4-7-2006 Solutions?

I ran across the following post at Gortís internet watering hole and it got me to thinking, even in my current exhausted state of mind.

Below lies his post:

Drugs and crime

The policy of the government over the last 40, 50 or 60 years has been to lock-up people because they use drugs. Politicians run on a platform of locking up all the drug dealers. We blame other countries because they supply drugs to the United States but we can't figure out how to convince people not to use them in the first place. I don't have the answers, I wish I did. Something has to change. Our local prison is overflowing and the US has more people in prison than almost any other industrialized country. The perception is that Wilkes-Barre has become a war zone over drugs. True or not, that is the perception. There has to be another way of dealing with this problem. Our political leaders have to step up and give us some realistic solutions to this problem.

Ah, solutions.

There has to be another way of dealing with this problem. Our political leaders have to step up and give us some realistic solutions to this problem.

Iím with Gort on this one. I have no idea how to dissuade the hardscrabble folks from producing, trafficking or ingesting illegal drugs, but I think that the only logical solution to the problem is to admit that the majority of us donít really want a solution at all.

The aforementioned folks involved in the drug trade certainly donít want the problem solved. The parents of Johnnie and Suzie want the problem solved until they find out the local cops have Johnnie and, or Suzie in a holding cell. Folks such as Gort and myself want the problem solved iffiní we can solve it without creating other problems such as prison overcrowding and the related costs of housing damn near everyone. Whatís worse? Taxes going up every single year, or getting robbed outside the local Turkey Hill every other year?

Based solely on their laughable and horribly ineffective drug interdiction efforts to date, the career politicos donít want it solved. Besides, theyíre too busy padding their pensions and whatnot to care about what we want. I seriously doubt that police unions want the problems associated with drugs to go away and have the public outcry for the hiring of more union brothers and sisters to go silent. That also goes for prison guards, etc., etc., etc. The growing drug rehab industry would go bust if drugs disappeared overnight. That goes doubly for those pretend do-gooders who seek out foundation grants in the name of providing assistance to the down-and-out folks who care not for anything except their next escape from reality. I doubt that there is a solution to the growing drug problem short of making it completely legal for the druggies to do their drugs, and for the rest of us to be able to conceal a firearm without a permit.

As far as looking to the self-serving politicos for a solution goes, donít hold your breathe. These party apparatchiks pretending to be public servants divide problems into three categories. There are the problems they canít solve. (Global warming immediately comes to mind.) There are those they wonít solve. (Try illegal immigration on that one.) And then, there are those they donít dare solve. (That would be the one where they keep lavishing the education lobbies with wheel barrels full of money while our kids continue to embarrass themselves whenever they open their yaps or take a pencil to a piece of paper.) Face it, gonads are in very short supply in Washington, D.C. these days. So are solutions.

Consider the issue that Gort mentioned: overcrowded prisons. As far as Iím concerned, thatíd be a non-issue if we had the prisoners out sweeping streets, pruning trees, picking up trash and painting park benches 365 days a year. (Sorry, but cheap license plates just ainít gonna cut it anymore.) Oh, but the DPW unions would cry foul over that, so our cities will just have to continue to look like sh*t while the prisoners rape each other for a clear lack of anything better to do. The cities look shabby, prisoners get raped, but the unions are satisfied. And what do the politicos do in response? Dole out yearly raises to the unionized workers for little more than mandating that our cities continue to look unkempt.

And Gort was correct when he stated ďPoliticians run on a platform of locking up all the drug dealers.Ē Right. Look at me, voters. Iím tough on crime. Thatís little more than the ruling class benefiting at the expense of the lowly serfs. Mitigating circumstances? Nope. Lock them away, throw away the key, give them some soap on a rope and vote for me. Iím tough on crime. Oh, but when a politician gets caught with his pants downÖthen itís a completely different story. Then feigned public apologies should suffice in lieu of punishment, and embarrassing situations should get settled out of court. Tough on crime? Well, it depends all of a sudden. If weíre talking about some inner city black kid with no appreciable future, then itís the ďtough on crimeĒ election year gambit. If weíre talking about a senator getting tanked, plunging his car off of a bridge and running away to sober up while some young lady drowns, well, thatís a different sort of solution needed there.

Solutions? I highly doubt that weíre going to see anything of note solved in this country so long as the politicos continue to care about their party first and their country second. Actually, if we throw the lobbyists into the mix, the country finishes a distant third to their more pressing priorities.

