3-9-2005 Captain Dummkopf & his privacy pishposh

I had no intention of jerkin' around on the interent today. I worked all day...um, scratch that. I tried to work all day as my equipment was freezing and grinding to a halt, and upon arriving back here at the adobe; I wanted nothing more than some freaking HEAT for Allah's sake!

So I came home, threw down a bagel & cheese and fired up this 'puter thingie. And look at what I found waiting for me:

From the e-mail inbox Mark

Was it really necessary to post that Tribune article about Argenta? It's not as if the guy was elected to anything. If that was about one of the people we elected I could follow why you would post it. But to reprint a story like that about a private resident is out of line in my book. I have been following your exploits for some time now but I must draw the line at smearing people.

You can do better.


B-Dude, I couldn't disagree more vehemently with your less than thought out position if I tried it while snorting some 'spensive and laced magic dust.

The guy in question is no longer a "private resident" and that came about by his own design. He ran for a council spot in '03, got his ass kicked, and promptly switched gears and became a political gadfly. He seeks out the press whenever possible and pontificates about how the city should not be run. And much like his farcical counterparts who fancy their sorry efforts as somehow protecting the residents of the city from the evil and greedy bastards (?) they themselves want to become, he offers nothing in the way of practical advice or realistic solutions to the most glaring problems facing the city. His useless game is to create controversy and dissent where none is necessary, or even prudent.

This guy chose to live his life in the public eye. He wants press. He seeks out the press as do all of the other foolish looking and foolish sounding "taxpayer advocates" currently stinking up the place. And if one of our city elected folks had some embarrassing court brief buried in the back pages of the Scranton newspaper, you can bet your very last family jewel he'd be on the Batphone right quick to every media outlet this side of Mount St. Helens.

All politics is local and all politics is dirty. And our laughable gadflies have no qualms about trying to dig up dirt on our elected folks on a full-time basis. They have no problem at all with their deliberate misrepresentations being published in the papers. They have no shame despite being utterly negative no matter what the hell the elected say or do. If that court brief had a city politico's name attached to it, Mr. Gadfly would have brought it to our attention faster than you could dial 911. So why shouldn't it be brought to our attention when his name is on it? What's good for the political goose ought to be good for the political gander.

And another thing to consider is that these incidents, these "court briefs" if you will, should make us take pause and wonder about the credibility of the folks squalking the loudest about who has what it takes to lead the city forward and more importantly...who doesn't.

Nobody smeared the guy here. Some politically active folks offer $5,000 to their "alleged victim," and still other politically active folks don't have any alleged victims to deal with at all.

I wonder why that is.

If I really wanted to smear people, I could get into exactly which one of our comical taxpayer advocates gets a hankering now and again for some sex for hire.

Do we wanna go there?

And while we're on the subject of bizarre pap somehow passing as advocacy/punditry, check this ludicrous slop that appeared on Page 21 of today's Citizen's Voice.

Don't these preposterous imbeciles ever give up? Is there actually a point to their lunacy at this point? If offering up useless pablum for public consumption on a very consistent basis somehow passed as effervescing intellect, these two clowns would have to be nicknamed the frickin' Einstein Twins.

Answer me this. If the Federal Privacy Act states that our personal information cannot and should not be released by anyone that has access to that information without your specific approval in writing, then why is it I can go to the Times Leader web site, punch in an address into their assessment checker and instantly find out who owns said property? Does the fedrule govmint's privacy act protect the privacy of property owners, or just the privacy of renters? How come I can go to the county courthouse and find out who owns a specific property for a very nominal fee? What's up with that privacy act? Is it only selectively applied, or is it that Walter got it completely wrong once again? We need an opinion from Mr. Vinsko on this one. Based on what I've seen, he tends to get it right when he offers a legal opinion on these local brouhahas in the making. Oh, wait. The rental ordinance has been passed into being law. I think we already got his opinion on this matter. Maybe Chief Justice Griffith forgot more about the law than Mr. Vinsko will ever know. Maybe Griffith is simply blowing smoke up some proctologic place again.

