1-20-2006 Only in Wilkes-Barre II

I goll dang guarantee this news will get the folks on the left sidelines spinning in place and besides themselves mad.

The Citizens Voice

State law now requires new voters to show their driver's licenses to register

By Heidi E. Ruckno, Staff Writer 01/20/2006

WILKES-BARRE - Thanks to new state and federal regulations, it might take more time now to get registered to vote.

State law now requires that anyone with a valid Pennsylvania driver's license or state identification card provide his or her local Bureau of Elections with that number. Otherwise, the voter registration application cannot be processed, said Len Piazza, director of the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections.

The change took effect Jan. 1.

Since 1994, those registering to vote had the option of providing either their driver's license numbers or the last four digits of their Social Security number on the application, Piazza said. They no longer have that option.

"If you write down your Social Security number and you have a driver's license, then that's illegal," he said.

The information on the voter registration applications will be checked against the information on the PennDOT database.

If it does not match exactly, the application will be delayed, and if there are enough discrepancies, the application might not get processed at all.

Piazza said the law was changed to cut down on voter fraud, something he has not seen a lot of locally.

If a would-be voter has a driver's license or state identification card, he or she could be charged with perjury if that number is not included on a voter registration application, Piazza said.

Those without driver's licenses can still register to vote, but they must provide the last four digits of their Social Security number in place of a driver's license number, Piazza said.

Oh, no! This will make it harder to vote. This will suppress the overall turnout. This disenfranchises too many Americans. This...

Blah, blah, funking blah!

If we're going to spend untold billions buying up electronic voting machines that leave a paper trail, and if we're so frickin' concerned about voter fraud, then why wouldn't be make every attempt to prove that those who seek to vote prove they are who they say they are?

Believe it or not, my long-AWOL Dad had eight separate identities, including eight social security numbers. And according to my Mom, he voted eight times on election day. Don't press me for more details, because I don't remember much more than that. I always found it curious that all of his alias were B.P. For example: Bob Purks, Bill Putnam, Bertrum Cour-Palais. And you thought I was fu>kin' weird!

Would he have been able to perpetrate a scam such as that is he was reguired to prove who he was every stretch of the way? If the right to vote is so utterly sacred, then why in hell would we extend those rights based on flimsy paper documents that some sophomore at Ohio State can produce for you for a nominal fee? As a matter of fact, I know of a web site where you can create phony personal documents iffin' you've got a credit card number and little else. Yes, for only $19.95, you too can become Bertrum Cour-Palais.

From what I've seen and heard, the left-leaning folks think everyone should be allowed to vote with no exceptions, and very little in the way of proof of identity should be required. Dead people should vote. Felons should be able to vote. The severely mentally deficient should be voting. Senile folks should be driven to the polls. And even the illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. Why not the friggin' terrorists? There's one for ya. Who would Mohammad Atta have voted for? Lunatic Al? Or reckless George?

If you can't produce a valid drivers license or a state-issued ID card, you are going to be excluded from much of what most Americans take for granted in their everyday lives. But if you happen to have but fail to produce a valid drivers license or a state-issued ID card when registering to vote, that's no big deal? I say it is a big deal. Meet the requirements, prove who you are, and then vote with reckless abandon. And if you happen to live in a very large city traditionally dominated by democrats, vote as many times as you like.

It plainly states on the bottom of my social security card:


Or, it that yet another living, breathing document that is no longer valid when it gets in the way of someone's politics?

Hey! I found my old library card. Can I vote for Hillary? Oops! I meant, can I vote?

Can you imagine? Things have gotten so completely twisted in this flailing country, it's now proof of wrongdoing to demand proof of ID. Let's all make note of the untimely passing of Common Sense. Ah, it doesn't matter. We'll probably be snorting hydrogen cyanide or chlorine gas at the mall soon enough. The end is near.

And we almost deserve it.

Sez me.

From the e-mail inbox MArk

If the morning talkies at WILK annoy you so much, why do you listen to them? And why do you give them so much free advertiizng? Seems like you are doing them a favor.

Go back to ROCK 107. Enjoy life.


