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WASHINGTON (Talon News) -- Shortly after news broke that former Clinton administration National Security Advisor Samuel "Sandy" Berger was being investigated by the Justice Department for illegally removing highly classified documents from the National Archives, the presidential campaign of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) removed its anti-terror plan from its web site.

Republicans have suggested that the information contained in the documents was used to formulate Kerry's policy, but are limited in proving those charges because the material is still classified. The sudden disappearance of the policy from the campaign web site that coincided with Berger's dismissal supports Republicans' contention that the purloined data formed the basis of at least part of the Democratic candidate's homeland security program.

Interesting. Kerry can't distance himself from his former "close advisor" fast enough, but the sudden web site deletion can only be interpreted a couple of different ways. Let's give it a whirl, shall we.

1.) Kerry, who called his presidential opponents "corrupt," and his most trusted associates can swindle with the best of them.

2.) Kerry's anti-terror plan comes right from some of the classified documents Berger spirited away and he needs to disassociate himself from our newest criminal and a plan that wasn't actually his own. (By the way, his plan was archived at FreeRepublic.com, so this can be investigated at a later date. You can count on that happening.)

3.) Kerry no longer cares about countering terrorism.

Pick one.

I have a question for you loyal Dems. We already know that Berger is solidly in Clinton's camp. It was reported today that when Berger was first suspected of lifting classified documents, the good folks at the archive contacted another one of Clinton's spinmesters before proceeding further. Okay. Fine.

Now suppose Kerry's homeland defense plan was simply lifted from some old documents. If so, who knew about it? A few Clintonites and a few Kerry types. And the Dems are crying foul that the Republicans leaked this story because it's an election year??? Do any of you actually believe that? Or did the Clinton's leak it so as to embarrass Kerry? Who wants the White House more than anyone ever to grease a few palms and kiss a few babies? Billary? Or Hillary?

While Kerry goes toe-to-toe with Bush for the next few months, he's likely to get repeatedly stabbed in the back by one from within his own ranks. If I was a Dem at this point, I'd be really, really worried.

Hillary in '08!!!

I listened to...

...the 9/11 Commissioners' press conference on WILK this morning and I was impressed by their completely non-partisan tone.

But, some of these folks need to think before they speak as we face-off against a very politically adept enemy. The commish types agreed that we'll likely be attacked again and in all likelihood, the next attack will probably make 9/11 pale in comparison.

They suggested, no, they utterly demanded, that their recommendations be implemented and implemented with all speed. To do otherwise would invite the rath of the electorate if we're attacked again said one. Okay, we've been told long before today to expect another sizable attack, so if the Prez doesn't adopt their plan, he should be voted out of office? I thought he was the commander-in-chief, not any of them.

Another thing. We've been told to expect another al-Queda attack on our soil for a long time. And the panel is telling the government, i.e., the president, that he needs to move Heaven and Earth by tommorrow to prevent it from materializing. There's a built-in trap of sorts there as Congress heads out of town on a six week recess.

Many pundits have speculated that the terror loonies would love to attack us before the election in an attempt to sway our election and get Bush the hell out of Washington D.C. already. As we all know, 10 out of 10 terrorists say "Anybody but Bush." He's just too damned decisive, too stubborn, and too staunchly pro-American for their diabolical purposes. They'd much prefer to see Kerry as Prez so that their chances of destroying our way of life would improve ten fold as soon as he assumed the throne.

So why would this group broadcast to the world today that if the Prez can' move Heaven and Earth by Sunday, and we are attacked again anytime soon; the Prez should face the angry electorate for his lack of quick action?

Is that not a direct invite to the lunatics to come and get us? And soon? Step right up and reduce a crowded American shopping mall to rubble. We warned the Prez. We warned him. But he wouldn't listen. Now let the electorate chop him to tiny political strips and feed him to the fish.

Terrorists! Come on down! We've got thirteen weeks until election day. Six of which we'll be enjoying at Club Med with our interns. Hit us now and hit us hard. Get Bush.

That's basically what they said today.

Fully expect to see that attack materialize. This particular October surprise promises to be a bloody one. What the hey? It's not their fault. They were invited this time.

You know...

...the return to normalcy during '04 in Wilkes-Barre has been enough progress to keep me content for the time being. The grass along our streets is being trimmed. The giant weeds have not sprouted out of any of our median strips. The street sweepers are usually rolling before 6:30 am.

Except for a couple of very minor setbacks, our new mayor is yet to embarrass us as our former mayor seemed to do on a near daily basis. With all of the financial difficulties he faced when he took office, he's managed to keep things inching along without much notice. Compare his performance with that of our new commissioners and you can see what I'm alluding to. Casey Jones of the Times Leader compared him to a white bread sandwich which suits me just fine after being served nothing but sh*t on sour dough bread for eight long years. Mayor Whitebread.

But today, as I spied the front page of the Leader, it was obvious that we're about to graduate from plain vanilla to anise oil on steroids.

$21 million dollars, all of which seems to be in the bank, and the transformation of our center city is just about set to begin. The funny part is, I read both of the papers accounts of our monsterous South Main Street Development Project and the mayor's name was barely mentioned. He dotted the "Is," crossed the "Ts," introduced cooperation to Wilkes-Barre, but he still came out smelling like white bread. And I think he's content with that. No useless press releases meant to blow his own horn, just steady progress. I know I'm content with that.

So...I will get to watch Aliens 5 in downtown Wilkes-Barre afterall. I knew it. That's why I supported him all along and will continue to do so as long as he stays away from New York Giants jokes.

I'm a bit annoyed with the Chamber folks. They know damn well that this theater would have never come to pass without the hefty proceeds of my hoagie sale last summer. Pricks. The cream pies will fly when they start hacking my canopy to shreads.

So the PercyPlex is about to become a reality. The new streetlights are well on their way, and we're investigating how to boost the manpower of our police department. Now all we need is a Planter's Peanuts shop and we're all In Like Flint.

Oh, yeah, and we need to support our downtown like we've never done before. Well, not since I was a kid.

Read it and friggin' weep, Cinemark.

I read a letter to...

..to the editors of the Voice this morning that was sent in by some college-bound chickie. She supports John Kerry and that's perfectly fine. But there was one disturbing line in her letter which is as follows:

President Bush's biggest mistake while in office was blatantly disobeying the United Nations and going into Iraq alone.

This is our future, folks. Our kids. We dare not "disobey" the United Nations while they work tirelessly to make the European Union the dominant world power and reduce us to being that of a second rate economic and military power.

We dare not disobey the folks standing idly by while yet another gross example of unchecked genocide manifests itself in the Sudan. We dare not disobey the corrupt and clueless folks siphoning money away (Food for Oil scandal) from the people of Iraq while pretending to be enforcing sanctons on their government.

I say we should no longer dare to fund the corrupt and ineffectual UN altogether.

I think Leon Skoussen nailed it long ago when he penned The Naked Communist. It took four decades, but we've arrived at the point where many of our young swear their allegiance to the United Nations and not to The United States.

We are being conquered from within.


Is the Patriot Act cramping your style? Do you pray at the altar of the politically correct church? Is racial profiling completely unacceptable to you? Then read this entire story and then maybe, maybe, you'll finally pull your head out of your arse.

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