5-25-2004 Got cojones?

Whoa! Come on, man. We're starting to come apart at the seems here just a bit. Who posted this hogwash on my f**king forum page? Let's go! Fess up. I want your name. I want your number. I want your Girder & Panels set.

This is BULLS$$T -- BULLS$$T, 14:18:39 05/25/04 Tue [1]

Can I ask a question? Why is it so important now that we all put our names down on here? Last year it was a different story, now we want names for any thing posted to have any significance. Last year it was A OK to be anonymous to vent and give our points of view but now it's NOT ????

If memory serves me, the reason that anonymity was the rage at one time was because the VLP (Vindictive Little Prick) would come down like a lead balloon (Led Zeppelin) on anyone who dared to question his divine providence. 'Member those horrible days? Gloriously, May 20, 2003 came and went and some stopped clinging to said anonymity. November 4 (?), 2003 expired and still others cast off their cloaking devices. Others didn't. And I can understand why to some degree. Some may have more to lose than others. Maybe some just don't trust any politicos, not matter who the heck they are. And some may simply be spineless cowards. Whatever.

After Tom Leighton took office, I thought the day had finally arrived when people would be willing to attach a name to their often caustic comments. Judging from what I've seen on the forum page as of late, it is obvious that I was mistaken. Won't be the last time.

You know, Tom Leighton owns a cell phone. He also has a phone in his home, as well as in his office at city hall. And guess what? Some of us touch base with him on occasion. If you wish to chew him a new one-get in line. But if you'd prefer to chew him a new one on the internet and post some completely pussy-whipped e-mail moniker such as pissed@pissed.com, you've got to live with the fact that everyone that reads your post probably thinks you're a pussy. I'm not trying to flip 'yer fargin' lid. I'm just telling it like it is.

I don't think our new mayor would react to criticism, deserved or otherwise, in the same manner that our former mayor did, so why the anonymous posts at this point. I'll share a true story with you.

Jeez, probably two years ago, somebody sent me an e-mail that more or less accused Tom Leighton of being a slumlord. I knew the sender and he had comments posted on the site previous to that that were right on the mark. I posted his comments about Leighton even though I suspected they might be off-base. Why? Because I was being accused of being the Rush Limbaugh of Wilkes-Barre that would accept only comments (calls, if you will) that served to further my pro-Leighton "agenda." As you may have suspected, the accusation that Leighton was a slumlord was not only incorrect, but totally debunked after Leighton called the sender on the telephone. As it shook down, I posted very late that night. I was beat and I neglected to replace the sender's name with my customary XXXXXXs. That was the first and last time that ever happened.

The sender's initial reaction was to lash out at me and demand an explanation as to why I did that to him. I explained to him that it was simply an oversight caused by fatigue and I quickly apologized. He accepted my apology and pointed out that Leighton called him and cleared up the confusion about who owned the building in question. Trust me, I was very happy to hear that professionalism ruled the day on that particular day. Imagine my dilemma if the sender claimed that Leighton threatened to have him entombed in an end zone at Giant's Stadium.

Would we be better served to post anonymous comments ripping the mayor and his intentions, or would we be better served to state our opinions and have him react to them if and when he feels that he needs to? Seriously?

Let's try one.

MadAsHell@ScaredAsHell.com: ARGH!!!!

Tom Leighton is a no good, goll dern, baseball card stealing, newt murdering, son-of-a-bitchin'...

Let's try another.

Zorcong@aol.com: ARGH!!!!

Tom Leighton is a no good, goll dern, baseball card stealing, newt murdering, son-of-a-bitchin'...

Anyone notice the difference? Cojones anyone?

Ambrose Meletsky has big cojones and he's not lying next to Jimmy Hoffa. Christine Katsock has something akin to large cojones and she's not floating in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in a smallish, nondescript suitcase. Walter Griffith, God bless his soul, has bloated cojones and he hasn't been backed over ten times by any of our garbage packers that still run. I'm assuming that at least one of the four haven't been ditched in WILK's parking lot.

Yeah, some of those folks may have some sort of axe to grind, but there are others who were not frightened by our former bully. Oops! Former mayor. And just in case anyone has forgotten, some of them were city employees. Does a picture titled "Hose Dudes for Leighton" come to mind?

And what about the many residents that dared to stare down the previous mayor? Have any of them been found wearing Sakrete Reeboks? Joe Matteo? Still running around the city covered with paint. Chris Balardi? Still doing his "Green Acres" gig the last I heard. Donna K (serious spelling issues) is still cutting hair in South Wilkes-Barre. Moi? Still stirring things up.

Let's revisit a recent posting from the forum page.

Just Call Larry -- 4metou, 10:35:24 05/14/04 Fri [1]

Gosh Mark the way you talk about this hosedude Larry he must be a Jack-of-all-trades......Does he ever spend time with his family if he has one...I need some yard work done maybe i can give him a call.