Take this illegal immigration nightmare. I donít care what sort of hack-kneed compromise the politicos come to and then present their amnesty under a different name program to us. If they refuse to seal the borders, whatever form of amnesty they offer will only encourage more illegal immigration. Thatís all you need to know. If they wonít close the borders by whatever means necessary, there is no solution to the immigration invasion at all. And anybody who tells you otherwise is a hapless party myrmidon, extremely short-sighted, or just a danged fool. Solutions? Argh! Whoís jerkiní who?

Take AIDS, for instance. Why are politicians even engaging this issue? Why? Because thereís a voting bloc to court. They donít give a care about who catches what so long as it ainít that little squeeze with the big, bouncing boobies they got waiting for them back at the townhouse. Wanna cure AIDS? Stop sticking your dick where it ought not be stuck. Oh, but thereís a vocal voting bloc that demands Fedrule funding increases, not sound sexual advice.

Health care? Donít even waste your time. Everybody involved, from the politicos to the drug companies to the CEOs of the HMOs to the lawyers are getting rich on our backs and there isnít a thing we can do about it. And after they get what they really wanted all along, national health care, we will lose whatever miniscule control we had over our own health care forever. Plus, itíll end up costing us even more once the feds have complete control. And thatís the solution some are carping for?

They refuse to get the bang for their Fedrule education buck so as to court the education vote. Theyíre afraid to bring the hammer down on illegal immigrants since the Hispanic vote has grown so fast. They canít drill a single oil well in this country while the global demand for crude oil threatens to outstrip supply. They canít cut entitlements. They canít stop with the corporate welfare. They canít cut this. They canít do that. Solutions? They ainít got the balls. Weíll kill the caribou. No, we wonít. Yes, we will! No, we wonít!! Yes, we will!!! Democrats are for cradle-to-grave entitlements! Republicans are for personal responsibility! I got news for you. Until these hopelessly partisan assholes stop fighting amongst themselves, roll up their sleeves and start providing solutions; there ainít a single one of Ďem earning their bloated salaries, perks and pensions. Sez me.

Am I suggesting that our way of life, our civilization is headed for a rather rapid decline? That I am. Sorry, but the folks at the very top of the political food chain are totally caught up in their ďus vs. themĒ struggle for control, and they wonít solve anything as long as incumbents continue to get knocked off as often as they currently do--just about never.

And how the heck are we supposed to have any substantial debates that could possibly result in workable solutions when political correctness is increasingly enforced by law? If I happen to offend you, I should be permanently censured as a result? How many subjects canít be broached in any meaningful sense as a result of that utter nonsense? The way I see things, thereís a whole lot of folks in this country that need to be offended until they either wise the fu>k up, or do a death spiral off of the nearest suspension bridge.

Try hate speech legislation that has actually been proposed. So what if I hate you? Who cares so long as I donít make a pest of myself, or steal your gazing ball? Show me two tribes that donít hate each other and Iíll join the NAACP, which just happens to hate my white ass. Blacks really donít want to be near whites for the most part. Whites feel mostly likewise. Jews huddle in distinctly separate communities on purpose. So what solution did the Fedrule Govmint come up with to put an end to the hate? Integration at the point of a gun. Yeah, thatíll work. Force folks that would prefer to be separated to mingle.

Take the forced integration of the schools some five decades ago. The politicos will tell you they undertook that historic course of action to do whatís right and just. The truth of the matter is it was just too expensive to operate one school district for whites and yet another for blacks. It wasnít about civil rights. It was all about consolidation and cutting costs. The blacks bought into the nonsense that Democrats fight for blacks and have been a loyal, taken for granted voting block ever since. The ďsolutionĒ was a lie.

Call me jaded, but given the current political climate, nothing is going to get fixed. And donít give me any ridiculous bullspit about how things will get better when the Democrats sweep into power again. They held the reigns of Congress since before I was born and everyone has been fighting about the same tired issues since before I was born. They had no solutions to speak of then, and they have none now. They do exactly what the Republicans do: pander to the folks with the bulging checkbooks. Meanwhile, we continue to yammer on and on about the solutions that are never going to materialize.

Stupidly, we still believe that they care, that they care about us. And we want our voting bloc pampered at the expense of the other voting blocs. We are divided. We are all but conquered. And they know as much and thumb their noses at everyone except their loyal core voters.


If weíre honestly expecting solutions from this dimwitted group of partisan warriors, Iím thinking we need even bigger prisons.

Screw it!

Letís get high.

Correct me if IĎm wrong, but I believe the public hearings for Mr. Kanjorskiís easily deflatable inflatable dam are scheduled to be held here in Wilkes-Barre in early May.

And with that said, the folks in Kingston have a message to send along.


the dam

I gotta go find some pills.

Or a roach clip.

Or something.

Donít blame me for all of this. Gort got me all revved up.