12-7-2004 Dish Pigs

Positive Energy is a Force Multiplier.--Some famous general from Wilkes-Barre

From United Press International:

Dem uses Pearl Harbor to slam GOP

Washington, DC, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- The remembrance of Japan's 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor took on partisan political spin Tuesday with a Democrat leader using it to attack House Republicans.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, in a special Pearl Harbor Day statement, said national unity 63 years ago enabled Americans to go forward and defeat the country's enemies, but the same kind of unity needed now was being undermined by Republican disagreements over provisions of the yet-to-be-voted on intelligence reform bill.

"While we as a nation are united in this fight, there are clearly deep divisions within the Republican Party, divisions that are impeding our fight against terrorism/" he said.

"Moving forward, it is my sincere hope that the Republicans running Washington will stop playing their political games and start fighting for the American people, just as our honored veterans did 63 years ago."

Where did the Clintons find this scuzball?

I retrieved this...e-mail from the "recently deleted" file, and after further review, I decided to post it here:

*******You are a jackass. You treated Mcgroarty like a dog and then you turned around and kissed Leightons ass. Now your treating the people holding city hall accountable like dogs and city council can do no wrong in your eyes. NO-body takes you seriously anymore. People like Walter Griffith Jr. have the guts to face the people he criticizes. But we can't say the same for you. You hide behind your computer. You type away and think your cute. But it''s not lost on people that your nowhere to be found when the people you degrade are out there fighting the good fight. If this city ever improves it won't be because of anything you typed. Your the cyberpuss.


All-funking-righty, then! Let's dispense with the pleasantries, shall we?

I'm a jackass? What is that? Is that supposed to pass as an original thought? Come up to speed already. That's old, old news.

I treated McGroarty like a dog? Nah, ya got that one wrong. I kick dogs I don't like. I treated McGroarty exactly as he deserved to be treated: like an imcompetant fool in way over his fat head. Somebody had to do it. Somebody had to very publicly challenge the vindictive little prick. And what did he do about it? He sent one of his flunkies dressed as a fireman on some sort of recon mission to my home when I wasn't here. And a couple of the Soprano wannabes he so readily attracted threatened me a couple of times. I hide behind a keyboard? If you knew me at all, you'd feel stupid right about now. I've received robust death stares from the best of those self-serving cretins you probably worship.

I kiss Leighton's ass? Incorrect, useless dillweed. When he mucks up royally, he'll hear all about it from me. Until then, I'll continue to applaud him as he makes one correct move after another. For a brief moment there, I thought you were going to join the growing list of ninnies that have accused me of sucking up to garner a city job for myself. You seem dense enough to join that negative naybob club.

And true to form, you accuse me of degrading (?) others, while you refer to me as a puss. A puss? Hmmm. Who was it that rode a bicycle nine miles in adverse weather today, did 70 push-ups after the rehab workout and worked all day to boot? Puss? You want a shot at the lightweight title?

Walter Griffith and his ilk have guts? That's nifty and all, but the last time I checked, gizzards didn't pass for brains. Not even in this ass-backward podunk of a place. Those pseudo-policy wonk pretenders wouldn't know effective government if it jumped right up and bit them where their gonads used to be. What's their vision for the future? Strip council naked and flog 'em until they agree to work for free? And then what? Christine Katsock and her promised daily staff meetings? How 'bout the oft-bandied about "transparent government" catch phrase that gets thrown around in this city like Double Bubbles from a parade float? Vote for me and I'll deliver a transparent government. Groovy, baby!

And all of this yammering on from the usual self-appointed heroes amounts to little more than what you'd usually find filling a colostomy bag. Incessant noise does not constitute a viable and workable plan, you understand. I view these clowns much the same way al Queda views your average American.

My advice to you is that you should remain quiet from here on out and drink too much cough syrup.

Oh, and, consider castration.

Another one...from the e-mail inbox:


I cannot take this Katsock b*tch anymore!
She doesn't have a real job.
She lives with her mommy and daddy.
She doesn't even have her own phone number.
She has never been responsible for any utility bills, property taxes or running a home or office.
So, how in the world can she tell the real adults who are running the city what to do?
Why does the press give her so much attention?
Just had to get this off my chest!

I don't know her personally, but I can tell you that she seems awfully arrogant to this puss watching from afar. She kinda reminds me of the full-time bus boys that were perpetual bitchers back when I was doing restaurant management. The "Dish Pigs," as they were known in those days, knew nothing about anything beyond the 144 square feet that was their world of piled and soiled dishes; but they were always Johnny-on-the-spot when it came time to critique the actions and the decisions of the restaurant's management.

Career bus boys are never happy for very long at all and they tend to jump from job to job to job, all for a dime increase in salary as their lone inducement. When you're stuck in the bottom of the pond looking up, the lilly pads are always greener elsewhere. So, in their minds, they've seen tons of different restaurant operations up close, while their current boss is probably a long-time company employee who has not worked in every restaurant on any given strip. Or, to hear them tell it, they've seen it all and he hasn't. Abject stupidity can manifest itself in any number of ways.

