Unfair & Inbalanced

Ethel, try not to have a mutated cow, but I'm posting a blurb from NewsMax.com to kick things off here today.

The campaign is bringing in a bevy of former Clinton henchmen, including CNN commentators James Carville and Paul Begala. In August alone, Begala called President Bush a "gutless wonder," said he has a "lack of intelligence," and called Vice President Cheney a "dirt bag." Carville said the President is "ignorant big time" and said "George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are a couple of nobodies."

I realize that any news source, internet or otherwise, deemed to be leaning towards the right is automatically repudiated by those bent-over towards the left, but I tend to ignore even the most boisterous and hateful bilge coming from a party who's twisted ideaology is teetering on the brink of obsolescence.

The left-leaning "critical thinkers," the supposedly all-inclusive "progressives" if you will, that were weaned on years and years of less than objective reporting if not outright distorions by the traditional media outlets are now frothing at the mouth with animously bordering on irrational loathing for anyone daring to question their undeniable truths.

Hence, the vociferous and mujahedeenish reaction to the Fox News Network. I was watching some Democratic operatives babble away on MSNBC the other night and they couldn't repeat the phrase "The Republican News Network" enough to support their twisted claims that Fox News was little more than a subcontractor working for Republicans everywhere. I guess the fact that the Commie News Network's (CNN) sudden ratings collapse stings even more than the knowledge that more than 50% of the residents of this country will not cowtow to the socialist line we've been fed for thirty years now.

Sorry comrades, but your stranglehold on the media is slipping in a major way. Please try to deal with it without exhibiting any further contempt for the average voter. Dan Blather has gotten away with decades worth of slanted news reporting, but thanks to some new media sources, i.e., internet bloggers, his long-suspect credibility as an objective journalist is now akin to Milli Vanilli's credibiity as serious musicians. The jig is just about up for Rather's usual blather.

The thing that never fails to crack me up about the folks leaning towards Karl Marx's failed vision is their obvious disdain for dealing with reality. Fox News is ridiculed and impuned as being less than objective, while CNN frequently plays host to Clinton's former hitmen casting serious aspirtions upon anyone in the opposite camp. James Carville? Why would any "objective" news gathering organization have him on any show supposedly exploring the hot ticket issues of the day. Before he even flaps his jowels, you already know he's going to accuse someone of something that isn't true.

CNN Babe: Mr. Carville, what's your reaction to the recent terrorist assault on the grade school in Russia and how it relates to George Bush?

Lunatic Carville: I think the president would have preferred to sodomize each and every one of those children right before they were killed. Republicans have a long history of sodomizing, starving and killing children. Plus, they wanna cut education funding by 190%.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration of Carville's usual hatemongering offered up as political pundrity, but not by much.

And NBC is offering us three days worth of scandalous gossip in book form coming from an "author" that is already so thoroughly discredited, it's hard to imagine why NBC would lower itself and damage it's credibiity other than holding out hope that they could damage the standing of a sitting Republican president with accusations that will never be proved, or disproved either way. It may cost Bush a few votes by resonating with a few barely politically literate folks, so it's a story worth running for the usual media suspects that need the latest Democratic talkng points before going to press.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read: "Doing my part to piss off the religious right." The kid driving that rusting hulk of Japanese craftsmanship was no older than 20 years-old. How is it that this kid came to loathe people that are religious at such a tender age? That wouldn't be the result of the constant and incremental indoctrination passing as objective reporting these days, would it? Why would a kid possibly still in his teens be worrying about what people of faith think?

Harken back to when you were his age. What compelled you? What concerned you? KISS? Uriah Heep? Getting laid? Drunk maybe? Swimming up at the Tubs? Slapping your younger sister around? It's not like you didn't warn her not to play anymore freakin' Bee Gees when you were at home. Seriously. What was important to you when you were barely old enough or seasoned enough to operate an AMC Gremlin without assistance? Pissing off people of faith? Is it not obvious that this kid has been bombarded by nonstop "objective" reporting since he first learned how to spill his Fresca on the remote control? Why would someone who should be totally obsessed with girls at his age hold the religious right in utter contempt?

Because the folks still clinging to morality have been savagely and relentlessly demonized in the press since Roe vs. Wade first burst on the scene. If you resist the left-leaners, they will demonize you and your ilk until the Rapture finally comes a calling on humanity.

