4-7-2004 al-DNC

They shut a newspaper that belongs to a legitimate voice in Iraq.

Well, let me ... change the term 'legitimate.' It belongs to a voice ó because he has clearly taken on a far more radical tone in recent days and aligned himself with both Hamas and Hezbollah, which is a sort of terrorism.--John "F" Kerry, from an NPR interview on Tuesday.

WHOOPS! A Shiite imam's newspaper, al-Hawza, was inciting attacks against coalition forces, and Kerry calls that a "legitimate voice?" So what is bin Laden's voice? The voice of reason? Our president is a liar, but the commanders of the rocket-propelled carrying faithful are legitimate voices. Kerry did promise to take the war on terror in a new direction. Try straight to the U.N. and then directly to hell.

Heinz/Kerry again, when asked if he supported al-Sadr's arrest.

Not if itís an isolated act without the other kinds of steps necessary to change the dynamics on the ground in Iraq. If all we do is make war against the Iraqi people and continue an American occupation, fundamentally, without a clarity as to who and how sovereignty is being turned over, we have a very serious problem for the long run here. And I think this administration is just walking dead center down into that trap.

Make war against the Iraqi people and continue an American occupation? Is that what we're doing over there? This boob sounds like al-Sadr's press secretary, rather than a U.S. Senator at a time of war and when numerous threats against our soil are emanating from abroad.

I know we've got the election looming on the horizon, but these Dems and their daily vitriolic anti-Bush, anti-war talking points are reckless demogoguery that is decidedly devisive by design. They are obviously meant to denude the prez of any remaining credibilty he may still have, but they also serve to disspirit the average folks, as well as our folks doing the fighting. During the past year, the Dems have made it a point to highlight to the point of shrillness their shared opinion that he has not done a single thing right since taking office and that's just fine and dandy. Politics is a tough game. Especially when the opposite side prefers telling yarns and making unprovable accusations to pointing out what they could do better.

I'm not stupid enough to suggest that a war time president should be above criticism, but these tiresome millionaire prisses, this ratpack of pompous drones ought to at least fake a bit of solidarity while the docs at Dover Air Force base are busily doing the forensics on some of our returning soldiers. Some of these dull-witted, power-drunk spewers of useless rhetoric and little else have actually attempted a bit of unconscionable meddling for political points while the bullets are still flying. Lately, Kerry and Kennedy sound as if they're suffering the ill effects of some recessive genes that lead to unpleasant diseases that are peculiar to inbreeding.

Instead of lowering the morale of our troops, tell us what you'd do differently if given the chance. Instead of attempting to coerce public opinion by spewing and possibly leading us into even more of a morass, tell us what you'd do differently if given the chance. Instead of encouraging our enemies by dividing us at the worst possible time, tell us what you'd do differently if given the chance. A faxed and previously agreed upon consensus among the members of one political party is not proof that they possess the better plan of attack. And by no means is abject mendacity a substitute for astute leadership.

The terrorists of the world fantasize aloud about exploding pesticide-laced bombs in our malls, among other busy places, and Dubya has hung his presidency on his pledge to stop them from doing so. For that the terrorists want him dead. As of late, I can't differentiate the mostly hateful terrorist rhetoric from the Dems bombastic rhetoric that borders on hate. The future martyrs of the world will do whatever it takes to take Bush out. So will the Dems. They have a lot in common these days. And they employ many of the same tactics: Lies, deceit, and downright treachery.

I've never seen anything like this. I was a kid when 'Nam was raging and I missed much of the politics of that period. When the news hits that another three, or four of our brave kids were tagged and bagged and sent home to Mom with a folded flag, I honestly get the feeling that the Democrats look forward to the latest polling numbers with barely bridled excitement. I really do. They have completely politicized a war. If our troops do well and come home safe and sound, that's great news for us all, and even better news for Bush. If our troops do well, but come home killed and maimed in record-setting numbers, that's bad news for us, but great news for the Democrats. That's where they've taken this and I don't like being taken there.

When we should be pulling togther, we're being polarized as much as possible. Instead of putting on a facade, a united front of sorts, the folks that covet that White House with every fiber of their being offer us nothing but further burdensome vituperation and upsettances. And our enemies are loving to death.

And I think this administration is just walking dead center down into that trap.

Yeah. That's why the terrorists converging on Iraq still believe that the "Mogadishu Strategy" can work yet. They are counting on clueless politicos such as Kerry to divide us and incrementally lessen our resolve to the point where we demand that our troops be pulled out of harms way. It's not so much that the populace doesn't have the stomach for war, it's the politicians that don't have the smarts for waging it. And Kerry and his pals are playing right into our enemies hands. The war on terror will be won or lost based solely on public opinion in this country. And based on the many ill-advised comments coming from Kerry & Company, they don't care about the war. Not really. Their only concern seems to be the war on the White House.

20 dead Marines today? Gee whiz! Goody! Goody! I'll betcha Kerry gets a bounce in the polls as a result. Those legitimate voices in Iraq aligned with both Hamas and Hezbollah are doing a great job. Well, that is to say if you're a Democrat.

But not if you're wearing anything made of Kevlar.

From the e-mail inbox:

*******Hillary Clinton goes to her doctor for a physical, only to find out that she's pregnant. She is furious... Here she's in the middle of her first term as Senator of New York and this has happened to her.

She calls home, gets Bill on the phone, and immediately starts screaming; "How could you have let this happen? With all that's going on right now, you go and get me pregnant! How could you? I can't believe this! I just found out I am five weeks pregnant and it is all your fault! Your fault! Well, what have you got to say?"

There is nothing but dead silence on the phone. She screams again, "Did you hear me?" Finally she hears Bill's very, very quiet voice.

In a barely audible whisper, he says,

"Who is this?"*******

PRESIDENT CLINTON OF THE USA: When you rearrange the letters (With no letters left over and using each letter only once):


Somebody check that.

Lil' Dallas, a Wilkes-Barre resident, made her first ever trip to see the Big Bunny.

That's a big freakin' bunny. I wonder if he plays for the Washington Generals when he's not on the Pamper circuit.

Did anyone see the SAYSO today claiming that folks living in Wilkes-Barre Housing Authority units don't have to recycle??? Huh? That's odd. Then why do all of the folks at O'Karma Terrace have both the white and green recycling bins? SAYSO. What are ya gonna do?

What was up with all of the broken bats in the Mets/Braves game last night. Holy frig! I've never seen so many shatter all over the place. Did they switch to using Taipai Sluggers or something?

What's going on with our vaunted traffic signal system as of late? Goofed-up traffic signals seem to be a regular occurance based on the scanner land traffic. Are we going to learn that McG left us yet another expensive mistake to have to fix?

The word is that Air Products is going to be fined for not securing that behemoth of an air exchanger with enough duct tape and rubber bands. Just busting on ya, Dude. You know who you are.

What? No Braves on the video advertising box tonight? No matter. With those newly imported bats of theirs, they probably don't stand a chance anyway. I'll check out O'Reilly.