That's a fair question. I enjoy talk radio while I'm all alone in the darkened bowels of buildings all day. But more accurately, I love local talk radio. I'd much prefer to hear Nancy, Sue or Chia Kev engage the local issues that matter, than I would listen to any nationally syndicated talk show host. I'd rather hear Sue talk about Kingston than I would hear Rush babble about what some freak in another state did. The problem is, Chia Kev is a repulsive socialist hammerhead still impressed with hippiedom, and Nancy has a problem with facts when what-ifs will do nicely.

Then consider the hypocrisy that pervades everything those two have to say. They mock everyone who dares to disagree with their utter brilliance by suggesting that they jump when Limbaugh sez to, but then they turn around and do exactly what Rush does. They repeat the same tired talking points, only from a different side.

And the personal attacks are awful. When Bill Clinton sat on the throne, his daughter was off-limits. Chia Kev has made distasteful comments about the Bush girls, Laura Bush, and belittles Bush's penchant for mountain biking since his knee is no longer up to jogging. Chia Kev even makes a weekly, mocking reference to Bush's bike bell, which doesn't even exist.

A chubby president who ate at McDonald's, had sex whenever his wife was away, and bragged about having his El Camino carpeted for the comfort of his whores was perfectly acceptable to Chia Kev. But a president who watches his diet, exercises as regularly as he can, and who is obviously devoted to his wife needs to be belittled every single day? Whoops! I forgot. Unlike Clinton, Bush wouldn't sit still for terrorist attacks on American soil. How silly of me.

A bike bell? If Chia Kev had a grab a bike and keep up with me for two hours, you'd be reading his obituary. And in that event, the beer would be on me. Whatever.

Look, I prefer local talk radio, but WILK has zero competition. In other words, they can suck as much as they want and still dominate their market. I'll continue to monitor their nonsense with one hand on my micro-recorder. They will continue with the flatulence being confused with thought-provoking radio, but they will not trash my city without having some basis in fact. I will respond to that nonsense every time. And with that said, is it any wonder that Nancy had a frickin' hissy fit on bloggers on her web page? The thing is, I think she got used to managing a monopoly, and she can longer deal with any--that's any--dissenting opinions. Tough titties!

Rock 107? Are you kidding me? I told ya, no more Radar Love, and no more Pink Floyd. It's way too repetitive. Then again, so is the WILK drive time show. It's "Bush ate my children" Monday through Friday until we finally replace him with someone that will embrace the One World Community folks and end this experiment will call America.

From the e-mail inbox Markie

Listening to someone from a rural community lecturing those from an urban setting on how to tackle crime is similar to a gay guy telling a straight guy how to get a girl off.

Do we tell them how to tip or have sex with cows? Do we pretend to know how to seduce our sisters? Do we tell them how to plant crops or spread manure? Do we tell them how to best manage their police departments? 10-22 that. They don't have police departments.


Sticking with WILK, I heard the damndest thing on Sue's show today.

"Ken from Park Avenue" called in and complained about the loss of so many city services that we came to expect under the city's previous administration. Huh? I was stunned by that, so I upped and asked wifey what services the city provided under McGroarty that are no longer available under Leighton. She thought for a second or two and said "The clutter cleanups." And that was that. She was done.

She was right. We are no longer being treated to heaping garbage piled on our sidewalks and being picked through by inbred folks in battered pickup trucks until it spilled over into the gutters. Right. No more clutter campaigns. And thank goodness (not God) for that.

Is there something we're missing? If so, please advise. Bring me up to speed. The street sweepers are no longer mothballed. We are hiring cops, not losing cops through retirement attrition. Rather than falling into them as we did a few years ago, we've replaced at last count--350--storm sewers. Our aging bridges are being replaced along the Solomon flood plain. Instead of watching them disintegrate any further, we've sunk big bucks into the Police HQ, South Station, Fire HQ, and we're building a new firehouse in the Nord End.

Wait!!! I got one. We no longer have the New Year's Eve Diamond Drop which typically attracted enough party-goers to fill my basement. That's two. No clutter bullspit, and no Dimaond Drop bullspit. Am I forgetting anything else? We no longer have those stupid "Proud to Serve..." banners, but that's generally regarded as being a good thing. C'mon, man! What was so freakin' important that is escaping me now?

