A McGlynnesque caterwaul

It is unconscionable to perpetuate fraudulent or biased electoral practices in any nation. With reforms unlikely at this late stage of the election, perhaps the only recourse will be to focus maximum public scrutiny on the suspicious process in Florida.--Jimmy Carter

And there it is, kiddies. Not a single vote has been cast yet, but the next election scandal is already raging aplenty. What's it gonna be this time? Chads? Road blocks in predominantly black voting districts? Maybe Jeb Bush will order the National Guard to intervene on behalf of his big brother. The usual madness from the Dems. Another day. Another conspiracy theory.

I imagine this means Bush won't be sworn in 'til February this time around.

I have been forced to use...

...two sick days so far this week. Out of the blue, my lower back has become even more dis-jointed that John Kerry's overly nuanced message. Now that's saying something.

I remember when I was a grade-schooler, I once asked my Uncle Bud why he drank seemingly dozens of bottles of Ballantine Ale every single day. He instantly replied with: "Don't ever screw up your back, kid."

I hear that.

I listened to Nancy & Kev...

...on WILK this morning and immediately afterwards I turned on this web portal thingie. Check this breaking story from WorldNetDaily.com:

American forces strike Fallujah

Ha! Ha! Ha! So much for Kevin's usual sophism that somehow passes as adept political punditry in these parts. Hoo! Hoo! Blown out of the water again.

Hee! Hee! Bush won't go after the insurgents until after the election is behind us, right Kev? Another baseless accusation, heh? Some soothsayer you are, right Kev? Bash. Bash. Bash. Knock yourself out, Kev. The cross-grained one has spoken. And as per usual, he has speculated incorrectly.

What's this? John Cougat Mellonhead? Suzie Q, you are born again hard. Crack me up!

The guy can't even sell enough CDs to cover his rehab expenses. Why in the hell does he think we want to hear his political views instead? Why would the ability to strum a few neck chords make anyone believe that they are somehow enlightened far and above that of the lowly hoi polloi?

I personally own even more CDs than even Joe Nardone Sr. himself, but not one of them have Mellonhead's name on it. Again, that's really saying something. It's a rare day when I come accross a CD that I don't want. Basically, I can't respect a musician that possesses less musical prowess than my own son.

I find it interesting...

...that the higher-ups at the Voice think they need to publish more than Mike McGlynn's constant character assasination pieces meant to erode the support of our president.

What's up with the Maureen Dowd penned anti-Bush screeds taking center stage in Wilkes-Barre as of late? Does the Voice have an unstated agenda at work here? It sure seems like it. But have no fear. The incessant pounding of the Wyoming Valley with Dowd's predictable venom will never achieve the desired results. Wanna know why?

Because Dowd does not write with the unwashed masses as her intended target. She writes her non-stop screeds to impress her typical readers. Namely, her fellow ultra-liberals in HollyYork and the Euro-wannabe literati. She's not talking to us mere mortals, she's preaching to the anti-Bush media choir.

When an elitist writer makes reference to a "Panglossian palaver," are they hoping that their latest efforts will resonate mightily with the average Joes? I think not.

A Panglossian palaver. Hmmm. If memory serves me correctly, that's one of those smallish retro-fitted battle cruisers that managed to destroy Battlestar Gallactica's sister ship. Heyna? Admit it. It was a lucky shot. If the miniscule thermo couplers were protected by hyper-velocity impact shielding as they should have been, the Cylons would have gotten their metallic asses kicked at Alpha Centauri. Talk about luck. If the positive ion storm hadn't wreaked havoc on the cloaking sensors, the palavers would have been dead meat. Don't bother to argue with me. I know what I'm talking about.

Seriously, man? Who is she hoping to impress with her latest thesaurus exercise? Truck drivers? The teen-aged girl at the McDonalds drive-thru window? The PP&L road crews? The people that deliver the Voice every morning? You? Me?

