11-24-2005 Local talk radio: The good, the bad and Kevin Lynn

How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.--Benjamin Disraeli

The oft-repeated charge that the leftists among us are quickly reduced to hurling insults and lashing out when engaged in a substitive debate of the important issues of the day was put on display for all to marvel over on WILK yesterday.

Let us begin with Sue Henry. I don't want to put words in her mouth, but near as I can figure she supports both George Bush and the War on Terror, including his decision to oust Mr. Wonderful, Saddam Hussein.

Anywho, while the Iraq debate was on the docket yesterday, Kurt Shotko (who happens to bleed an interesting mix of Green Party green and Soviet red) inquired as to whether Sue allows her kids to play with military toys and such. I don't even remember what her reply was. Who really cares anyway? Kurt's twisted point was something about how dangerous it is for society for us to be militarizing our kids. (???) Then he made a reference to these realistic war games the kids can play on the latest overpriced gaming systems, as if he has studies up his sleeve to support his always outlandish claims. In his special place, shooting at moving targets that do not exist will no doubt result in the next Columbine slaughter.

So...if I'm following his illogic correctly, if I go and shoot both of your cute, cuddly twins right through the eye it's not really my fault--it's Nintendo's fault. Yeah, playing too much Duck Hunt made me into the danger to society that I currently am. Or maybe it was all of those imaginery Japs and Germans we killed in the imaginery killing fields out behind that old grain silo and leaning barn in Direnzio Heights. Maybe Mom should have limited me to playing with Matchboxes, bongs and roach clips so I could become a productive member of the long-stale 60s hippy, dippy counter-culture turned green. Maybe I should have been reduced to playing with girlie things so I could one day get in touch with my feminine side and become a metro-sexual wimp the "liberated" women seem to enjoy dominating so much these days. Fact is, they like their men half-neutered these days. And since Oprah can't make me cry, I'm obviously a dinosaur in need of a good raggin' on. Typical Green Party kook. Stoned, committed to some sort of warm and fuzzy sounding social justice muckity-muck and utterly clueless as per usual. But I digress. And I usually do. Back to the world according to our social activist.

And if equating childhood hours frittered away playing war out back with violent tendencies manifesting themselves at a much later date isn't goofy enough, Kurt pressed on by asking Sue if she would allow her kids to serve in the military. In the mind of your typical anti-American American, this is the line that no patriotic and socially astute American would dare to cross. Why, no, we should never allow our children to join the terrorist outfit that is the evil American military/industrial complex. Why, according to Tree Hugging 101, the American military conducts wars, genocides and torture all in the pursuit of greedy oil profits. And it is this reporter's opinion that those dastardly soldiers also listen to loud rock 'n roll and look at nudie magazines when not engaging innocent peoples everywhere. A real Duck Hunt horror show injected with way too much testosterone.

Of course Sue wouldn't condone her children taking up depleted uranium arms for a fedrule govmint as evil and reckless as ours. Why kill innocent people and blow up perfectly good stuff when you could make a real difference by becoming an eco-terrorism pyromaniac, Cindy Sheehan's personal toiletry assistant, or a professional rent-a-mob moonbat. No, Sue's a responsible parent and she's not falling for any of this "Be all that you can be" brainwashing nonsense. She has to know that all of the peoples of the world would be holding hands, singing harmonious and loopy odes to a pedestrian bongo beat, and smoking an awful lot of dope if only the American people would do the right thing and demand that our military be totally done away with. Then and only then can social justice come to all. Sue knows.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the pacifism seminar.

Sue went and crossed that line drawn in the cocaine on that smallish mirror. Much to our surprise, Sue upped and said she would allow her kids to serve in the military iffin' they were an officer. Oh no! It can't be! Say it ain't so! Sue would allow her children to become a member of the most evil and oppressive force on God's (Oops!) great, green Earth? If I wasn't so completely militarized as a kid, I think I'd have shed a tear at learning such a distressing thing. And since our military is such an evil endeavor, Sue herself is thereby guilty by association. It pains me to say as much, but Sue is evil. There goes my fantasy about groovin' and gettin' stoned with her at the love-in on the shore. I'll never be able to look at my bongos the same from here on out. My inner spirit that burned so brilliantly for so long is all but exinguished now. I'm seriously considering turning on the PlayStation and killin' somethin'. Who knew?

But, as lefties are so prone to doing while locking horns with those folks they deem to be to be knuckle-draggers, Kurt went just a tad too far with his I'd-like-to-teach-the-world-to-sing abject idiocy on parade. Big suprise there. Right? Who was it that said drugs don't have any long-lasting effects anyway? Ah, whatever.

