Acceptance filibuster

John Edwards gave his speech last night and I thought he did a great job considering he was a last minute replacement for John McCain.
In fact Edwards speech was so good, when he finished, the delegates awarded him $80 million plus punitive damages.
--Jay Leno

I was not aware that the presumptive nominees at national political conventions were allowed to inflict a friggin' filibuster on those of us stupid enough to watch the choreographed proceedings.

Jesus H. Clintonista! I actually chuckled when Kerry started out with "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty." Sorry, kiddies, but that ain't presidential. That's a guy shamelessly exploiting his only (highly debatable) claim to fame. When he finally...finally decided that enough was enough, my sickly looking mustache had grown a half inch.

I do have to give him some credit though. The content of his speech was less than stellar, but his delivery was much better than I believed him to be capable of until he started speed reading it in the latter stages.

I was a bit shocked to see that his entire appearance and the build up to it was 'Nam, 'Nam, 'Nam and still more 'Nam. They call it wrapping one's self in the flag, but this is the same guy that sh*t on the flag when he opted out of completing his full tour of duty in 'Nam and chose to protest with a bunch of known lefties and Maoists upon his return to the screwed-up states. Plus, he's never attempted to explain how he managed to receive a medal every ten days or so despite never being wounded. Maybe a zipper-head or two hurt his feelings. Thirty years have passed, and now they call him a hero. Over and over and over again.

And what about all of those unspeakable atrocities he claims he and his brothers in arms committed in the rice paddies? What was it? They burned villages flat. They pillaged what was left. They raped whomever. They killed innocent women and children. They fried a few testicles just for kicks. Judging by the Dems lower than low standards, those kids who forced a few Iraqis to play Twister butt naked are all heroes. Right?

Am I following this correctly? A guy serves one-third of his tour of duty and then skates away totally unscathed. He goes home and associates himself with the best agitators that the wonderful world of communism has to offer. He and his commie cohorts managed to prolong the war in the process. He willingly confesses to perpetrating all sorts of war crimes on innocent victims. And the Dems are lauding him as the biggest hero since Audie Murphy? Does this compute anywhere other than at the DNC?

This morning I heard Kevin Lynn call a caller to WILK a moron only because she dared to question Kerry's war record. Kev seems to think that just by being there Kerry is automatically deserving of his highly suspect hero status. Okay, Kev the WonderDem. A Dem too devious to even admit to what you really are. Using your Dem-inspired illogic, Lt. Calley deserves an official apology from the U.S. Government, and reparations to boot. He did what the hero did. He showed up and he killed innocent civilians too. To his credit though, Calley didn't try to tweak the system and get the hell out of there early.

I just love the anemic argument being bandied about that John Kerry is somehow better qualified to be our commander-in-chief simply because he spent four months in Vietnam and Bush didn't. Using that ridiculous contention, we've got literally millions of veterans in this country that are equally qualified to take the helm of our expansive military right now. Does anyone actually believe that? My nephew Rory has been living in a combat zone for seven months now. Should he become our next commander-in-chief? From what I'm hearing, he's more than qualified, and he didn't even rape anyone or kill any innocents to get his jollies.

And please don't point to his twenty do-nothing years in the Senate as proof of his leadership skills. In case you missed that movie about his life they played last night, his biography barely even mentioned his years in the senate. He was born. He had parents. He got real tall. He played soccer. HE WAS IN VIETNAM. HE WAS IN VIETNAM. HE WAS IN VIETNAM. Fast to forward to 2004. Oh, yeah. And he perfomed CPR on a drowned hamster.

Rep. Don Sherwood was on the Sue Henry show and he stated that while John Kerry was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee for eight years, he missed 38 of the 49 meetings. Gee whiz! He wasn't very interested in the oversight he was charged to ensure, was he? And now we're all to a man hemmin' and hawwin' about our recently documented intelligence failures. But, as a member of the full Senate, he did somehow find the time to show up and vote to cut the future funding of our intelligence services across the board. I just about spit when he said the following last night:

I will be a commander-in-chief who will never mislead us into war.

What the muck? He's been misleading us for years upon years. Why stop now?

How about: ...I rode my bike into Soviet East Berlin.

Okay. I let that bullspit hamster/CPR thing go without comment, but this one is pure bullsh*t. As a small boy, he accidentily wandered into East Berlin? Yeah. And he's a hamster doctor too.

Sorry, hero. But both my dad and my step-dad were stationed there tens years apart, and the commies guarding the Berlin Wall and the various and sundry checkpoints rarely went on strike or wandered away from their heavily-guarded posts. The folks that breached the clearly posted "no man's land" that separated freedom from tyranny were quickly shot to death on a very, very, very regular basis. Women and children included.

