Make Checks Payable to: Jamie

I think it would be naive at the point of grave danger not to believe that left to his own devices Saddam Hussein will provoke, misjudge, or stumble into a future more dangerous confrontation with the civilized world.--John Kerry, November 9, 2002

I think it was the right decision to disarm Saddam Hussein, and when the president made the decision I supported him, and I support the fact that we did disarm him.--John Kerry, May 3, 2003

Those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture don't have the judgment to be president or the credibility to be elected president of the United States.--John Kerry, December 16, 2003

The management of this war has been both arrogant, lacking in candor, and incompetent.  I have one position.  What I've always said is  the world is better off without Saddam Hussein. The question is how you do it.--John Kerry, yesterday

Q: If you had been elected president in November of 2000, would we be in Iraq now?

A: "No."--John Kerry, from Monday's David Letterman show

If nothing else, he's certainly amusing. As his polling numbers continue to slip in the key battleground states, it's become painfully obvious that his campaign has been reduced to attacking on Iraq. By the way, not only are the battleground states tilting toward our president, a few states considered to be a lock for the Dems are now in full play.

And since he's been suddenly and pathetically been reduced to criticizing Iraq and little more, hopefully the terrorists will wreak even more havoc and support his position that positively invites them to do as much. If he's basing his campaign from here on out solely on Iraq, he needs tons more bad news. And the terrorists are listening.

And Kevin Lynn is now saying the war is unwinnable and we need to withdraw our troops.

Thank God bloated Al Gore is now semi-retired other than an occasional and bitterly displayed freak out session.

That didn't take very long,...

...did it?

From yesterday's 'Letters to the Editor' in the Voice:

I live on Regent Street in Wilkes-Barre, and the recent rains caused Solomon Creek to overflow. It got me wondering how long it is going to take before Mayor Tom Leighton does something to help us out.

That creek has caused problems for years...

So, f**king move!!! Move to Shickshinny. Move to Falls, or Harding. They tell me the waterfront properties in areas known for flooding are fairly inexpensive. Pick up and move! Jesus H. Cripes!

This horse hockey is so utterly predictable. Flooded again? Who are you pissed at this time? Are the Feds doing enough to ease your pain? The State? FEMA? PEMA? The Red Cross? The Mayor? Mooooooooooove, dunce! Move to higher ground. Show some f**king initiative instead of lashing out at the people that were there for you.

Ironically, it was none other than Tom Leighton and Council that finally nailed down the last of the elusive details whereas Tommy McG's Solomon Creek replacement project is concerned. The entire shabang is about to be reworked, but that's apparently not enough to satisfy the folks too dense to property plan for flooding events in an area known for frequent flooding.


Or should we march en masse down to city hall and demand to know what the mayor will do differently the next time the still powerful remnants of a category 4 hurricane drops anchor over Wilkes-Barre?

Thank goodness we don't have a volcano anywhere near here. Imagine that letter to the Voice.

Districts irk W-B council

That's the way the Times Leader titled today's story about council's upcoming vote meant to reduce the size of council from seven to five members, and to have future council members elected by districts.

I don't have a problem with a five member council. But I would not want to go any lower. A quorum will now reached with three votes, rather than the usual four. That's frightening when you consider the questionable caliber of some of the folks that have sought a seat on that council as of late.

And especially if we're going to elect future council folks by districts. I suspect that it will become much easier for agenda-driven miscreants posing as concerned individuals to get themselves elected. And if that comes to pass, three votes is all that will be required to send us back from whence we came. Namely, nowhere.

And striped districts? Pleeeease? That's a bigger joke than our Portugese-Mozambian-American first lady wannabe. But the local Green Party backs all of this short-sighted nonsense. All twelve of them. Pass that bong, dude.

As you may have already suspected, I listened to Sue Henry today. What else is new? Anywho, "Jamie from Wilkes-Barre," checked in with Sue and he seemed generally delighted by council's most recent grumbling about the upcoming changes. To be fair, this guy calls WILK on a regular basis and he seems like a really likeable guy. And on most issues, he comes off as fairly well-read. Well, on most issues.

Sadly, today he came off as being caught in that factually-challenged mindset of "Hey! If the politicos don't like it, it's gotta be good." You know. Payback. Class envy. Fightin' the system, man! In fact, he's got some serious splainin' to do.

He announced to the entire world that he is considering running for a council seat at some later date. He also repeated that oft-repeated nonsense about council having closed our northeast firehouse because that particular firehouse sits in a section of the city that is home to none of our council members. In effect, as the assinine accusation currently goes; they closed that firehouse because that section of the city has no representation on council. And with that, it's obvious that Jamie needs to lower his sights and seriously consider running for the top spot in his kid's schools PTO and nothing more.

Now that the taxpayer crazies have set about turning our local system of government on it's head, there seems to be no shortage of prospective candidates for elected office that know not of what they speak. After the last council election go-round, that certainly goes without saying.

Let's bring "candidate" Jamie up to speed, shall we? The Northeast Station was in such an advanced state of disrepair that it's probably the only structure in the continental United States scratched off of the list of prospective terror targets by the deranged terrorists themselves. Why waste good C-4 on a structure that is set to collapse upon itself without any help?

The hose dudes themselves aptly named it "The Rain Forest" for good reason. The roof is shot. The concrete block is failing. There's enough mold growing in there to cure some debilitating disease. The vital equipment, when the station was still open, was covered by tarps. Hose drying was next to impossible when Tom Clark was excited by the next turbulent five-day forecast. The overhead doors are just about rusted shut. Engine 5, which called NE Station home, is so completely rusted out, we'd be hard-pressed to trade it in for a single wheel-less Hot Wheel.

BUT!...Jamie knows the real deal. He knows. He calls local radio stations and repeats the latest garbage printed on the pages of SAYSO and then announces to us that he may one day seek our votes. And that would be fine and dandy if he was truely qualified to seek elected office in this city. But evidenced by the "Kill 'em all" bullspit he oozed on the radio today, and his obvious lack of knowledge of which he speaks, it's painfully apparent that the children are now once again energized and ready to seize the power we entrusted to the obviously hated adults last November.

Just as the "triple-dipping" elected adults are poised and ready to deliver the long-promised, but almost completely forgotten about progress we all yearned for for so long, the all-knowing "outsiders" are trying their absolute damndest to deny them that chance.

McG is history. The long-neglected Is have been dotted. The elusive Ts have been crossed. And Wilkes-Barre is finally ready to roll on to more promising days. And still, the knee-jerk hoi polloi is blinded by it's abject negativity. This troubled podunk deserves better from the folks that pull the levers. It really does.

We've got hopefuls that pleaded guilty to soliciting a prostitute. We've got hopefuls that threatened to "take out" a sitting judge. And if that's not inept enough, we've got Jamie, who mistakenly thinks the northeast firehouse was closed for political purposes.

Now, why is it again that I should not support the seven folks currently occupying those council seats?

I've previously tasted chaos and I didn't like it none too much.

Why would I vote for that again?

Why would anyone?

Talk to Jamie.

He'll splain it.

As f**king if!