8-23-2005 This ain't Kansas anymore

The Islamic jihad is not a response to the war in Iraq; it is a religious war whose armies began forming in 1979 in Iran and Afghanistan and the West Bank and Gaza. Because the jihad is not about Iraq, its agendas -- which the left that never bothers itself about -- will not be satisfied by an American withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan, or an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. Instead it will be incited by them. Just as Arafat and the al-Aqsa murderers brigade were incited by the weakness shown by Clinton and Barak in offering concessions to people who want it all. When your enemy is determined to destroy you an olive branch is seen as weakness, something we should have learned once at for all at Munich, but never have.

The radical Islamist jihad is at war with the democracies of the West in Europe and the Middle East and America, and there is no way out of the war but to win it.--David Horowitz

You know, it's high time that somebody pulls the plug on the electronic septic tank known as Save My City. That site isn't as much political pundritry as it is the sociopathic rantings of a mental midget. It's about as thoughtful and constructive as it is childish. And it's overtly-simplistic violations of all known ethical reciprocity is approached only by it's yada, yada, yada content. It's become so completely embarrassing, it's no wonder the "author" of that meandering claptrap won't sign his or her name to it. It's really sad.

This is what passes as an internet post? Some anonymous cheapshot artist putting words in a politician's mouth?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Photo: (Not worthy of being uploaded) Jimmy May / Associated Press

What don't you understand? This is my city and I will ruin, I mean run it any way I want. Because I said so!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Q: Where is a Cop when you need one in this city?

A: Constantly trying to keep up with the call load.

The Wilkes-Barre police department is something that many people in this city take for granted, until they have to call 911. With only six patrol officers per shift, the police are literally constantly on the move. The men and women of the department are a dedicated and professional lot, who are critically understaffed. Many times on the police radio the call goes out to request officers for "code 88", basically asking the any of the officers on the current shift if they would be interested in working additional hours, overtime.

So why does the mayor make them the butt of a joke? Here is part of a story the TimesLeader (8/19/05) did on the upcoming 2006 bicentennial celebration party:

"When a woman in the audience suggested faux “keystone” cops be involved in the party to “arrest” revelers, the mayor joked, “We have them now.”

The flat joke elicited a moan from the crowd." The full story is here

With the brutal murder of an 87 year old woman last week and subsequent capture of the suspect, why would the mayor or any one for that matter make fun of his overworked police department?

Advice to the mayor, comedy should be funny!

To the officers of the WBPD, thanks for doing a thank-less job, some people appreciate your efforts.

With the brutal murder of an 87 year old woman last week and subsequent capture of the suspect, why would the mayor or any one for that matter make fun of his overworked police department?

What sort of scatterbrained illogic is that? Lighten up, cheesedick! Holy f**k! The mayor made fun of the police department? If only your parents had never met.

The mayor made fun of the police department? Hmmm...

Did he belittle them when they took receipt of the new police cruisers?

Did he belittle them when they took receipt of the new paddy wagon?

Was he mocking them when the well-overdue new roof was installed above headquarters?

How about the new HVAC system? Was that a slap in the face?

The freakin' steps on the west side of the building were finally repaired. Was he busting their balls with that overdue repair?

Was he making fun of them when he picked the new chief, someone who would go after the druggies rather than standing pat, someone who would not admonish the residents over the hookers, and someone not interested in harassing the folks parking at the YMCA?

Was he making fun of them when he hired 10 new officers earlier this year?

Was he making fun of them when he hired yet another new officer recently?

Was the resumption of the bike patrols punishment on his part?

Making fun of the police department? Cheesedick...get a f**king clue already. You couldn't be more wrong, more off base if you claimed that one and one divided by zero equals cold fusion. If you didn't already exist, Homer Simpson would have invented your persona so he'd have someone to scratch his balls with.

Who could have known that the closing of one rotted firehouse could cause psychosis among the agitated populace? (All twelve of them)

If you could produce a single Wilkes-Barre cop willing to talk sh*t on this mayor...I would be absolutely stunned.