Now, keep in mind that I'm paraphrasing here, but Kurt had the unmitigated audacity--the chutzpah--to ask of Sue, "So you'd have no problem with your children ordering other people to their deaths?"

Predictably so, Kurt's call was terminated at that sorry juncture.

First of all, he's talking about kids that are probably much more concerned about important teenager stuff like acne, peer pressure and getting decent grades, and they should have never become a part of the debate. To take some Mom's views on politics and such and then pervert them into Mom's kids being potential baby-killers one day is a sad, but typical tactic of the uncouth, raging alternative party know-it-alls currently frothing at the mouth. To say "Shame on you" means absolutely nothing at all to the loose cannon save-the-world types that know no shame. But, still, shame on you, Kurt.

This is the very best you should expect from the unemployed and undisciplined slackers that dare to tell us how we should be managing our lives, and what thoughts are still allowable. To hapless stoners such as these, barks of "Always Faithful," or "Death before dishonor" are foreign languages that fall on completely deaf ears. And if you honestly believe that freedom comes with a hefty price tag attached to it, then you must hold those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms in the highest of regards, and not tarnish their bravery by painting them to be fools that died for absolutely nothing in some faraway land.

Ours is a volunteer military. And whenever I'm in the presence of anyone that served in any branch of our military for more than one enlistment, no matter what I might have to bring to the table, I feel as if there is absolutely no way I can measure up to their list of accomplishments. To me, putting your well-being on the firing line for the good of everyone else, completely by choice, is a selfless and noble undertaking that far, far outshines any of my mostly dubious claims to fame. I feel forever in their debt, but to tell them as much would probably come off as sounding goofy, if not somewhat contrived. So, I admire them for what they mean, or once meant to our taken-for-granted freedoms, and wonder what might have been if my only parent hadn't been so dead-set against my joining that 'Semper Fi' brotherhood. Yeah, on occasion, I do wonder about all of that, but not for too long because I fully understand that I could have been killed in the Mayaguez raid, the botched Iranian hostage raid, or in Beirut.

"I'm glad to have been able to do something for my country, and I wouldn't hesitate to volunteer in the future."--Hermino Rivera

And that's what the Kurt's of the world cannot begin to comprehend. Fighting for our freedoms does not take place on Courthouse Square. Much to the contrary, fighting for our freedoms sometimes involves staring down the glowing barrels of the Khmer Rouge's AK-47s.

"So you'd have no problem with your children ordering other people to their deaths?"

I wouldn't have a problem with it. And I wouldn't have a problem with any of my children deciding to answer freedom's call to arms. Fact is, just a few months before the 9/11 attack on our way of life, my son was seriously considering joining that brotherhood that I wanted to join, but failed to join. And I couldn't have been prouder of him for it. But when it was all said and done, he did not join that exclusive club, and after 9/11 went down, I knew the winds of war were blowing strong and I was thankful that he would not be shipping off to whatever far-flung hotspot the military chain-of-command wanted addressed immediately. Sorry, but selfishness is a trait we all fall prey to. And when it comes to my kids being killed in a flash or being seriously maimed for life, I'd prefer that they didn't.

But some of our kids do get killed in a flash and some do end up being seriously maimed for life. Some lose limbs, some lose their eyesight and some wonder alound why they decided to put themselves in such a precarious position in the first place. But what the Kurts of the world will never, ever understand is that someone has to answer the call to defend our freedoms. Somebody has to do it. And if Kurt gets his way, no one will answer that call frought with danger and we'll watch our way of life evaporate right before our eyes.

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.--Albert Einstein

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.--Thomas Jefferson

"So you'd have no problem with your children ordering other people to their deaths?"

The question at hand is not who gives the orders, but who bothers to answer the call. And in my denuded, spinning vortex of a mind, those who volunteer to answer the call to duty are the only patriots that matter during this on-going war debate. Theirs is a sacrifice that the remainder of us can only speculate about and argue about. And while we argue incessantly, they are out there somewhere doing what needs to be done.

And while John Murtha and John Kerry--our recently much-celebrated combat veterans--tell us that our only option is to run away from a fight we never wanted, to quit, to cut-and-run, to surrender, to pullout, to adopt a timetable for a dignified defeat, to allow the worldwide Caliphate to be established on our watch; I'm thinking we need not listen to those who were once stung by a bitter defeat.

I would rather be a coward than brave because people hurt you when you are brave.--E.M. Forster

It is far better for anyone to kill a single American soldier than to squander his efforts on other activities.--Osama bin Laden

Have no fear, kiddies.

Kurt knows what to do.

As if!

And then we have Kevin Lynn's obvious lack of debating skills on display. If this is what getting old and extremely bitter is all about, I hope to expire in the middle of the night while having at both Sharon Stone and a younger version of Deborah Harry during one of my wetter dreams.

