11-17-2005 Why can't we do like Europe does?

Saddam must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas or biological weapons.--Bill Clinton, 1998


Excuse my obvious propensity for conveying my thoughts by way of common gutter parlance, but I f>ckin' told ya. It's been a while since I did, and I'm too completely tired to go searching through any of my previous posts. But if I told y'all once, I've told y'all ten f>ckin' times. Ready?

Iffin' you were willing to jump on the extreme left bandwagon and repeat sh*t like Teddy Kennedys's "...lie after lie after lie after lie..." bullspit, then don't be surprised when some evidence to the contrary shows up one day and makes y'all sound dumber than you've ever sounded before.

I never for a moment bought into any of that "Bush lied" malarkey. It's one thing to lie about oral sex, and another thing to lie about a burglary in a hotel room. It's much more serious to fib about trading arms for whatever and some such shenanigans, but none of that monkey business even comes close in comparison to lying us into a shooting war. And in my opinion, no occupant of the modern day White House would be brazen enough, or stupid enough to pull such a stunt which could never be covered up forever. Sorry, but the media scrutiny is just too intense these days for anyone at the top of the political food chain to think a deception on that scale was even possible.

I really get a kick out of one of our locals who calls WILK at least once a week to tell us that the "American History Project" documents prove that the Bush team planned to oust Saddam Hussein even before they "stole the election." Your typical left-leaning conspiracy theory kook at work. In their twisted and bitter world, under a fake rock somewhere awaits the next Zapruder film. Forget where logic might lead you, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was just the beginning. And those evil Republicans--those heartless bastards--have been in bed with the equally evil military/industrial complex ever since. Funny, but why is it that our military might is seen as being evil by the flakiest of our own countrymen, even though we'd all have been subjugated by now without it? 'Splain that to me. I'm slow.

As near as I can tell, these conspiracy kooks all have a few things in common. Let's see, they'd prefer socialism to capitalism. Yeah, capitalism is hard work. Why put yourself through any of that when you could do like Europe does. You know, work a 32-hour work week, use the hell out of your universal benefits, drink all day at the nude beaches, and prove yourself as being an enlightened, liberated new age individual by letting the bath house towel staff probe at your prostrate. Another hang-up they seem to have is with the U.S. govmint's old-fashioned concept of clinging to it's sovereignty. We can't trust our own leaders (especially Republicans), so we might as well put those frustrated Marxists at The United Nations in charge. Those U.N. clowns have screwed up everything they've touched, but why nitpick when Utopia is well within our reach? Besides, they promised not to kill us while they reap that which Americans have sewn for well over 200 years. We'll be okay. We'll be a Third World country, but we'll have plenty of dope after it's legalized. Go with the frickin' flow. Toke up, throw God the finger and find yourself a same-sex partner to lick up and down. Why can't we do like Europe does?

And another thing. The common hardscrabble folk in this country that have been systematically brainwashed into thinking that abortion rights are worth fighting and dying over are the dumbest of the sheep being led to the eventual slaughter. And they don't even get it. Why is it that abortions have to happen at all costs? Why is it that some among us want to see abortion become this country's next big growth industry? Why? Why is the murder of unborn children in this country so god-damned important to those "liberal" folks that glance at window panes and see progressive-thinking Ameripeans smiling back at them? Because there is no quicker way to achieve the European's Utopian dream of forced multiculturalism than by convincing those stubborn white Americans that procreation should be discouraged at just about every turn. Meanwhile, the birth rates of the non-whites from the Third World countries continue to soar. If ya can't beat 'em, then out-birth 'em, while they suck out the brains of their unborn children. Why can't we do like Europe does? Trust me, we are.

In conclusion, to listen to these screwballs tell the tale, America sucks and it should be remade in Denmark's image. They fail to realize that all of Western Europe is slowly being crushed by the weight of it's unabashed and unfunded socialist entitlements, but, Hey!...they get free health care over there! Besides, Hillary thinks we should roll up our constitution, lace it with some TCH and smoke it. And she's the smartest flim-flam commie ever to wed a backwoods huckster that climbed the ladder all the way to the secretive Club of Rome. You gonna argue with someone of that stature? But I digress. Heyna, or no?

