9-15-2005 Random stuff

I don't know Ms. Carey, but from what I've read and heard she seems like a sincere person who felt strongly about her cause. I certainly admire her passion and the effort she put in into her cause.--Patrick Rushton, Mountaintop

I've had five different people send me the same link in the past few days. That's not something that happens all that often. Anyway, it's definately worth a visit:

This Will Make You Proud

The Kings and Wilkes kids are being welcomed back to Wilkes-Barre for the second consecutive year.

From the e-mail inbox Just wanted to comment on this article from the Times Leader. This guy was in charge of Crime Watch and quits because of lack of police attendance in their meetings. WELL DUH.... I take that as a positive sign that the police are doing their jobs and are too busy fighting the crime! I don't even live in WB and I know the police department is shorthanded. This person seems to be shooting themselves in the foot! Quitting is not going to get the group anywhere.

I agree. Well, sort of. I mean, assuming someone is committed to improving their city, or their tiny piece of it; this guy's decision to quit the entire program almost smacks of someone who wanted more attention than he got. On the other hand, I don't think it's too much to ask for a police liasion to meet with these people, although, with our situation being what it is in this city, maybe meeting once a month is a bit too frequent. At one time, we had ourselves, like, seventeen separate crime watch groups in this city. I'm not sure how many are still operating. But, having to attend 17 separate meetings a month sounds like a drain on police resources to me. Maybe the crime watchers could restructure thinks just a tad. I don't know.

Although, being painfully honest about things, these crime watchers once demanded that I remove a link to their web site from my main page. It seems that some of them took serious offense to my obvious propensity for bashing their, then, hero, one Mayor Tom McGroarty. He never missed a crime watch meeting on his watch. He cared. (?) He allowed our police force to twindle to the point where the entire force could car-pool to work in a f**king Yugo, but he took the time out to pretend that he actually cared about the crime watcher's concerns. Needless to say, not all of our crime watchers have ever been accused of designing rockets in their spare time.

Our local version, (whatever their name was) The Concerned Citizens of North End, or some such thing, were to McGroarty what a warm mouth amounts to for a horny john soliciting hookers. Whatever he happened to spew forth, they swallowed it hook, line and sinker, all the while denying the obvious, which was that under McG's hapless rule, our police department's manpower was slashed by 25%. What a waste of perfectly good hot air all of that was. They'd report the suspicious persons, and he'd see to it that our, then, shadow police department took care of them. And the f**king crime watchers were pissed at me?

Repeat after me: What-f**king-ever.

But, again, if the politicos still have complete faith in all of this crime watching stuff, then they need to see to it that those groups are heard on a regular basis by the armed folks they are trying to assist. Like I said, maybe some sort of reorganization of the remaining scheduled meetings needs to take place. Talk to Charlotte. All I know is, if the advance scouts have no one to report back to, what's the point of sending the scouts out in the first place?

I grabbed the following story from the Leader, but before getting into it remember that Sweet Valley has no police force to speak of. None.

Sweet Valley is one of those rarest of places where you can ingest six, maybe eight gallons of Uncle Jiggy's rot-gut, rape the neighbors bovines, and still have more than enough time to sober up before the state police finally arrive on scene.

Welcome to the big city, Hoby. Better sober up, boy. That mayonnaise farm ain't gonna up and operate itself.

Posted on Thu, Sep. 15, 2005

Sweet Valley man claims police abuse

Times Leader staff

WILKES-BARRE – A Sweet Valley man has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, police and two officers he claims beat him during an arrest on a charge of public drunkenness.

Leonard Morris of Broadway Road says officers Al Rodriguez and Duane Price hit him and threw him to the ground even though he offered no resistance and had committed no crime, according to the suit filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

The suit, filed by attorney Elliot Edley of Wilkes-Barre, says Morris was in the vicinity of 15 S. Main St. with several friends around 4 p.m. when officers the “brutally attacked” him. The officers cited him for public drunkenness although he gave them no cause or reason to do so, according to the suit.

The suit does not detail the injuries Morris alleges he suffered or provide further details. Morris is seeking more than $50,000 for each of 10 counts.

Police Chief Gerry Dessoye could not be reached for comment Tuesday or Wednesday.

Outstanding, man! That ought to be worth, at least, a couple of free pizzas. Now I'm gonna be praying to be picked for jury duty.

(Sobbing) You see, you honor, I was merely helping an elderly woman across the street when these two deranged cops attacked me for absolutely no reason. They kept yelling, "Death to rednecks,!" while they kicked me repeatedly and then urinated my dead mama's rosary beads. I've had nightmares ever since, and I cry all day. I lost my job, my wife and all 300 acres. I'm at my wits end.

Can I be the jury foreman? Can I? Can I? Can I?

I'm fully aware of the fact that they didn't shoot this guy, but there's always next time. Heyna?

If you don't want to risk being shot:

"(1) Don't commit violent crimes. It seems elementary, but this rule is lost on many. They do the crime, get shot, and then wonder how it could possibly happen. They whine that it is so unfair. Well, Slick, violent crime, like jumping in front of moving cars, is just a high-risk occupation, and, in case you missed it, committing violent crime makes police officers think you might not be a good person.

(2) If you ignore rule No. 1, and the police confront you, don't run away from them. I know it's hard to believe, but that may make them think you're guilty of something. Hiding in bushes or closets makes some cops (mostly older ones) very nervous. They might even foolishly conclude that you're up to no good.

