Presidential tittle-tattle

You know what's interesting about this whole Martha Stewart case? People think she was convicted for insider trading, but she was only convicted for lying to prosecutors. Her prison term is for giving false information and covering it up. And today Dan Rather said, "You can go to jail for that?"--Jay Leno

Well? Did anyone watch the less than great debate last night?

I did and as soon as it had concluded, I went to bed without listening to what any of the usual television pundits had to say immediately afterwards. I had my thoughts on the debate and I didn't want to listen to any spin.

When I awoke, I tuned into WILK to see what Nancy & Jethro had to say and to hear what their usual callers thought of the snooze-fest. The slam dunk celebration was on.

Kerry won. Kerry won. And more Kerry won. Nothing of what Kerry had to say. Just Kerry won. Jethro, judging from his tone, was finding it very difficult to contain his obvious glee. Thank freaking goodness!!! Another limp-wristed, morally bankrupt socialist president at last! (See Clintonista) Anal sex on parade. After-birth abortions. Religion finally banned. Legalized opiates. Legalized prostitution. No more Bush!!!

There was no analysis at all of how many times Kerry had obviously contradicted his previously revamped statements. There was no mention of the few bald-faced lies he told. (Closed subways in NYC? He never used the word "lied?" One stance on Iraq?) Nope. Just Kerry won. He displayed (?) what seemed to be so important to the left-leaners during the last presidential scrap: Gravitas. In other words, Kerry refered to all sorts of filler that had nothing to do with the debate questions at hand, but he sure seemed impressive doing it.

KGB headquarters?

Bush was equally inept, but at least he didn't lie or flip-flop. He repeated the phrase "It's hard work" enough times to make me wanna vote Green. And quite frankly, that's very disturbing to me. Pot really rips the hell out of my throat.

Bush was reduced to: "I'm consistent and he's not."

Kerry was confined to: "He's f**ked up everything and I have a plan to fix all of it."

If that's a successful and productive debate, I'm a "moolah."

I agree with what Bill Bennett had to say today: "Kerry won the debate. But Bush won the argument." Despite his having mispronounced "mullah." Come on. You knew he had to mangle at least one word.

At least Sue Henry got it right. She went on the air at 9 AM and she correctly treated us to the much more polished version of "That debate sucked. Big time."

Ah, Suzie Q, I love you. Suzie Q.

It did. It sucked. It was reduced to two guys repeating the same old sound bites they've been uttering for weeks on end, if not months in Kerry's case.

During these mostly useless presidential debates, the entire world is watching and waiting for the big gaffe that will come back to haunt the candidate that allowed it to slip through their lips.

According to the local experts that call our talk radio station, there were no gaffes to speak of committed last night. Au contraire, mon ami. I caught one. I howled when I heard it. I howled much like I do when the Eagles get with away with yet another late hit that goes unnoticed by the NFL referees.

Jethro didn't mention it. Nancy apparently missed it. Their callers were, for the most part, too completely blinded by Bush's smirks and such (?!) to even notice anything Kerry might have flubbed. Then, three hours of Suzie Q and the gang followed. Still no mention of the obvious gaffe. Hmmm. Am I the only one that noticed it?

But at noon, the big gun of talk radio fired up his zircon-encrusted megaphone of destiny and started off his show by going right after the obvious gaffe. Wow! This Rush dude is almost as astute as me.

The gaffe is as follows coming from one John Kerry:

"But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test where your countrymen, your people understand fully why you're doing what you're doing and you can prove to the world that you did it for legitimate reasons."

The global test??? This, coming from the stiff dork that thought he was so clever when he said he would never out-source our national defense. The global test?

If and when the anti-American United Nations gives us their permission, we'll then defend ourselves from the out-of-control hostile forces abroad? The global test?

Kerry will do it better, smarter and faster; provided that the Europeans currently banding together in a last ditch attempt to chip away at our way of life rubber stamps his plan beforehand? F**k that!!! And f**k him too!!! He can spin that comment away as he wishes, but he gave us a fleeting glimpse at his real mindset.

He'll take pre-emptive action against any growing terrorist threat to this country, so long as the fading Europeans give us their permission?

That's not a commander in chief. That's Kofi Anon's second in command.

And if Kerry wins one short month from now, prepare for the beginning of the end of this country's sovereignty. Prepare to be assimilated by the Euro-pansy, one world government Borg funded by one George Soros.

Had enough? Check this from Neal Boortz:


Once again this morning we're hearing that a poll of people in 35 nations (mostly European) want to see George Bush voted out of office in November.  Fine.  The only way the Euro-weenies get to vote in our election is if they come here as illegal aliens and register. Works almost every time. 

There is much more to this story.  There was another poll of these grand Europeans.  In that poll 58% of them said that they wanted to see the role of the United States weakened in international affairs.  That word, again, was "weakened."  Using the evil of logic here, can we assume that these Europeans want Kerry to be our next president because they believe that he will best serve their interests in seeing the United States weakened in international affairs?

Gotta go. But before I go, I'll provide you with some required reading. Why is it exactly that a 73 year-old multi-billionaire has devoted the twilight of his life to ousting our president, while simultaneously shifting massive, massive, almost unbelievable amounts of oil-related stocks and hedge funds to keep oil prices artificially high?

Why is it that the Democrats and George Soros are suddenly swapping copious amounts of spit?

Richard Poe

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