As far as dealing with reality is concerned, Save My City has been factually neutered from the onset. It's time to pull the plug. Or at the very least, promote a new webmaster.

May I suggest that a fourth-grader be put in charge?

From that forum page of ours.

Cindy is to Chuck as____is to.......... -- Ethel Hozniak, 23:56:05 08/21/05 Sun [1]

Oh, honey, I know you missed me. It's been so long but I've been out on the road with moveon.org and its been such a great summer getting the word out.

Then, out of nowhere, Chuck Hagel goes and spreads the word for us. Good 'ol boy Republican Chuck goes and spews his "anti-American" hate.

Just a taste of what Chuck had to say in his home state of Nebraska: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The end result, he said, probably will be some form of Islamic republic. But there's a 50-50 chance Iraq will implode as Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds vie for power or autonomy.

Already, Iran exercises more influence in Iraq than the United States does, Hagel said.

"It's a pretty bleak picture," he said. "I'm sorry to give you such a report. But I owe you an honest assessment whether you agree with me or not." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now why would some Presidential aspirer start saying such things. I get the feeling that Chuck is going to get a voice mail telling him "Your either with us or against us."

Now if Chuck thinks we're looking at an Islamic state, what on Allah's green Earth happened to that democratic state my tax dollars were going to create.

What about freedom? All those other Islamic states don't have freedom so what would make Iraq any different.

And then Chuck goes and says that Iran has more influence than the U.S.

Markie, what the hell are we doing over there? What are those kids dying for? It sure as hell isn't so the terrorists don't come here because I just watched Hannity on the border and it's about as secure as S. Main St. in W-B.

Please, Zorcong, tell us how you'd kick some camel jockey ass!

I have to admit it. I did miss you, Sugar Buns. How was Crawford? And Joan Baez? Wow! It must have felt just like the good old days when you disallusioned commie youth hung around the airports hoping to get the chance to spit on returning Vietnam veterans. Did y'all get high, bang a few bongos, recite peace poems and then love the one you're with? FAR OUT!!!

I'm curious. Now that your MoveOn.org breatheran have risen above calling their political opponents Nazis, exactly what word is that whack-job magnet of an outfit getting out? Are they still doing the 'War for Oil' bit? Wait! Wait! Tell me they're not still doing that Afghan pipeline conspiracy theory of theirs? Dumb stoners. That Clinton brokered deal with the Taliban fell apart in 1998. Ah, what the heck? Blame it on Bush. Whatever works when you're prone to smoking hollowed-out potatoes.

Here's the gig, Sugar Buns. It doesn't matter what I'd do, for, you see, I'm not calling the shots. Let's just suffice it to say I was a bit disappointed with the "Shock & Awe" campaign. Throughout the troubled history of Islam, it's undeniable that the only thing the most radical of the Islamists respect is brute force. And they've already gone on the record as saying we're a "paper tiger." Still wanna cut and run?

And Hagel? He's entitled to his opinion. It's a republican thing where the members of the party can disagree amongst themselves, completely unlike the democratic party in which the talking points of the day are adhered to as if issued by a ruling cleric. "Gravitas," anyone?

Honestly, I think the Iraqis will surprise you once again. Let's revisit your prediction of the Iraqi elections, shall we?

I'm looking for Allawi in a landslide with all 100 votes counted from the Green Zone voting booth.

They tallied 8 million votes. You couldn't have been more wrong if you tried. And camel jockeys? Your ugly side is showing again. Fact is, you don't think those people can handle freedom, or some form of democracy because deep down in side, you think they are inferior to the likes of you. I think they'll surprise you again. In other words, you'll be wrong again you closet bigot.

And say what you want about that Texan that has you and your ilk all out of sorts and frothing at the mouth, but he believed all along that the Iraqis were up to the challenge of self-determination. Quite frankly, so do I.

What are those kids dying for?

If you haven't figured it out by now, you never will.

Good to hear from you, though.

You're a trip when you're not tokin' up.

