4-18-2006 The new, newer districts suck, too?

Even though I was raised by two overly religious women, I just never bought into the religion program. I have no idea why, Iím just not very big on believing. Even as a kid, I remember learning of all the miracles attributed to the big J.C. and thinking only one thing: Yeah, right. I dunno. I dunno why that is, it simply is. Look at it this way. Even though I didnít know him and therefore was not influenced by him, my dad was about as eccentric as they come. So, if Iím somehow riddled with shortcomings, I like to chalk it up to heredity. Or, in keeping with the latest trends in societal de-evolution, it ainít my fault.

Anyways, the kids and all of their kids visited the Willie Bee on Easter Sunday and we had ourselves quite the feast. And we learned that boiling a roast is not really boiling it. Rather, itís braising it. (?) Or some such sh*t. Donít much matter to me, I stuck with the veggies and whatnot, although I did manage to sneak some white horseradish onto an unsuspecting Taylorís plate. Unlike your average 3-year-old, she did not scream, cry or spit it out. She calmly stated ďI donít like that.Ē Still and all, thatís a frickiní first. We found something that she wonít eat. This is the toddler that consumes raw onions. Yuk.

If for no other reason, I look forward to religious holidays because wifey expects all of the kids to gather here and thatís enough for me. Unlike some people, we like having our kids around. Oh, and we love spoiling their kids despite their constant protests. At our adobe, the Easter Bunny even unloads on kids barely 4-months-old. And, no, I didnít snatch any of his goodies for myself. AlthoughÖ


Whatever. The most recent edition of Easter was good for me and I hope yíall can say the same thing or somewhere thereabouts.

I was collating with a customer this morning and not quite sure how it came up, but Sue Henry made mention of this site on her WILK radio show today.

Now, iffiní youíre truly worried about whatís gonna come about after we nuke Iranís hardened nuclear bunkers, thereís always this site to consider. Or, if youíre thinking of commuting to work by way of water, you might want to take a glance at this steal. Iíd buy it, but wifey would likely get arrested right afterwards. With a basement filled with bicycles, this is the very last thing I need to come home with. Besides, getting stabbed during REM sleep does not appeal to me in the least. Sorry, K.D.

I was checking out what the local yokels had to say only to find the following which came from a local blogger.

I have added some new sites to the blog links:
Wilkes-Barre Online even though the guy hates me because I'm a high faluten, egotistical, young prick. Is he right? But He's added for being a cynical, yet thorough writer and he has strong opinions.

Letís cover this. Dude, I do not hate you. I do not like your political view that includes no shades of gray at all, but Iíll get over it. Admittedly, I blew a fuse when you got all Steve Corbett on us and practically blamed us for something, the Hugo verdict, which we had absolutely nothing to do with. Maybe I was lashing out at him as much as I was at you, but he had a habit of making me crazy whenever he sat before a word processor or a WILK microphone. He once blamed all of NEPA for Charlie Weissís (Wilkes-Barreís bag man extraordinaire) self-inflicted plight, and I responded in no uncertain terms with a post titled ďThe Hopper King.Ē They tell me many of his co-workers at the Times Leader were chuckling after reading my take on Wilkes-Barreís #1 flim-flam man.

Look at it this way. If you had no opinion at all, youíd be a dullard and Iíd never have a problem with you. So, donít worry about what anybody thinks of your efforts and do what you feel compelled to do. Plus, you are one of the few bloggers that attaches his real name to his internet ramblings, and that counts for a lot in my mostly tattered book. I sure hate to come off sounding like one of those pansexual anti-everything rent-a-mob weirdoes, but peace out.

And thanks for the link.