So what personal information is it that the City of Wilkes-Barre wants to compile and then turn around and sell to Martha Stewart? What is it they're after exactly? Are we going to be surrounded by baton-weilding code inspectors until we come out with our hands up full of two years worth of paystubs? Do we need to list our date of birth, social security number, bank account numbers and our eBay password on a 3X5 file card so as to not get a bumpy ride in the city's spiffy paddy wagon? The Xerox of wifey's neather regions? My Dick Tracy decoder ring? Where will it end? Do we need to turn our apartments into quasi-forward fire bases? Dare we resist? If we do resist, can Captain Dummkopf guarantee us some timely air support?

Landlords and tenants of the City of Wilkes-Barre! Rise up and reject tyranny. Mayor Leighton may demand that your head be lopped off after your capture, but your martyrdom will not be forgotten. Rise up! Raise hell! And hopefully the resulting publicity will get Captain Dummkopf elected to something already! Godspeed!!!

Jesus H. Christ! I'm starting to sound just like Ambrose. I should have believed the doctor when he warned me that drinking forty-thousand gallons of beer over three decades would eventually deliver some nasty culmulative effects upon my already damaged brain. Plus, heredity didn't do any funking favors. Sux, man.

Let's sneak a peak at Page 11 of that rental ordinance of ours and see what the Einstein twins are trying to get everyone all worked up about. Let's see just how much "personal information" the city is demanding from the folks currently under seige:

Section 7-229. Notice To Wilkes-Barre City Tax Office

After the Occupancy License has been issued, and within thirty (30) days of the execution of any Rental Agreement, or upon transfer of possession of the Regulated Rental Unit(s) to any Occupant(s) and/or Tenant(s), whichever is earlier, the Owner/Landlord and/or Manager must file a RENTER'S REPORT with the Wilkes-Barre Tax Office, which shall list the following:

(a) Name, address and contact number of Owner/Landlord and/or Manager:

(b) Name of the Occupants and Tenants:

(c) Location, including street address and apartment number, of Regulated Rental Unit(s):

(d) Term of Rental Agreement: and

(e) Date Term shall commence.

Forms for obtaining this information shall be made available at the Wilkes-Barre City Tax Office during regular business hours.

It shall be the intent of this Section to maintain the proper information on record for such needs of the City, including, but not limited to tax collection, census counting and head-counting used in obtaining state and/or federal aid or grants.

That's it? Whoops. Please forget about my almost falling for the Einstein Twin's needless and self-serving alarmist bullsh*t. Let's not mention that to anyone, shall we? Let's just say I was foolin' to make a point.


Or something like that.

Unlike WILK's Kevin Lynn, those "Republican apologists" he abhores so much (you know, those national talk show hosts that, unlike Kev, have gigantic audiences) actually do some homework before going on the air. Unlike Kev, they don't just read a headline and then launch into vitriolic daily attacks on our president. They look past the headline hoping to get to the bottom of a given story. The problem with that is, it doesn't always provide itself to daily attacks on our president, so scruffy Kev can never go there.

The meteor crashing through the Windstar in remote Utah being blamed on Bush? That's Kevin at his best. Bush didn't kowtow to the anti-American wishes of hostile diplomats (forces) abroad? Kev knows how to play that story. Bush sucks. Bush didn't do what Kev's daddy would have done? Bush sucks. Bush didn't ape the Clintonista's today? Bush sucks more. Bush doesn't worry about what the clueless Bush League pundits such as Kev think? Bush sucks even worse than before. The local Price Chopper ran out of instant grits? Bush sucks and should be impeached. Snedeker predicts rain? Bush sucks, Rush sucks and I quote from 3-3-2005: "I think the majority of people don't have a clue." Um, speak for yourself you f**king abortion that got away.

Some anti-American, communist Italian got shot by American troops in a war zone and then made up a preposterous story about being targeted for death by Americans? Kev instantly falls in love with her and joins in spewing his Anti-Bush vomit over the airwaves of NEPA. How utterly predictable has this ten-time loser become? How is it that his boss lady figures we should be insulted by her daddy-said-it-so-it's-what-I-believe" sidekick and sit still for it 15 hours a week?