I found this to be somewhat odd. Ken complained that there were two drug busts directly across the street from his house. Funny, but when we had us a big drug bust on this street, we as a street were thrilled. And we sent four large pizzas to police headquarters, like, three different times.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Wilkes-Barre is the only place in Luzerne County where drug busts are considered to be bad news. Want proof? Watch the television, read the newspapers, and listen to Chia Kev and Miss What-if pontificate away afterwards. When there's a drug bust in, say, Luzerne (Population: 177?), it's barely reported and forgotten almost immediately afterwards. Oh, but when Wilkes-Barre (Population: 42,500) is home to a drug bust, hold on to your hats as the local media goes into a gear well past overdrive.

And get this, when the druggies start getting arrested faster than Chia Kev can offer to inspect your naked daughter's body, they get to hurting each other in the name of sales and profits. NO? Yeah! So when the city with the county's largest population has the mostest drug busts and the mostest violent reactions to those drug busts--the local brain-dead media demands to know how such an unthinkable thing is possible???

Get this, more people are murdered every year in New York City than are murdered in good ole' Edwardsville (Population: 912). NO? Yeah! Why might that be? If I was a local media person and if I had to guess, I'd suggest that the cops and the mayor in New York City are doing a terrible job. Sound about right? For the most part, nobody's gettin' killed in any discernable numbers in Edwardsville. They must be doing something right. Maybe they could learn those Keystone Cops in New York City, ya think?

Or maybe there's a direct corrolation between population density demographics and the numbers of crimes, violent and otherwise? Nah. That's too simplistic, and it'll never get the lines to TALKBACK 16 to lighting up in a meaningful way. Let's just cover the crime in Wilkes-Barre more closely being that it's a shorter drive, and then pretend that we can't understand why more crimes happen in Wilkes-Barre than in Sugar Notch. Darned if Mr. Media knows. He just can't figure it out and he's more than happy to leave it to the SAYSO Generation to figure out.

Remember, Wilkes-Barre is home to two newspapers, which means we have two night-desk employees sitting around listening to police scanners after dark. This city is also home to a television station with bored employees listening to a police scanner. If something violent goes down in Exeter Township, chances are, they aren't gonna rush on up there in search of dramatic videos, or Johnny-on-the-spot interviews with shaken relatives or neighbors. But if somebody gets stabbed in Wilkes-Barre, the news crews are racing to the scene as soon as the call goes out over the scanner. If they could, they'd pass the cops on the way to the scene.

Wilkes-Barre has more crime? So? So what? We're the largest city in this county, so that kind of goes with the territory. Total the population numbers of this county's other three citys; Nanticoke, Pittston and Hazleton and then you've have something to compare Wilkes-Barre to.

But be warned. As the druggies eventually learn that Wilkes-Barre might not be the best local community to be doing business in, they will be moving into your communities. As for myself, I see drug arrests as a good thing and a sure-fire sign of progress. If the drug professionals keep making the trip to Wilkes-Barre, the Wilkes-Barre Police Department will be working tirelessly to bust the lot of them. That's a bad thing? If that's a bad thing, count me in.

I want to see even more drug arrests. And if they go down on my street, the free pizzas are gonna flow.

Here we go with the Bucks County politics again. Fight nice, girls.

From the e-mail inbox Part One

First What Would have Pat Murphy said if Mike Fitzpatrick voted against a Bill establishing a permanent Homeland Security Committee.

Part Two

Main reason Mike Fitz voted for the bill is good

"Those rules changes were later reversed in April and Fitzpatrick said last night that he only voted for them since they were part of a larger bill that included establishing a permanent Homeland Security Committee."

Part 3

There is crap in every Bill that comes out of Congress about something that has nothing to do with the bill.

Fitzpatrick voted in favor of the Bill because of its real meaning. Paul Kanjorski does this all the time, How do You think the Kanjorski center got built. Do you actually think Congress worked on a bill containing the Kanjorski Center alone. And who works in The Kanjorski Center. Kanjorski's Nephews.

Part 4

Fitz is not a Loyal Delay Solider.

Fitzpatrick has voted against the Republican Line several times including environmental issues. I could be wrong but I bet Tom and Mike voted different ways on those issues.