From the e-mail inbox Hi Mark: I have been somewhat dismayed that you never commented, or added, anything about the note I sent you (from the TL) about the letter from lady who complained over the City allowing a tattoo parlor to be opened by a person she claims to have had to do with the death of her daughter. But I am even more dismayed over your supporting the "new" cutting up of the City by the apportionment committee. If you look at the map shown in both papers, it reminds me of a drunken mongoose (so as not to offend anyone) leaving a local tap-room. The dividing line of the City has traditionally been South Street, not E. Market street. South is the dividing point for Magistrates Districts (defined by the state and County), and marks the Southern part of the City from the rest of us. And to pit three Councilmen against one another in one district (East End, Parsons and Miners Mills) doesn't make sense in any way shape or form. As for me, I'll start out at the top of "the Hill" (the Heights) , somehow go backwards to Mayflower, turn around and go back up the Hill, make a left turn to WB Blvd., then another left on W. Market, go right a block to Heights Murray School, go around it and end up on New Market Street, and finally turning around/left again to somehow end up in King's Colleges library. How I'll get there is... God only knows, but I'll be dizzy by the time I say hello to Father O'Hara. And that sliver of land that runs from E. North to the City line in Parsons is another beauty...parts of the Heights, East End, Miners Mills, hicough to the right, then left, then right again, and end up in Parsons. Take another look at the so-called "redistricting map", tighten your seat belt, pour yourself a stiff one, and you tell me if I'm on the same planet as that "committee". It's going to make for some interesting debate at the next Council session I assure you. Why the local media hasn't questioned it is beyond me...unless they can't understand it either. What do you say?


I have been somewhat dismayed that you never commented, or added, anything about the note I sent you (from the TL) about the letter from lady who complained over the City allowing a tattoo parlor to be opened by a person she claims to have had to do with the death of her daughter.

If youíre referring to the letter to the editor, I think that did come up here, but I donít remember in which post itĎs buried. Then again, Iím not sure what Iím supposed to say, or how it might affect the tattooing industry.

I donít understand why anyone feels the need to mutilate themselves in any way, but thatís just me and weíve already established the fact that Iím an oddball. I happen to visit a local store in which there is an otherwise attractive forty-something woman who works behind the counter. Thing is, sheís got tattoos up one side and down the entire other, plus body piercing all over the frickiní place. If we could do a system restore on her body, sheíd be a cutie. Being that we canít, she more closely resembles some kind of loose-looking, used up Harley mama. I donít understand why she felt the need to do that to herself.

As for myself, I only once considered a tattoo back when the Dallas Cowboys were roughing up on the Jints twice a year like clockwork, and even then--it was more of a twisted fantasy than anything else. I figured I could get a Giants helmet tattooed onto the very end of my you-know-what and when those sickening Cowboy fans got to bragging away and such--Iíd whip it out.

Sick. I know. Iím all better now. Well, sort of.

As things currently stand, there are tattoo parlors all over the urban landscape and not just in Wilkes-Barre. With that said, if youíre fixiní to run all of the tattoo artists clear out of Wilkes-Barre, the folks looking to deface themselves need drive no further than the next municipality to do as much. So, if they are all run out of town, I fear all that would be accomplished is the lowering of Wilkes-Barre mercantile tax revenues and such.

But, if a person of obvious ill-repute is allowed to set up shop in Wilkes-Barre, thatís a whole other subject entirely. In that case, make the police department aware of it and let them do what they do best. Sylviaís Restaurant didnít stay open very long, did it?

Tattoos? Iíll never understand the attraction. Or the affliction. Or is it a mental deficiency manifesting itself? Got me.

But I am even more dismayed over your supporting the "new" cutting up of the City by the apportionment committee.

In all honesty, coming from you, Iím surprised to hear as much. When compared against those silly striped districts, I see the new districts as a significant improvement. And I fail to see how any proposed redistricting plan would please everyone in the city. You of all people should know that. Besides, hasnít this issue dragged on long enough while the Ď07 elections get closer and closer?

And to pit three Councilmen against one another in one district (East End, Parsons and Miners Mills) doesn't make sense in any way shape or form.

Huh? Are we supposed to take care so as to assure the incumbents that theyíll all be reelected? Should we gerrymander so as to keep them on council and risk the ire from the politically aware that would be sure to follow? If two incumbents lived right next door to each other, should the borderline be the fence that separates their properties?

