3-21-2006 Racism: Means become ends

When I ran across the following story at The Beacon Web Site last night, I was disheartened beyond belief.

From The Beacon:

Racial profiling incident proves that tensions are real

Does the headline not say it all? A “racial profiling incident?” Since when is an unproven allegation--an accusation--accepted as proof by those studying to be journalists? I don’t know what a semester at Wilkes University sets the wallet back these days, but if this is what the kids are learning, I’m thinking we could do better by sending our kids to a turnip peeling institute. Or a mayonnaise farm. Or an “unpopular” war. (Like there are actually popular wars. More fu>king idiots!)

As I previously stated, I know one of the police officers that was present when the diversity honcho from Wilkes single-handedly turned a routine traffic stop into a needless incident, and I’m here to tell you his version of the events that night sound completely in character coming from him. He’s no racist and he doesn’t go out of his way to hassle people just for the fun of it. Fact is, a rolling stop is a traffic violation. And multiple rolling stops suggests that someone does what they want when out and about. And when folks get to doing whatever they feel like, we demand that our police officers to put an end to that sort of lawlessness right quick. But, if they have to put up with needless bullspit every time they approach non-whites, maybe they’ll get to looking the other way and spare themselves the hassles. Is that what we want?

Funny, I said to my cop friend that if the Fedrule Govmint mandated that all police officers across this country be black by a certain date, race industry folks such as Andita Parker-Lloyd would likely end up scrubbing toilets at the nearest truck plaza. Without white cops around to be used to stir up trouble, headlines and justify her position and salary, what purpose would her position serve? The first rule of the race industry is that everything is always someone else’s fault. You didn’t do anything wrong by repeatedly ignoring numerous prompts to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. No, no, no. The folks doing wrong were those racist cops. They’re evil, they’re hateful, they’re bigots and they’re racists. You know, white. And when white cops yank folks of color over, it wasn’t their fault that they violated the vehicle code umpteen times. It was racial profiling.

The race industry folks have to find proof of racism to justify the continued existence of their highly dubious positions. And if they look really, really, really hard…they can twist even harmless situations into proof of racist acts. Take the case of this local race industry lady who stupidly interfered with official police business, got herself handcuffed and then cried racial profiling. In her mind, it is her job to interfere whenever cops dare to interact with non-whites. If she didn’t stick her nose where it didn’t belong, she might be drubbed out of the race industry and have to actually work for a living. Whether she realizes it or not, all that she really succeeds in doing is antagonizing whites without benefiting blacks. It is abysmally stupid to teach young people of any shade that police officers are unfair racists, and in doing so, she teaches her students what? To blame others for their obvious shortcomings? To put someone else’s career in jeopardy whenever the thought occurs to them? With this kind of race-baiting passing as diversity training, won’t racism become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy?

If 90% of those arrested for public drunkenness in a given neighborhood were folks of color, this lady would be crying racism faster than her students can blow a stop sign. If 90% of the residents of said neighborhood happened to be predominantly folks of color, that statistic would be deftly omitted. If 90% of those arrested for public drunkenness in any particular neighbor were all white, that wouldn’t even make her radar screen. Her highly dubious job is to see racism in every situation wherever she may roam, unless it’s those blue-eyed devils being arrested. When whites are arrested, that’s simply good police work. But when non-whites are facing a traffic citation, well, that calls for the super racist to kick into high gear and fight against those non-existent evils she gets paid to spot in every situation. What she typically accuses cops of is fundamentally untrue, but whites have been banned from discussing decidedly slanted racial issues, so she continues to build resentment, benefits no one and collects her paycheck. She is the most insidious and destructive of the demagogues currently setting this country back.