Not in the least. She's preaching to her fellow anti-Bush media elites who will now be hard-pressed to respond with an even more cleverly worded anti-Bush diatribe. And while they are all so busy bouncing their abject cleverness off of each other, they continue to fail to notice that the majority of this country's residents not only know not of what they screech, they care even less of which they screech.

In their insulated and elite circles, the race is now on to turn "Bush Sucks!" into a palindromic manifesto worthy of accolades previously unheard of.

Bush is the Grand Majordomo of Iraq and 'Mini-Me' is the Grand Wazoo of puppetry.

That sort of intellectual sophistry coming from the ultra-elite makars is supposed to turn this election against the president?

Sorry, Charlie. The folks at the Voice are pissing into the political winds, and those winds are not bringing change.

Four more years.

Is that too difficult to understand?

I took notice of a letter...

to the editors of the Voice this morning.

The true test: will our children fare better or worse than us?

It's a fair question. Will our children fare better or worse than us?

What do you think?

To be painfully honest, I don't see how they can fare better than us in the immediate future. And I don't mean that as an indictment against our efforts at securing a better life for our offspring; I offer that as my being cognizant of the grim realities we currently face.

So long as we're targeted for death only because we believe in the wrong ancient book, our economy will remain somewhat bogged down while we are forced to address the threats that continue to emanate from abroad. There's no burying our heads in the sand on this one. We either pony up the needed resources, or we watch helplessly while our way of life is destroyed.

What's today's new record high for crude oil? $50.17? Will that record price recede to any great degree as Americans continue to purchase vehicles that dwarf Bigfoot in comparison? Will that record price ever drop to levels acceptable to us, while we continue to drive a half block just to grab a cup of Turkey Hill coffee? Will that price ever be beaten back from whence it came, while China's one billion people continue to enjoy their newly realized industrialization and mechanization?

Maybe. Maybe not. But I think we need to realize that the status quo, i.e., the unchecked prosperity we will accept nothing less than, may no longer be a realistic expectation given the current morass the world has become. Which is not to say that things won't sort themselves out anytime soon. They might, but I'd be surprised if they did.

The Soviets probably wanted to nuke us all along, but they faced mutually-assured destruction if they blew the lids off of their silos. The terrorists face no such retaliatory response if they actually manage to nuke an American city and plunge the entire world into an economic depression. Like it or not, these are some heady days, kiddies.

So what of our children's future? I think they'll be okay. They already enjoy things that we couldn't even imagine three decades ago. When I was thirteen, an autographed bat, a "Darrell Evans" glove and a model rocket was as far as my eyes could see. These days, your average thirteen year-old would probably run away after learning that a Hummer with OnStar was not already financed and waiting for their sixteenth birthday celebration. In other words, this record-setting prosperity of ours may be making pussies of us all.

Think about it. The most obese populace on the entire planet can't figure out how to lose weight without buying into some super expensive gadget. We are bordering on being completely pathetic in the eyes of the world, but we don't seem to see it that way. We just continue to clamor for more and more.

Will our kids fare better than us? I say that's completely in their hands. But I think our expectations are a bit too grandiose. For many, the expectation that our kids will do better than us seems to approach that of a constitutional right.

Did my Ma do significantly better than her Ma? Nope. Did I do much better than my Ma? Yup. Did she play a big part in that? Yes, she absolutely did by demanding that I do better than my kinfolk. Did she make it happen for me? Nah. I did that. She pointed me in the right direction, but I rose above the financial shackles of my direct relatives through my own hard work. Which leads me back to the original question at hand.

Will our children fare better or worse than us?

They'll fare far worse if they're content to sit and wait for the government to enrich their lives. They'd more than likely do far better, much quicker by grabbing life by the balls and making sure that they seize their tiny piece of the pie.

This nanny state mentality will be the ruination of us all if it continues unabated.

Will our children fare better or worse than us?

Methinks it depends upon the mindset of the parents.

Should the grossly swollen govmint teat provide for us all? Or should we make our own way even during the most challenging of times?


I love it.