Let's see what Neal Boortz had to say about our Italian commie chick after he dug a little bit deeper than just reading the headline that could be spun to attack Bush.

Tuesday -- March 8, 2005


The Bush administration has finally had enough of Communist "journalist" Giuliana Sgrena's little shenanigans. As you know, this is the communist propagandist whose freedom was bought from Islamic terrorists by the Italian government, and whose car was shot at by a U.S. Army checkpoint. Since the incident, she has said a number of things, including:

* She has accused the United States of directly targeting her
* She has sided with her captors, who told her that the Americans would not want her to escape alive
* She has said the United States does not value human life
* She has repeatedly changed her story as to what happened, at one point saying her car was shot at 400 times and another time saying it was shot at by a tank

Finally, the White House had enough of the so-called reporter who writes for the Communist "Il Manifesto." White House Spokesman Scott McClellan yesterday said "It's absurd to make any such suggestion, that our men and women in uniform would target individual citizens." Nice to see the administration has a limit for this nonsense.

Some other facts are coming out, and things don't look so good for the Italians. According to a report in the Washington Times, the Italian security forces didn't tell anyone what they were doing, failed to request American security and just, in general, screwed up as much as possible. An internal Pentagon memo states that 500 American troops have been killed on the roads in Iraq. Another official points out that of all the cars that passed through the checkpoint that night, only the Italians were shot at, so they must have been doing something out of the ordinary.

Yesterday the Italians were saying that their car wasn't speeding. Just a few hours later the story was that the driver floored it when he saw the soldiers.

There is only one real truth in this whole mess ... and that is the truth that America's enemies will manipulate and exploit this story as much as they possibly can to further their anti-American aims and goals.

It's good to see our president fighting back on this one.

Ah, a professional radio talk show host has spoken.

America's enemies will manipulate and exploit this story as much as they possibly can to further their anti-American aims and goals???

Holy sh*t!!! Is he talkin' about Kevin?

You can't hang up on me in this forum.


From the e-mail inbox The owner of this drug store walks in to find a guy leaning heavily against a wall.

The owner asks the clerk : "What's with the guy over there by the wall?"

The clerk responds : "Well, he came in here this morning to get something for his cough. I couldn't find the cough syrup, so I gave him an entire bottle of laxative".

The owner, wide -eyed and excited shouts : "You idiot! You can't treat a cough with a bottle of laxatives".

The clerk calmly responds: "Of course you can, look at him he's afraid to cough."

Oh, mannnnnnnn.

Yo! Jersey Dude! What are your former partners in excessive drunkenness drinking these days? Nobody tore down nothing at Meyers Court. In fact, a bunch of those red brick tenements have fresh paint all over them and some newfangled porch thingies attached out front. And there wasn't a single empty beer bottle in sight. Scary, I know.

Da Court!

And yes, the old college pad lives on without you. Although, your replacements need to try hanging the ugly curtains on the inside of the window rather than on the outside. I'll bet they forgot to open the window while tossing an empty Coors bottle at the dreaded parking enforcement sumbitch. Ya think?

Maybe not. Could have been a stray bullet. Whatever.

There it is, dude. The "Court" lives on.


My sidekick from work burned a disc for me which contains all of the known beheading videos direct from Iraq. As soon as I post my latest gibberish on the 'net, I'm gonna stick that puppy in the 'puter and let it rip. The sidekick tells me this disc is absolutely disgusting. I really would prefer not to watch it, but I don't ever want to forget the abject evil and misplaced hatred that caused the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans. I'll watch it. I'd rather not, but I'll watch it.

And then I'll get pissed-off all over again.

And I'll rise again tomorrow only to learn from Kev (the all-knowing American apologist) why Bush is an evil incarnate, while Islam is peaceful contentment beyond anything Kama Sutra can offer when not provoked.

And then I'll get pissed-off all over again.

And f**kface can't hang up on me in this forum.