You wanna know why I like and respect Larry, other than the fact that he'll do what he can to help anyone? I respect him because you know his freakin' name. He, unlike most of our city residents, has some serious cojones.

Now analogize pissed@pissed.com's efforts and screwed@screwed.com's comments to Larry's efforts or my prolific commentaries, and you should get the idea.

It's all about cojones. If you've got something constructive to add to the mix-use your name. If you want to attack our mayor on the internet-affix your name to your comments.

The King is dead and happily, he has been replaced by a likeable and approachable mayor. Approach him. Do it. After doing so, you'll probably be glad that you did.

Got cojones?

Hey! John "F" Kerry! If you were in charge of the War on Terror, how would you prosecute it?

I'd provide better leadership. I'd do it better. I'd do it smarter. I'd ask the United Nations to do it for me. I'd stick my finger into the gusting winds and do whatever it took...

Thanks a lot! 'Nuff said.

Kerry's Stalinist Slogan

By Insight Magazine
Insightmag.com | May 24, 2004

Insiders say John Kerry has settled on "Let America Be America Again" as the motto and theme of his presidential campaign. The line comes from a Langston Hughes poem Kerry quoted at an NAACP event in Kansas. Apparently the pedantic St. Paul's and Yale graduate didn't bother to note that it was written for an International Workers Order (IWO) pamphlet called A New Song. The IWO was an officially cited affiliate of the Communist Party, and Hughes was so committed a Stalinist that he formally endorsed the Bolshevik purges.

Then there is Langston Hughes' poem "Goodbye Christ," written for the (Communist) Negro Worker. It starts:

Listen Christ,
You did alright in your day, I reckon --
But that day's gone now.
They ghosted you up a swell story, too.
Called it Bible -- but it's dead now. ...
Make way for a new guy with no religion at all --
A real guy named
Marx Communist Lenin Peasant Stalin Worker ME
I said, ME! ..."

Great choice, Kerry. Just what kind of a lunatic is this guy?

Tests Confirm Sarin Gas in Baghdad Bomb

By JOHN J. LUMPKIN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Comprehensive testing has confirmed the presence of the chemical weapon sarin in the remains of a roadside bomb discovered this month in Baghdad, a defense official said Tuesday.

The determination, made by a laboratory in the United States that the official would not identify, verifies what earlier, less-thorough field tests had found: the bomb was made from an artillery shell designed to disperse the deadly nerve agent on the battlefield.

The origin of the shell remains unclear, and finding that out is a priority for the U.S. military, the defense official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Some analysts worry the 155-millimeter artillery shell, found rigged as a bomb on May 15, may be part of a larger stockpile of Iraqi chemical weapons that insurgents can now use. But no more have turned up, and several military officials have said the shell may have been an older one that predated the 1991 Gulf War.

I really got a kick out of Kevin Lynn of WILK fame, laughing at and insulting a caller who dared to mention one sarin gas shell found in Iraq as proof that Iraq under Saddam Hussein did in fact possess Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Kev tells us that there is no media bias, but he epitomizes the worst of the anti-Bush hatemongers. First, the supposed proof that "Bush lied" was that no WMD were found in Iraq. Then, when told that a single artillery shell loaded with Sarin gas was found in Iraq, Kev shouts down a caller because only one shell containing WMD was found. If that very same toxic shell was found anywhere else, Kev would be demanding that Bush immediately find it's country of origin. But, that shell found in Iraq is proof of nothing. Stick with the leftist program. Stick with the politics of hysteria. Stick with Kevin. The only card-carrying Republican turned Manchurian candidate.

Two of our soldiers were exposed to that Sarin-filled shell. Laugh it off, Kev. Insult the caller stupid enough to challenge your superior intellect and suggest that maybe things aren't what they seem.

But what if the contents of one test tube of Sarin gas was released at a Super Bowl? Or a Yankees's game? Or in the subways of New York City? Or Public Square?

Only one? Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! What a frickin' maroon!

This is nifty:

Re-electing President Bush will mean a loss of freedoms and "create an America we won't recognize," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is telling potential Democratic donors.

In an e-mail appeal distributed by the Democratic National Committee to help Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign, the former first lady said "the stakes in this election are incredibly high."

"If they get their way, you and I will be living in an America governed not by our hopes, but by our fears," Clinton wrote. "We'll be living in an America where we see our freedoms diminished when they ought to be embraced, our rights restricted when they ought to be strengthened."

"We'll be living in an America that shrinks away from the political and economic challenges of the 21st Century," she added.

Here's my entry to the "Top Ten Contest" which results in David Letterman reading his nightly "Top Ten List."

They were seeking entries for "Top Ten Least-Exciting Drudge Headlines. My entry?

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton is a shrill commie bitch.

I gotta go. We have my nephew's wife on the phone. Melissa is here in the Valley and her husband, my nephew Rory, is somewhere near Baghdad.

The latest from Rory?

He's tired of playing Army.