(3) If you disregard rules 1 and 2, and the cops catch up with you anyway and inform you that you are under arrest, don't make fast movements with your hands. I know it sounds silly, but grabbing a shiny beer can, a dark-colored wallet, or one of those snazzy and real-looking replica guns may make police officers mistakenly believe that you are about to hurt them.

(4) If you disregard rules 1, 2, and 3, and manage to get what looks like a deadly weapon into your hands, don't point it at the cops. We all know that you're basically a nice person, but that may be lost on the police officers confronting you. In their paranoia, they may even believe they need to protect themselves.

(5) If you disregard rules 1, 2, 3, and 4, don't be astonished if the cops do not instantly turn into your personal confidantes. They may be too preoccupied to realize that you're normally a splendid person and that you're just having a bad day. They may also be too preoccupied to see that when you point a weapon at them in a threatening manner, it is just your way of crying out for help.

We both know that the whole problem can be traced to the fact that your mother didn't breast feed you, but some police officers are so cynical they just don't see it. So, there you have it. If you really apply yourself and obey even some of the rules listed above, I bet you'll avoid the vast majority of police gunfire."

Yet another public service provided by moi.

The latest on the G.A.R. girl's volleyball team. Well...they dropped to oh and four. And Nanticoke has this big chickie topping out at 6' 3", so asking an undersized team to control her act would be a bit much too much to expect. Plus, GAR suffered the ultimate indignity during the last set when they lost 25-0 and never broke the Nanticoke serve. Yup. The same chick served-up 25 straight points. Ouch.

I was tied-up shopping and whatnot for my grand-niece's rapidly approaching 1st birthday party, so I was not able to attend tonight's sporting event. Despite the grim results, Coach Cour seemed kind of non-plussed by it all. And I found that kind of curious with the 25-point Nanticoke marathon and all. After a few brief sporting asides and whatever, I eventually discovered why.

It seems that after Nanticoke had had their way with GAR and the opposite camps were sharing niceties after the fact, the Nanticoke coach (having many more years experience coaching than Ebon has) had some uplifting things to say to Ebon. Despite everything that had just transpired on the court, she told Ebon that this was the best-coached GAR volleyball team she had laid eyes on in many a year. What a great gesture on her part. Ebon and her team had just gotten their butts handed to them, and yet, Ebon cannot wait to drill her troops again. I don't even know this lady's name, but she's obviously a class act. Now that she's crossed GAR off of the list, I will have to root for her team from here on out.

The following blurb appeared in The Times Leader today:

Court? Ebon's entire name, first name and last, consists entirely of eight friggin' letters. Is it way too much to ask that newspaper reporters get it right?


Next up? Meyers at GAR, Tuesday night.

Keep those sickly-looking toes crossed.

I found this 'letter to the editor' in today's Voice. Where have you heard this spiel before?

Denise Carey had good idea taken over by agenda of others


they should be helping her pay her legal bill.


It is really a shame that Denise Carey allowed her efforts to keep a fire house in the Heights section of Wilkes-Barre to fall under the influence of some individuals whose motives had nothing to do with the safety and well-being of Heights residents.

I don't know Ms. Carey, but from what I've read and heard she seems like a sincere person who felt strongly about her cause. I certainly admire her passion and the effort she put in into her cause.

While her motives were quite genuine, it seems in her zeal to win her case she allowed the effort to be corrupted by individuals with their own political agendum. Rebuffed by voters in recent elections, these people latched onto the "Save our Fire House" movement and tried to use it to change the city charter, hoping to gain a political advantage in future elections. Their Machiavellian efforts resulted in a flawed petition being dismissed by the court and Ms. Carey saddled with an $11,000 bill.

Instead of condemning Mayor Tom Leighton for acting responsibly to defend the city charter and the rights of all its residents, these people should be reaching into their pockets to help Ms. Carey pay that tab. After all, if it were not for their interference she probably would not be in this mess.

Patrick Rushton
Mountain Top

And despite the Save My City web site basically having gone into hibernation since Judge Conahan went and flipped-out, there have been two new comments posted by visitors to that site. They are as follows:

Anonymous said...

The Carey's need your help financially and emotionally. They were there for your cause. Where are you people in their time of need?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, ya'll were quick to abandon the Careys. What happened to the "fight to the end" rhetoric? This is why you have no credibility. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I happen to wholeheartedly agree with those sentiments. Where is the highly-visible movement to assist her? Where are the Heights folks now? I have no idea what the odds are against her winning on appeal, but I really expected to see something spontaneous happen up there. Where are you people? Maybe she over-estimated her support, but she did fight the good fight and then some. Will no one take the lead and assist her now? I stand amazed.

If need be, I'll freaking do it! Sponsor me to the tune of so many cents per lap, and I'll circle Public Square on my bike until I puke up copious amounts of blood and topple over, only to be robbed blind by the idiots that Al Rodriguez and Duane Price didn't quite impress yet.

I really don't think the private donations are going to get it done. Does anyone even care? Whatever, man. Pledge a few pennies per lap and I'll friggin' do it. No one else seems to want to. So much for sticking your neck out and getting involved.

Send in your pledges, people. I am always up for yet another biking adventure.

I absolutely hate what eventually became of the 'Save the Firehouse' movement. But an inch below the surface of my skin, I also hate what became of one of it's leaders.

Does anyone else?

Thar she blows!

Gotta go.