And whenever one of these dish pigs would start into me about what they thought of the most recent management decree, I always thought to myself: What in the f**k would you know about anything pertaining to operating a successful and profitable business? Does that question not also apply to Christine Katsock and her vociferous cohorts? Book smarts are wonderful and all, but their real world value pales in comparison to years upon years of hands-on business experience.

The great majority of hospitality industry jobs, i.e., restaurant jobs, are transitory jobs. Understandably so, no one wants to be a waitress or a cook forever. These types of positions are filled with people who have one hand on a spatula and one hand on the want ads. For instance, the bus boys would surely love to replace the highly paid managers. But their lack of education, experience, discipline and drive precludes them from ever doing so. In these respects, the ever present taxpayer watchdogs in this city have much in common with the lowliest of the lowly bus boys. They all want the top spots, but they lack the qualifications necessary to convince us that they could ever be part of a quality management team. And yet, much to our chagrin, they persist in nipping at the heels of the elected much like one of those pint-sized, hyperactive dogs any self-respecting rat could chew to pieces without ever breaking a sweat.

Our self-serving taxpayer activist crazies are attempting to hoodwink the entire electorate of this city. They point to proven business professionals and label them as greedy triple-dippers. They claim that every decision made is a gross error in judgement, or a decision that was arrived at with little care of what it might mean to the residents overall well-being. No matter what our current crop of elected folks say or do, the crazies run to the press and cry foul while citing numbers they read in a report somewhere. But I can't help but to think about the qualifications (or lack thereof) of the folks that wanna call the shots that could affect generations to come.

The folks that work out of city hall these days bring years of business experience and educational credits to work with them. I'm not gonna list any of it here. You all know what they bring to the table. But if you're looking to replace some of them, whom exactly should you select to replace them with? Professional gadflies? Church organists? Grease monkeys? Slumlords? Lunatics? Pyromaniacs?

Do you wanna hand the keys to the city to someone with the business acumen of a bus boy? Or would it make more sense to continue voting for more qualified individuals?

And consider this. Does any given bus boy want to one day be the general manager of the store only for the good of the store? Or is what he seeks merely an income boost? In my deluded special place, the very same questions should be applied to the always raging activists looking to replace the elected in this city.

Do you wanna put the "Dish Pigs" in charge?

The batteries...in my friggin' camera went belly-up on me this afternoon while I was spying the latest developments at the Holeplex. It seems that a bunch of heavy equipment painted yellow went and cleaned the entire site of the debris that has been rotting there since McGroarty went and lost the blueprints for the project that he had scribbled on a 3X5 index card. Well, he lost the blueprints, plus the funding for the project also went up in smoke after his dog ate his Bazooka Joe comics collection. It's just as well, though. As it turns out, Bazooka Joe comics cannot be redeemed for gazillions of dollars in federal funding. Who knew?

Christ! You'd think they were building the new home of the New York Giants after I got a look at that. As soon as I got home, I blurted out the latest to wifey: "They're workin' on the Holeplex site, babs!" Is this exciting or what? We're working on a hole, and it's going to progress well past the hole stage. I really hate to say it, but I think something is actually going to be built on that freakin' site. "It's only some state office building" you might say, but after being the asshole of the state for four long years, it's a start, and I'm thrilled to see things finally starting. Let's git it on!

I'm gonna buy me a quarter ton of AA batteries and build me two new web sites. One will follow the progress of the Labor & Industry building in pictures. And the other one will document our new 14 screen theater rising from the ashes of Percy Browns. Then I'll bribe some construction foreman and get pics of the interior construction as it gets underway. I've got a couple of hardhats. I'll be okay. And if that doesn't work, I'll sneak the f**k in there. I've snuck into plenty of places that had no business being in before. Ask McGroarty.

So, there's no need to wander down there until you're good and ready. I'll be supplying almost daily pics once things get good and shakin'.

We've all been whining about the lost "good ole days" when we would wander through a vibrant downtown with mom, or grandmom, and see it as a treat. The way I see it, we're going to be given one chance to re-live those days to some degree.

They've promised us an attraction or two. They've promised us an enhanced police presence. They've promised us new lighting. And they're about ready to promise us a rejuvenated Hotel Sterling, and a riverfront the likes of which we could have never imagined.

The only way we'll be able to re-visit the days when our Public Square was a bonified destination is if we finally turn our backs on the big boxes of Sprawlville to some degree and support our very own reconstituted downtown. This will be our last chance, kiddies. We either shop in Wilkes-Barre and support Wilkes-Barre, or we watch Wilkes-Barre die it's final slow death.

Ya'll won't disappoint me, will you?

Optimistic? You betcha!

Gotta roll. I'm kinda beat. Work, rehab, doctor, x-rays, blood work; what have you. Someday this bullspit is gonna end.


Tora! Tora! Tora!