I completely loathe Kevin Lynn, as much of NEPA does. But, despite his being an annoying old cretin armed only with a foul mouth and a wandering eye normally associated with child molesters, Nancy Kman continues to tell us that the old guy is really, really, really nice in person. Yeah! And Charles Manson was really, really, really intelligent, albeit, in a destructive way. Wasn't it Kevin Lynn that opined about what Noreen Clark's naked daughter might look like "live" on the radio airwaves of NEPA? And as far as Nancy Kman is concerned, there was a time when I thought I could connect with her, but the "boss" seems to have been over-shadowed, if not over-powered by the employee that stands for nothing, but tells all of us what to stand for each and every morning. It seems as if the "boss" has lost any semblence of control in this case.

Nancy can e-mail me and tell me I know not what I am talking about, but the fact of the matter is, Sue Henry allows her critics to lash into her, while Nancy & Kev are always cutting people off in mid-sentence. No biggie. We kind of knew going in that the week-kneed folks in the left field bleachers cannot defend the rapidly-evolving talking points they shamelessly glom onto, but I really expected better from Nancy. I really did. She sits by while Kevin launches into his daily ridiculous and embarrassing attacks upon all things conservative, but expects us to believe that cutting him off as the last possible second is proof of her bi-partisanship. Who knows. Maybe I'm giving her a bad rap. Maybe Entercom wants this area's version of Al Franken spewing his version of ill-concieved bilge on a daily basis. Maybe Entercom should re-think who they have in charge of the only talk radio station in this backwards place. Maybe Kevin Lynn should stick to doing what he does best, assuming that he does anything of note well other than drooling over the mere mention of Noreen Clark's daughter.

I say again: The oft-repeated charge that the leftists among us are quickly reduced to hurling insults and lashing out when engaged in a substitive debate of the important issues of the day was put on display for all to marvel over on WILK yesterday.

So let's do it. Nancy & Kev bashed Bush and everyone connected to him for well over two hours, but when someone stupidly dared to interrupt their bash-fest, Kevin displayed his obvious loathing of anyone who would be stupid enough to defend America. Yeah, Joe called and said that the reason that Dubya couldn't produce a more sizable coalition willing to invade Iraq was because of the growing 'Food for Oil' scandal that was bubbling just below the surface of the cable news channels.

And whether you're up to speed on such things or not, Joe had armed himself with a valid argument against Kevin's stated position that all that is wrong with America started when George Bush defeated that pussy, Al Gore, at the polls.

But, NO! No further debate would be allowed when a caller armed with some undeniable facts happened to confront the show. NO! "Duke from Dallas" is Kev & Nancy's version of ConspiracyTheory.com, but the folks that know about the 'Food for Oil" scandal need not apply to this very specialized version of the "truth."

And what was Kevin's less than professional and less then articulate response to Joe's 'Food for Oil' argument?

And I quote:

"No! The Hell with you, Joe!"

End quote.

End call.

Yo, Nancy. The total lack of any on-going debate during your one-sided show suggests that you are not the watcher of all things true that you profess to be.

Rather, your partisan schtick has been reduced to hurling insults and lashing out when engaged in a substitive debate of the important issues of the day.

Just ask Joe about all of that.

And if your lone defense is that of not being able to control a rapidly aging malcontent of no appreciable redeeming qualities, well, then it's high time that Entercom takes another long look at it's management's capabilities, or obvious lack thereof.

The Hell with you?

Supposedly, when we turn on our radios we're going to be treated to copious amounts of professionalism.

Fred Williams insulted the powerful politicos and found himself sued out of a job. Kevin Lynn insults the little people--the listeners--and WILK seems to be perfectly fine with that as long as corporate isn't being sued.

Whatever. I guess it's cool to have a place where all of the clueless conspiracy theorists can get together for three hours every day and foment all sorts of baseless hate and stuff. I guess.

I guess hate radio has it's place.

Well, at WILK it does.

Kev!!! Picture Noreen's kid in a thong and bent-over whatever it is that would complete your dirty-old-man fantasy.

And Nance, keep on pretnding that your perverted sidekick isn't an escapee from some sub-species long-thought to have been extinct. Your modern "liberated" chickie spiel rings completely hollow while you continue to sit next to the biggest sexist oaf this side of Hustler Magazine.

Repeat after me: Bush ate my children.

Oh, and, Noreen's kid needs a tongue-bath.

And who was it that volunteered to deliver the tongue?

No! The Hell with you!

Catch my drift?

The dreaded Dallas Cowboys are about to do battle on my television.

Me gotsta go.

Au revoir