Pro, Bono & Cher

For four days, the Democratic Party put on its quadrennial scare-old-people-and-minorities party.--Larry Elder, Townhall.com

The scare-old-people-and-minorities party? Ready?


Larry Elder, by the way, just happens to be a black American.

You know, I'm very used to switching on WILK every morning and hearing Dubya being taken to task for hours on end over the most mundane matters by Nancy & Kev. What-f**king-ever already. No matter what the Prez does, or doesn't do, there is always some minute detail that can be glommed onto to cast aspirtions upon the man each and every morning. Again, what-f**king-ever.

It's no secret at this point that Kev absolutely hates Rush Limbaugh with every functioning fiber of his being. Most ultra-liberals pretending to be something they're not also hate Rush for his having crashed the 'liberal only' media stranglehold perpetuated upon all of us for far too long. Bummer, Kev. Deal with it already.

This morning, an astute caller claimed that liberals think they hold the intellectual high ground over conservatives. Kev was quick to dismiss that claim as being completely foolish, and true to form, he insulted the caller. And in the very next instance, he went and displayed his 'obvious' intellectual superiorty by telling us that Rush is popular only because he tells us what to think.

Or, in other words, we're just too stupid to think for ourselves. Excuse me, but isn't that proof that Kev, the gifted and renowned intellectual that he is, (?) looks down upon anyone not leaning the way he leans? In much more common parlance, if you happen to listen to Rush, you're a stupid f**k. In Kev's superior mind, you're one of those "mind-numbed robots" that can't march until Rush barks out his daily assignments.

Well, I'm here to tell you that Kev doesn't know what the f**k he's babbling about. In fact, he's the one falling for the most common media manipulation trick. If the folks at The New York Times repeat a lie often enough, some poor dolt will believe it. And the most repeated lie is that Rush's vast, vast, vast audience (Again, deal with it, Kev) is comprised of people too dumb to think for themselves. And who believes that lie? Who repeats that lie? Who further deludes himself by repeating that lie? Why, that would be Kev himself, the intellectual giant that he is in his own mind.

If Kev had a plug nickel for every time he displayed his obvious arrogance, his limitless intellectual capacity for the sole purpose of belittling those damned right-wing Rush mongoloids he so frequently looks down upon, John Kerry would be interested in marrying him.

Isn't it amazing how the folks purported to be the open-minded lovers of freedom and liberty, the party of tolerance itself, cannot stand for a nanosecond to have alternative voices being heard? Rush is a problem. Fox News is problem. And the internet is a problem. If only those problems could be effectively dealt without suspending the Constitution itself. Then the entire populace could get right back to their insidiously incremental indoctrination and America would be well on it's way to surrenduring without even realizing it was at war in the first place.

As for Kev, well, he's probably too old to change his red spots at this point. You know. To get himself unf**ked already.

But what do I know? I can't function until Rush tells me what to think.

Here's an interesting tidbit...

...that might provide a bit more detail while reading those Police Blotter blurbs in the newspapers.

We've got no shortage of social service agencies based in this city. One of my least favorite is VISION! The folks at VISION! provide clean sheets and such to other folks who scour the city looking for alcohol on most days. Don't even bother to argue this point with me. A very close relative of mine worked at VISION! for years. The real purpose of VISION! is to provide grant-supported jobs for a few, and van loads of drunken assholes to everyone else.

Here's the interesting part. The VISION! headquarters basically spills out into the middle of Davis Place where the residents have sought protection from the "unfortunate" folks who occasionally wander into their homes uninvited, bug them for money non-stop, and on rare occasions, even feel free to masterbate on their front porches. Very nice.

Here's the info part. Let's say some guy that resides at Davis Place gets pissed-off and punches the snot out of his wife. The cops then arrive and arrest him for whatever he needs to be arrested for. When the police report finally finds it's way onto the pages of the newspapers, it'll be reported as John Doe, 27 Davis Place or Jane Doe, 99 Davis place. But....when one of our imported, yes, that's imported unfortunates decides to beat the snot out of some old lady while snatching her purse and finds himself taken into custody by the police, that particular police blotter blurb will be devoid of any numerical address. It would be reported as John Doe, Davis Place

So, the next time one of the many imported unfortunates decides he needs some quick cashola to blow at the nearest available liquor store and robs somebody, we'll know all about it. Nifty?

It makes me wonder about the dubious cast of thousands living at the Salvation Army flop house on Hazel Street. When they go berzerk, will the address of the offending cretin be listed in the papers only as Hazel Street? Hmmm.

And exactly who's decision was it to mask the fact that the folks who so desperately need our help (?) are some of the same folks causing the shocking reverse-gentrification of Wilkes-Barre's neighborhoods?

Try this from a recent Thomas Sowell column:

 Another word that the left has virtually banished from the language is "bum." Centuries of experience with idlers who refused to work and who hung around on the streets making a nuisance -- and sometimes a menace -- of themselves were erased from our memories as the left verbally transformed those same people into a sacred icon, "the homeless."