After getting our official credentials, we headed off to Friday prayers. Security was very tight around the stadium of Tehran University where the faithful assemble for Namaze Jumeh or Friday Prayers. We surrendered all metallic objects after going through a series of metal detectors. I was subjected to an upper body search, triggered by a cash pouch around my waist. (The interest on credit cards is against Islamic doctrine and therefore, one carries and pays in cash.) Then we were escorted to the press balcony.

The stadium was hung with banners. One translated, "We shall always support the Palestinians." Another, "Resistance against the conspiracies of America and Israel will disappoint them to predominate over Iran's nation." This phrase is attributed to "the grand, great leader." Bit by bit, the stadium filled until 10,000 worshipers created a sea partially of white and black turbans (the black represents the Seyed or direct descendent of the prophet Mohammed) pale and dark shirts. Chanting echoed throughout the building. Government officials fill the front rows. Military arrived in groups, in the belief that their prayers will be answered in multiples. Many, as simple conscripts, seemed less focused on the proceedings. And behind them, the sea of the devout.

The opening sermon was delivered by a low-level cleric, Ayatollah Mesbehi, and focused on economic morality. With every bow, and only backs showing, the bodies of worshipers created the illusion of an undulating Persian carpet. The women were sequestered in an entirely separate area, all but unseen from the press balcony. The hard-line cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati arrived to deliver his sermon. He leads the six-man Guardian Council, the controversial and largely considered fundamentalist body that governs state decisions over and above those made by the president or parliament (Majlis). In an apparently direct targeting of centrist candidate Rafsanjani, he preached against the dangers of nepotism in government. Rafsanjani was known to employ many of his relatives in his cabinets, and represented a power and following that directly threatened that of the Guardian Council.

As Jannati transitioned toward international policy, he reminded what was largely considered a reluctant voting public that every vote is a shout of death to America. He goaded the crowd to join the chanting calls for "Death to Israel!", "Death to America!" Ten thousand strong of voice. I was struck by the familiar: a cleric guiding his followers in their politics, and toward particular candidates away from others. It has been my observation that this kind of invective speech is common, not only in Iran but in the Arab states as well. According to many with whom I spoke, it had always been clear from the Iranian point of view, that the call is related to American foreign policy and does not intend to target the death of the American people. However, when the supposed purpose of a 10,000-person rally is in the prayer and scruples of Islam, I can say that as an American (a half Jew, by the way), the chant demeans both intent and any religion that aspires to a core of love and reduces it to a cheap political threat of violence.--Sean Penn, 8/21/2005

...does not intend to target the death of the American people???

The only man that ever punched-out Madonna tells us that Americans are not targeted for death when the assembled crowds scream, "Death to America!" on cue.

Maybe Bush should have nominated him to be the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

From the e-mail inbox Hey I just got back from vacation and was reading up at your site.

For the record- my dislike of Santorum has nothing to do with him being a man of faith. I am a Democrat you know. I also have a nice little autographed photo of him here at the abode. Actually, I find him to be a nice person face to face ..I just disagree with his politics, not his religion. I was born and raised Catholic.

Secondly- concerning power in Iraq...thought you might want to read the latest I heard on the situation on NBC News. Here's a transcript of the report:

MIKE BOETTCHER, NBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Power is everything in Baghdad. Electrical, not political, that is. With everything else that makes daily life a daily challenge here. Bombs, trigger-happy security forces, and sporadic running water. Power is by far issue number one.

In the central market where the dull roar of commerce pierces the hot, heavy air, the busiest man around is the generator mechanic. Two years after the U.S. began its occupation of Iraq, reliable sufficient electrical power is nonexistent for hours a day for most in Baghdad.

U.S. efforts to build new generating plants and prevent insurgent attacks on the power grid have so far failed. The problem dominates every aspect of life. This man, like his neighbor, was forced to buy a small generator, only big enough to run a couple of fans. It stopped running again and he has been waiting hours to get it fix.

My day is like any other Iraqi citizen's day, he says. It starts bad and gets worse.

Just as it does for this policeman, who after spending hours in 130-degree heat, trying to unsnarl Baghdad's unruly traffic, finds no respite at the end of the day.

