6-17-2004 Break time


Break time. Sometimes you just got to slow down. In a time when we get bashing of our current President, bashing of a former President turned angel, fighting fires-at least politically, and PETA-People Encouraging Transmission of Aids (for you folks in Noxen, PETAís against animal testing) bashing the RB&B&B Circus, isnít it nice to just get back to family.

Letís talk kids-in your case grandkids as well. It looks like Gage had a great time. You are truly blessed with great kids and great grandkids. Knoebelís is my favorite park in the area. Dorney and Hershey are great as well, but mostly for me. They donít have anywhere near the amount of kids rides that Knoebelís has. The school my kids attend celebrate the last day of school down there. Mom was sick and couldnít make it, so dad took them and joined up with a few of the other parents that took the day off. We had a blast. But folks shouldnít be fooled by Knoebelís lack of a big, steel, twisting monster of a rollercoaster. The two wooden ones-The Phoenix and the Twister are WELL worth the ride. My kids love them and Emily was finally tall enough to go one the small loop-d-loop coaster for the first time. They also went on that ride that looks like a big claw that goes way up in the air and spins you upside down and rotates. Not dad, tossing my cookies wonít do.

The cost is minimal for what is there. Even the food is reasonable. We went on everything at least twice, and got off the last ride at 9:00pm. We even did Skloosh. Mark, I canít believe you didnít do Skloosh, especially after all the education you have gotten from Kayak Dude- he wonít be impressed. It only took me three days to dry off-no big deal.

Baseball season is almost over. The girls are doing great. Emily likes to play catcher and Elora does a great job at the hot corner. Itís amazing how much they have improved over the year. The little guy will be up for it next year.



Future shortstop?

The house at the lake is opened up. We got fishing all around, marshmallows, the beach, sandcastles, the boat, and relaxation. Mark, how about a trek up there one weekend?

Red Devil anyone?

Family is definitely where it is at, and at times it is good just to turn off the TV and radio, and put down the papers. I recently turned a year older, and next year is the big 40. I canít believe where the time goes and seeing my kids turn 5, 7, and 9 this year really adds and exclamation point. By the way I got the first season of Cheers on DVD for my birthday and am thoroughly enjoying an episode or two each night. What a great show. Also got Audioslave, crank it up Mark-your son probably has it (o:

Canít wait for the block party. I hope to be able to stick around longer this year.

I also hope that the Hose Dudes and locals get their problems ironed out soon. Itís a tough situation when both sides are right and wrong. Fiscal responsibility was one thing we were without for so long and it has really hurt this area, but safety for all our folks is important as well. We will soon be moving into brush fire season, unless we keep getting this front pattern with rain every few days. I think most folks recognize that this first year was going to be a tough one. My biggest hope is that it can all remain civil and get ironed out respectfully-without the gnashing of teeth, brow-beating, and name calling of the last administration. Folks voted that out. Adults are in charge now, concessions have been made, problems have been exposed-they can be overcome by adults.

Sorry to have to get political, but I stumbled onto some really sick stuff. I was doing a search on Ann Coulter to find out some information on her new book and came upon a site with the listing CoulterDie. There were pictures of her as a Nazi, a demon or monster, and worse. This is what passes as humor on the left? Sick!! Meanwhile Kerryís wife gets compared to Tootsie and it is a political attack? http://drudgereport.com/tootsie.JPG I canít figure it out.

Oh well. Two words: DETROIT BASKETBALL, courtesy of Mason the Palaceís wonderful announcer. Man, were they dominating as a team. Forget the fouls, the way Shaq just tosses bodies of the low post, he could be whistled every time he touches the ball. Iím a Celtics fan, so when the Lakers lose I smile. Now, I do like Shaq, and I always thought Magic, Worthy, and Kareem were fantastic, and would have loved to see the Mailman get a delivery of one ring before he enters the Hall. But Detroitís energy was just unbelievable. Being a UConn fan, I was glad Rip got a ring-he worked very hard to get where he is at-folks donít know where he came from. I think there will be some re-tooling out in LA, and if the young guys at Detroit stay together, that could be a very good team for a long time.

Time for training camp-chinstrap style. Our Fantasy Football draft is coming up in about two months-canít wait. Sue, I can taste that steak. The NY Yanks are what, 18 out of their last 21 or something? Yikes. Our Sox just canít get a break. Just wait Ďtil next year!!!

Keep the faith.
Private Sector Dude.