 As with swamps, what was once messy and smelly was now turned into something we had a duty to protect. It was now our duty to support people who refused to support themselves.

 Crimes committed by bums are covered up by the media, by verbally transforming "the homeless" into "transients" or "drifters" whenever they commit crimes. Thus "the homeless" are the only group you never hear of committing any crimes.

Again, hmmm. When they toss-off in front of young girls, we don't need to know their address? What if they get really tired of tossing-off to a bottle of cheap rot gut and rape one of those young girls? Or worse? Would we be privy to their numerical address at that point?

Supposedly, we've got...

...three more referendum questions to contemplate before election day finally rolls around. Supposedly.

I'll tell ya', when Nancy Kemp first banged her home rule drum, I rushed down to the church basement to hear her ideas. She is a sincere person who had only the best of intentions for all of Luzerne County. I was a bit put off by some of the other folks in attendance that night, but I truly believed that average citizens such as us could force positive change upon the uncaring, elected kleptocrats. I carried my petitions. I compiled a few signatures. And I turned them in by the due date.

From that point on, I was pretty much horrified by the behavior of the folks demanding change while acting exactly like the politicos they were sworn to replace. And when I spied the final draft of what home rule would look like in Luzerne County, I snuck out of camp under the cover of darkness and eventually voted against that which I had once sought to impose upon all of you. The watchdogs had their chance, but when given even a taste of power, they proved no better than the folks they had spit so much venom at.

And where did the referendum incursion get us? Well, we're not sure what form of government we'll have in this county just a few short years from now. The courts will decide where we're headed next.

And what of our struggling city? Will we end up with 5 council folks? Our will city council continue to be staffed by 7? Will we be voting by districts in the near future, or will our council folks continue to be elected at large in this city? The courts will determine what's next with all of that. Basically, right now, we've got more questions than answers as they pertain to local government and that's insane and provides no continuity at all.

Enter one Walter Griffith Jr.. He ran for a council seat and he failed to snatch one. For whatever reason, the voters of this city heard his vision for the future and rejected it. Whatever. He could have given up on local politics at that point, or he could have gotten hard to work on his next election go-round. Apparently, he did neither. Apparently, he choose to hook up with some of the crazies in the Luzerne County Watchdog Party and continue this string of elections with titanic questions appearing on the ballot. You know, the questions that have led to even more perplexing questions.

Now, Walt has three more questions for all of us to ponder and I unequivically dismiss the need and the importance of two out of the three of them. As I see it, we don't need anymore questions. What we need is to pay strict attention to the important local issues, hold the feet of the elected to the proverbial fire, and have at it until they bend to our will. After all, they are supposed to be serving us, not serving themselves.

Should the future mayors salary be reduced by 33%? For recruitment purposes, f**k no! Should council types be reduced to $7,000? Again, not! When the burdens of the job totally outweigh the benefits, we could very easily find ourselves voting for the lesser of seven evils. Or five. Should part-time employees receive health care benefts? It's extremely sad that we even have to ask that question. Sooner or later, that ridiculous perk will go the way of the Washington Senators. But that completely undeserved perk is not going the way of the Dodo on us as a result of November 2, 2004. The days of governing by referendum have got to come to an abrupt end and trust me, they are about to.

I received an unexpected visit yesterday from a guy who owns a few tow trucks. Sure, I busted his ya-yas and he probably had every right to be seriously annoyed with me. But while debating the important local issues of the day with him, it became apparent that he, like so many others involved with the non-stop parade of petitions, considers every locally elected official, past and present, to be nothing short of anathema squared. And I vehemently disagree with that mindset.

We've got nine elected officials in this smallish city and I don't believe for one second that each of them deserves to be tossed into an oil-filled pit only to be followed by a lit Zippo. Are any of them poor? Nope. Are any of them much more well off than the majority of folks that voted them into office? Yup. So? If you've got a major problem with any of them, vote against them. And if that doesn't remove them from office, convince your neighbors, friends and relatives that they have to be removed from public view. And if that doesn't work, maybe it's time that you stick to what you're good at.

While I was being to subjected to the World According to the Perpetually Annoyed last night, I couldn't help but to snicker inward because I knew that copies of Walter's pathetically sloppy petitions were already on their way to my well-manicured hands. And after further review, all that I need now is a single visit from the friendly folks at Pro, Bono & Cher to have Walter's famous petitions quickly put out of their misery.

Sorry, kiddies, but we don't need anymore questions purported to be the answers to all of our problems from folks that were never elected. We voted. We've got leaders. And they deserve to be given at least a chance to make good on the latest batch of promises.

We don't need Walter and we don't need any more of his brainless petitions. What we need to do is to remain patient and be forever vigilant.

I'm done with the people toting the questions.

I'll follow the people that have the answers.