Senate about crimes committed in Vietnam.
4. Lt. Kerry professed to being a war criminal on national television, and condemned the military and the USA.
5. Lt. Kerry met with NVA and Vietcong communist leaders in Paris, in direct violation of the UCMJ and the US Constitution.

Lt. Kerry by his own words & actions violated the UCMJ and the US Code while serving as a Navy officer. Lt. Kerry stands in violation of Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution. Lt. Kerry's 1970 meeting with NVA Communists in Paris is in direct violation of the UCMJ's Article 104 part 904, and US Code 18 USC 953. That meeting, and Kerry's subsequent support of the communists while leading mass protests against our military in the year that followed, also place him in direct violation of our Constitution's Article 3, Section 3, which defines treason as "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of warfare.

The Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3, states, "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-president having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

I will not forget the wound to our country and those who inflicted it. I will not yield, I will not rest, I will not relent in waging this struggle for freedom and security for the American people.--George W. Bush, September 20, 2001

I gotta go. I suspect that my job may be about to be out-sourced. Or was it inshored? Or offshored? Outsized? Dumbsized? Now, who was it exactly that voted for NAFTA, GATT and the many WTO agreements that are killing our manufacturing base? Would that be Dubya, or would that be the ever-morphing mystery candidate? Hmmm.

Buh-bye, now.