Did Bush lie? Or did he do something even more aggregious by turning his back on the European penchant for pacifism when he decided that he would not stand for Americans being murdered on their own soil? The Spanish were attacked. Yeah, and they promptly turned tail and ran away promising to never upset the murderous terrorists again. The French were recently treated to a major dose of grass roots jihad? And what was the official response to anarchy in the streets? Why, the French government promised an increase in entitlement programs for the marauding immigrants that hold nothing but abject contempt in their hearts for France, as well as any other secularized nation of note. But Bush, no, Bush had to go off of the reservation and play his sovereignty card. Bush defied the United Nations, which has devolved over the years into being a collection of self-serving leftist thugs telling the industrialized world how it should be governed from afar. Bush lied? Give it a rest, will you? Like those Euro-centric leftists commonly referred to as Democrats didn't lie to you for decades now?

Why can't we do like Europe does?

Because Europe is the epitome of what long-flailing empires look like when they are ready to collapse.

Anyways, I came across the following at NewsMax.com. Now, before you go gettin' yourself all worked up into a leftist frenzy, I know that NewsMax leans way, way right, but this particular post suggests that the wheels might finally be falling off the unfortunate "Bush lied" bandwagon.

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2005 12:15 p.m. EST

New Documents Reveal Saddam Hid WMD, Was Tied to Al Qaida

Recently discovered Iraqi documents now being translated by U.S. intelligence analysts indicate that Saddam Hussein's government made extensive plans to hide Iraq's weapons of mass destruction before the U.S. invasion in March 2003 - and had deep ties to al Qaida before the 9/11 attacks.

The explosive evidence was discovered among "millions of pages of documents" unearthed by the Iraq Survey Group weapons search team, reports the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes.

In the magazine's Nov. 21 issue, Hayes reveals that the document cache now being examined contains "a thick stew of reports and findings from a variety of [Iraqi] intelligence agencies and military units."

Though the Pentagon has so far declined to make the bombshell papers public, Hayes managed to obtain a list of titles on the reports.

Topics headlined in the still embargoed Iraqi documents include:

• Chemical Agent Purchase Orders (Dec. 2001)
• Formulas and information about Iraq's Chemical Weapons Agents
• Locations of Weapons/Ammunition Storage (with map)
• Denial and Deception of WMD and Killing of POWs
• Ricin research and improvement
• Chemical Gear for Fedayeen Saddam
• Memo from the [Iraqi Intelligence Service] to Hide Information from a U.N. Inspection team (1997)
• Iraq Ministry of Defense Calls for Investigation into why documents related to WMD were found by UN inspection team
• Correspondence between various Iraq organizations giving instructions to hide chemicals and equipment
• Correspondence from [Iraqi Intelligence Service] to [the Military Industrial Commission] regarding information gathered by foreign intelligence satellites on WMD (Dec. 2002) • Cleaning chemical suits and how to hide chemicals
• [Iraqi Intelligence Service] plan of what to do during UNSCOM inspections (1996)

Still other reports suggest that Iraq's ties to al Qaida were far deeper than previously known, featuring headlines like:
• Secret Meeting with Taliban Group Member and Iraqi Government (Nov. 2000)
• Document from Uday Hussein regarding Taliban activity
• Possible al Qaeda Terror Members in Iraq
• Iraqi Effort to Cooperate with Saudi Opposition Groups and Individuals
• Iraqi Intel report on Kurdish Activities: Mention of Kurdish Report on al Qaeda - reference to al Qaeda presence in Salman Pak
• [Iraqi Intelligence Service] report on Taliban-Iraq Connections Claims
• Money Transfers from Iraq to Afghanistan

While the document titles sound stunning enough to turn the Iraq war debate on its head, Hayes cautions that it's hard to know for certain until the full text is available.

It's possible, he writes, "that the 'Document from Uday Hussein regarding Taliban activity' was critical of one or another Taliban policies. But it's equally possible, given Uday's known role as a go-between for the Iraqi regime and al Qaeda, that something more nefarious was afoot."