Rather than further fine-tuning a college student’s already well-developed sense of budding victim hood, why not teach our young people to approach issues such as race relations and policing with a healthy does of common sense and practicality? If you didn’t blow the stop signs, the cops wouldn’t have pulled you over. Or how ‘bout, cops are just people doing their jobs, so chill out and take your traffic ticket like a man? (Man? Too sexist?) Where are we headed as a nation when an expensive local university is paying someone to teach our younger folks that cops are but paramilitary clansmen? How does society benefit when cops eventually learn the painful lesson that it’s not necessarily in their best interests to enforce the law under every circumstance? Only white folks ignore stop signs? Only whites should be pulled over? You’ll cry racism over a routine traffic stop, yet wonder aloud why so many whites are feeling so antagonistic towards those making the most idiotic noise?

More ridiculous blurbs from The Beacon:

However, Dyller has sent a letter to Mayor Thomas Leighton stating he is Parker-Lloyd's lawyer and litigation is soon to follow because they feel Parker-Lloyd was wrongfully arrested.

While Parker-Lloyd declined to comment on her incident, she does think racism is prevalent in the community.

"Racism definitely is here. From simple things as being followed in stores, being called the "N" word, yeah that's definitely not gone…It's not dead as many people think it is. It's very much alive. I mean we're not the only community that has these issues," Parker-Lloyd said.

Parker-Lloyd said that because of this situation, Student Affairs, Student Government and Multicultural Affairs will host dinner discussions on March 21, 28 and April 4 to discuss issues such as race, racial tensions and how to diffuse them, how to deal with the police, as well as how to be a positive member in the community and make positive changes. The programs are at 6 p.m. in the Miller Room in the Henry Student Center.

Parker-Lloyd hopes students will come away from the discussions with a "better understanding of some rights and responsibilities around police, a better understanding of the whole concept that racism still does exist and we still have to keep acting upon it. And hopefully for those students who are leaders on our campus and who want to do small things to help make differences, give them some tools that they can use to help stop some of these things."

No charges filed against Wilkes staff member

Whoa!!! She’s going to teach people how to deal with the police? Based on her track record thus far, I’d have to assume that a whole lot of young folks around here are going to have a belligerent attitude whereas those “evil white” cops are concerned.

"Racism definitely is here. From simple things as being followed in stores, being called the "N" word, yeah that's definitely not gone…It's not dead as many people think it is. It's very much alive. I mean we're not the only community that has these issues," Parker-Lloyd said.

GOOD...JOB!!! Collect go, collect those $200!

“…a better understanding of the whole concept that racism still does exist and we still have to keep acting upon it.”

Ah, she’s going to keep acting upon it. Wonderful. Isn’t that special. The underlying problem is that when overzealous people are employed to solve racial problems, means become ends. It becomes more important to continue solving the racial problems, which provides jobs, than to have solved the racial problems, which would result in pink slips for the continually overzealous. In other words, she’ll see traces of racism everywhere she goes so long as Wilkes University stupidly continues to pay her to do so. It’s one thing to harp about racist in the class room. But it’s a whole other destructive thing to pervert a routine traffic stop into being a racial profiling incident. And every time that hollow cry goes out in the field, events can take unintended courses and result in well-meaning people being disciplined or worse for nothing more than doing their jobs as they were charged to do.

And then there’s the “N” word thing. I used to use that word on occasion, but I came to realize that it’s use was punishable by bayonet, or hanging, or some such horrible thing brought on by the Fedrule Thought Police. If a certain segment of the population takes such great offense to that word, fine, then I won’t use it. Besides, why should I have some special vulgar insult set aside just for black people who want to be treated equal. If a white guy does me seriously wrong, I’ll more than likely call him a fu>king asshole. So, just to be completely fair, if a black guy pisses me off to the max, I’m going to call him a fu>king asshole, too. You want equally? I’m good with that.

By the same token, I’m getting a little tired of the “R” word--RACIST--being tossed about so freely in public. It seems to me that all the proof most race baiters need of a person’s “obvious” racist leanings is their pale complexion, and nothing could be further from the truth. Who’s kidding who? The Parker-Lloyds of the world teach that diversity and racial harmony is to be sought out at all costs, but the very first time they get caught running stop signs, everyone else involved is a racist. That’s bilge and everybody knows it. So why are young minds being polluted at great cost by the likes of her? In my mind, the chief hindrances to racial harmony are the folks purported to be promoting it.