If those proposed districts stand, three incumbents are toast come election time. The way I see it, thatís not necessarily a bad thing. ďServingĒ on council was never supposed to be a career, and if health care benefits and retirement packages had never been included in the mix, being a council person would be just that: ďservingĒ the public. Whether we like the idea or not, the council is in for a reworking when we vote for council members again, and thatís not a negative unless we elect ourselves a curmudgeon up here in the Nord End. I dunno, but I fail to see a bit of turnover as a happening fraught with danger. Am I not thinking things through?

It's going to make for some interesting debate at the next Council session I assure you.

I hear that. Letís get ready to rumble!!!

Who knows? Maybe we can find another creative way to put off the redistricting to sayÖ2020? As for me, I say letís get on with it already. If that sounds even remotely dimwitted, then there it is.

Sez me.


From the e-mail inbox Mark,

I see you have an interest in Brian O'Donnell, but you never cover the other candidates, why not? Let's see who they are:

Eddie Day Pashinski his only claim to fame is as a teacher and union president in Nanticoke. While he was there thay had a long strike that nearly crippled the school district. Now he works as the Parking manager at the Arena - Ed has always cashed a paycheck written by the taxpayers. What gives?

Jim Hayward has been a fireman and was an Administrator for McGroarty. Isn't he responsible for part of the mess that was created by McGroarty in Wilkes-Barre?

Bob Reilly again a guy who has been cashing taxpayer checks for a lifetime. Wasn't he the guy that started a fight in front of a voting place that was shown on local TV? Didn't he have two employees who were suspended after getting a judge's signature on an order that was later found to be false? Didn't he own a beer business that went belly up a few years ago? How do you do that in this area?

Not a lotta choice here, bud. At least O'Donnell has a business of his own.

Something to think about - be a little fair list everybody's faults.


Um, actually, thatís not entirely accurate. About two months ago I posted what I thought of not only the eventual candidates, but some others who had thrown their names into the political hat. And I still maintain that this gaggle of hopefuls is far less than exciting from top to bottom.

Ed Pashinski is a quality individual. As far as his union days are concerned, show me a teacherís union that doesnít come close to crippling itís school district and Iíll show you the diamonds I fished out of the wreck of the Titanic. His paycheck was always written by the taxpayers? I guess thatís accurate, but yíall need to make up your minds whereas teachers are concerned. One day they are members of the noblest of professions and the next they are but scoundrels leaching off of the downtrodden taxpayers. Which is it? I imagine it depends on which way the political winds are blowing. Or which candidate youíd like to call your own.

We covered Jim Haywardís neck-deep involvement with the previous administration, and I wouldnít vote for him if some sort of newfangled high-velocity gun was trained on my gonads. But with that said, youíre not suggesting that Tom McGroarty could have been dissuaded from doing whatever he wanted by any of his immediate underlings, are you? No, Hayward had no choice but to do what the micro-manager told him to do, unlike the then-members of the Redevelopment Authority.

Bob Reilly? We already covered this. Iíve been told he would be a good fit for Wilkes-Barre by many who see him working closely with our current mayor, but I canít get past the near brawl at the polls incident. If I got to trying to whoop up on folks at the nearest voting precinct, would anyone see me as a viable candidate later on? I sure hope not.

Although, like you, I canít imagine how a beer distributor could be run into the ground in this particular area, but Iím not so daft as to equate the damage done to Wilkes-Barre by the Brain OíDonnell-led redevelopment authority to a small business being mismanaged. Thatís assuming that the small business was even mismanaged. I know nothing about that.

Last time I checked eBay, Brian OíDonnell still owns a business. That he does. Thatís not enough for me. And his pedigree, his family name is not enough either. Name me another candidate that had a hand in just about bankrupting Wilkes-Barre, and Iíll gladly point it out. Name me another candidate that has ties to a group that has gone to war with South Park, and Iíll be all over it.

Fact is, Iím supposed to vote for one of these people, but Iím still up in the air as to who it might be. Come election day, I might be sporting a clothespin on my nose. Donít tell wifey. Sheís weird about her damn clothespins.

We shall see.

Happy Easter

Iím gonna go watch the Phillies.