And what is it exactly that is so completely repulsive about those bible-thumpers anyway? Gee, they see the Ten Commandments as a workable plan. They reject the notion that mutilating an unborn baby is an acceptable practice. They also believe that jamming a lubricated cumcumber anywhere near a human being's pancreas is an unnatural act that only serves to demean one's quality of life in a spiritual sense. You'd have to be snorting some industrial strength vapors to ever accuse me of being a holy roller, but I fail to understand why the folks with these beliefs should be demonized by anyone.

The point being that these common folks would never have been reduced to being labeled as members of the right-leaning lunatic fringe without the capable and more than willing, in fact, enthusiastic assistance of the traditional media sources that have completely lost sight of their original mandate.

The less than intelligent hoi polloi and their handlers posing as the objective press can drone on and on about how Fox News is somehow "biased," but every time they do, they expose how utterly clueless they really are.

They bitch about the internet. They bitch about talk radio. And now they bitch about Fox News. Some beleaguered lefties even make references to the "Republican Media," which is a laugh riot of literally epic proportions. Your overwought "right-leaning" thesis is proof of your ignorance and your abject intolerance as Dan Rather's career is about to implode only because he lost sight of his journalistic promise to report the news, rather than to create it. Face it Euro-wannabes, thanks to the inevitable evolution of the media brought on by technology and such, the stranglehold you once enjoyed on the "truth" is being rapidly eroded. And you just can't stand that fact, can you?

I remember all of the e-mails I received from people that credited me with bringing down a tyrant of a mayor. I poo-pooed that mindset every chance I got. Sure, I had something to do with the former mayor's demise, but I was certainly not alone in the quest to rid Wilkes-Barre of the biggest trickster to ever have come down the pike.

But this latest "lost memos" imbroglio has me rethinking my contributions to the eventual liberation of Wilkes-Barre. Think about it. Despite all of the crushing power that could be brought to bare by CBS News, two bloggers, through their efforts, have probably managed to end the careers of Dan Rather, John Kerry and Terry McCauliffe in one fell swoop.

And how did they accomplish that? By simply examining the oft-slanted propaganda that passes as objective reporting these days and then thinking to themselves: "Hey! Wait a minute. That's not friggin' right." That brings back plenty of four year-old memories for this internet nutball.

The absolute height of hypocrisy was reached by the Times Leader, the home of one Tom Bigler, this morning. A SAYSO caller accused the Leader of defaming Republicans and then some. But check this one line from that call:

Why can't you be fair and balanced like Fox News and stop the biased reporting and the biased editorials in your newspaper?

And the editor's response?

The reference to Fox News was a joke, right?

Nah, I doubt it. The big joke would be CBS News right about now. And NBC featuring Kitty Kelley and her tangled web of misleading quackery in book form ranks a close second. And then there's CNN's sudden and completely satisfying fall from grace now that consenting opinions have taken hold. Oh, and New York Times writers being exposed as phonies and plagurists with increasing frequency.

So. Fox News is a joke to the folks at the Times Leader? Really? Just in case they haven't noticed of late, the upstart media sources are exposing the traditional media sources as being less than factual in many, many cases, if not downright biased beyond all belief.

Yuk it up. But be warned. For every Times Leader operating in whatever wayward podunk, there are 1,000 Matt Drudges out there reading your every printed word and checking your facts. And that's why the normally accepted media giants keep finding themselves in big trouble. Some of us seek only the truth, while still others try to shape the truth to further their unstated agenda.

Fox News isn't "fair and balanced?" Okaaaaaaaaay. But CBS News is fair and balanced???????? That's a joke, right? What-freaking-ever!

Try as they may, the now tainted media sources will not be able to stave off the Dukakian loss John Kerry is about to suffer. But they will try. That in itself is proof that they need to be unceremoniously dumped in favor of the newer alternative news sources until they finally manage to dredge up some of those lost documents reminding them of their long-forgotten journalistic oaths.


I gotta go and I am filled with much trepidation. I gotta go watch what's left of the new-look New York Giants play the Philthy-dumpia failures.

We may get skunked real nasty like, but getting skunked is better than not having NFL football to watch.

Go Jints!