We suffer from the heat all day long on the street, he says, and when we get back home, we find the same thing. There is no electicity. Without electricity to power the fans, this kitchen is an oven. A testament to the heat. Her candles, well, wilted. Using the only reliable way of cooling down, she and her husband explained that it doesn't get any better after sunset when the temperatures are still above 90 degrees. We don't sleep on the roof because it is too dangerous. Too many stray bullets, she explains. Then there are the choppers. They are too noisy. I'm using pills to sleep.

No wonder tempers flare. No sleep at night, no rest during the day, there are lines to stand in. A government employee waited three hours to buy gas for his car. The former tyrant is gone, he said, referring to Saddam Hussein, but it is replaced by another, inefficient one.

In a cranky and sweltering Baghdad, it looks like only an early winter can end the summer of discontent.


Hope you and the family are well.


Yeah, I guess it really was almost unfair to lump you in with the grumpy old leftist. But, you cannot deny the obvious fact that he loathes those of devout faith. Well, Americans of devout faith, that is. They're drooling knuckle-draggers. He's stated that very plainly many times over. Funny how those washed-up tennis players are so smart, heyna?

Then again, you don't exactly muzzle the guy who stands for nothing, but who goes well out of his way to mock those who do. And I have no dog in this hunt. I could care less about Rick Santorum. And I view all religions as little more than crutches for the folks that feel they need one. No biggie. They do what they gotta do and I don't do what I don't gotta do.

Now, lemme see if I've got this straight. (???) You say you disagree with Rick Santorum's politics. That's rich coming from someone who readily admits to being a card-carrying democrat. Do you happen to disagree with Ted Kennedy's embarrassing politics? He wasn't drunk as a skunk when that young girl he wanted to boink drowned. Right? Or how about Hillary's revisionist politics? She's got a hammer & sickle for a heart, but she's running so fast towards the center, it's enough to cause the surrounding buildings to lose small pieces of brick. Jim Jeffords is the kind of man I could trust. Barney Frank is nifty and all when he's not renting out boys as sex toys. How about Barbara Boxer? She's enough to make San FranFreakShow seem normal by comparion. And whatever happened to Nancy Pelosi? Talk about a friggin' leightweight that brings absolutely nothing to the table. I wouldn't hire her to shave my dog's behind. And please, please explain to me how it feels to be lead into political battle by a raving lunatic such as Howard Dean. And John Kerry? He's a walking, talking sleeping pill. Patrick Leahy? We've got as many people in this county as he has in his entire state! Tom Daschle? I can't help but to think he inspired a few Devo songs somewhere along the way.

I'm just a spud boy...lookin' for that real tomato!

And what's up with Jimmy Carter--Mr. Iranian Revolution himself--sitting with Michael Moore-on at the convention? Did that make you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable? Wanna discuss the hero of the dems, one Bill Clinton? History will be very, very, very, very unkind to this risk-averse redneck turned Marxist who happened to possess the oratory skills of a giant in the age of pussified political correctness.

I feel your pain. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what a compassionate sexual predator posing as an upstanding Democrat.

You disagree with Santorum's politics?

Sorry, but I'm having trouble featuring that.

Thanks entirely to your loosely-knit political coalition, people of faith have become regular targets for unending abuse and scorn, while the people who regularly seek out fecal matter with their tongues have been elevated far beyond victimhood to near hero status. Admit it. If it's illegal, immoral, disgusting and fattening...it's the Democrat's next cause celeb. Basically, your party, your movement, has made right wrong, and wrong right. Typical clueless progressives. Tell me, exactly where are we progressing to?

Electricity in Iraq?

Here we go again.

Now it's generators? First, there was no electricity. Now, well, it's they do have electricity, but only after they loot the local Grand Rental Station franchise when the GIs go to sleep? What's next? They have been reduced to eating Play Dough over Angel Hair pasta for a lack of food? Did you happen to notice that the great majority of the 'no electricity' stories happen to emanate from Baghdad? Why might that be? Millions upon millions of people residing in a city that had a severely failing infrastructure long before the M1/A1s rolled into town, and long before the Jihadists saw to it that the nation's largest city should be treated to a steady diet of sabotage?

