Shadow to Shadow

I see Uncle Paul Kanjo is on the attack again. The entire article in today's Leader; Kanjorski questions troop shift is well beyond much to do about nothing. Those redeployments have been in the works for years, but intentionally misleading the folks of NEPA certainly isn't a crime. It's somewhat unethical, but still falls well short of some of the hijinks Uncle Paul's Dem sidekicks have committed as of late.

Nice try, Uncle Paul. Maybe you should have used the angle that Bush was pulling our troops out of Germany as a form of economic payback for their having dicked us around on the Iraq situation. Maybe you should have spent your entire life in Nanticoke raising dirt like the rest of your fellow straight ticket wonders.

And why is Nanticoke such a complete basket case while being the home of a long-time national politico? Why is that? If he's got so much pork clout, why is it that his own town resembles Beirut with a new CVS?

I will admit to...

..being totally flabbergasted early this morning.

Let's do the capsule version here. John Kerry's entire election strategy is but a few moronic sounding grunts short of Rambo 4: Swiftboats to Hell. That's not a hack on him. That's a fact. Okay. So the Swiftboat Vets for Truth go on the warpath and accuse of lying about his war record among other things. He ignored them for a spell, but set out on a counter-offensive. The Vets shot back. Kerry's polling numbers among veterans nosed-dived in a big, big way. Then all hell broke loose.

He accused Bush of being behind this group. Then he called on Bush to condemn this group and demand that they cease and desist. Until yesterday, Bush stayed above this fray, which was exactly the right thing to do. If a bunch of aging 'Nam vets wanna slug it out in public over a few 35 year-old details, how the hell is Bush supposed to know who's telling the truth and who isn't?

Guys serving on Kerry's own boat disagree about what happened way back when. Guys on nearby boats also have conflicting versions of the same events. Some ancient documents seem to back Kerry's Swiftee camp. Still others lend creedence to the accounts given by the Swiftees in the opposite camp. And Bush should jump into the middle of that no-win quagmire?

Yesterday he finally spoke out and said that we wished that all of these 527 groups would simply cool their jets. While there are some underlying freedom of speech issues at hand here, I agree with him. These loophole outfits, borne of the short-sighted McCain/Feingold bill meant to remove soft money from politics has created a few monsters. And despite the vast majority of the soft money going to the rabid groups that are attacking Bush, he should condemn the lone outfit that set out on antagonizing Kerry to no end?

The Vets for Truth are attacking Kerry's character and not his policies, but he's a big boy. He's a savvy political veteran. Or is he? He may be a war hero and all, but he's coming off looking very thin-skinned on this one. George! Tell them to stop it! George! This is commander-in-chief material? This is the guy that will bring the terrorists to their knees? George! Make them stop!

And instead of turning four months of military service into four months of back-and-forth bullspit, supposedly, Kerry could settle this once and for all by releasing his notes, diaries and medical records from the period being so hotly contested. He flatly refuses to do so. Hmmm. And Bush should now act as the referee between these two swift boat factions?

So...I got out of bed this morning, turned on WILK, and Kev (If it walks like a Republican and talks like a Republican, I, as a registered Republican will kill it) & Nancy (I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for but I will bash Bush day in and day out) were going off during their morning Bush bash. Gee, Bush should take the high road. Gee, Bush should condemn these attacks. Kev? No knuckle-dragger or drooler comments? Two political novices spinning completely out of control.

Here's what I would ask them given the chance: If you were running Bush's campaign, would you tell him to jump into the middle of this 'Nam vet tit-for-tat hissy-fit? Would you really? Or you you smartly tell him to stay out of it and allow Kerry to fend off the long-simmering attacks that he alone created when he sh*t all over his fellow 'Nam vets in 1971?

You know, those vets call her Hanoi Jane to this very day for a good reason. And Kerry was her more than willing partner in crime. And now it's time for him to reap what he had sown so long ago.

It's not Bush's job to put this controversy out of it's misery. It's Kerry's job. And quite frankly, he doesn't seem to be up to the challenge.

From the e-mail inbox:

*******Mark, Thanks for all that you have done to make W-B better. As 2 of the 23 shadowy people I would like to offer a Gift Certificate to your Block Party for a Hair cut and style from by salon. I opened my first salon 25 years ago in the North End and it was the best move I ever made. 10 years ago we moved to  S W-B because I felt this was where I wanted to raise my children and have my salon. Jim and I have worked very hard to make this our home and a safe place to live. It is unbelievable that when we are finally seeing improvement there are those who will do anything to stop it. Thanks again

                                                         Donna Kowalczyk*******

Hey, I heard your ad on WILK. Very smart move. Making Wilkes-Barre better? You're no slouch, yourself. I never staged a single press conference on my front porch. But you did.

Gift certicicate? I will take you up on that twelve months from now. Why not bring it along on your way to the next block party? I was supposed to list the businesses and individuals that donated items to this year's event, but the lady in possession of the list is currently napping.

It is unbelievable that when we are finally seeing improvement there are those who will do anything to stop it.

I hear that. I have been somewhat frustrated of late. Just when we finally found some quality leadership, a bonafied, workable plan, and more than just a slight glimmer of hope; the negative ninnies seem to be coming out of the goll derned splintering woodwork in droves.

What those ninnies fail to realize is that while a short-term reckless plan will deliver us $10 million in unpaid debts right quick, a long-range sensible plan will work, but only after the passage of some time. I know we're on the right track now and while I would definately prefer not to, I will remain patient for the foreseeable future. And I will do whatever is within my limited power to shoot down anyone that presents a danger to the plan and the progress that will surely follow as a result of it.

I've had a direct hand in helping to shoot down a few clueless pretenders and so have you. And as members of the elusive "Shadow Residents" group, we need to remain ever vigilent.

When I bump into you again, I'll show you my new Walter-proof vest. And wifey is working on a wonderful reversable cape that is 100% class-envy-resistant. The bullsh*t detector was back-ordered. Oh, and UPS delivered the solar-powered decoder rings today. Give me a buzz on your Shadow phone right after the positive ion storm abates.

Over and out. Back to the slippery shadows.

I ran across a diehard

...Eagles fan today and he is already crying the freaking blues about Buckwalter going down to injury.

Excuses. Excuses. Yo! I thought Andy Reid was a budding genious. If so, why did he cut loose Duce Staley?

Sorry, Eagle fans, but your fun run is just about over. Sure, Reid looked smart when the rest of the division was coached by a few lightweights, but Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs and Tom Coughlin have managed to crash the party.

By my estimation, within three years, Reid will be coaching a team of barmaids somewhere on Cottman Avenue. And Larry Bowa will be on hand as well washing dishes.

Did I not call the eventual Braves/Phillies outcome?

EA-GLES!!! The slow slide back to mediocrity is well under way. Enjoy.

I will say this though. For a lifelong Giants fan such as myself, having Bill Parcells coaching those sons-a-bitchin' Dallas Cowboys is akin to being a staunch Republican and watching Ronald Reagan defect to the Soviet Union. It's just dog gone wrong.

A moment of internet silence, please.



Whoopee! The Redevelopment Authority was served with a preliminary injunction in effect halting the sale of the long-suffering Holeplex to a local developer.

Yet another hurdle to clear on the bumpy road to progress. How many more bumps could possibly be waiting just ahead?