Part 5

bad information

This article talks about Shays being courageous and speaking against the change in rule changes but the role call shows that Shays voted the rule change too, because he believed in a Homeland Security Committee and lived with what he disagreed with. I cannot find anything on Record with Mike Fitzpatrick saying he wanted to keep Delay in leadership that's why he voted for the measure.

Part 6

Nice original thought, Besides your initial challenge in the first two sentences you have someone else do your work for you, Im sure I could copy and paste a lot of press releases or blogs, but I write my own argument for the most part and live the consequences and criticisms. And take it like a Man

You also are a nameless coward(unless of Course the great editor of this site with held your name. If so I take that point back.)

Bill Fitzpatrick
King's College
Also Archbishop Wood-Bucks County Alamater of Teri Shiavo who Mike Fitz gracefully supported until her murder and still supports her family.

You also are a nameless coward(unless of Course the great editor of this site with held your name. If so I take that point back.)

Dude, I withheld the name attached to your most recent challenge. I do have my reasons with the biggest being that there are folks who would not make their thoughts known here if they were required to have their names published. I know who they are, and I deem their thoughts worthy of being posted. A democracy this ain't.

While that may not seem fair, I'd rather post the thoughts of the local politicans, the local business owners and what we'd call the local movers-and-shakers anonymously rather than never hearing from them at all. It's really added quite a bit to the discourse over the past few years, but you're just gonna have to trust me on all of that. If I put it up here without a name attached, I have my reasons. I'm not bustin' on ya, I'm simply trying to 'splain how and why some content gets published here.

Anyway, we've got the latest from Fitz on Fitz. I would expect a sharp rebuke from the opposite camp.

I have to admit, the mere mention of Tom Delay's name cracks me up. The Dems controlled things for, like, 1,400 years. Right? And now the Reps have been in charge for, like, a decade. OK so far?

And with that, the "absolute power corrupts" nonsense has all but boiled over. All of a sudden, when that other party dominates, our entire system of checks and balances no longer works and our colleges have introduced Special Prosecuting 101 to the recruitment handbooks. If the Neo-Coms are in charge for five decades, that'll work. But when the Neo-Cons take over for a fortnight, we need reforms up the whazoo and partisan special prosecutors bussed in from Iratz and Africkistan tonight. Why? Because Jabba the Kennedy sez so? What-fu>king-ever.

I hope the "The Republicans are all corrupt" gambit goes over well during the mid-term elections after the heavyweights in the leftist party have all confirmed what the electorate already knew about them--that they are all weak on national defense.

"In response to the substance of the polls in the U.S., which indicate that Americans do not want to fight Muslims on Muslim land, nor do they want Muslims to fight them on their land, we do not mind offering a long-term truce based on just conditions that we will stick to.

"We are a nation that God banned from lying and stabbing others in the back. Hence, both parties of the truce will enjoy stability and security to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, which were destroyed by war.--Osama bin Laden, 1-19-2006

By the way, the last time Osama offered a truce--to Europe--lots of innocent folks in London, England got blown to tiny little bits.

Stay tuned, leftist kiddies. Osama offers a truce, while war has been declared by the Democrats on the Republicans. You folks are so hopelessly sidetracked, you don't even make sense anymore. Osama acted unilaterally and killed 3,000 innocent Americans in the process, but George Bush is the only war criminal you have in your sights.

'93 wasn't a wake-up call for you folks when you were in power and sadly, neither was 2001.

Vote Democrat: Get the rest of us killed.

Fu>k it! Who cares?

All that matters is that we get Tom Delay.

I toured the city on my Hummer this afternoon and came across this demolition in progress in the third block of South Main Street.

Can I try it? Can I?

Now check this pic courtesy of my zoom button:

I Believe?

Sorry, but I burst out laughing when I was made aware of the last-second graffiti that went into this project. I know who bothered to do such a thing and he is without doubt one of this area's biggest pissers. He's a certified knucklehead and that's why I like him.

And no, Mayor Tom, I will not divulge his identity no matter what you try to do to me. Well, that is, unless you come bearing trendy agricultural amusement aids as gifts.

I gotta go. I'm itchin' to get those headphones to covering my big ears.

Be good