"What was discussed at the 'Secret Meeting with Taliban Group Member and Iraqi Government' in November 2000? It could be something innocuous. Maybe not. But it would be nice to know more."

Hayes also notes that an additional treasure trove of evidence on Saddam Hussein's support for al Qaida may be lost forever.

"When David Kay ran the Iraq Survey Group searching for weapons of mass destruction, he instructed his team to ignore anything not directly related to the regime's WMD efforts," he reports.

"As a consequence, documents describing the regime's training and financing of terrorists were labeled 'No Intelligence Value' and often discarded, according to two sources."

Now repeat after me: RUTRO!!! But, what about what Ted Kennedy said? And, and, how's about that Fahrengoof 911 movie? Even Jimmy Carter said he lied. What gives? Documents about ricin? But, Saddam didn't have any ricin at his disposal. At least, that's what Howard Dean screamed.

Hide chemicals? What chemicals? Nancy Pelosi said the U.N. inspection teams found nothing stronger than fabric softener hidden in Saddam's known bunker complexes.

Chemical Agent Purchase Orders? Well, maybe Saddam eased the import restrictions and a successful deli owner in Baghdad was trying to procure a drying agent for his German-built dishwashing machine. Maybe the Hotel Baghdad got a lowball price on some imported bleach if they bought it in bulk. Maybe Dick Cheney typed those documents and had FedEx plant them in a spider hole just outside of Basra.

Maybe 2-years worth of digging has finally produced a few kernals of truth. Heyna? Maybe some of us don't really want to know the truth after investing so much political capital in their version of the truth

Interesting? Sure it is. So I followed things through by following Newsmax' lead to the Weekly Standard story by Stephen Hayes. It doesn't prove anything. But it does reiterate my point from many months ago, wherein it was written that this "Bush lied" rhetoric could turn out to be Saddam's final house of cards. And wouldn't that suck for you if you were silly enough to believe and then repeat anything that tired old Teddy from Massachusetts had to mispronounce.

Here's a snippet from that Weekly Standard story and you can read the entire piece by banging on that link immediately afterwards. Enjoy.

Working outside formal Pentagon lines of inquiry, I soon learned more. Many of the documents from Doha had been entered into a database known as HARMONY. HARMONY is a thick stew of reports and findings from a variety of intelligence agencies and military units, and alongside the Iraqi documents were reports from contributing U.S. agencies. Eventually, I got a list of document titles that seemed particularly interesting:

1. Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) Correspondence to Iraq Embassy in the Philippines and Iraq MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
2. Possible al Qaeda Terror Members in Iraq
3. IIS report on Taliban-Iraq Connections Claims
4. Money Transfers from Iraq to Afghanistan
5. IIS Agent in Bulgaria
6. Iraqi Intel report on Kurdish Activities: Mention of Kurdish Report on al Qaeda--reference to al Qaeda presence in Salman Pak
7. IIS report about the relationship between IIS and the Kurdish Group Jalal Talibani [sic]
8. Iraqi Mukhabarat Structure
9. Locations of Weapons/Ammunition Storage (with map)
10. Iraqi Effort to Cooperate with Saudi Opposition Groups and Individuals
11. Order from Saddam to present $25,000 to Palestinian Suicide Bombers Families
12. IIS reports from Embassy in Paris: Plan to Influence French Stance on U.N. Security Council
13. IIS Importing and Hiding High Tech Computers in Violation of UN
14. IIS request to move persons, documents to private residences
15. Formulas and information about Iraq's Chemical Weapons Agents
16. Denial and Deception of WMD and Killing of POWs
17. 1987 orders by Hussein to use chemical weapons in the Ealisan Basin
18. Ricin research and improvement
19. Personnel file of Saad Mohammad Abd Hammadi al Deliemi
20. Memo from the Arab Liaison Committee: With a list of personnel in need of official documents
21. Fedayeen Saddam Responds to IIS regarding rumors of citizens aiding Afghanistan
22. Document from Uday Hussein regarding Taliban activity
23. Improvised Explosive Devices Plan
24. IIS reports on How French Campaigns are Financed
25. French and German relationships with Iraq
26. IIS reports about Russian Companies--News articles and potential IIS agents
27. IIS plan for 2000 of Europe's Influence of Iraq Strategy
28. IIS plans to infiltrate countries and collect information to help remove sanctions
29. Correspondence from IIS and the stations in Europe
30. Contract for satellite pictures between Russia, France and Iraq: Pictures of Neighboring Countries (Dec. 2002)
31. Chemical Gear for Fedayeen Saddam
32. Memo from the IIS to Hide Information from a U.N. Inspection team (1997)
33. Chemical Agent Purchase Orders (Dec. 2001)
34. Iraq Ministry of Defense Calls for Investigation into why documents related to WMD were found by UN inspection team
35. Correspondence between various Iraq organizations giving instructions to hide chemicals and equipment
36. Correspondence from IIS to MIC regarding information gathered by foreign intelligence satellites on WMD (Dec. 2002)
37. Correspondence from IIS to Iraqi Embassy in Malaysia
38. Cleaning chemical suits and how to hide chemicals
39. IIS plan of what to do during UNSCOM inspections (1996)
40. Secret Meeting with Taliban Group Member and Iraqi Government (Nov. 2000)