I could be wrong. Maybe the guards took that particular day off. Maybe hamsters can swim.

When he got to yammering on about the good old days when young folks measured their self worth by how many stupid protests they were a part of, I thought I was going to ralph.

We believed we could change the world. And you know what? We did.

Really? And how might that be? We're still treated to war, famine, crime, genocide, inequities and general unrest on a regular basis? What's changed other than the U.S. taking a hard left towards socialism while under the less than forward-thinking control of a Democratic president, a Democratic Congress, and all of those who would later follow?

It's surely been a while, but let's not confuse Washington D.C. with Bethel, New York.

In-A-Gada-Da-Vida Baby!!!

Love the one you're with!

One pill makes you smaller...

Tin soldiers and Nixon's comin...

We're on the eve of destruction.

Give me an F!!!

I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do.

Three and a half decades later and they're still trying to figure it all out. The activist generation that never appreciated all that they were given in the first place. Luckily for us, they're getting a bit long in the tooth these days. We've just about weathered Leon Skousen's predicted Siberian storm.

Help is on the way.

RUTRO!!! Help (i.e., higher taxes) is on the way.

The Massachusetts "Do you know who I am?" liberal, the tax-and-tax-and-tax-and-spender, the "zero-sum game" class warfare warrior extraordinaire has duly warned us. Help, his version of help, is on the way.

Vote your heart, but don't come whining to me afterwards if he wins in November.

We could be heroes.

If just for one day.

Given that the Kerry convention featured a skipper brave and sure, a first mate who makes others comfortable, a millionaire called "Lovey" by her spouse, two pretty young Kerry castaways and a movie star (the ubiquitously annoying Ben Affleck), I suppose we should be grateful that Camp Kerry didn't introduce the nominee with the "Gilligan's Island" theme song.--Maureen Dowd

"Foul!" cry the...

...movers and shakers in Edwardsville, a community that makes Wilkes-Barre look pretty darn good in comparison.

How could these folks dubiously claim that they were somehow blindsided by the public dollars that were committed to the downtown theater project? Everybody and their pet rocks know that much of the downtown is a KOZ zone waiting to flourish. Everybody, including most area goldfish knew the governor recently came to town weilding an oversized check worth millions to push the project towards fruition. And our two majority commissioners tossed $2.5 million into the mix weeks ago in an effort to finally push this long-stalled, but much anticipated project over the hump. And now the folks in Edwardsville are claiming their prospective theater developer was surprised when the official announcement was made concerning our overdue theater?

Do those people read newspapers over there?

They way I remember things, Wilkes-Barre has been virtually ignored since the aftermath of the '72 flood as far as cash infusions from the county, state, or federal governments earmarked for anything remotely close to being a capital project is concerned.

And now, one of the larger cities in this state which has obviously fallen into a state of decay and disrepair gets the needed booster shots it requires in terms of funding, and our neighbors to the west are making the case that we're getting preferential treatment?

Go pound coal dust!

I also think this stupifying episode provides a glimpse as to what home rule would bring to this county. We'd have 9 county council types fighting for their piece of the funding pie. Spend money in Wilkes-Barre? Foul!!!

The City...

...might actually rescind it's gift towing contract with the City-Wide Towing folks?

That's perfectly fine with me and it would result in even more dollars finding their way into our general fund.

I've said all along that we should not be treated as if we're lowlife scumballs, the lowest of the pond scum pecking order simply because we parked illegally.

Put the contract out for bids.

We've had ourselves...

...a few fun-filled days here at the adobe. My oldest turned 25. Wifey and I arrived at our 25th anniversary. And wifey's birthday is also imminent. The kids gathered late Friday night to mark Peace's birthday when she got out of work. We swilled, we remembered, we laughed. We got out of bed on Saturday only to learn that some hit-and-run dipsh*t laid a friggin' serious beating on my son's car parked on Hazel Street. Very nice.

The incident went down at 2:30 am, so we're left to ponder which bar the offending asshole had just left. From what the lone witness had to say, we think the jerk lives in the area of Dodson School, or somewhere thereabouts. And we have already conducted three search-and-destroy missions in that area.

We did find a green Saturn with significant front end and right side damage and the front end held together with duct tape. Very new looking duct tape. The PA plate number was sent along to the proper authorities.

Anywho, we're looking for a green car with a whole bunch of front end and passenger side damage. Be on the lookout. It could have just as easily been your car that the jag-off annihilated.

Gotta split.

Today will be devoted to NASCAR and "As the Phils turn."