8-11-2005 WILK and Salem

WILK becomes Salem.

Salem, Massachusetts, 1692.

A stiff, cold breeze whipped about the accused. He shivered violently, allowed no coat. And despite his trembling body his voice remained steady and calm against the onslaught. Surely this must also be proof that he was indeed a witch. After all, how can one's voice remain steady in this cold without the use of Satan's power?

The accusations disguised as questions had gone on for minutes, but it seemed hours. Surely the accusers would break him. Surely they would see him burn. "So have you stopped beating your wife Senator Santorum," asked accuser Kevin. "And have you stopped beating your children," asked accuser Nancy.

And the witch hunt continued once more. Of course the questions were unanswerable. Of course the questions were leading. Of course the voices of the accusers were condescending and tinged with doubt and anger. Of course the question didn't matter. After all, it was a Republican that had committed adultery, and wasn't this witch also a Republican. Surely he was guilty by association. And never mind that their God's infidelity was off limits-that was different. Bill was a Democrat, and was allowed certain…indiscretions.

"Surely you must have an opinion on your fellow Republican's actions," continued accuser Kevin. Even though the accused has stated twice that he felt his fellow law maker was wrong in his actions, the questioning continued. "How can you trust this devious man after what he did," asked accuser Nancy.

"I have worked with him for the good of our state and have found him trustworthy in his legislative ability," replied the accused. "As far as trusting him to hold the office, that is up to the people that elect him."

Cries of anguish fill the air. How dare he give that answer!! "Carpet-bagger!!! Carpet-bagger!!! Burn him!!! Burn him!!!"

"How dare you live in Washington, DC for the 40 weeks you are in session. How dare you have a residence in Pa with only 3 bedrooms!! Never mind every other Senator that does the same, especially those from states like Washington, Oregon or Idaho."

And then, it was over. The Senator witch was gone. But the discontent continued, fueled by his accusers. Next time they would see him burn for sure.

Disrespect of the UN?

Oh my! Run for the hills, run for the hills! John Bolton was disrespectful to the UN by pointing out some of it's flaws and corruption. The same flaws and corruption that every citizen in the US have been pointing to for years. The UN and it's members have been disrespectful to the US for years, despite our 75% funding.

**Historically the role played by the United Nations organization in the former Somalia can be best described as one that has been characterized by gross mismanagement of resources and political bias. So few Somalis have probably been surprised by the recent disclosure that some UNHCR officials stationed in Nairobi had possibly, over the last five years, been taking bribes from thousands of refugees seeking resettlement in the West. What is astonishing however is that a bribery operation of such a magnitude had taken so long to capture the serious attention of senior UN bureaucrats as to warrant an investigation at this late hour. Corruption within the UN system in Nairobi could hardly have been something difficult to notice considering that it has been a usual topic for gossip and discussion at least in refugee circles in Nairobi.

This latest UN corruption scandal in Nairobi brings to one's mind the cruel and immoral nature of this mammoth organization when it comes to dealing with people in the failed state of Somalia. During the seventies and eighties, the UN was responsible for running a large aid programme in the former Somalia estimated at billions of US dollars in order to sustain the lives of hundreds of thousands of artificial refugees from eastern Ethiopia on Somaliland soil. While this huge assistance was being given, UN officials have known that the influx of people from Ethiopia was actually instigated by dictator Siyad Barre who promised them a better livelihood through UNHCR support. After arming them to the teeth, Barre however used those "refugees" to terrorize the local population or join his government's fight against the SNM [Somali National Movement] rebels. The "refugees" did so in great numbers and of course this has considerably contributed to the prolongation of the war of resistance and the suffering of the civilian population in Somaliland. It has also eventually led to the uprooting or flight of 2.5 million Somalilanders from their homeland to escape Barre's genocide. Somaliland, Feb. 26, 2001**

Do a Goggle Search on "UN Corruption." I got 4, 880,000 hits. Stories about Somalia, Nairobi, shredding documents, oil for money, and on and on.

**Shenwick, a career public servant who served at the U.S. mission to the U.N., was railroaded out of her position by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who didn't want to hear about U.N. financial corruption, including the loss of $3.9 million in cash left on a table in Somalia. Shenwick was locked out of her office and given the boot and her salary was terminated. She has been without a paycheck for four months as her legal counsel, Victoria Toensing, seeks justice in the case. Senator Charles Grassley has held up hearings on several Clinton Ambassadorial nominees until the State Department stops its punitive measures against Shenwick. American Survival.**

But according to accuser Kevin, John Bolton has "behavior problems" because he has raised his voice and yelled at some of his underlings. Is this the same Kevin that talks down to and makes fun of callers that disagree with him? The pot calling the kettle black.

The trouble is that this is not about John Bolton. It is about President Bush. No matter who he nominated, the catbirds would be out there with talking points designed to destroy the nominee. It would be so nice to have a strong leader at the UN for a change. Someone willing to stand up to the corruption at the UN, even if he isn't the perfect little diplomat. Strange that contrary to those on the left, Bolton was received well at the UN.


Who? Oh, the jerk down in Philly. Does any Philly fan really feel they need this distraction? Sorry. I am first a Steeler fan, and second an Eagle fan, but time to send a message to this guy. Let him stay at home. The team is a TEAM without him. Steelers and Eagle in the Superbowl-that would be cool. Let the games begin.

Keep the faith.