There are thousands of similar documents. Most of them are unclassified. That's important: Most of them are unclassified.

Where Are the Pentagon Papers?

And then there's Dick Cheney's remarks on all of this "Bush lied" nonsense. I don't care what any of you folks have to say about this guy. All I know is, I wouldn't want to debate him face-to-face. He's tough, and he's a straight-shooter.

"And the suggestion that's been made by some U.S. senators that the President of the United States or any member of this Administration purposely misled the American people on pre-war intelligence is one of the most dishonest and reprehensible charges ever aired in this city. Some of the most irresponsible comments have, of course, come from politicians who actually voted in favor of authorizing force against Saddam Hussein. These are elected officials who had access to the intelligence, and were free to draw their own conclusions."

Why can't we do like Europe does?

Since I took it upon myself to critique some local blogger's efforts, I might as well share this whatever-it-is with y'all. Click on that link, give it a look and then try to envision why anyone would put so much time into something that, in the end, amounts to little more than nothing.

Wilkes-Barre Crime Map

Cripes! If I didn't know any better, I'd think I had arrived at the newly remodeled Times Leader web portal.

A female juvenile pulled the fire alarm where she was staying. (This is a crime that only happens in Wilkes-Barre and researchers are clueless as to pinpoint the reason for it)

A man failed to pay his bill and fled Denny’s. (Ahem! That wouldn't have happened on my watch. Rather than busting on Wilkes-Barre, why not ask the on-duty manager where he was when he suffered a 'Theft of Services' hit upon the bottom line)

Three juveniles from Wilkes-Barre were cited with violating the curfew ordinance while walking. (This sort of atrocity never, ever happens in Hanover)

A man said a former friend of his stole three rolls of quarters from his home. (Some friend, huh?)

A man was arrested after he began to fight with employees at Januzzi’s Pizza, after he was asked to leave. He was arrested on additional charges of disorderly conduct and harassment. (Makes me wanna trade in my hammer drill for a shirt and tie again)

A woman said that several eggs were thrown at her car while it was parked. (I can't take no more. I'm loading up the truck and moving to Hanover)

A man reported someone dented his vehicle by kicking it. (I know, I know. I shouldn't have done that. But, it wasn't my idea to get the dummies all stirred up by proposing a bicycle ban. I'm sorry)

A man reported that someone stole his 1989 Chevrolet pickup while it was parked. (Um, so give him a gross of free Tootsie Pops and call it even. No?)

A man reported a person stole his bike. (What! If this keeps up, I'm voting Republican next time around)

A woman told police a man from Shickshinny removed DVDs from her. (Well, that was f>cking stupid. Shickshinny is still years away from getting electricity. What's he gonna do with DVDs, decorate his Christmas tree?)