I’m not saying there aren’t racists running loose amongst us, there certainly are. But it’s a grave error to assume that most racists are even white folk. If I had a plug nickel for every time some black teenager with his ball cap on ass-backwards gave me the frickin’ death stare, or some black person said “What the fu>k you lookin’ at?” after simply flirting my eyes in their general direction, I’d own all of Wilkes University and a certain race industry trouble maker would already be busily scrubbing toilets at some far-away truck plaza. And I’d be on my tenth burrito in anticipation of paying her facility a well-timed visit.

This racial harmony thing has to work both ways. Maybe some folks would stop using the “N” word if still other folks would stop using the “R” every time they stub their toes or lose their combs. If you want a little respect, then give a little respect in return. But if you’re telling me that you got pulled over because the Wilkes-Barre Police Department is overrun with racists, I’m going to have to tell you that you deserve no respect at all. Thing is, telling untruths and sullying other’s reputations to further one’s agenda is about as low as one can go. And the way I see it, there are some folks that call Wilkes University home that have resorted to taking their tired, tired agenda into the storm sewer.

Y’all fu>ked with the wrong cop. Y’all fu>ked with a cop that I know. And he’s no racist. Rather, he’s a dedicated and professional police officer.

Better luck next time.

From the completely vacuous and totally anonymous Save My City blog slog. Home to the politically and financially illiterate ankle-biters.

Anonymous said...

I have read all your comments and it is evident that not one of you know what you are talking about--you choose to post what you would like readers to believe and only half truths! The Mayor was left with a mess from the previous mayor and many debts--we are not going to get the East End Station back-it is that simple. These homes would have been lost even if the East Station was open! Their response times were fine. Accidents do happen and I would not wish this on anyone but maybe someone should have been watching where they left their matches/lighters so they would not be in the reach of the children that started the fire!! God knows we wouldn't want to be responsible parents!! It's easier to blame everyone else--as I said accidents do happen but this could have been avoided completely if there was proper supervision in the home!!!! Our mayor is trying to clean up our city, it didn't get this way overnight. We do have crime, and so does every other city in this country including Scranton. Don't you read the papers? I didn't vote for Mayor Leighton, I voted for Katsock but next time around I will vote for Mayor Leighton, I think he is doing the best that he can with what he was left with but you never hear anything from this site about that! I have been at many city council meetings and have had meetings with the mayor and I believe that the mayor's heart is in the right place as do many other Wilkes-Barre residents. You can't meet at a bar and discuss politics--it just shows you have nothing better to do with your time!!


Anonymous said...

For another chance to voice your concern about the march 13 fires, come to the next council meeting, March 23 at 6pm. Don't forget, council has the authority to allocate funding for emergencies such as this. The whole city is affected by the closing of the east station. Come out and speak on behalf of those left homeless by this recent tragedy.

Whoopee!!! We get to hear the same tired “Save The Firehouse” drivel all over again. All the big “activists” will likely be there posing and spewing for the cameras, so be sure to take a full can of bullsh*t repellent along for the ride. In this town replete with hordes of clueless wonders, you just can’t have enough bullsh*t repellent on hand.

An outsider perhaps? Does Kevin Blaum’s eventual successor have to be a political hack or somebody simply running on name recognition?

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From the e-mail inbox Yo Mark,

Hope everything is going well with you and the family.

I heard from one of my old college buddies that 180 N Washington is history...is this true?

What a party house that used to be, and with it being next door to Beer Boys made that house even better.

Let me know what you know.

Be good.
Jersey Dude

All is well here, dude. Right back at you.

Yepper. It’s histoire. The new owners had it flattened and hauled away to create some more parking spaces. Actually, it looks like they’re remodeling that joint in a major way, so it might be worth a look when you hit town again. Stay in touch.

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