What? No mention of the fact that international flights have resumed at Basra's airport? How are they managing that? With gas-powered generators? Or did George Soros donate four billion dollars worth of Duracells? Maybe the flight attendants on those flights are rubbing two sticks together to cook the in-flight dinners? Rather than using radar arrays and landing lights, maybe they're lighting an oil well on fire to serve as beacons for the incoming pilots.

And if satellite dishes really are the craze they've been reported to be, maybe those two fans aren't all that important afterall. And then there's the enterprising folks going door-to-door throughout Baghdad selling pirated DVDs. I guess Donald Rumsfeld ordered the right-wing bloggers to invent them so as to hide the fact that Iraqis have been reduced to squeezing grains of sand in a nutcracker to produce a few drops of water, or rubbing donated balloons on the walls to produce some semblence of electricity.

With all due respect, Iraq happens to be a war zone that previously suffered through years upon years upon years of neglect in the first place. I know your vaccuous sidekick likes to claim that we bombed that country back to the stone age every chance he gets, but the fact is, the no-fly zones were well north of, and well south of Baghdad. Basically, we didn't need to do much of anything to make Baghdad and Bedrock nearly identical.

But...but, it's a quagmire. CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, "Duke from Dallas," and "Kurt from Hempton" have all said as much over and over and over and over again to the point of absurdity. It's Vietnam all over again. Gotcha. If it'll swing the polls to your side of the aisle, keep on repeating it. And if doing so will swing the tide toward empowering that loose coalition of fractured groups you happen to identify with, knock yourself out. Hopefully, more babies will have their brains sucked out after the '08 elections. And hopefully, manger scenes will be replaced by billboards advertising anal plugs. Heather will have three Mommies that look and sound like steel workers. And all men everywhere will finally be emasculated by federal decree. We'll apologize to all of the victimized terrorists everywhere and offer them reparations and a skyscraper of their choice to topple at will. Oh, and my entire paycheck, not most of it, will be confiscated to help those of your political stripe too stupid or too lazy to help themselves. Christ! These are people that have admitted that they're too completely stupid to vote without a chaperone, a U.N. observer, and Jimmy Carter holding their shaking hands. You know, the downtrodden, woe-is-us socialist Democrats. And Rick Santorum's politics are a problem? You're joshin' me. Right?

Close your eye's and tap your heels together three times and say, "There's no place like Vietnam. There's no place like Vietnam. There's no place like Vietnam." This ain't Kansas anymore, and iffin' you're real lucky, you'll wake up at Kent State circa the good old protest days and the grumpy old leftist can do the play-by-play while he grapples with a pin joint and a Zippo. Again!!!

The family and myself are well. Thanx for asking. You know I zero in almost everyday, so I know your clan is fine as well. Good. Trust me, I know you're a quality person, but you and I seem to be sitting in the opposite bleachers of opposite stadiums.

No biggie. It's actually kind of interesting to watch a once powerful nation eat it's own guts while spiraling down from that dizzying apex. The terrorists are plotting our eventual economic demise, while those long-frustrated commies are laughing about how easy it was to indoctrinate people that had no idea they were being indoctrinated in the first place. Enjoy the imported plasma TV while you still can. Give the kids an extra kiss on the head every now and again. It's all downhill from here if people of your ilk eventually prevail. If we're real, real lucky, abortions will far outpace those damned live births and we'll kill ourselves off without a single suitcase nuke being deployed. Besides, we need those sumbitchin' stem cells and we need them now!

This ain't Kansas anymore.

God damn right it ain't!

Rick Santorum ruined it for all of us.

In a single lifetime, many of you have seen liberty spread from Germany and Japan to Eastern Europe to Latin America to Southeast Asia and Africa and beyond. The generation of men and women who defend our freedom today is taking its rightful place among the heroes of our nation's history.--CrawDubya

Is it just me, or are all ya'll clearly expecting a David Letterman-produced top ten list of people Pat Robertson thinks we should assasinate?

The 700 Club has spoken. Er, Maroons R Us has spoken.

Let us pray.