A man assaulted his ex-wife. (She shouldn't have made Junior wear a Jets jersey)

A woman received harassing phone calls. (Wilkes-Barre has really gone to the dogs. Yo?)

Someone stole money from the Turkey Hill Mini-Market. (So who hasn't stolen money from a Turkey Hill?)

11 people were arrested on charges of retail theft at the Sheetz after putting gas in their vehicles and leaving without paying. (Further proof that Hanover needs to attract a gas station of it's own)

A woman took merchandise from Boscov’s Department Store and left the store without paying. (This sort of thing could never happen in Hanover. That is to say, that it makes the people in Hanover feel better to believe as much)

And our local bloggers reaction to this inept collection of nothingness?

It's lovely. He has done great work with it. And quite honestly, its rather shocking to see that there are 299 entries to date. Yikes. Ok maybe its not shocking, this is Wilkes-Barre we are talking about.

I really hate to shake the very foundations of that insulated world that is Hanover, but Wilkes-Barre is but a microcosm of what goes on in cities all across these mostly fruity plains. Sorry, but stuffing 42,000 people into six square miles portends that a segment of that population is not going to be invited to the annual Westmoreland Club awards banquet. Okay?

If you can't deal with reality then stay in Hanover with the rest of the frightened white folks that ran away. There you will have a crime map listing nothing but barking dog complaints, blocked driveway complaints, stolen recycling containers and neighbor disputes over a wayward Nerf football generated by the folks that probably fled Sheetz, Denny's and all of those black people. Stay in La-La Land. It suits you well.

Oh, say hello to Donna Reed for me. She may be forever stuck in black-and-white, but she was an uber-babe.

Geez oh whiz! I have nothing of substance to post today, so I'll just go and bust on Wilkes-Barre from the safety of my outpost in the pretend 'burbs.


This just in: The latest from Bill Scranton at PAComeback.com

From the e-mail inbox A Repeal of the Pay Raise, Stops in the Southeast and a Virtual Dead Heat!

What a week it has been!

Pennsylvania enjoyed a tremendous victory this week when Ed Rendell responded to public pressure and signed a full repeal of the July 7th pay raise! I'm proud of the vocal role we played and I am equally encouraged by the strength of Pennsylvania's growing movement for reform. I believe our message is winning and it's confirmed by the latest polling data that shows our campaign within two points of Ed Rendell – a virtual dead heat! Other recent independent polls also show that we are the clear frontrunner among the potential Republican candidates.

It's important to note that Ed Rendell's evolving position on government reform is a far cry from his approval of a pay raise that happened without debate or time for the public to respond. On July 8, the day after he signed the bill into law, he described the increase as “good legislation." When asked if he regretted approving it he responded, "absolutely not." The citizens will not forget where he stood on this issue before the public applied political heat.

But the pay raise repeal wasn't the only action on the campaign trail this week.

On Wednesday I met with an energetic group of Republican State Committee members in Franklin County. Special thanks to Roger and Linda Beckner along with Bill Shank for spending time with me in Chambersburg. On Thursday morning it was off to Cumberland County for a breakfast hosted by Vic Stabile, Dick Stewart, and Dave Harris. Later that day, I met with a stellar collection of Central Pennsylvania business leaders for a Q and A hosted by the Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy. Taxes, state spending and the overall negative climate for job creation is high on their list of concerns.

There is simply no doubt that Pennsylvania is ready to choose a new chief executive. We no longer have to be lumped at the bottom of the fifty states on a range of indicators from student achievement to economic vitality. The top to bottom change that this great state needs is on the way but we must continue to fight for this goal. If you have not yet joined my team's crusade to strengthen our great Republican Party, reform state government, lower taxes, and jump-start a stagnant economy, then sign on as a volunteer and contribute to Team Scranton. There are only 179 days until the Primary – please sign up today!

Gort!!! Klattu! Barada! Police Truck! Nazi Punks F>ck off! Mass quantities!

I'll be gettin' laid-off in a couple of weeks. I'll send my cell number your way.

In the meantime, blog long and prosper.


PS--Why can't we do like Europe does?

Because soccer f>cking blows! That's why.